Egyptian Esoterism
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

        More than any other country, Ancient Egypt was an illustration of theocratic power. There, priesthood ruled and adumbrated royalty. Depositories of the Indo-Iran tradition of Ra, Zar´┐Żthustra and Manu, the priests of Thebes and Memphis made of Egypt the fortress of antique Esoterism. Their Sovereign Lord God and Teacher bore the name of Hermes or Thoth, the Great Initiator. In him were typified the three great powers of royalty, law-giving or legislative and high priesthood which made the Greeks, disciples of the Egyptians, surname him Hermes Trismegistus or thrice great.

        To Hermes was credited a large number of books containing the secrets of Indo-Aryan occult science. Fire was the first Principle, the basis of all teaching and the law of Ammon-Ra, the Sun God of Thebes.

        Only after the conquest of Egypt by the Hyksos (2000 B.C.) Did the priests spread among the people the cult of Osiris and Isis and their son Horus. This popular religion served as a screen which most effectively shielded the Hermetic mysteries from intrusion and disclosure and safeguarded ancient and Aryan Esoterism which had to fear annihilation at the hand of the priesthood of the black or Ethiopian race whose Esoterism was based upon a different conception of occult and psychic knowledge.

        A striking example of the rivalry of the two esoteric schools is given in the Bible, and many people believe that Moses and Aaron were practicing magic taught them by the Ethiopian Jethro (Who was a White Man, not a Negro), failed to confound the Egyptian priests before Pharaoh. (We know by this that the Jews were prevalent in Egypt even then, but known by another name, because they have never recognized the power of Almighty God and therefore would believe nothing less than that Moses and Aaron were practicing magic and not showing the power of God. But Pharaoh realized that theirs was not magic, but was the power of God, and so in the end decided to let the Children of Israel go; even though he repented of it later and chased after them with his army, only to watch them drown as the sea closed around them)

        Concealed behind the popular cult of Osiris and Isis was the soul of Egyptian Esoterism which no one could reach, except after having been deemed worthy to penetrate the most sacred mysteries of Isis whose statue, with its face veiled, stood before the door of the temple of Occultism.

        The trials of initiation which a candidate had to withstand before he beheld the light of Osiris and understood the "Vision of Hermes" were long and terrible. They were interspersed, however, by states of trance induced by special beverages, during which the initiate had voluptuous visions of Isis preceded by the five-pointed flamboyant star (of the Jews - Jewish Encyclopedia) or the Rose of Isis.

        Two great flowing currents issued from the esoteric wisdom, jealously safeguarded by the Egyptians, namely: Mosaism or Judaism, taught (so the Jews say) by Moses whose God was Jehovah, and Orpheism taught by Orpheus whose God was Zeus or Jupiter. The former adapted his beliefs to suit the mentality of undisciplined, rebellious masses of Israelites in Egypt, hence a god of Fear and Vengeance; the latter legislated for a people whose Hellenic genius touched sublime heights of philosophic wisdom on the one hand, and sought on the other to carry its irrepressible sense of beauty and light-heartedness in its pursuit of material pleasures. Hence the great difference between the two currents which had derived their initial teaching from the same source.

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