Parts 29 through 30 The End
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Identity - 29

2 Chronicles states all the kings of the earth sought the presence of Solomon and brought their tributes year by year and presents to hear his wisdom. "And all the drinking vessels of king Solomon were of gold, and all the vessels of the house of the forest of Lebanon were of pure gold: none were of silver; it was not any thing accounted of in the days of Solomon. For the king's ships went to Tarshish with the servants of Huram: every three years once came the ships of Tarshish bringing gold, and silver, ivory, and apes, and peacocks. And king Solomon passed all the kings of the earth in riches and wisdom. And all the kings of the earth sought the presence of Solomon, to hear his wisdom, that God had put in his heart." (2 Chronicles 9:20-23)

Is this just some imagination exaggeration of some Hebrew writer? He couldn't actually mean it could he? Well 2 Chronicles 8, 18:9-10 and 1 Kings 9 also show that Israel and Phoenicia joined their navies into one navy, and it mentions they mingled the crews on the same ship. Berry Falls book "America B.C." has some remarkable revelations of the real extent of just how much the Israelites and the Phoenician alliance was in the area which consists of the United States today. He states in his book "America B.C." that the Phoenicians had a regular port of call of the coast of Maine. Where an old inscription was found which he translates: "Ships of Phoenicia cargo platform."

Fell states: "It is obvious that the flat topped island would not have been set aside for the loading and unloading of Phoenician ships were they not regular visitors to America, with a predictable time table of ports of arrival and departure and expected dates." He adds: "These inscriptions suggest that international maritime commerce was well established in what he calls the late bronze age. That North American ports were listed on a sailing timetable of the overseas vessels of the principle Phoenician shipping companies. And that the same information was circulated to customers in America."

This, along with the above information, gives us an entirely different perspective on just how wide spread was international commerce in the ancient world, and just how intelligent these people were. These people were not cavemen or neanderthals or some people evolutionary revolving from some primitive background, they were intelligent.

How permanent were these settlements in the new world? The book "America B.C." also shows the evidence that the Phoenicians had a twenty acre temple site to Baal and pagan deities in New Hampshire.

This is not the evidence of people who were just coming for just a few years to trade with the Indians and go. They had very substantial settlements here.

Israel, as we know, quickly joined itself to the Baal worship of the Phoenicians, so it is not surprising that the Baal worship was dominating the old world colonies of the Israelites and the Phoenicians. There were, also, worshipers of the True God of Israel were present in the new world.

In "Saga America" another book by Berry Fell in two issues of the occasional publications of the Uppergrafic Society of which he was president, showed that the Ten Commandments were written in the ancient Hebrew and they were carved into the rock in New Mexico, as we have shown above.

A tablet which contained the Ten Commandments was also found in Ohio; this was found in 1860 at the opening of the Civil War or it very likely would have gotten much more attention. So, obviously, there were Israelites who were serving the True God in America. How many is very difficult to guess, since the worshipers of the True God did not build pagan temples or leave monuments to the pagan gods, as the Phoenicians did.

Soon after Solomon became king, Egypt joined the Israelites Phoenician alliance, which is discussed in 1 Kings 3:1. "And Solomon made affinity with Pharaoh king of Egypt, and took Pharaoh's daughter, and brought her into the city of David, until he had made an end of building his own house, and the house of the Lord, and the wall of Jerusalem round about." The Pharaoh of Egypt conquered a city it states: "For Pharaoh king of Egypt had gone up, and taken Gezer, and burnt it with fire, and slain the Canaanites that dwelt in the city, and given it for a present unto his daughter, Solomon's wife." (1 Kings 9:16) Which was dowry for his daughter who was Solomon and was apparently his first wife.

So, we can see that both King Hiram and Egypt's Pharaoh took the classic action of lesser powers toward a greater power, initiating the efforts to try to bind themselves to a superior power. Now Egypt's sailors were a fair skinned group of maritime people who settled in the area of ancient Lybia. This is covered in "America B.C." and "Bronze Age America" where he goes into the classical writers, and it is not his own idea.

