Parts 37 through 40
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Freemasonry - Part 37

 The Master-Mason-to-be is said to be working on Solomon's Temple. He is in possession of the name of God (the "Lost Word" of Masonry) and he has promised to reveal this to the other workers when the Temple is finished.

 Since the wages are higher for those who possess this name, the other workers become jealous and insist that he reveal the name to them before the Temple is finished. When he refuses to do so, three angry ruffians kill him and hastily bury him.

 Eventually his grave is discovered and, after the third attempt, he is raised to life again. The first word he spoke is the substitute for the "Lost Word" and it is this word that is said to be passed down to Master Masons today. (Shaw and McKenney, op. city., pp. 150-151)

 Any one who is familiar with Egyptian mythology should be able to see the correlation between the myth of Hiram Abiff and of the Egyptian god, Osiris. Pierson contends: "We readily recognize in Himram Abiff the Osiris of the Egyptians..." (Shaw and McKenney, op. city., p. 153) "In Egypt the dead man was identified with Osiris, and addressed as Osiris." (Geoffrey Parrinder, ed., World Religions from Ancient History to the Present. New York, New York: Facts on File Publications, 1971, p. 176. See also "Osiris," The World Book Encyclopedia, 1961 ed. Vol. 13, p. 654) Waite acknowledges that: "There is no question that the myth of Osiris covers the whole story of mystical life and is presented in the Funerary Ritual (the death and resurrection ceremony of the third degree) as the soul's own story. There is no more eloquent valediction to the departing soul than that which says: Thou hast gone living to Osiris. The promise is life in Osiris. The great doctrine, the great revelation of all the true Mysteries is that Osiris lives...We also as Mason look forward to union of the departed with Osiris..." ( Waite, op. cit., Vol. II, p. 169)

 The Late Rev. Alexander Hislop related: "It is admitted that the secret system of Freemasonry was originally founded on the Mysteries of the Egyptian Isis, the goddess-mother, or wife of Osiris. But what could have led to the union of a Masonic body with these Mysteries, had they not had particular reference to architecture, and had the god who was worshiped in them not been celebrated for his success in perfecting the arts of fortification and building? Now, if such were the case, considering the relation in which, as we have already seen, Egypt stood to Babylon, who would naturally be looked up to there as the great patron of the Masonic art?" (The Two Babylons, p. 43)

 These Masonic authors realize that the ceremonies are only based on Myths or Fables. Collier's Encyclopedia states: "Masonry fosters an elaborate Mythology..." (Collier's Encyclopedia, op. cit., p. 338)

 But since they have turned from the truth, there is only the false left. W.L. Wilmshurst, a Mason, points out: "It matters nothing whether the prototype be one whose historical actuality and identity can be demonstrated, or whether he can be regarded only as Legendary or Mythical...In Egypt the prototype was Osiris, who was slain by his malignant brother Typhon, but whose mangled limbs were collected in a coffer from which he emerged reintegrated and divinized. In Greece the prototype was Bacchus, who was torn to pieces by the Titans. Baldur in Scandinavia and Mithra in Graeco-Roman Europe were similar prototypes. In Masonry the prototype is Hiram Abiff..." (Wilmshurst, op. cit., p. 142)

 Many Masons believe that they are acting out the death and resurrection ritual of Christ. Even if this were the case, which it is not, this ritual would be blasphemous for a Christian, but these Masons are actually acting out the Myth of Osiris and Isis, two Pagan deities of Egypt. Isis was considered to be "supreme in Magical power..." (Isis, Encyclopedia Britannica, 1964 ed., Vol. 12, p. 703) and "she was the goddess of...Magic." Osiris committed incest by marrying his sister, Isis, so those portraying him are not very righteous characters are they? Also, several symbols in the Lodge that Masons should readily recognize are the sun, the point within a circle, the Tau Cross, and the All-Seeing Eye, all symbols representing Osiris! (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, pp. 15, 377, 401, 405, 504, etc)

 Not only do Masons rely on Fables, but they also take the place of Christ. In the 19th degree of the Scottish Rite, called "Grand Pontiff," Masons attend a pageant in which part of the book of Revelation is enacted. Waite recounts this drama: "Amidst darkness and isolation thereafter the officers of the chapter proclaim the dominion of the beast, the opening of the seven vials of revelation and the fall of Babylon...The Candidate is brought into light and is shewn the four-square city coming down out of Heaven ...while He who sits upon the throne, through He is called the Lord God Almighty and Redeemer, is not the Christ of St. John...The Candidate is anointed with oil, is made and proclaimed a priest forever according to the Order of Melchizedek...The New Jerusalem is interpreted as Ancient Masonry." ( Waite, op. cit., Vol. I, pp. 342-343)

 Although Delmar Darrah, a 33rd degree Mason, assures us that "there never has been any conflict between the church and Freemasonry." (Darrah, op. cit., p. 298) We can see several points of conflict between the pageantry of the degree of Grand Pontiff and the Bible.

