Premillennial View of Satan
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

        The Premillennial View of Satan: The Premillennial view of Satan is espoused by millions of people who worship in the Fundamental and Evangelical Judeo-Christian churches of the Western World. Since the theology of Premillennial teaching holds to the idea that Satan is basically a supernatural, omnipresent, omniscient being with all power and authority, it is easy to see how they would surrender this earth to Satan and seek to make their exit out through the doctrine of the Rapture which will never come.

        "Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith YE there HUNT THE SOULS TO MAKE THEM FLY, and I WILL tear them from your arms, and will LET THE SOULS GO, EVEN THE SOULS THAT YE HUNT TO MAKE THEM FLY." (Ezekiel 13:20)

        The premillionnial people see Satan as the "god" of this world and the final victor over the earth. The only kingdom they see is a "Jewish Kingdom" which is apparently the work of Satan. These people, and the petereists do not believe in Dualism, in a type of equating Satan and God together on an equal plane, they place Satan in absolute charge. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ wanes before the onrushing power of Satan in Premillennial theology. The final dominion of this earth belongs to Satan. Satan is worshiped as though he were God. A great amount of all preaching by the Judeo-Christian "Prostitute Ministers" in the fundamental and evangelists church is devoted to exonerating Satan as a supernatural, omniscient, omnipresent being who is everywhere on earth at once and who also is present in hell torturing millions of living souls.

        The Premillennial position ascribes unwarranted power to Satan, a Biblical View not supported by the Scriptures. This theology would surrender the earth and fulness thereof to Satan. Premillennial thinking has caused man to evolve a fire-escape religion. Man seeks to escape from this earth, and surrender the kingdoms of this world to Satan, allow the antichrist to rule and have dominion over this earth, and for evil to be triumphant. It denies victory in Christ. Man cannot overcome evil, for Satan is the god of this world, the prince of this world (John 14:30), he claims all dominion of this earth with the enshrinement of the antichrist. The only kingdom the Premillennial people see is a Jewish Kingdom. They see no kingdom ruled over by Christ prior tot he rule of the antichrist. They have surrendered the world to Satan, and have evolved a form of Devil Worship. Satan is worshiped as god. The fear of Satan becomes the basis for most conversion, which promotes a fear psychosis of Satan and his power over man and the earth. It denies the Sovereignty of Christ and the ultimate victory of His Kingdom over this world. It portrays God, as some sort of sadist who relishes sending souls to hell. The Premillennial viewpoint of Satan is not a Biblical viewpoint. It is not Scriptural. It is indeed a fabrication of lies which holds man in moral bondage. This viewpoint of Satan cannot be held by any Christian who honors Christ and the Bible.

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