There is evidence of ancient Egyptians found in Maine, they were known as the Knickknack Indians which Dr. McDonald states was the Algonquian or Iroquois Race. There have also been Egyptian hieroglyphics found on Long Island. While the ancient Libyan language of their sailors has been found in Quebec, Canada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, California, Texas and New York. This may sound like a roll call for a lot of people in these areas but we highly recommend these books so that you can see for yourself.

There are other states where a person by the name of Gloria Sally has found evidence of inscriptions left by the Celts, the Libyans and the Phoenicians who ascended the Mississippi, Cimmeron and Arkansas Rivers.

The Bible does tell us that the Israelites, Phoenicians and the Egyptians were allied in the first millennium B.C. so we should not be shocked to find that these groups were the ones found in the North American Continent. Is it any coincidence that the Archeological discoveries of America's past have shown these three groups were working together and exploring what has become the territory called the United States?

There is a smoking gun to show that these groups were working together, the new world equivalent of the Rosette Stone has been sitting, largely unappreciated in a Davenport, Iowa museum. Its a trilingual parallel ancient inscription recording a pagan ceremony which looked very much like a May Pole or May Day celebration.

It had joint inscriptions of Egyptian hieroglyphics, the ancient Libyan, which was the language of their sailors and what is now called an Iberian Tunic. This is a language which was descended from the Hebrew Phoenicians.

It was found in 1874; so it was not found just yesterday, it has been here and ignored for a long time. But it proves these groups were working together in the new world and it was in inscriptions that could be understood by anyone in those three groups of people.

Another artifact found in Oklahoma refers to the Phoenician god Baal and the Egyptian god Ra, and is dated by Fells to be about 800 B.C. Comment has to be made on the closeness of the Israelite Hebrew and the Phoenician language of Tyre and Sidon to show that the Phoenician inscriptions are also Hebrew or Israelite. George Wellington a famous British historian of the late 1800s comments in his book "Phoenicia:" "The words most commonly in use, particles, the pronoun, the forms of the verb, the principle inflections and we may add the numerals in Phoenician are identical or near identical to the pure Hebrew. Many other sources comment on the similarity as well; and many sources reflect that the English language came from the Hebrew."

In the book "Short History of the Near East" by Philip Piffy, he states: "The Phoenician trade on an international scale on textiles, metals, glass, pottery and etc., gave the country three centuries, beginning around 1000 B.C. a prosperity unmatched in its history."

Now the world recognizes the Phoenicians had an empire at that time, but they do not wish to acknowledge that in 1000 B.C. which was the time that David and Solomon rose to power and three centuries later when the Phoenician power seem to disappear was when the Israelites left the area of Palestine. The Phoenicians did not have them around to be allied to.

Ecclesiastes Two mentions that Solomon collected the best that the world had to offer in architecture, music, art, etc., and there was no bounds to his wisdom. The Bible says that God had given him a heart as big as a sea-shore. It also states that the kings when they brought their gifts to Solomon year by year, included animals, gold, silver, many types products and artwork.

Which very likely occurred during the feast of tabernacles, which Israel was keeping at that time. There were several types of the millennium that parallel the prophecies at that time. For the world was at peace during the time that Solomon was a righteous king living by God's Laws.

He was a peaceful king of kings, living in Jerusalem, and the rest of the world was flowing to Israel; he was preceded by an era of great wars, just like the millennium will be, when he and David his father put down many enemies.

So we can see that Solomon ruled an area greater than the Caesars of Rome. The Mediterranean was an Israelites lake; it was ruled by Israel and its allies the Phoenicians and Egyptians; he was in charge of the Mid-East and the Mesopotamians were ruled by Israel; but we don't know how far that went into Asia; Egypt was his ally and he had extensive presence in the new world; America was extensively explored and colonized.

Historians also record that Cadez, a city in Spain that is called Cadez now, was founded by the Phoenicians about 1000 B.C., which, again, was during the reign of David and Solomon. When on looks at the historic records of the Phoenicians the period of 1000 B.C. is very common when they mark their ascension to greatness, which the Bible also identifies as the time when David and Solomon began their golden age.