 First, we notice that the person who sits on the throne is called "The Lord God Almighty and Redeemer," but he "Is Not the Christ of St. John."  If he is not the Christ of the Bible, then who is he? Read on and you will discover who the god of Masonry really is! Second, we see that the Mason is anointed with oil and proclaimed "a priest forever according to the Order of Melchizedek." Hebrews 5:5 and 9 clearly states that "Christ glorified not Himself to be made an high priest" but was "called of God an high priest after the order of Melchizedek." But Masons glorify themselves and take on themselves the honor of the priesthood that was given to Christ alone. Third, notice that Masons interpret the "New Jerusalem" as "Ancient Masonry!"

 The 25th degree of the Scottish Rite is called "Knight of the Brazen Serpent." Again Waite describes this degree and reveals to us that the twelve signs of the Zodiac are illustrated and a Tau Cross, encompassed by a serpent is in the east. The Master retires to call upon God and then..."returns bearing a Symbol of Slavation, being a Brazen Serpent entwined about the Tau Cross...It is given thereafter to the Candidate, as a symbol of faith, repentance and mercy." (Waite, op. cit., p. 440)

 Again we can see conflict between the degrees of Masonry and the Bible. The Bible warns against astrology, yet the Lodge is set up in such a way as to correspond with the twelve signs of the Zodiac, which is astrology. We also notice that the symbol of salvation is the "Brazen Serpent!" Once again Christ is set aside for another symbol of salvation. The Bible specifies that the Serpent represents Satan, but Masonry uses the Serpent as a Symbol of Salvation!

Freemasonry - Part 38

 In conjunction with the Serpent, let's look at the Masonic apron. Wilmshurst writes: "Brethren, I charge you to regard your apron as one of the most precious and speaking symbols our Order has to give you." (Wilmshurst, op. cit., Vol. II, p. 38)

 This statement is quite intriguing. When Adam and Eve sinned, they sewed together an apron of fig leaves. We find however, God was not pleased with the aprons, and He made the coats of skin to clothe them; (Genesis 3:7, 21) but Waite indicates "in Craft Masonry and its connection the apron is the only proper and possible clothing." (Waite, op. cit., Vol. II, p. 38)

 In the first degree of Masonry the candidate is given an unadorned white apron which indicates purity of soul. (Wilmshurst, op. cit., p. 136) In the second degree blue Rosettes are added to the apron to indicate that progress has been made in regeneration. In the third degree Wilmshurst explains that: "...still further progress is emblematized by the increased blue adornments of the Apron, as also by its silver tassels and the Silver Serpent is the emblem of divine wisdom knitting the soul's new-made vesture together." (Wilmshurst, See also Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike, p. 496)

 The newly initiated Mason is instructed that his white apron is the "MOST PRECIOUS" symbol of Masonry and that it represents purity. We must remember, however, that this apron is a Symbol. What then, is the real meaning behind this object? To find out we must return to Mythology.

 Pike notes that the god Jupiter Ammon's picture was painted with the sign of the Ram or Lamb. (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, p. 407) He mentions that Jupiter Ammon is "the same as Osiris, Adoni, Adonis, Atys, and the other sun-gods..."

 Hutchinson also notes that Jupiter Ammon is "painted with horns." (Hutchinson, op. cit., p. 82) And that he is the "same as Baal or Moloch...(and) Adonis, whom some ancient authors call Osiris." Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike. pp. 82-83)

 His ceremonies "consisted in clothing the Initiate with the skin of a white lamb. And in this we see the origin of the apron of white sheep-skin used in Masonry." (Morals and Dogma, by Albert  Pike) So, the apron was used in connection with the ceremonies of Osiris and this apron is the "only proper" clothing, according to Waite.

 Also notice that in the third degree a Serpent is added to the apron and that it is an emblem of divine wisdom! The Entered Apprentice's Handbook points out that: "...the Serpent is regarded as 'The Shining One' -- the Holy wisdom itself. Thus we see that the Serpent on our apron denotes that we are encircled by the Holy Wisdom...The snake is peculiarly associated with (the Hindu god) Shiva, the Destroyer, whose close symbolic association with the third (Masonic) degree is obvious...He is depicted making the (sign) of a Master Mason." (Dave Hunt and Ed Decker, The God Makers: A Shocking Expose of What the Mormon Church Really Believes; Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 1984, p. 197)

