Judaism - Talmud
Parts 17 through 24
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

Judaism - Talmud - Part 17

 For Swearing Falsely to Gentiles

 Nedarim 23a-23b: One of the handiest little contraptions provided by the Sages to offset Moses' laws against swearing falsely, is found in the Talmud book of Nedarim (vows), and is put into practice yearly in every Synagogue across the world as "Kol Nidre" (all vows).

 But the Bible teaches: "And ye shall not swear by my name falsely..neither lie one to another...I am the Lord." (Leviticus 1911-12)

 The Mishna on this, with some confusing filler, states: "Every Vow Which I May Make In The Future Shall Be Null.' His Vows Are Then Invalid Providing That He Remembers This At The Time Of The Vow. (Nedarim 23a) Discounting the filler about a man eating with his friend, we see the footnote: "This may have provided support for the custom of reciting Kol Nidre as part of the ritual is later than the Talmud...(as)...the law of revocation in advance was not made public." To this one might add: not until it was considered safe to do so, and it usually is not safe. The Jewish Encyclopedia account on Kol Nidre relates how this custom of revoking all vows to be made a year in advance was used in European countries to bar the oath of a Jew.

 The text of the Kol Nidre may be found in the Jewish Encyclopedia. Three times the cantor, to a tune that sounds like the melodious grief of the ages, pompous, "bellyaching," intones the words: "All VOWS OBLIGATIONS, OATHS...whether called ‘konam,' ‘konas,' or by any other name, which we may VOW or SWEAR, or PLEDGE, or whereby we may be BOUND, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, ANNULLED, and VOID, and made of no effect...The VOWS shall not be reckoned VOWS; the OBLIGATIONS shall be OBLIGATORY; nor the OATHS be oaths."

 The reply of the congregation confirming this infamy is typical of the blasphemous use of the Bible by the Jews. Three times they moan a verse from Numbers. It concerns the duty of a congregation which has violated the laws of God in ignorance. They are to repent, make a repentance offering: "And it shall be forgiven all the congregation of Israel, and the stranger that sojourneth among them seeing all the people were in IGNORANCE." (Numbers 15:26)

 Here is a typical Talmudic situation. Knowingly, in advance, every shred of honor is to be cast away. And, to justify this, a Scriptural verse is used which provides that a congregation erring through IGNORANCE will be forgiven if it repents. Not only is there no REPENTANCE evidenced but forthright blatant disobedience. And a YEAR in advance. All the lies and false swearing of the year to come are annulled in advance.

 Christians Are "Beasts"

 The Jewish Encyclopedia: "The Torah (Talmud) outlawed the issue of a Gentile as that of a beast," Ezekiel 23:20 being given as the excuse. This chapter likens whoring Judah and Israel kingdoms to two sisters, Aholah and Aholibah, both prostitutes, the grossness of whose paramours is likened to that of asses, and their illegitimate offspring to the "issue of horses." The utterly public mass sex-perversions, sadism, and child-burning voodoo practices of these sex-worshipers, in which offspring were spawned, was the subject of Ezekiel's lambasting. He promised the Judaites the same fate as their "sister" whore, the Israel kingdom, had experienced at the hand of God for the same crimes, for the Assyrians killed and deported the kingdom in 721 B.C.

 The amazing hypocrisy of the Talmud is that while endorsing burning children to Molech, sodomy, rape, incest, murder, perjury, etc., the very sins condemned by the Bible, the derision for the perpetrators voiced by Ezekiel and other prophets, as in Isaiah 57:, 5 is turned instead against the anti-Talmudists who CONDEMN such sins. No wonder Christ exhausted language in denouncing Pharisaism.

 Hadrian and the Jews

 Hadrian was Emperor of the Roman world empire from 117 A.D., to his death, 138 A.D. "In 132 the Jews began a revolt, and for four years carried on a bloody war," otherwise his reign was peaceful. The reason for this Pharisee revolt is told by Rodkinson (M. Levi Frumkin) in his History of the Talmud, part of the first English translation of the Babylonian Talmud (1903, Boston): "One of the causes of the great revolt against the Romans at this time was the prohibition by the Roman government of the study of the Torah (Talmud)...they rebelled, led by Bar Kochba. Rabbi Akiba (Akiba) was the first to become his adherent, who journeyed from town to town, inciting the Israelites to rebel...It is not surprising, therefore, that Hadrian was not contented barely with the massacre of the sages of the Talmud, but was intent also on the destruction of the Talmud itself...he decreed that if any of the old Rabbis should qualify a young Rabbi...both should be put to death...believing that with the death of the elder generation the Talmud would be forgotten and Israel would blend with the nations and its memory be obliterated; because he very well knew that as long as the Talmud existed there was little hope for the assimilation of the Jews with other nations. This decree however was not executed...the efforts of Hadrian met with no success...He saw the Talmud still existing...uniting Israel into one people, and establishing it still more firmly as a national and religious whole...the Talmud regained its former power and influence." And the pupil of one of the contemporary Rabbis, "Rabbi Jehudah the Nasi" (the "prince") became "the compiler of the Mishna." (Or laws of the Talmud) (History of the Talmud)


 Like so many Talmudic words this one is spelled in various ways: Chassidism; and with a "C" and two "s's," an "H" and two "s's." The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905 and 1943 use the above spelling, however. Hasidism is called a religious movement within the fold of Talmudism "which won over nearly half of the Jewish masses." It leading "Billy Graham" evangelist was Israel Baal Shem Tob, shortened to the "Besht." Father-to-son dynasties were set up of Hasidist leaders, wonder workers, fortune-tellers, invokers of spirits, healers, who employed drunkenness, singing, dancing, to create states of "ecstasy." Evil was indulged in to "purify" it.