Early British historians record that the Phoenicians were heavily involved in colonizing and mining in the British Isles. In Raymond Capt's book "The Traditions of Glastenbury" mentions some of the early historical accounts of the Tribe of Asher of Israel overseeing the mining operations in Britain.

Now when Israel split into Israel and Judah this alliance weakened. Wars were fought between the Israelites and the Judeans, and yes at times they were allied. But Israel went very deep into the Baal worship of Phoenicia and around 870-850 B.C. Israel was ruled by King Ahab, who was married to a Phoenician princess by the name of Jezebel from the city state of Sidon. Which shows that the Phoenician/Israelites alliance was still followed.

When God sent a prophet name Elijah in the middle of the ninth century B.C. Israel's King Ahab had gotten to a point where he was so evil that Elijah had prayed for a drought on the land of Israel. James 5 shows that it lasted 3� years. "Elias (Elijah) was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months." (James 5:17)

1 Kings 17 and 18 show that the drought was so severe that the creeks dried up, and there was no vegetation was left for the animals. Starvation was prevalent in both Israel and the Phoenician city states as we can see from the example of Elijah when he was sent to the home of the Sidonian widow.

1 Kings 18 states that King Ahab had searched for Elijah in all the nations. "As the Lord thy God liveth, there is no nation or kingdom, whither my lord hath not sent to seek thee: and when they said, He is not there; he took an oath of the kingdom and nation, that they found thee not." (1 Kings 18:10)

Now that we know those international maritime routes included the area now known as the United States in the new world, that takes on new meaning as it was not just in the mid-east where the search took place.

For Israel was still among the great nations of the earth with a large population. During this drought, they had one choice, they could either stay and starve or they could migrate elsewhere and live.

Now Israel had a colonial empire that was quite large, and they had many places to go. However, when one has women and children you do not want to put them on a boat and cross the ocean to America, or Great Britain or even to Spain, you wanted to take them somewhere as close to home as possible, to avoid the rigors of distant travel, yet was away from the drought.

History records that Cartage was founded by the Phoenicians in the middle of the 9th century B.C. Which coincides, roughly with the same time that Israel was experiencing its drought. Alfred Church's book called "Cartage" written in 1890 shows that the name Cartage was the Roman name for the city but that is not the name the Carthagenians called themselves.

They called the city, according to Alfred Church's book, the Carthegians called themselves Cherjaf-habashaf, which Hebrew meaning "new town." A very appropriate name for a new colony, which was being started. Now several historians of Cartage records the magistrates were called the Saphetes by the Romans, but again, that is not the name they called their own magistrates.

In the Carthagenian language when looking at their artifacts, they called them the Shepheta, which is also Hebrew for the word judges. The name of one of the Books of the Bible - Judges. One of their early kings was named Marcus, a Hebrew name, still present during the time of Christ, when the High Priests servant was named Marcus. Remember, he's the one who had his ear cut off, when Peter tried to cut off his head but got his ear instead. Also they had a reference to the Hebrew El, which is depicted in Carthagian artifacts as sitting between the Cherubims.

In the book "Daily Life in Cartage" it states the priestly laws of Cartage was: "A very significant resemblance to the Book of Leviticus, and many of the sacrifices corresponded exactly to those of the Hebrews."

Many historians have noticed the similarity of the Carthagenians or as the Romans called it the Tunic tongue, to Hebrew.

As late as the fourth century A.D., which was many centuries after Cartage fell, remnants of the Tunic culture were recognized by early church writers such as St. Augustine and St. Jerome as having their roots in the Hebrew language.

The Encyclopedia Judicia, when it talks about the fall of Samaria, to the Assyrians it mentions that the Africans, which was their word for the Carthagenans contested with the Jews over the rights of Arab/Israel, or the land of Israel.

Now this would make no sense at all if Cartage did not consist of the descendent of the Tribes of Israel. Who had gone into captivity, or had left that area. But they clearly recognized that the land of Palestine was a cultural heritage to the people of Cartage, since they claimed that land as their own at that time.