 Another god, Shiva, is now introduced into the Pantheon of Masonry. Shiva (or Siva) has numerous wives and, "... wanders naked about the countryside on his white bull Nandi, overindulging in drugs, and encouraging starvation and self- mutilation. The innermost sanctuaries of Shiva temples always feature a lingam, the stylized erect phallus which symbolizes his rampant sexuality." (Bob Larson, Larson's Book of Cults, Wheaton, Illinois: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. 1982, p. 75)

 The Serpent  is quite prevalent and important in Masonry. When Jim Shaw, a former Mason who has left Masonry, went to the Temple to receive his 33rd degree, he reported: "...the thing that is most noticeable is the way the walls are decorated with Serpents. There are all kinds, some very long and large. Many of the Scottish Rite degrees include the representation of Serpents and I recognized them among those decorating the walls." ( Shaw and McKenney, op. cit., p. 102)

 Albert Pike devotes page after page of his book to the prevalence and worship of Serpents. He discloses that, "The Phoenicians called the serpent Agathodemon (the GOOD spirit)..." (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, p. 495); "In reality, the hawk-headed Serpent, genius of light, or good genius, was the symbol of the sun." The horned SERPENT was the hieroglyphic for a God."

 Two other names for Osiris are Bel and Hu. Pike relates to us that, "The Greeks call Bel 'Beliar,' and Hesychius interprets that word to mean a Dragon or great Serpent." (Morals and Dogma,by Albert Pike, pp. 499-500) and "The British God Hu was called 'The Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world..." (Revelation 12:9)

 Other connections to Satan can be found. Pike, writing about the pagan god Thor, reveals that "Thor was the sun, the Egyptian Osiris and Kneph, the Phoenician Bel or Baal." (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, p. 368) Bel (or Baal) was believed to be the "lord of the air" ("Bel," Encyclopedia Britannica, 1964 ed. Vol. 3, p. 410) as well as sun-god (Texe Marrs, Mystery Mark of the New Age: Satan's Design for World Domination Westchester, Illinois: Crossway Books, 1988, p. 91)

 Remember also that the god Baal is a synonym for the devil. (Stephen Knight, The Brotherhood: The Secret World of the Freemasons, Briacliff Manor, New York: Stein and Day, 1984, p. 236) Baal "had the body of a spider and three heads, those of a man, a toad and a cat." This god, under the name of Thor, is called "the Prince of the Power of the Air." (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike)

 Baal worship is condemned by the Bible, (1 Kings 16:30-33; 22:53; 2 Kings 17:16) and in Ephesians we find that Satan is called the "prince of the power of the air." Not only does Satan have the same title as is given to the god Thor, but we should notice that the word "Thor" means "thunder" (Einar Haugen, "Thor," The World Book Encyclopedia, 1961 ed., Vol. 17, p. 204) Thor "was the god of lightning and thunder in Norse mythology."

 This is a significant statement, for Satanists use the lighting bolt as a symbol of Satan. Satanic rock groups also use the symbol, called a "Satanic S," which resembles a lightning bolt and is probably taken from the reference in Luke 10:18 where Jesus says: "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven." (Max Wood, Rock and Roll: An Analysis of the Music, n. p., n. d., p. 28) One of these Satanic rock groups called KISS (the name stands for Knights in Satan's Service) (Max Wood, Rock and Roll: An Analysis of the Music, n.p., n.d., p. 30.) has a song on one of their albums entitled "God of Thunder." This song claims:

  I was raised by the demons,
  A modern day man of steel,
  Trained to reign as the one,
  I gather darkness to please me,
  God of Thunder and Rock and Roll,
  I command you to kneel,
  The sound you're under,
  Before the god of thunder,
  Will slowly rob you of your virgin soul.
  The god of rock and roll
  I'm the Lord of the Wasteland

 (Max Wood, Rock and Roll: An Analysis of the Music, n.p., n.d., p. 31)

 This god is obviously Satan. Is it any wonder that the Bible further informs us that this "prince of the power of the air" is "the spirit that now worketh in the Children of Disobedience...?" (Ephesians 2:2) Since the gods of Masonry (Thor, Baal, Shiva, Pan, Osiris, etc.) actually represent Satan in different camouflages, and sine the Serpent is widespread in Masonry, and the Bible clearly states that the Serpent is Satan, we see that the Masons are in actuality worshiping Satan (Lucifer).