 To quote the Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905: "the teachings of Hasidism...are founded on two theoretical conceptions: (1) religious Pantheism...and (2) the idea of communion between God and man...which was adopted from the Cabala...not only that Deity influences the acts of man, but also that man exerts an influence on the will and mood of Deity. Every act and word of man produces a corresponding vibration in the upper spheres. From this conception is derived the chief practical principle of Hasidism; communion with God for the purpose of uniting with the source of life and influencing it..."

 Pantheism: The oldest pagan concept of God as being the composite of nature. The sum total of nature being "god," man can be chief engineer if he knows the ropes. The name of God is used, in defiance of the Word of God, to summon up spirits. The skeleton letters of the Hebrew name for Jehovah, Y-H-W-H, there being no vowels in Hebrew, are used in fanciful 14, 42, 72 voodoo comminations to evoke the demons. The Luciferin concept of the whole Cabala and of pagan sects past and present, is that MAN can be God if he know how.

 Isaiah in 721 B.C., foretold the fall of the Babylonian world power, still future, in the same words as Christ did at the end of the first century. The Babylonian wicked woman directress of it is to fall "for the multitude of thy sorceries, and for the great abundance of thine enchantments." (Isaiah 47:9 Revelation 18:7) Moses commanded: "There shall not be found among you any one...that useth divination, or an observer of times (astrology) or an enchanter or a witch." (Deuteronomy 18:10) And those black arts are denounced throughout the Scriptures. They may evoke power, but cursed power.

Judaism - Talmud - Part 18

 The "Baal Shem," or master of the name, is also called a saint of Zaddik who, to quote the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia: "rules by the possession of the largest number...'sparks' of divine emanation...he stands on the same level as Moses and the Prophets, and not only speaks with the authority of the Torah, but may even change and abrogate it. The Hasidim must live in submission to the Zaddik, surround him with their love and confidence, bring him gifts, cater to his ever whim, and not question his conduct even when it seems to depart from the accepted norm."

 Gershom Shbolem, former head of the Jewish Mysticism at the Hebrew University in Palestine, in his book of lectures delivered at the Communist Rabbi S.S. wise's Jewish Institute of Religion in New York (Schocken Books, N.Y. 1946), extolls Baal Shem Tob, the 18th century evangelist of Hasidism, as does Rabbi Finklestein, in his "The Pharisees," head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, to which Sholem also pays tribute and thanks for aid.

 Sholem calls Baal Shem Tob "a true Baal Shem, that is to say...a master of practical Kabbalism, a Magician." (The Pharisees, p. 349) He closes the his book with the prophecy that Jewish mysticism still has its greatest role to play. In that he concludes with the Bible and the prophecies of the anti-Christ and his wonder-working after the order of Satan. (2 Thessalonians 2:9)

 And the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia ("Hasidism") is correct in stating that "Hasidism had not introduced any religious novelties into Judaism." (The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 240) And by Judaism is meant Babylonian Talmudic Pharisaism, which at base is crass paganism, pantheistic atheism, a conglomeration of all the forms of paganism concocted through the centuries. The new words concocted for this very old Satanism, "immanence" (Spinoza) "emanation" (Talmudic Cabala), "dialectical materialism" (Marx) merely dress up a very old pagan idea.

 Moses Hess (1812-1875)

 Like Karl Marx, "father of modern Socialism," Hess was born in Germany of Talmudic Rabbinical ancestry, being steeped in Orthodox Judaism by the Rabbi grandfather who raised him. He was active with Marx and Engels in promoting Communism which, he held, could best be achieved on a world-wide scale through Hasidism and Nationalism, or Zionism, based upon Orthodox Judaism. That he remains the pillar of present-day Zionism is illustrated by the fact that the Jewish press announces the removal of his body to Israel, currently.

 "The collaborated with Marx in writing, ‘Die Deitsche Ideologic' (1845)...his continued publicizing for practical socialism in Germany earned him a sentence of death after the 1848 revolution." (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia) His chief work, authorities agree, is "Rome and Jerusalem," translated by Meyer Waxman and published by the Bloch Publishing Co., "The Jewish Book Concern," N.Y. in 1945. He rushed home in 1848, says the Translator, from Paris, "taking an active part in the armed resistance of the people." (Rome and Jerusalem, p 22) "in 1845, Hess engaged in propagating the Communistic idea and founding societies devoted to its realization, an occupation which led Arnold Ruge to describe him as "The Communist Rabbi Moses.'" (Rome and Jerusalem, pp. 21-22)

 With the foregoing and that following you can clearly see how the Learned Elders hide behind their own Jewish brothers and sisters, directing them and financing them when necessary. But all the while thy remain in the shadows, unknown and unseen by the average Jew as he/she is being used as human canon fodder; to further their plans for world conquest.

 Although, "The fundamental principle of Hess' thought...is based on the teaching of Spinoza, of which he was a devoted follower," he went further, says the Translator, in expounding the "basic unity" of mind and matter, "the basic unity and its various unfoldings." In other words, he was a better pagan philosopher, even, than the pantheist Spinoza. Prayers, ritual and show are for the little "Jew." In the higher echelons the atheist Einsteins and Jewish Theological Seminary Finklesteins see eye to eye. As will be seen in the "Pharisee" article in the Jewish Encyclopedia, all personality, intelligence, planning and Biblical powers were taken from the Deity by the pagan Pharisees. This is called ridding the Bible of "anthropomorplism." (Foreign Relations, 1918, Russia, Volume 1) And these powers were handed out to individual spirits, as in paganism.

