Get Ready Folks The Enemy Is Coming Soon
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

    I just got through watching "Martial Law" and "Walker Texas Ranger" on the television. And boy you talk about a piece of propaganda to turn the masses of Americans against anyone who is Christian, Patriotic, loves his country, and knows who the enemy is, and make them want to put them in jail or kill them. They made it look like the real enemies of America are the Patriots and Christians; and it was a very well written piece of work. And there is not much doubt that now most Americans and aliens believe to kill those would be the best thing for America.

    These two shows are a prime example of how easy it is for the Jews and their media to turn most Americans against Christians and Patriots. They showed the real enemies as the (Jewish - but not mentioning the Jews) International Bankers, Big Buisness, and etc., but before the shows were over they made them look like the good guys and the Christians and Patriots as the bad guys.

    It was a slick piece of work. This along with the FBI's operation Megiddo and other operations against Christians and Patriots over the past few months, and the increasing tempo against them, makes it appear that the enemy is just about ready to commence. So it would appear that the time is short for all of us.

    I expect that the airwaves,  newspapers, magazines and etc., will step  up their efforts to convince the people that the best thing that could happen is for all Christians and Patriots to be either killed or incarcerated.

    There is no way to put a time table on it, because those Patriots who try to do that always seem unable to keep their mouths closed and brag to the whole world what they forsee, thus giving the enemy a chance to not do what is expected and thus making the Patriots and Christians look very bad, and like the little boy crying wolf. The militias and Patriots seem unable also to  see that they can accomplish nothing with aliens, like the blacks, chinese, Jews and other non-Whites in their midsts.

    The Jews cannot be trusted, for there is not a one of them that would not sell out America in a heart beat for a few dollars; or a chance to  lord it over Whites. The blacks cannot think beyond their desire to either screw themselves into oblivion, by catching aids, never  realizing that it was the Jews who developed this disease to rid the world of them, and their hatred of White  people, and so are worthless  in the coming battle. Although the Scriptures do say that the enemy will be given to the blacks. Which, appears to mean that the Jews and other enemies of Israel will be killed andeaten by the blacks, since canabialism is their normal and natural state, when they are not submerged in an all white society.

    But be of good cheer Yahweh will destroy them all at some point in the future, whether we are alive to witness it or not. For that we can praise our God and our Savior and our King.

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     Definition of an American: "A person who is a slave to the International Bankers and Zionist elite, but believes he is free, because they can voice their opinions; as long as the government agents don't hear it."
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Jew Watch - Willie Martin

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