Freemasonry - Part 39

Of course, Masonic writers themselves plainly confess to us who they worship! Who is it? None other than Satan (Lucifer)! Hutchinson gives the following comment about the fall of man: "But alas, he (Adam) fell! By disobedience he forfeited all his glory and felicity; and, wonderful to recount in the midst of this exalted state, Satan prevailed." (Hutchinson, op. cit., pp. 47-48) The footnote on this sentence gives this explanation: "Thus originated the introduction of a serpent among the symbols of Freemasonry...Serpent-worship derives its origin from the same source." (Hutchinson, op. cit., p. 48)

 Another foot note elsewhere in this book is a quote from Key to the New Testament, which states in part: "The corruptions flowing from the Egyptian philosophy, when adapted to Christianity, were these: they held that the god of the Jews was the Demiurgus...the serpent who deceived Eve ought to be honored for endeavoring to rescue men from their slavery to the Demiugus." (Hutchinson, p. 85)

 Pike brags: "Lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the spirit of darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! [Here Pike is denying Christ as the Light of the world and giving that designation to Lucifer, the Devil] Is it he who bears the light...? Doubt it not!" (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, p. 321. See also A Ralph Epperson, The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History, Tucson, Arizona, Publius Press, 1985, p. 224)

 Masonic testimony is clear that the serpent or Satan (Lucifer) should be worshiped. In fact, the "Lost Word" of Masonry has to do with Satan.

 Masons have been in search of a so-called "Lost Word" which is supposed to be the real name of God, but has been lost. In the third degree the Mason is given a substitute word and told to look "to that bright and Morning Star..." (Waite, op. cit., Vol. I, p. 424)

 Waite suggests that the Word revealed in the third degree "was of similar value to our old friend Abracadabra." (Waite, op. cit., Vol. II, p. 468) He mentions elsewhere that: "...since the sphere of Ritual is also a sphere of sorcery, on proceeding to initiation he is given the symbol Abracadabra...and is told it is the true word." (Waite, op. cit., p. 415)

 Most people know that the word "abracadabra" has to do with magic, but did you know that this word comes from Abraxas? (Hutchinson, op. cit., p. 80) Abraxas, by the way, is a demon! Masons are actually taught that this demon is the True Word.

 However, this word is only a substitute. Then, in the 13th degree (Royal Arch) he is given the name of the "Lost Word" of Masonry. Let's see, first of all, who is the "Bright and Morning Star" and then let's look at the "Lost Word" and who is represented thereby.

 Revelation 22:16 explains: "I, the root and offspring of David, and the Bright and Morning Star." Now, do the Masons worship Jesus as the "bright and Morning Star?" There are several reasons why this answer is "No!" One reason is that everything in the lodge is symbolical of something else, so if the "Bright and Morning Star" is Christ in reality, it is only a symbol to the Mason. In addition, Wilmshurst admits that "Hebrew Biblical names represent not persons, but personifications of spiritual principles..." (Wilmshurst, op. cit., p. 127)

 There is a greater reason, however, that we know that the "bright and morning star" is not Christ, and that is from Masonic testimony. Waite, describing one picture in his book, analyzes it as: "There is a globe in her right hand on which is balanced a Genius, holding a torch, and said to typify the Morning Star or Lucifer...From a Masonic point of view, the symbol in its plenary sense is the coming forth of conquering Light." (Waite, op. cit., Vol. I, p. ix)

 Masonic testimony points out that the morning star is "Lucifer" and that this symbol represents the "coming forth of conquering light." So, when Masons speak of the light of Masonry, they are actually referring to Lucifer bringing forth the light. Lucifer, as you may already know, means "Light Bearer" or "Light Bringer." The Bible also informs us that Satan (Lucifer) comes as "an angel of light." (2 Corinthians 11:14)

 As mentioned earlier, another name for Osiris is Mithras. According to The World Book Encyclopedia, Mithras "was an angel of light who fought on the side of the god Ahura-Mazda... The Zoroastrian scriptures called Mithras 'the Heavenly Light.'" (Mithras, The World Book Encyclopedia, 1961 ed., Vol. 12, p. 566)

 He was also identified with the Sun. The mention of Ahura-Mazda is interesting for it is this god that the lecture of the 32nd degree of Masonry deals with. In this lecture Ahura-Mazda is called the "spirit of light." (Shaw and McKenney, op. cit., p. 156)

 The Masons are then instructed to: "Look to the East, my brothers...and behold the seven-pointed star, the great symbol of this degree, with the seven colors of the rainbow. The seven colors and seven points represent the seven potencies of Ahura. Observe now the great Delta of Pythagoras consisting of 36 light arranged in eight rows to form an equilateral triangle. The light of the apex of the Delta represents Ahura-Mazda, Source of All Light." (Shaw and McKenney)

 The lecture continues and the Masons are told that the "trilateral name for god is composed of." (Shaw and McKenney,.p. 157) three Hindu gods: Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. Siva (or Shiva), by the way, is a synonym for Satan! In fact, Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, lists Shiva, Lucifer and Pan (among others) in his Satanic Bible as Synonyms For Satan! (Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow: The New Age Movement and Our Coming of Age of Barbarism, Shreveport, Louisiana: Huntington House, Inc., 1983, p. 136)

 Lucifer, then, is the god honored and revered by masons as the true god! J. Edward Decker, Jr., a former Mason, gives us a quote from Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Mason.