 The Translator quotes from a later article of Hess (Rome and Jerusalem, p 30) with a long German title, in which Hess holds that Judaism: "began with the family of the individual and will finally end with a family of nations." (Rome and Jerusalem, p. 30) The Orthodox Jews have, in his opinion, a much higher and truer conception of Judaism. They have retained...the kernel of Nationalism, and the desire for Jewish restoration...He advocated the colonization of Palestine...he also dreamed of a Jewish Congress, demanding the support of the Powers for the purchase of Palestine..." (Rome and Jerusalem, p. 32)

 Hess on Breaking Down Christianity

 Says Hess in his Preface to "Rome and Jerusalem:" "From the time that Innocent III (forced Jews to wear distinctive badges and be treated as the anti-Christians that they are and have been, 1198-1216 A.D.) ...Papal Rome symbolized to the Jews an inexhaustible well of poison. It is only with the drying up of this source that Christian German anti-Semitism will die from lace of nourishment. With the disappearance of the hostility of Christianity...to Judaism, with the liberation of the Eternal City on the banks of the Tiber, begins the liberation of the Eternal City on the slopes of Moriah; the renaissance of Italy heralds the rise of Judah...Springtime in the life of nations began with the French Revolution."

 And the Translator's footnote here (pp. 34-35) is: "At the time when Hess wrote these lines, Italy, under the leadership of Garibaldi, was struggling to wrest Rome from the Papal government and annex it to the new unified Kingdom." Hess says: "Judaism has no other dogma but the teaching of the Unity (p. 44)...the Rabbis never searated the idea of a future world from the conception of the Messianic reign. Nachmanides insists...upon the identity of...'the world to come' with the Messianic reign." (p. 46)

 Sneering at Christianitym, holding up the myth of a Jewish race (instead of a breed of all races and nations dedicated to the "synagogue of Satan"), extolling the Talmud and delegating Moses to the inferior role given him therein (p. 91), the whole cry of Hess is for Jewish world rule from Palestine "between Europe and far Asia...the roads that lead to India and China," and he tells Jewry: "You have contributed enough to the cause of civilization and have helped Europe on the path of progress to make revolutions and carry them out successfully." (Here he lies even more, for the Jews have NEVER CONTRIBUTED TO CIVILIZATION, THEY HAVE ALWAYS WORKED TO DESTROY IT. THEY HAVE MANAGED TO DESTROY ALL OF THE GREAT CIVILIZATIONS OF THE PAST, ASSYRIAN, BABYLONIAN, EGYPTIAN, ROMAN AND ETC.) He calls for Jews to "March forward." and says: "the world will again pay homage to the oldest of peoples." (Rome and Jerusalem, pp. 139-140) the"Talmud is the corner-stone of modern" Orthodoxy. (Rome and Jerusalem, p. 143) He looks to the black magic, the occultism of Chassidism, which along with Zionism is to achieve the Communist dictatorship of the "humans" over the non-Jewish animals: "The great good which will result from the combination of Chassidism with the national movement is almost incalculable," he declares. (Rome and Judaism, p. 218) He adds: "Although the Chassidism are without social organization, they live in socialistic fashion."

Judaism - Talmud - Part 19

 The Translator called Hess, in the 1918 edition Preface: "The herald of Nationalism and the trumpet of Zionism." in the second edition of 1943, he points out the words of Hess (then 68 years old)

 America is Doing it Now

 "America represents the general regenerating power by means of which all elements of historical peoples will be assimilated into one." (Ninth letter) That the whole United Nations and its NATO are set up to flush in peoples, of contrasting races, is no accident. Liquidation and deportation are the two chief weapons of Soviet Jewish power.

 Hebrew Union College

 Founded by Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise in 1875 (Cincinnati, Ohio), who introduced Reform Judaism into the US from Germany after his arrival here (1846), and who headed the College, a Rabbinical training school, until his death (1900). Wise also edited the first English translation of the Babylonian Talmud (1903, Boston) by Michael L. Rodkinson (M. Levi Frumkin) which, for safety's sake, was abridged and without identifying folio numbers.


 A Babylonian who founded a school by his name (Beth Hillel) and was the acknowledge "Nasi" or prince of Jewry for 40 years in Palestine, from 30 B.C., to 10 A.D. His edicts are considered the "milder" in contrast with his schools' hairsplitting "opponents," the school of Shammai, another top Pharisee "sage" of Christ's time in Palestine. Their senseless harangues about fifty trifles fill the Babylonian Talmud. Centers in some 200 American colleges are named for Hillel.

 Janai Hyrcanus

 Son of Alexander, Sadducee King and High Priest of Judea who died in 79 B.C. As a Pharisee, Hyrcanus burned the Samaritan temple, devastated their territory and forced them to accept Pharisaism. With his mother's brother, Simon Ben Sheta, who drove the Sadducees from the Sanhedrin, he paved the way for complete takeover of Judaism by the Pharisees, although he later turned Sadducee himself out of pique at an insult by the Pharisees. (The Babylonian Talmud) (Sanhedrin 106a)

 Incest Mother and Son

 Sanhedrin 69b: Moses ordered the priests that: "They shall not take a wife that is a whore, or profane...for he is holy unto his God." (Leviticus 21:7) The law against incest are most vehement: "the nakedness of thy mother, shalt thou not uncover: she is thy mother..." (Leviticus 18:7)

 And this is what the pharisee "sages" make of this: "If a woman sported lewdly wither her young son, a minor, and he committed the first stage of cohabitation with her: Beth Shammai say, he thereby renders her unfit to the Priesthood. (And here the footnote explains that she could not marry a priest if this made her profane and the above Leviticus 2:17 is quoted precisely)

 We then learn that the dispute concerns only the AGE of the SON, not the lewdness of the foul mother: "All agree that the connection of a boy aged nine years and one day is a real connection whilst that of one less than eight years is not (2) So that if he was nine years and a day or more, Beth Hillel agree that she is invalidated from the priesthood, whilst if he was less than eight, Beth Shammai agree that she is not; their dispute refers only to one who is eight years old." As you can see silliness reigns supreme, and one understand why Christ called the Pharisees "fools and blind.": Beth Shammai maintaining, We must base our ruling on the earlier generations (3) when a boy of that age could cause conception; but Hillel hold that we do not." The supposition that boys became fathers at eight is the silly excuse for Shammai school to argue that the boy must be under eight to leave the mother pure. The standard throughout the Talmud is that the little boy becomes a person, "sexually mature" at nine years and one day, another asininity. And the whole argument strains at the gnat of age and swallows the camel of incest between mother and son.