Cartage became very powerful in the middle of the first millennium B.C. In their early days they were much stronger than Rome and imposed a treaty on Rome, which basically forbade them from sailing in the Western Mediterranean and telling them where they could sail their ships. They were the enemies of Greece and Rome, they kept them out of the Atlantic Ocean with the Carthagenian Navy. But the Greeks did record some information about what Cartage had found in their Atlantic voyages. And a lot of this will probably be quite new to you.

The Greeks records: "In the sea outside the pillars of Hercules, that's Gibraltar, an island was found by the Carthagians, a wilderness having wood of all kinds, and navigatable rivers; remarkable for various kinds of fruit, many sailing distance day away. When the Carthagenians, who were the masters of the western ocean, observed that many traitors and other men were attracted by the fertility of the soil and the pleasant climate, they frequented it. And some resided there. They feared that knowledge of the land would reach other nations."

You can check the historical accounts and see that Cartage at that point became very protective of what was going on west of the Atlantic Ocean, and did not allow the sailors of other nations past Gibraltar.

A Greek, in the first century by the name of Diatrous, wrote: "Over against Africa, on the other side of Africa lies a very great island in the vast ocean. Many days sail westward of Libya or from Libya westward, the soil is very fruitful, a great part is mountainous and much likewise is a plane. It has several navigatable rivers, it has very large woods, fresh water and all sorts of wild beasts to hunt."

Now if you take a globe of the earth and go westward from Libya to that part of the globe, you will come right into the heartland of what is now called the United States. This land was obviously America; and it stayed in the hands of the Israelite Carthegians for many many years after Cartage fell.
It was the secret of Cartage's wealth, and Cartage is acknowledged as a very wealthy city at that time. In giving America's land to the Carthagians God was passing on to them the promises to Abraham's seed. Also they inherited the promise of possessing the gates of their enemies. And they held a lock-hold on Gibraltar during much of this time.

Heroticus a Greek historian records that, "the Carthagenians sent an expedition westward from Gibraltar, which included 30,000 men and women, sixty ships, in a time frame of 500-480 B.C. that was when Cartage was much stronger. Westward through the pillars of Hercules to a destination he did not know."

Now think for a moment, 30,000 men and women; that's a colonizing expedition, in 60 ships: by doing a little math that is 500 people per ship. Which will give you an idea of the size of the vessel, which even the Greeks acknowledge the Carthagenians were sailing. This also gives us an idea of the size of the ships the Phoenicians and Israelites had during the reign of David and Solomon's time.

Carthagian coins and artifacts have been found in North America, which is a story that is basically not told anywhere. It is in Berry Fells book, but the typical academic writers do not want to really deal with what he has discovered. These coins have been found in Colorado, New York, Alabama, Connecticut and Nevada. You can even take some of the Carthagenian inscriptions which Fell discusses in his book; you can get a Hebrew Lexicon out of your Concordance and you can come to the exact same translation that Fell does by using those Hebrew Lexicons.

Most people do not realize this because history has been taught from the Greco-Roman perspective; but America was long known about in ancient history. And that Cartage was Israelite in it inception. However, in later years they became a pyelograph people, they became very degenerate. How long they had worshipers of the True God we do not know. But they became extremely evil; indulging in child sacrifice, mass sacrifices of human beings - they became extremely violent.

Identity - Part 30

When Rome in the second Tunic war, finally won that war it was actually God's judgment against Cartage and its Israelite people as punishment for their sins. But even in that second Tunic War Cartage came very close to exterminating Rome from off the face of the earth. When Hannibal, who was named after Baal, took an army into the Italian area and was therefore years waging war against the Romans, conquering city after city trying to start a revolt but they were not blessed with victory.

When Cartage fell in the middle of the 2nd century B.C., where did its people go? Since some of the historians talk about the population of Cartage being some 600,000, it also relates that only a few thousand stayed to fight the Romans to the bitter end. Some of them probably sought a new life in Cartage's secret territories in America. For America has been a land of refuge for a long time before the Pilgrims came.