 On July 14, 1889, Pike gave instructions to the 23 Supreme Councils of the World: "That which we must say to the crowd is, We worship a God, but it is the god that one adores without superstition. To you Sovereign Grand Inspectors General (the name of the 33rd degree, the highest degree know to the world in Scottish Rite Masonry), we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees. The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian Doctrine...Yes, Lucifer is god...the pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer...Lucifer, god of light and god of good..." (Decker, op. cit., p. 6; and Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike)

 With this admission, is it any wonder that Pike is called the "Pontiff of Luciferian Freemasonry?" (Waite, op. cit., Vol. II, p. 253) In addition, he is adored by Masonic authors such as Waite, who brags: "I believe...his name will be...of precious memory in all American Masonry." (Waite, op. cit., Vol. II, p. 278) In fact, Morals and dogma, a book written by Pike, is the handbook for Masons. when Jim Shaw earned his 32nd degree, he, as well as the others present, were given, "...a copy of Albert Pike's book...We were told that it was THE source book for Freemasonry and its meaning. We were also told that it must never leave our possession, and that arrangements must be made so that upon our deaths it would be returned to the Scottish Rite." (Shaw and McKenney, op. cit., p. 62)

Freemasonry - Part 40

 Also, C. Fred Kleinknecht, a 33rd degree Mason related: "... told all Masons that last January that one particular book was to be their daily guide for living, their 'Bible.'" That book, said Kleinknecht, is Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma. (Texe Marrs, Masons Are A Secret New Age Cult, Flashpoint March 1990, p. 3) The majority of Masons in the first few degrees are not aware of the god of masonry, yet Hutchinson boasts that "the first state of a Mason is representative of the first stage of worship of the true god." (Hutchinson, op. cit., pp. 101, 209)

 He highly insinuates that those outside of the Masonic ranks are not worshiping the True God! The Masons have been taught that this true god is called the "Grand Architect of the Universe" and that anyone who believes in "a" Supreme Being may join Masonry.

 They have been advised that there is no conflict between Christianity and Masonry. To hide the fact of who their god is, those entering Masonry must enact strange rituals, is asked who he believes in and must answer "In God" and only after the candidate has completed the 13th degree is he told the name of the "Lost Word." Why must this word be kept secret for so long? The answer is that if the word and its meaning were revealed to the candidate in the beginning, he most likely would have never joined up!

 What is the "Lost Word?" Waite indicated that the "Lost Word" has to do with Wisdom, and that "Wisdom in this case is a synonym of the Word..." (Waite, op. cit., p. 470)

 Before I give you the "Lost Word" let me remind you that Wilmshurst claims that "the Serpent is the emblem of divine wisdom," (Wilmshurst, op. cit., p. 136) and the Lost Word is a synonym for Wisdom, so this Word has to do with the Serpent! Well, the secret Word is "Jao-Bul-On."

 You may wonder, "What does that mean?" "Jao" is the Chaldean name for God. "Bul" is a Syriac word which means "Baal," who was a Canaanite fertility god associated with licentious rites and magic. (Knight, op. cit., p. 236)

 Baal is actually another name for the Devil! "On" is the Egyptian word signifying "Osiris," the god of the underworld. So, here again, we can see Satan is deified and honored by the Masons.

 We are told further (in the ritual of the 13th degree) that this "triune essence of the Deity," (C. Penney Hunt, op. cit., p. 18) represents "His creative preservative, and de-creative powers." This sentence gives a very vivid description of the Hindu gods.

 In the pagan religion of Hinduism, we also see a "trinity" of three gods, Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the preserver, and Shiva, the destroyer. Waite explains: "Siva (or Shiva) is the Babylonian Bel, identical with the sun-god I A O..." (Waite, op. cit., p. 405) The World Book Encyclopedia states that Bel is "another name for the god Baal," (Bel, The World Book Encyclopedia, 1961 ed. Vol. 2, p. 173) and Baal is another name for Satan, so Satan is being worshiped through the Masonic ritual, for Shiva, the god with "de-creative powers," is just another name for Satan!