 With Relatives "A Relaxed Membrum"

 "None of you shall approach to any that is near of kin to him, to uncover their nakedness: I am the Lord," (Leviticus 18:6) Scripture references are also cited which denounce a married woman who lies "carnally" with a man not her husband. But say the Sages: "THAT in connection with a married woman excludes intercourse with a relaxed membrum (13) Since no fertilization can possibly result. This is a satisfactory interpretation in accordance with the view of him who maintains that if one cohabited with forbidden relatives with relaxed membrum he is exonerated." Other Talmud sources are cited. "The exclusion is rather that of intercourse with a dead woman. (Footnote 15) Even though she died as a married woman." Thus one is "exonerated" for, or permitted, intercourse with dead relatives or with relatives, married or single, "with a relaxed membrum," "Since no fertilization can possibly result." And, although Christ called the Pharisees "whited sepulchres...full of all uncleanness," (Matthew 23) yet His followers call the followers of the above, "God's Chosen People" and "People of the Book" in the best, instead of the abominator, sense!

 The above gem from Yebamoth 55b is echoed with some variation in "the chief repository of the criminal law of the Talmud," the book of Sanhedrin 78a, and Introduction. Intercourse with dead bodies was an old pagan practice. (THIS IS WHY OUR FOREFATHERS WOULD SIT UP WITH THE DEAD, TO PREVENT THE JEWS FROM ROBBING AND SCREWING THE DEAD WOMEN; AND THEY STILL DO THESE THINGS TODAY, BUT ARE VERY SELDOM CAUGHT BECAUSE OF THE LAWS THE JEWS HAVE GOTTEN PASSED, WHICH PREVENT PEOPLE FROM TAKING THEIR LOVED ONES HOME WITH THEM AS THEY DID IN THE PAST)

 There the act of sodomy with one suffering with an incurable disease, hence regarded as already dead, a"terefah," is held to be merely "as one who abuses a dead person, and hence exempt." The explanation, which continues on the next page is: "punishment is generally imposed because of the forbidden pleasure derived; Whereas there is no sexual gratification in abusing the dead." Thus abuse of the dead is permitted because it does not give pleasure, so the pleasure is permitted. Christ knew His subject when He denounced Pharisaism.

 Incest With Lot

 Nazir 23b-24a: The Bible tells us that after the destruction of
Sodom with all of its inhabitants, except Lot and his two daughters who took refuge in a cave: "the firstborn said unto the younger, Our father is old, and there is not a man in the earth to come in unto us... Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve seed of our father. And they made their father drink wine that night: and the firstborn went into, and lay with her father; and he perceived not when she lay down, nor when she arose."

 The next night the same events took place for the younger "Thus were both daughters of Lot with child by their father." (Genesis 19:31-38) The abominating tribes of Moabites and Ammonites were the products of these two daughters, at first spared, then demolished by the fourth king of Judah, Jehosaphat. (2 Chronicles 20) But the Pharisee "Sages" take anything but a critical view of such incest: "A man should always be as alert as possible to perform a precept, for as a reward for anticipating the younger by one night, the elder daughter of Lot was privileged to appear in the genealogical record of the royal household of Israel four generations earlier." This from Nazir 23b-24a is more of the same Talmudic "wisdom."

Judaism - Talmud - Part 20


 The Jewish press in 1954 reported the attempts to alter state laws to legalize marriages between uncle and niece, which is common in Rabbinical circles. This although the Bible prohibits marriages between uncles and aunts with nieces and nephews as incest. (Leviticus 18:13-14)


 "A conjuring of evil spirits (b) an incantation used in conjuring." (Webster's New World Dictionary) Incantation: "The chanting of magical words or a formula in casting a spell or performing other magic...any magic or sorcery."

 The whole Jewish religion is a mass of such abracadabra directed at evil spirits as may be seen in the ritual for New Moon days, Tashlik, Habdalah, the use of amulets to drive off Lilith. See "Demonology of the Pharisees," "Cabala," and General Index in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. It also cites Joshua Trachtenberg's "Jewish Magic and superstition" (1939) as a Rabbinical authority on this subject.

 Jewish Community

 Section on: Jewish Communal Register herein. This 1597-page book was the report of the Kehilla (Jewish Community) of New York City,356y Second Ave., N.Y. City for 1917-1918. Any idea that "Jews," so-called, are primarily citizens of the country in which they live is a delusion.

 The structure of this inner world government covers tree volumes totaling 1312 pages, issued by the Jewish Publication Society of America in 1948. And 348 pages of this are devoted to listing books on the subject. "The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution," is the title, by Rabbi Salo Wittmayer Baron, Jur.D., Ph.D., Pol. Sc. D., Prof. Of Jewish History, on the Miller Foundation, Columbia University.

 Sadism, Conspiracy, and Control

 Typical sadistic Talmudic thirst is shown in the descriptions of Rabbinical floggings in and outside the synagogues (The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution, Vol. 2, p. 224); the mutilations, bindings and horrors visited upon the "moserim" or Jewish informers who squealed about the real doctrines of Talmudism to intended victims (The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution, p. 222); the practice of child marriage and polygamy, countenanced now as formerly wherever it will not embrass Jewry with the laws of the land (The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution, p. 310); the use of cemeteries for invocation of the dead (necromancy, The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution, p. 154); the ferocious burials of "moserim" or informers. (The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution, p. 156)

 Light is thrown on the Jewish Cromwell conspiracy "and of the continued need of secrecy...the precariousness of their new institution (The inner government in England, p 275, Vol. 1), although the "Life of Menasseh Ben Israel" by Cecil Roth (Jewish Publication society of America, 1945) is far more detailed and explicit.