These people which came at that time, were Baal worshipers as the remains in America shows. They had gotten degenerate also, and likely died out in wars, intermarriage with the Indians and possibly from VD from their wild sexual practices; which their monuments testify to.

The Carthagenian Israelites in their empire had Southern Spain including the area of Gibraltar, parts of West Africa, and America in their domain. They traded exclusively in the British Isles. The book "Judah's Scepter and Joseph's Birthright," goes into the story of how Dan and Simeon arriving in Wales and Ireland.

The Carthagenians traded extensively with these people, but there is no evidence that those areas were part of Cartage Empire, they were only mercantile contacts.

Let's repeat, America was given to the Israelites by God in the 1600 and 1700s as the British and European Israelite settlers came again. Historians ignore this part of history because it proves their ideas of evolution as a bunch of bologna.

The Time For Slumber Has Run Out

     America the time for slumber has run out: The following article was published as a supplement to "Wake Up Magazine" for September/October 1994 under the title, "When Will Britain Wake Up? -- Her Time for Slumber has Run Out," by Reginald H.W. Cox, to whom we are indebted.

As I read it, I could see that it would apply to America just as well and thought you just might enjoy reading it also. So it is presented here with the name "Britain" changed to "America" because we believe that it applies equally well to both countries. In fact, it applies to every Israel nation in the Christian World.

It was delivered to an international gathering of concerned Christians at the Hayes, Swanwick, Derbyshire, by the author, the former rector of St. Jude's Church, Walsall. Though there have been many important and significant events in the four years between then and now, the substance of his remarks is no less topical and relevant in today's climate of advanced immorality, even in all of Christendom. "All of us gathered here have been Christ's faithful watchmen over many years. I have been on the wall for more than sixty years and, during this lifetime, have seen the fulfillment of a number of prophecies, including the Deliverance of Jerusalem in 1917, each pointing to the nearness of our Lord's return to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, for which we petition unceasingly in the Lord's Prayer. As I have grown older, questions recur with increasing frequency: Does our Lord require us only to 'watch and pray' (Mark 13:33)? Are we to do or say nothing bout the ever-growing threats to destroy our country and those we love? Are we to be silent while our people live carelessly and stumble from one dangerous deception to another?

     Before we examine these questions, before we consider the Great Deception which is destroying us as a Christian Nation, thwarting every effort we make towards becoming a healthy people living prosperously and safely under the protection of Almighty God, we should remind ourselves what Scripture teaches us about Satan and the evil spiritual forces under his direction. We should do this because the theologians and the higher critics, the modernists and the humanists all tell us that the Devil or Satan or the dragon or that old serpent, as Jesus Christ calls him, (Revelation 12:9; 20:2) does not exist!

     Satan is on their side and he will prosper and propagate these doctrines (such as the Rapture Theory - and the Separation of Church and State Theory) because he wants us to believe them so that humanity and God's great Cause in the earth might be destroyed. The theologians teach us that all human suffering and all the evils that afflict us are essentially the result of mankind's frailty and natural tendency to sin. This must surely mean that God created us flawed.

     The late Howard Rand, that wise and sagacious American watchman, pointed out that, so long as the Scriptural version of Satan as a celestial being in opposition to God prevails, then the truth that God exists will not be completely eradicated. He went on to ask if Jesus was lying when He said: 'He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man...but the tares are the Children of the Wicked one; The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world (or age); and the reapers are the angels.' (Matthew 13:37-39)

     In the United States the Christian church is in very serious decline. One of the reasons for this is that the great majority of church leaders have entirely lost or rejected the vision of the Kingdom of God and the reality of the spiritual struggle between God and the Devil, between good and evil, which will end with our Lord Jesus Christ establishing that Kingdom here on earth; that much longed-for event which, happily, now appears to be very close. That the Devil has been able to corrupt and mislead the Church, the Body of Christ, is a shock to many Christians, but the evidence is seen in the seduction of church leaders (some of whom do not hesitate to declare publicly their doubts about the veracity of the Holy Writ) and the modernistic tendency to so spiritualize even the plainest facts of Scripture that these become unreal or unacceptable (They are even unable to comprehend who True Israel is and teach, falsely, that the Jews are them).