 One more name for Satan is Pan. "He was half man and half goat..." (Pan, The World Book Encyclopedia, 1961 ed., Vol. 14, p. 93) and he is "usually shown with goat feet, curly hair, short horns, and a beard." An occult catalog from International Imports mentions: (International Imports, op. cit., p. 115) "In Greek mythology Pan was the god of nature...He is also equated with Satan and life's baser aspects." Once again we can see that Masonry honors Satan, for Hutchinson confesses: "The knowledge of the god of nature forms the first estate of our profession..." (Hutchinson, op. cit, p. 62) He also points out that the god of nature was adored under the names of Osiris and Isis (the wife/sister of Osiris). (Hutchinson, p. 115)

 Yes, Lucifer (Satan) is the god of Masonry and the so-called "God of Light." Wilmshurst tries to convince us that: "Christian and Masonic doctrine are identical in intention though different in method. The one says 'Via Crucis;' the other 'Via Lucis;' yet the two ways are but one way." (Willmshurst, pp. 209-210)

 "Via Crucis" means "by way of the Cross" and "Via Lucis" means "by way of light." These two ways cannot be identical.

 One way follows the way of the Cross of Christ, which leads to reconciliation; the other follows the way of the light of Lucifer, which leads to death. Isn't it plan to see which path the Masons are on?

Symbols of Masonry

 Jesus, the only Savior of the world, was accurate when He revealed to John: "And the great dragon was cast out, that old Serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceived the whole world; he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him." (Revelation 12:9)

 John also said: "And I...saw a beast (government) rise...and the dragon (Satan) gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority." (Revelation 13:1-2)

 Now that we have discovered who the real god of Masonry is, let's look at some of the Masonic symbols and see how these symbols actually represent their god. Arthur Waite states: "The grand and universal symbols which are characteristic of Emblematic Freemasonry are the Pentalpha or Pentagram, the Hexangular Seal of Solomon, called otherwise Shield of David, the All-Seeing Eye, the Point within a Circle, the Cubic Stone, the Sun and Moon. The particular symbols...are the rough and perfect Ashlar, and of course the Working Tools. There is finally the Blazing Star." (Waite, p. 108)

 Let's look at a few of these symbols in more detail. The pentalpha or Pentagram is a five-pointed star. It is used in all kinds of magic rituals. Sybil Leek, a well-known witch, declares that the "Pentagram has always been used in ritual magic and in the witchcraft rites of healing." (Sybil Lee, Numerology: The Magic of Numbers, New York, New York, The MacMillian Company. 1969, p. 124)

 Mr. Wedeck explains: "The pentacle (pentagram), the five- pointed figure, contained mystic symbols, used especially in divination and the conjuration of spirits. The pentalpha, a design formed by interlacing five A's was also in similar use. To summon demonic help, the pentagram was fashioned: a five- pointed geometric figure." (Wedeck, p. 59)

Freemasonry - Part 41

 International Imports produces an occult catalog: This company sells altar covers with pentagrams on them, a "circled pentagram for white magic occult work; inverted pentagram for black magic rituals." (International Imports, op. cit., p. 252)

 The "inverted pentagram" is the five-pointed star with one point down. Elsewhere this catalog advertises occult jewelry with a pentagram. It adds that "the pentagram is the most powerful of all Occultic talismans...It is alleged that it is more powerful than the Cross..." (International Imports, p. 117) We are told that the inverted pentagram is "a sign for evil."

 Texe Marrs informs us: "Celtic priests called it (the pentagram) the witch's foot. In the Middle Ages it became known in Britain and elsewhere in Europe as the goblin's cross, devil's sign, and the wizard's star. Among the druids of Great Britain, it was the blasphemous sign of the Godhead." (Marrs, Mystery Mark of the New Age, p. 95 See also Rudolf Koch, The Book of Signs, New York, New York, Dover Publications, Inc., 1955 ed., p. 6)

 Manly P. Hall, an occultist, points out that the, "...pentagram is used extensively in black magic, but when so used its form always differs in one of three ways: The star may be broken at one point by not permitting the converging line to touch; it may be inverted by having one point down and two up; or it may be distorted by having the points of varying length. When used in black magic, the pentagram is called 'the sign of the cloven hoof' or the footprint of the devil. The star with two points upward IS ALSO called the ‘Goat of Mendes,' because the inverted star is the same shape as a goat's head. When the upright star turns and the upper point falls to the bottom, it signifies the fall of the morning star." (Marrs, Mystery Mark of the New Age, p. 95 See also Rudolf Koch, The Book of Signs, New York, New York, Dover Publications, Inc., 1955 ed., p. 97) As stated, the pentagram can be drawn with one point down or two points down. Witches, Satanists and Masons all use this symbol!