 As in all other Talmudic source books, the surging Gnostic Cabalism, or Satanic and forbidden occultism of Talmudism, is portrayed in the three-volumes" (The Jewish Community: Its History and Structure to the American Revolution, p. 354)

 These Photostats on Jewish Power

 The Jewish Communal Register, of which photostats appear in "The Plot," however, concerns itself largely with the political structure of the New York Kehilla, in which world control of Jewry is centered. The American Jewish Committee is the most powerful single body in world Jewry. Its membership then and now embraces world Jewish capitalists and moving powers.

 The American Jewish Congress, then being organized, does yeoman work through its organization in some 65 countries. In all the world, Jewish organization is such that a bell rung by the New York American Jewish Committee functions right down to the Jew who had his toe stepped on in Borneo or Siam. His government is pressured, bullied or bought, until predatory Jewry is again in a position to re-start its climb to world dictatorship, world power, a world anti-Christ totalitarian ruler.

 Jewish Immigration

 The Jewish Immigrant Work, by Samuel Joseph: Jewish immigration, then as now, was "mainly from Russia, Poland..." These Jews, as will be discovered by reading up on the Chazar (Khazars) (Jewish Encyclopedia, Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Judica) were part of an Asiatic horde, part of whom adopted Talmudism when their King Bulan and his court did so in the 8th century.

 Kehilla Executive Committee

 The Jewish Communal Register of New York City, 1917-1918: A book could be written about the names on these ruling Kehilla committees: Louis Marshall, who brought Henry Ford to his knees when he was printing the truth about Jewry in his Dearborn Independent, until now the whole Ford family on the hour as it were, knock their heads to the ground murmuring "Salaam!" and are lifted up watchfully and given Jewish "Awards" at frequent intervals. Marshall's son James, formerly ran the N.Y. school board another son, George, ran the Communist-aiding Marshall Foundation of a third son, Robert, who served Ickes in the Forestry Division of the Interior Department until his death.

 There was Eugene Meyer, Jr., of the Federal Reserve, and Washington Post: Herbert Lehman, N.Y. Governor, Senator, UNRRA head, etc. Felix M. Warburg, of Kuhn Loeb and Co., international bankers Jacob H. Schiff, who then headed Kuhn Loeb and Co.

 Kuhn Loeb and Co And The American Jewish Committee

 Solidly intermarried, as is the Rothschild banking family custom, we see that in 199 Max Warburg of the Hamburg, German bankers appears on the American Jewish Committee's "Institute on Peace and Post War Problems," set up with a ponderous staff and full equipment to go forward, as it did, to write and move the United Nations Charter into being. This was before the United States entered World War II. Their propaganda agencies were picked and ready. We see Felix M. Warburg, brother of Max, on the 1917-1918 Kehilla. He was married to Frieda Schiff, daughter of the head of his Kuhn Loeb firm, Jacob Schiff. Then we see his son, Frederick M. Warburg, a part of whose vast string of banking and rail power is listed in Who's Who in American Jewry (1938-1939) as a member of the American Jewish Committee, while his Hamburg relative, Max Warburg, who came here in 1939, serves on its "Post-war" Committee, as shown in the report of the American Jewish Committee, as shown in the report of the American Jewish Committee in its American Jewish Year Book (Vol. 43, 1941-1942, pp. 751, 762). Max was also a member with Felix of the American Jewish Committee, as shown on the latter page. Then with them are the other powers running Ike's administration (Sidney Weinberger, banker, etc.) The Big Shots are all there.

 One finds innocents taken in by the pose of the American Council on Judaism which propagandizes the bank that Judaism is merely a religion, opposed to Zionism. The truth is the religion of Judaism is that Jewish Nationalism is world Internationalism, a world run by the "humans" with the "asses" under their control. That IS Judaism. And there are William and Lessing J. Rosenwald (who was the former heads of the "anti-Zionist" outfit) sitting on the American Jewish Committee with the Zionist, Rabbinical tycoons, all cooperating for the same anti-Christ World Government, now so successfully rising.

Judaism - Talmud - Part 21

 There sat Rabbi Judah L. Manges, protege of Jacob Schiff, as chairman of the Kehill'a Executive Committee. He ran the seditious People's Council (to set up Soviets here) during World War I, maneuvered the American Civil Liberties Union on which he served, and likewise the communist Garland fund, and went over to head the Hebrew University in Palestine. Earl Browder, Wm. Z. foster were among his non-Talmudic Communist stooges, working the Communist end of world remodeling for Jewry.

 Jacob Schiff: Head of Kuhn Loeb and Co., at that time, has a laudatory sketch in the Kehilla. This boasts of his financing of the Japanese war loans to swat Russia, the first country to be taken over for world Jewish power.

 Now his financing of "Social Economics" at Columbia University "the germ of the Nation." Note that he "financed the enemies of autocratic Russia" to the acclaim of world Jewry. By following through the State Department Papers, herein, it may be seen how bloody Trotsky and Lenin were armed to clean up the job initiated by the Jewish agent Kerensky; which put Russia under the sadistic totalitarian enslavement to date (no matter what the Jewish controlled media says to the contrary), as more countries follow, under other lying propaganda barrages, and more Christians are tortured and worked sadistically and deliberately to death in concentration camps, under the whip of the "synagogue of Satan" and their proselytes, without exception, everywhere, always. Any other story is a studied, deliberate lie, all "anti-Communist" servants of Jewry to the contrary notwithstanding.