     Separating Church and State is a recipe for disaster: To the dangers which threaten the Church we shall return. Right now we must look at the manner in which Satan has succeeded in deceiving those whom Christ has described as 'the very elect.' (Matthew 24:24)

     The key to this Great Deception is the widely accepted satanic lie that there is no place for religion in politics or for politics in religion; that the two philosophies are incompatible and must, for this reason, be kept apart. By accepting this lie as a profound truth, Christian countries have been deceived into separating Church and State, with disastrous results for their peoples.

     This Great Deception has been inflicted upon the peoples and government of the Untied States, but here the separation has not become quite complete; there is a lingering suspicion that the government of the State might be accountable to Almighty God.

     So the President, the Head of State, is crowned in a religious service which closely resembles the crowning of the kings of ancient Israel (but without a crown). (In England) the Prime Minister, the elected head of their government, has to approve the appointment of the bishops of the national church, much as the order of the Old Testament where Moses was instructor to Aaron, the High Priest. Also, each sitting of Congress and Britain's House of Commons is opened with a formal prayer by the chaplain.

     However, acknowledgement that the only lawgiver is Almighty God is not found in our State proceedings or Courts of Law. Yet God has already promulgated the laws by which we should be governed, and the only legitimate function of the Congress is to draft the regulations which will ensure the Divine Law. No one, even among our educated classes and leaders of thought, seems to be aware of God's promise that, if we willingly obey His Divine Law and keep His statutes, He will give us, as a nation, freedom from want and disease; that He will, among other blessings, protect us from our enemies and from those who hate us, that we may live in peace.

     Far from devising instruments to ensure that the Divine Law is observed throughout the United States, that we might enjoy these transcendent blessings, our would-be legislators, under the influence of satanic agency, not merely ignore God's wise counsel but have flagrantly defied the Divine Law by introducing measures to permit misbehavior condemned by God, resulting in filthy and horrifying perversions which, under Divine Law, attract the death penalty. This arrogant rejection of the omnipotent wisdom of Almighty God has resulted in AIDS, Abortions, Homosexuals, and the dedicated work of our medical research teams will be rewarded only after sodomy and its related perversions are once more criminal offenses attracting the most severe punishment; only after the nation's rulers repent of their mischief.

     A Republic (now falsely called a Democracy), though the best man has achieved, is not efficient: This is merely one of the administrative blunders committed by a body acting in ignorance or in contempt of the Divine Will. It is noted here because it illustrates the dangers inherent in the type of government defined by Abraham Lincoln as 'government of the people, by the people, for the people.' It must be admitted that, while democracy is not particularly efficient, it is better, much better, than any other form of government yet evolved by man.

     Even so, our politicians and leaders of thought have brainwashed most of our people into believing that our type of government is something almost sacred and must be upheld and protected at all costs. This propaganda also has been successful in other parts of the world. Not long ago it was noticeable that, in throwing off the shackles of Communism, the peoples of Eastern Europe demanded democratic government as a top priority. Nevertheless, we must never forget that democracy is not the type of government prescribed by Almighty God. Indeed, there is only one reference to democracy in the whole Scripture. You will recall that a number of Levites were elected by the princes and the congregation to protest to Moses about their living conditions. We read that 'the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them.' (Numbers 16:32)

     Through His prophets, God has made it abundantly clear that in any theocratic State the function of its leaders will not be to make worldly laws of their own, but wisely to administer the Law of Almighty God. That is what our Lord meant when explaining that His Kingdom (the Kingdom of God on Earth) was not of this world order, (Kosmos - John 18:36) where kings and governors rule by their own laws.