 Satanists the world over use the pentagram with one point down, and witches use the pentagram with two points down. Gary Jennings, in his book, "Black Magic, White Magic," reveals that: "...the most powerful and respected of all magical symbols was the pentagram, the figure of five sides and five angles ...The belief was that if this figure were drawn with a single angle...pointing down, the sign represented Satan and thus was used for invoking evil spirits." (Gary Jennings, Black Magic, White Magic, Eau Claire, Wisconsin: The Dial Press, Inc., 1964, p. 51)

 Max Wood states: "If you are a member of the Satanist Church, you wear one (a Pentagram).  With this in mind, I was intrigued when I discovered that the Eastern Star (a Masonic organization composed of third degree Masons and women relatives of third degree Masons) (Freemasonry, Encyclopedia Britannica, 1964 ed., Vol. 9, p. 844) uses the Pentagram with the one point down, the same symbol that the Satanists use! The Mystic Shrine (another Masonic group composed only of Masons who have advanced to the 32nd degree) also uses a Pentagram with one point down as its symbol. C.J.S. Thompson, in The Mysteries and Secrets of Magic, mentions that in India the pentacle 'is the symbol of Siva and Brahman' (Thompson, p. 178) and Siva (or Shiva) is another name for Satan, so the pentacle (or Pentagram) is one of Satan's symbols. It's no wonder then that Satanists use it."

 Dick Sutphen, an openly confessed New Ager, uses the pentacle in his magical rituals. He confirms that the "pentacle (or Pentagram) holds an important place in ritual magic." (Self-Help Update, 1985, Issue 26, p. 13), and that the, "...history of man is the history of magic, and it has been practiced from earliest times through Druidism, the Magi, the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Jews, Knight Templar (a Masonic organ), Order of the Golden Dawn and in various organizations right up to the present." (Self-Help Update, 1985, Issue 26, p. 12)

 Sutphen lists many groups that are adept in magic. I find it very fascinating that the Mason claim the same sources for their knowledge of Masonry. Hutchinson acknowledges that "our mode of teaching the principles of our profession (Masonry) is derived from the Druids...(and) our chief emblems originally (came) from Egypt..." (Hutchinson, p. 195) He notifies us that a few select men who had the "light of understanding and truth" (Hutchinson, p. 111) were, "...under the denomination of Magi among the Persians; wise man, soothsayers and astrologers, among the Chaldeans; philosophers amount the Greeks and Romans; Brahmins among the Indians; Druids and Bards among the Britons..." (Hutchinson)

 Hutchinson also brags "that we (Masonry) retain more of the ceremonials and doctrines of the Druids than is to be found in the whole world besides..." (Hutchinson, p. 209) The Druids were occult priests who worshiped many gods, practiced astrology, and offered human sacrifices. So, by Masonic testimony, Masonry is founded on the principles of magic and occultism! It should be plain, then, that Masonry is an occult Religion and is not compatible at all with Biblical Christianity!

 Another Masonic symbol is the all-seeing eye. We are assured that this represents the all-seeing eye of God, but this, too, is a symbol that has a deeper meaning than what is normally revealed. Pike, the 33rd degree Mason who boasted that "Lucifer is God" (Decker), explains in his book: "Masonry, like all the religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled, to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it." (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, pp. 104-105)

 Nonetheless, if one does enough research, it is possible to find out who the all-seeing eye really represents. International Imports mentions that the all-seeing eye is the third eye of clairvoyance. (International Imports, p. 100) Clairvoyance is a form of divination and the Bible specifically warns us not to practice any form of divination. (Deuteronomy 18:10-12) J. Edward Decker, Jr. reports that "The 'All-Seeing Eye' is a Masonic representation of Osiris." (Decker, p. 12) Osiris is the Egyptian god of the dead (and of the underworld) and part of the "Masonic trinity" to whom Masons pay honor.

Freemasonry - Part 42

 The Blazing Star is related to the Pentagram. Waite reports: "The Blazing Star is a Masonic variant of the Pentagram." (Waite, p. 109) Pike reveals that the, "Blazing Star in our lodges...has been regarded as an emblem of Omniscience, or the All-Seeing Eye, which to the Ancients was the sun." (Morals and Dogman, by Albert Pike, p. 506)

 The Blazing Star is also claimed to be "an emblem of the Sacred Name of God and thus of God Himself..." (Waite, p. 108) What is the name of this God? Pike remarks that this symbol was "the emblem of Osiris, the Creator" (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, p. 16) He reiterates that Osiris' "...power was symbolized by an Eye over a Scepter. The Sun was termed by the Greeks the Eye of Jupiter, and the Eye of the World; and his is the All-Seeing Eye in our lodges." (Morals and Dogma, by Albert Pike, p. 477) It is quite clear, then, that the All-Seeing Eye in the Masonic Lodges is actually a symbol of Satan! In addition, we are told that this All-Seeing Eye can represent Shiva, a synonym for Satan, (Alice A. Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age, New York: Lucis Publishing company, 1955, Vol. II, pp. 262, 265) so either way Satan is being represented in the Lodge by the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye!