 Jewish Nationalism is Internationalism

 The Jewish Socialist Federation of America, by Frank F. Rosenblatt: Socialism is merely the clover held in front of the cow's nose to get her into the barn under the milling machine. It is a mechanism whereby a "human" can led a whole herd into the Jewish barn. And, as the Russian "Jews" swept to this land, they set up Socialist organizations as in Russia, everywhere. Look at the current letterheads and directing personnel of these outfits, the Socialist Party of the renegade Christian, Norman Thomas. He provides the white collar for a mass of organizing skull caps and side curled Eastern Yids. The Communist Party, whose headquarters close on Jewish holidays, the Socialist Workers Party, the Social Democratic Federation; that companion "anti-Stalinist" outfit to the "Freeman"magazine, "Human Events," various Jew-controlled "Freedom" outfits; they all reveal the same facade and same backroom direction which provides the "clover" for the "cows" and "asses."

 If the "asses" want "anti-Communist" clover, they get it, led by the same Talmudic hand into the same totalitarian born. The clover is featured, the HAND concealed.

 Zionism, Socialism

 In 1905, you may note, a Russia "free" for Talmudic aims, was held to be "quite sufficient" without a special anti-Christ capitol in either Uganda or Palestine. And that, between the Talmudic Communist revolutions of 1905 and 1917, was achieved.

 Tribute is paid to a socialist leader (R. Boruchov) who trumpeted Zionism as a Socialist "theory which was necessarily very popular among the Jewish masses, who were at that time Socialistic through and through." And, as the vote in "Israel" in 1955 showed, they were still "Socialistic through and through."

 "Zionism thus received a Marxist basis, and appealed strongly to the masses." We see the organizations of the "Social Democratic Zionist Party Poale-Zion," by Socialist Borochov and Ben-Zwi; a great Russian general strike (always part of Zionist strategy); the organization of revolutionary communist journals and: "Poale Zion," which means "Workers of Zion," which formed a world organization and affiliated with "Zeire Zion," became the strongest element in the Palestine "Histadruth" (giant cooperatives of unions, properties, industries, bus lines, banks, etc., on USSR lines), controlling 70% of its votes. (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, "Poale-Zion")

Poale Zion, like the rest of the Palestine Socialist parties, is part of the World Zionist Organization, maneuvering the world for anti-Christ Zionist aims.

 World Influence of Socialist-Zionism

 Note the influence of organized Socialist Zionism in Turkey; in England and its Socialist Labor Party, the "clover" tempting Socialist International its bureau at the Hague, long the seat of the Carnegie-financed League of Nations.

 See how Samuel Gompers, product of the socialist Jewish English ghetto, worked the American Federation of Labor. Stemming from Poale-Zion we see not only the nationwide string of Marxist Jewish schools which, first in Yiddish, later led into the universities, where Marxism and its Talmudic aims and philosophy have taken over the minds of American youth and trained the totalitarian officials of our Tweedledum-Tweedledee administrations.

 The Kitchen Where It Cooks

 "Poale-Zionism" we read "is a party not for Palestine alone, but also for the Golus (all Jews everywhere in so-called dispersion) and its interests. For this reason, Poale-Zionism is the center of the East Side (of New York) from which come forth almost all Jewish American movements, or without which no movement can prosper."

 Continuing: "The Poale-Zion created the (Jewish) Congress movement..." And the participation by the millionaire Jewish Kehilla of New York is cited: "The Poale-Zion have made their best record in the Congress movement, where they forced the whole Jewish laboring class on the one hand, and the Zionists on the other hand, as well as the better-to-do elements, to participate."

 American Jewish Congress - Kerensky

 "During the Congress movement (Note: steered by the communist Rabbi S.S. Wise who crowed over the Red Russian Revolution) as the greatest feat of "the sons and daughters of Israel, (N.Y. Times, 3/24/17) continues the above, "they united all of the national radical elements in the National socialist Workmen's Committee...They found a capable worker in P." (Pinchas) "Rutenberg, the well known Socialist Revolutionary (In Russia) who later became the right hand of A.F. Kerensky in the position of Vice-Commandant of the Petrograd Military District."

 Kerensky's Soviet

 Pinchas Rutenberg, a Russian-Jewish industrialist, was chosen in 1937 as one of the 120 leading Jews of the world, along with Litvinov (Finklestein), Soviet Commissar, and Rabbi Louis Finklestein, former head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He died in Palestine in 1942, much mourned, having set up the Palestine Electric Corporation using huge water rights under British protection for the benefit of Jewry.

 Kerensky was still running around Socialist circles in New York where he retired to live graciously after doing his bit in the Russian Communist Revolution. To quote: "alongside of the provisional government headed first by Prince Lvoff, the Socialist and anarchist elements of Petrograd's population established a Soviet of Soldiers', Workmen's and Sailors' Deputies...Its president at first was Tcheidze and its vice-president Kerensky." (Kerensky was leader of the Socialist Social Revolutionary Party)

 "In May, 1917, the Soviet (Kerensky's) forced the resignation of the first cabinet...Kerensky who succeeded Prince Lvoff, proved to be a weak and vacillating character (N.Y. State Commission Investigating Seditious Activities, Vol.1, p.218, headed by Senator Clayton R. Lusk, 1920)

 The reason why Kerensky was so conveniently "weak and vacillating" was not because he did not know about the Lenin-Trotsky revolution financed by the Kuhn Loeb cabal which was to follow his activities. The State Department papers, herein, show that he knew every move in advance and said nothing about them. Kerensky's departure as the Bolsheviks came in to take over, greeting them and keeping up illusory reports of his whereabouts, here and there, supposedly fighting the Bolsheviks, until his pleasant retirement became public in New York. (Just another Jew proving what a bunch of traitors they are)

