More Proof That The HoloHoax Was Just That A Hoax
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Israeli Prime Minister Offered Services to Adolf Hitler
 "Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir offered to put himself and a terrorist gang under his leadership at the service of Germany's National Socialist government during World War II. I have found confirmation of the long rumored links between Shamir and Nazi Germany in suppressed documents unearthed in wartime German archives. They reveal that the Israeli leader professed enthusiasm for Hitler's policies and volunteered to support them in the Middle East with terrorist and espionage operations against the Allied powers, the United States and Britain. I have recently decided to reveal what I have discovered about this unexpected historic episode while working as a journalist and historian in Israel during the 1960's and '70's. I fear that Shamir is setting up the west for another unexpected historic alliance: a new 'relationship' between the USSR and Israel. The wartime documents I have unearthed will help us understand The coming Israeli turn around. They reveal that Shamir and his inner circle of veteran terrorists have always despised America's democratic system and its values, despite their claims of being an 'ally' of the United States. At heart, Shamir and his friends have always been totalitarians, committed to violence, deceit and military expansion. They were drawn in the 1930's to Benito Mussolini and his Fascist regime in Italy.

 A number of Irgun and (subsequently) Lehi gunmen received their first training in Italy before World War II. They repaid Mussolini by participating in terrorist strikes against the opponents of Fascism.
Offer Documented
 After the outbreak of World War II, Shamir and his men offered their services to the German high command. The documents detailing these contacts were seized by British troops and shipped to London, along with tons of other German archives, in 1945. In 1955, Moshe Sharett, then Israel's Prime Minister, received permission from the British Government to inspect the captured records and to copy some of them. An Israeli researcher was dispatched to London. When he returned, months later, he brought back a dozen crates of files he had duplicated in England. Soon afterward, I became one of the researchers granted permission to review these records. I was stunned and excited to discover among them documents describing Shamir's wartime affinity for Fascism and national Socialism. But my excitement was short-lived. Shamir was chief of operations of the Mossad, the Israeli secret service, at that time - a powerful, shadowy figure. He was soon tipped off that the German documents copied in London contained embarrassing details of his past activities.

 Accompanied by Mossad agents carrying submachine guns, he marched into the archives where I was studying the wartime records, and seized every file containing a reference to him. These papers were never seen again in Israel. But I did get a second look at them. After 1982, I decided to leave Israel in protest against the inhuman atrocities committed by Israeli troops in Lebanon. In exile, I tracked down the originals of these revealing papers and managed to obtain my own copies of key documents. They show that in 1941, acting as head of what he called the underground Jewish National Military Organization (NMO), Shamir sent the German government a secret memorandum. It declared that: 'Shamir and the NMO shared Nazi Germany's interests and supported its policy of establishing in Europe a 'New Order' under German guidance. Shamir's militants were ready to do their part to help Hitler win the war by launching an underground campaign of terrorism and sabotage against Britain and her wartime allies -- i.e., the United States. In return, Shamir asked that Germany consider 'solving her Jewish problem' by expelling European Jews to Palestine and placing them under the control of Shamir's NMO.'

 As an accompanying wartime German document reproduced here indicates, Shamir's secret memorandum was hand delivered by his emissary, Nathan Yelin-Mor, to the German Embassy in Ankara. It was routed to the naval attach´┐Ż, Cmdr. Hantik, who sent it on to Berlin with an official routing slip. The German government had doubts about allying itself with a gang of Jewish terrorists in the Middle East. Shamir did his best to convince Hitler of his sincerity: He launched an underground war of murder and bombings against British and Allied soldiers and installations wherever he could reach them (Do you see now what the Jews really think of America and its people????) But Germany still proved reluctant. Shamir's designs for a Greater Israel built on terrorism, military force and deception had to wait another decade, until they finally got under way with the support of another major power: the United States." (Exclusive to the Spotlight, by Naim Ghiladi)

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