     Our Lord also confirmed that He had not come to destroy the Law but to fulfill it. (Matthew 5:17) Indeed, He imposed upon His followers the additional obligation to obey the spirit of the Law and not merely the letter. (Matthew 5:27-28)

     By deceiving mankind into believing that the Divine Law was not part of the State, that man could, indeed, make his own laws, Satan scored a truly remarkable victory. This satanic deception of the Church has led to an almost unbelievable situation, depriving the Church of any interest in our responsibility to the Law. Preachers, Ministers, Evangelists, Elders, and Theologians have confined their attention to purely spiritual issues (because of their cowardance, which will keep them from entering into the Kingdom (Revelation 21:8)) limiting their evangel to the Gospel of Personal Salvation. The Gospel of the Kingdom of God on earth either has been ignored or spiritualized into a vague, intangible kingdom that now exists in the hearts of men or in a spiritual zone somewhere above the clouds, remote from earth and humanity.

     Cut adrift from its anchor the church is without an authoritative message: Having cut loose from the anchor of Scripture, most of the Christian Church in this country now finds itself adrift and without an authoritative message either for its own communicants or for the uncommitted man and woman in the street.

     This rejection of sound Scriptural doctrine has had two unfortunate results: a modern church service can have as little relevance to Scripture as, say, a meeting of a friendly society, a situation which has prompted church leaders to join with other denominations to form a confederate church which will ultimately come under the influence of Judaism. One result of this drift from sound doctrine is a drastic fall in the number of communicants of most orthodox churches and a dramatic rise to some millions in the circulation of the magazines published by unorthodox churches who preach sound Scriptural doctrine in simple language. Satan, the enemy of Christ, is certainly a subtle and efficient adversary, but what a terrible calamity to bring upon a people who, less than a century ago, were described as 'The People of the Book,' and were regarded as the greatest nation on earth! As one old enough to remember the declining years of that great age I can say, without doubt or hesitation, that the greatness of America was a reflection of the sterling character of her people. Indeed, it can be claimed, without fear of contradiction, that the men and women who answered the challenge of the Great War of 1914-1918, be they from the United States or from the other Western Nations were of the finest generation our race has produced and, in the light of present trends, is ever likely to produce until that nation is cleansed.

     They were certainly a 'People of the Book:' people of simple undoubting faith, reflected in their loyalty and patriotism; in their love of family and friends; in their consideration for the aged, the infirm and the underdog; and in their innate but unexpressed conviction that, as they belonged to the finest race upon the earth, their behavior should reflect what was, to them, a very serious responsibility. They would not do anything to 'let the country down.' They had respect for authority and they were blessed with a middle class of great probity and responsibility. Their thinking was influenced by intellectual giants of immense stature. Then entered Judaism and the power of darkness which have suppressed the unique American Character: Through two world wars the Powers of Darkness have been able to break down the whole superstructure of social responsibility throughout the United States and to undermine the theology which gave birth to the great Protestant wakening of the sixteenth century. They have been able to entice the American people into the evil Babylonian financial system, but their greatest achievement has been to crush and suppress the unique character of the American People.

     Working through the legal machinery of our Congress, the forces of evil have brought millions of aliens to this country. That is, people of other races, other cultures, other religions; people who are unable or unwilling to assimilate, as did the Huguenots and other European refugees who have enriched our society in times past. Although public opinion is alarmed by the ever-growing threat of civil unrest, resulting from the massive foreign population already here (with more coming every moment), the government is faced with demands that we should offer full American citizenship to the entire population of these aliens. The Devil's advocates talk glibly about the evil of racism in order to justify their policy of destroying or submerging one of the purest races on earth. They should be reminded that the different races of mankind were created purposefully by Almighty God and that there are many Scriptural references to refute the satanic deception that race-mixing is good or even desirable. Christ's watchmen will have noticed that it is difficult to find another period in recorded history when the races of mankind have been so widely admixed and disturbed as in the period commencing with the World War of 1914-1918. That movement still continues to disturb the political stability of the nations of the world and indicates that we are moving rapidly towards the Second Advent of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As we look back over the last fifty years or more and compare the changes with the signs He predicted, it is not difficult to see that we are living in the Time of the End. The political, religious, meteorological and environmental changes are so vast that the Christian who has become aware of their significance is somewhat humbled and over-awed by their extent. In such circumstances can we, as Christ's watchmen, do more than maintain a prayerful vigil?