 The wrecking work of Kerensky is described in part as follows in the above N.Y. State Lusk Report: "the liberal decrees of the Provisional government had destroyed the discipline of the army and the disintegration of the once powerful Russian military machine became complete." (N.Y. State Commission Investigating Seditious Activities, Vol.1, p.218, headed by Senator Clayton R. Lusk, 1920, p. 219) Kerensky's Social Democrats "distributed hundreds of thousands of leaflets among Russian soldiers" urging "that the soldiers should disobey their officers and lay down their arms." (N.Y. State Commission Investigating Seditious Activities, Vol.1, p.218, headed by Senator Clayton R. Lusk, 1920, p. 215) The "swift success" of this Revolution was "attributed in large measure by Lenin to a fortuitous cooperation between contending groups and factions." (N.Y. State Commission Investigating Seditious Activities, Vol.1, p.218, headed by Senator Clayton R. Lusk, 1920, p. 217)

Judaism - Talmud - Part 22

 Poale Zion today

 The chain of communist school, the"more than one hundred societies in the National Workers' Alliance, which cooperates with Poale ion," reported in 1917-1918, even then summed up to this: "All of this constitutes a strong National-Socialist (meaning a Jewish national-Socialist) movement in America under the spiritual leadership of Poale Zion." And the avowed purpose: "Purpose...the establishment of a socialistic commonwealth...the education of the Jewish masses in America..."

 The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1943) reports under "Poale Zion," its formation in 1897 its founding of the "Jewish legion that fought on the side of the Allied army in Egypt and Palestine...a Yiddish weekly Yiddisher Kampfer, and a monthly, The Jewish Frontier (supporter of the Histadruth in Palestine, a Socialist combination of industry and labor on Soviet lines); and its prominent place in the Zionist World Organization. Its string of Marxist schools have done their work and are continuing to do it. The Jewish Workmen's Circle was teaching 10,000 children Marxism at last report. A Poale Zion Palestine party in the above 1943 report was called Ahduth Haabodah, also spelled in the Zionist Palestine Year Book (1946, p. 355) Ahdut Avoda and in the Jewish examiner report of the 1955 Israel elections (8/12/55) Achdut Avodah.

 "Ahdut Avoda is affiliated with the World Zionist Movement. It stands for the establishment of a Socialist Jewish State in Palestine, but is more radical in internal affairs." (Palestine Year Book,1946, p.355)

 While there is changing and realigning, the Marxist composition of Israel remains."Left Poale Zion" and Ahdut Avodah formed in part the MAPAM party: "Its socialistic out look is similar to that of the third International (of Moscow) but was not permitted to affiliate with it." These Marxist parties comprised 92% of the Histadruth vote, says the same. (Palestine Year Book, 1946, p. 355) And the Histadruth is the dominant thing in Israel, aside from the Jewish-American corporations which own and run the place and take care of the political, financial world affairs which promote it. The 1955 vote for Knesset (parliament) members in Israel is reported as follows:

 Mapal, 40; Mapai-affiliated Arab parties, 4; Herut, 16; General Zionists, 14; Religious Front (Mizrachi, Hapoel Hamizrachi) 12; AGUDAH; 6 Achduth Avodah, 10; MAPAM, 8; progressives, 5; and Communists, 5. (Jewish Voice, 8/12/55) And what are these parties, in brief?

 The Palestine Yearbook for 1946 states:

 "MAPAI is a Zionist Socialist party...From its inception Mapai has been affiliated with the Second (Brussels) International." To this Lenin, etc.,' belonged in fact mot world Communist parties, until Moscow formed its own little vintage, called the Third International, a combine of Marxist parties formed in 1919.

 Herut, which allegedly is now the second most powerful Palestine party, was formed by the Sternist terrorists who dynamited British police in sadistic Talmudic fashion, and after Israel was declared a state by the U.N. by American connivance, these Sternists were admitted to the Palestine parliament, the Knesset calling their party Herut. As terrorists they had called themselves "Fighters for Freedom."

 MAPAM, which tried to join the Moscow International, being formed by Poale Zion, but was not permitted because of minor stipulations, the above Sternist paper said it: "generally has a line of policy similarly to Irgun and the Fighters for Freedom. It stands for close cooperation with the Soviets...A little publicized fact is that Soviet arms have now been issued to all Israeli troops...Hebrew victories have been won with Soviet guns." (Jerusalem Calling, organ of the Sternist, now Herut, Fighters for Freedom, 9/3/48, 149 Second Ave., N.Y.)

 Ahdut, or Acduth, or Leachduth, Avodah, as before stated, is a Socialist party, a party dedicated in other words, to subjugating all classes to one rule, the Jewish State "humans."

 The Religious Front: Mizrachi and Hapoel Hamizrachi, and the even more fanatical Agudah parties are Talmudic parties, most fanatically dedicated to the achievement of the anti-Christian, immoral, anti-human world power aims of the Babylonian Talmud, their Pharisee religion. The difference between Communist tactics and Talmudic tactics is that one is political and deceptive, the other inspires and is the dynamic of these tactics. One practices what the other teaches. Communis is Talmudism in action.

 The Communist Party is merely the arm attached to the Moscow branch of Talmudic imperialism.

 The General Zionists are different only in their stress upon certain policies best calculated in the minds of the Bib shots to achieve Talmudic world aims. As for any imagined "conservatism," the leaders of the General Zionists, according to the Palestine Year Book, 1946, issued by the Zionist Organization of America, the ruling heads of the World Zionist Organization, were the Communist Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver, Louis Lipsky, Nahum Goldman. (Palestine Year Book, p. 357)

 Wise, Silver, Goldmann, Lipsky, were all included in the120 top Jews of the world chosen by the world kehillas in 1937, along with Commissar Litvinov (Finklestein) of Russia, Rabbi Louis Finklestein Felix Frankfurter.

 The above four were leaders in the World Jewish Congress and its American branch the American Jewish Congress which has followed the Communist line with enthusiasm; whether going to court of the "Miracle," a pay which portrays Christ as a bastard son of a soldier, in accordance with the Talmud, opposing "loyalty oaths," or what have you. A book could be written about the Communist activities of Rabbi Wise, before, during and since the Russian Revolution.