 The Hexagram (also called the Shield of David, Star of David, Crest of Solomon, and Hexangular Seal of Solomon), is another symbol used by Masons, Witches and Magicians. Jennings indicates that the hexagram, although used now as a symbol of the Jewish religion, was used long before Judaism. (Jennings, p. 49) He notes that the sing was used as a, "... stand-by for magicians and alchemists. The sorcerers believed it represented the footprint of a special kind of demon called a trud, and used it in ceremonies both to call up demons and to keep them away."

 Spellbound, a book written by Jack Chick, points out: " witchcraft this (the hexagram) is the most evil sign in the occult world. It must be present to call a demon forth during a ceremonial rite. The word hex, meaning to place a curse on someone, comes from this emblem." (Jack T. Chick, Spellbound, Chino, California, Chick Publications, 1978, p. 7)

 Waite confesses that the hexagram is the sign of the Grand Architect. (Waite, p. 110) Those entering Masonry are taught that the Grand Architect represents God, but you must remember that the Masonic god is actually Lucifer! The hexagram, therefore, is another symbol of Lucifer (Satan).

 Masonry also uses the sun symbol. The symbol for the sun is usually represented as a circle, signifying Deity. Jennings, expounding on Magical Symbols, informs us that the, "...oldest diagram in use was the simple circle, the shape of the all- powerful sun...and the all-seeing eye's iris. The idea of eternity was often symbolized by a Serpent coiled into a perfect circle, biting its own tail." ( Jennings, p. 47)

 We can see that the sun represents the Masonic Deity, who is often presented as a serpent coiled into a circle. On one hand-painted picture of a Masonic apron can be seen numerous Masonic symbols, among them the serpent coiled into a circle, biting its tail.

 The serpent, of course, represents Satan and is symbolical of the sun! Osiris is also considered to symbolize the sun. Section 2 listed numerous names by which Osiris is known in different nations. One of these names is Sabazius, who is represented with horns and his emblem is a serpent. He is also considered to be a solar deity (a sun god). With this in mind, it is no surprise to discover that Masonry uses the sun as one of its symbols. It is also amazing to observe the name that the New Agers give to the sun. In the movie, 2010, by Arthur Clarke: "...a new sun suddenly appears radiantly in the sky, bringing peace to earth..."

 Clarke reveals in his book of the same title just who this mysterious and peaceful force appearing as the "sun" is: Its name is Lucifer. (Marrs, Mystery Mark of the New Age, pp. 90-91)

 Hutchinson indicates that the "God of Nature (is) symbolized by the sun." (Hutchinson, p. 93) Pan (Satan) is the god of nature (in mythology), so the sun symbolizes Satan! Hutchinson also maintains, "We have retained the Egyptian symbols of the sun and moon...and thereby, we signify, that we are the children of light..." (Hutchinson, p. 209)

 Elsewhere he adds: "...we wear the figures of the sun and moon; thence implying that true Masons, stand redeemed from darkness, and are become the sons of light..." (Hutchinson, p. 278)

 Remember, the word "Lucifer" means "Light Bearer," so Masons are the "children of light" or, actually, the "children of Lucifer."

 Another Masonic writer, Foster Bailey, says: "Stage by stage they (the Masters of Wisdom) assist at the unfolding of the consciousness of the candidate until the time comes when he can 'enter into light,' and, in his turn become a Light Bearer, one of the Illuminati, who can assist the Lodge on High in bringing humanity to light." (Foster Bailey, p. 23)

 The "Masters of Wisdom" are spirit guides (actually demons) who are supposedly directing the way to a One World Order and the Illuminati is an organization that was founded on May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt. (A. Ralph Epperson, The Unseen Hand: An Introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History,  Tucson, Arizona: Publius Press, 1985, p. 78)  The name "Illuminati" is derived from Lucifer.

 The Illuminati was dedicated to a "New World Order" or a "One World Government" the exact goal of the New Agers today. The Illuminati plays a part in Masonry too, for in the listing of "Masonic Chronology" in Waite's book, is this notation:

 "1776, Foundation of the Illuminati of Bavaria, by Adam Weishaupt, on May 1." (Waite, p. 67) This date (May 1, 177), is represented on every dollar bill! If you look at the back of a one dollar bill you will find on the left-hand side, "MDCCLXXVI" which is 1776, and the words "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" which means "New World Order!" Des Griffin explains: "This insignia was adopted by Weishaupt at the time he founded the Order of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776. It is that event that is memorialized by the 'MDCCLXXVI' at the base of the pyramid, and not the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, as the uninformed have supposed. It should be noted that this insignia acquired Masonic significance only after the merger of that Order with the Order of the Illuminati..." (Des Griffin, The Fourth Reich of the Rich, Emissary Publications, 1978, p. 95) That merger occurred in 1782.

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