     Our Lord's prophetic description of the state of the world, immediately prior to His return, indicates that pre-Advent conditions will be like those prevailing before the Flood. In His own words: people will continue 'eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage,' (Matthew 24:38) and we see very few will be aware of what is about to happen. We concerned Christians, and those throughout America so have been privileged to know what is soon to happen to this blind and sinful world, have a duty; much like that bestowed upon Luke to WAKE UP those around us to a knowledge of how the forces of evil have misled them, and to condition them to face the frightening events that will precede the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, we have a duty 'to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.' (Luke 1:17)

     Christianity has all but been destroyed by the alternative services books: A great deal can be done to open the eyes of the spiritually blind, and looking at just a few of the issues that should have our attention we might encourage our Christian friends to concentrate their efforts on revealing how their dignified, Scripturally oriented and inspiring liturgy was destroy by the (new Bible versions and the Anglican Church of England has been destroyed by the) 'Alternative Services Book.' In some churches they may be successful in having 'The Book of Common Prayer' restored to regular use (this was caused by the monetary and press pressure of the Jews). Individually one might befriend a lapsed Christian and, by demonstrating the subtle way in which the forces of darkness has corrupted his church, restore his faith in the inspired Word of God.

     Notwithstanding the many pressures of vested interests, we are blessed in America with many patriotic publication that are relatively free and independent, and often expose public wrong or injustice brought to their notice. Therefore, those who write for these publications should also consider the far-reaching effects of dealing with the spiritual aspects of the wrong or injustice they report. However, perhaps the greatest opportunity for bringing enlightenment is in helping the sick and needy, because those who find health and happiness through their obedience to the Divine Law will pass on the good news to others.

     We must expect, and most certainly will receive, rebuffs from the worldly and the sophisticated for, as Paul discovered: 'The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God' (1 Corinthians 3:19); but this should not discourage us from presenting our case for the veracity of Scripture to the educated and informed. Indeed, trained and disciplined minds can understand and appreciate the evidence of historical fact in the fulfillment of prophecy. Nevertheless, we must heed the warning of our Lord Jesus Christ and maintain a constant prayer vigil.

     No one is permitted to know the precise time of His Coming but we do know from recent signs and events that it must now be very near. Although staggering in their extent and complexity, these signs and events are being brushed aside, ignored or dismissed as scientific nightmares. Very few people treat them seriously and only a tiny minority of Christians relate them to Scriptural prophecy or to the consequences of disobeying the Divine Law.

     What is happening today is not merely without precedent; if present trends continue, all forms of animal life will eventually cease and earth will become a lifeless wilderness. But our Lord assures that this will not be allowed to happen: 'And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.' (Matthew 24:22)

     Another threat to human life is posed by the ever-growing invasion of aliens into our country. For along with them comes diseases which we have not seen for decades; and they are raging unreported throughout the nation, because the evil ones are fearful that the people of America will drive the aliens out if they should become aware of the terrible toil America is paying for allowing them into our country.

     Having rejected God we cannot now find our way: It is because our people have rejected God that they seek a 'natural' explanation for these appalling calamities, and we cannot find a solution or an answer because we are spiritually asleep (lulled there by unfaithful liars and deceivers who come in Christ's name but are His enemies). It is a tragedy that we remain asleep even after a hurricane, tornado, flood or earthquake has struck; and thousands have lost everything, including many their lives. Christ has warned that political unrest among the nations with famines, disease and widespread earthquakes will precede His Return. (Matthew 24:6-7) These disturbances are even now occurring in Europe, Africa, Russia in the Middle East, but not even a hurricane can wake up our people and cause them to recognize that something unusual is happening in the world. In the meantime, and while we watch and pray, we should not willingly or knowingly participate in the evil systems which now flourish and which will be destroyed in the run-up to the Kingdom. Those who find this summary disturbing or frightening should note the words of Almighty God, directed to His servants in this land: 'Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.'" (Isaiah 41:10)

Identity - 30 was the Last One but I forgot to put it in the subject line. Willie

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