 Wise was a founder of the American Jewish Congress and its president from 1924 until his death. He was committeeman of the Communist-aiding American Civil Liberties Union, communist American Lg., Against War and Fascism, before and after its change of name to American Lg., for Peace and Democracy, with Earl Browder as its vice chairman, and the Party leaders as officials. He "committed" for the anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti, for the Communist dynamiter Tom Mooney, for the National Religion and Labor Foundation, featuring Atheist Soviet Cartoons and distributing" Toward Soviet America" by Communist William Z. Foster. He ardently backed the Communist burners of Spanish Christian churches, in accordance with the insane Talmudic anti-Christ hatred of the creed He railed, as shown by the Party's Daily Worker 11/5/38, 1/30/39, 2/15/39, etc. His American Jewish Congress greeted, and he spoke for the above American Lg., for Peace and Democracy whose official program was the incitation of mutiny and sabotage within the armed forces to turn any war of the United States into a Communist Revolution and hoist the Communist Flag here. Notes pledging this treason were read Communist members of the armed forces at their Congress in Chicago.

Judaism - Talmud - Part 23

 Rabbi Wise, Schiff and the Revolution

 To his dying day, Rabbi Wise never waned in his enthusiasm for the Soviet slave state, the murderer of so many millions of Christians. When the Big Shots of Jewry deemed it wise to create the bogey of Russia as the new enemy and cause for arming the entire world, with our boys drafted to serve on 300 world bases, he refused to accept the switch in strategic line, as reported in his eulogistic memorial tribute.

 Wise hailed the First World War to plant Jewry's world base in Russia and gloated over the Communist Revolution financed by the big Jew bankers. The New York Times report of the great Carnegie Hall celebration of the Russian Revolution, 3/24/17, is sub-titled: "Rabbi Wise Ready for War; Relates How Jacob H. Schiff Financed Revolution propaganda in Czar's Army."

 But this financing of the Russian Communist Revolution had started long beforehand, to quote: "An authority on Russian affairs, George Kennan, told of a movement by the Society of Friends of Russian Freedom financed by Jacob H. Schiff, had at the time of the Russo-Japanese war spread among 50,000 Russian officers and men in Japanese prison camps the gospel of the Russian revolutionists...'The  movement was financed by a New York banker you all know and love,' he said, referring to Mr. Schiff, ‘and soon we received a ton and a half of Russian revolutionary propaganda. At the end of the war 50,000 Russian officers and men went back to their country ardent revolutionists!'...

 Mr. Parsons then arose and said: ‘I will now read a message from White Sulphur Springs sent by the gentleman to whom Mr. Kennan referred.' this was the message: "‘Will you say for me to those present at tonight's meeting how deeply I regret my inability to celebrate with the Friends of Russian Freedom the actual reward of what we had hoped and striven for these long years...'" This was followed by pious hopes that a "proper government and a constitution which shall permanently assure to the Russian people... happiness and peace," and the signature: Jacob H. Schiff.

 We know what Schiff meant by a "proper government." Talmudically speaking, and Schiff financed the Talmudic Jewish Theological Seminary, etc., to teach Talmudic aims.

 "At the close of the meeting pictures of the revolutionary leaders were shown upon a screen," reported the New York Times, and the meeting sent a wire to Schiff's agent, the new "Minister of Foreign Affairs" of the revolutionary Russian Government.

 As the State Department communications show, Schiff and his Jewish cohorts were at that time financing the bloody terrorists Trotsky and Lenin to finish off the job instituted and furthered under Kerensky. The meek and obedient wire which the above Milyoukoff, then "Minister of Foreign Affairs,' sent to Schiff in reply to Schiff's wire to him, appeared in the New York Times of April 10, 1917. Headed, in the French report of the same before me (so my translation may not constrain the exact words of the original): "Recognition for Jacob Schiff," is the wire of Schiff congratulating the Russian people on the Revolution and felicitating Milyoukoff on the "great task" he had assumed. There follows Milyoukoff's reply: "We are united with you by our hatred and common antipathy for the former regime now overthrown." He asks permission also to join Schiff in realizing "the new ideas of equality, liberty and concord between peoples" and "in participating in a universal struggle against medievalism, militarism and autocracy proceeding from the divine right. Accept our lively recognition of your felicitations," and he hails the "coup d'Etat" as a benefaction "in the reciprocal relations between our two countries." Meaning between the jews of both countries. The most thorough analysis of this whole situation, made by a former Christian Russian General, contains the above: "L'Empereur Nicholas II et Les Juifs; Essai Sur Larevolution Russe Dans Ses Rapports Avec L'Active Universelle Du Judaisme Contemporain," by Lt. Gen. A. Netchvolodow Chiron, Editeur; 40 Rue de Seine, Paris, 1924 (Emperor Nicholas the Second and the Jews; Essay on the Russian Revolution in its Connections with the Universal Activity of Contemporary Judaism, p. 72)

 The American Jewish Committee

 The powerful capitalistic Jews functioning on the all-powerful arbiter of world Jewry, the American Jewish Committee. Louis Marshall was then (I1917-1918) president of it. It was he who served notice upon Henry Ford that he must cease telling the truth about the Talmudic cabal or ELSE. According to the man perhaps most close to Henry Ford, Sr., high in the administration of his affairs, it was the attempt to assassinate Ford by driving his car off the road which caused Mrs. Ford to plead with Henry to cease his exposures of Talmudism through his Dearborn Independent. All the kowtowing now being done by the Ford family to "the synagogue of Satan" is but a repetition of what Ford exposed in his paper. One article on how President Taft was brought to his knees, refused a second turn, then decorated by B'nai B'rith and given a professorship at Yale; then addressed B'nai B'rith audiences and wrote internationalist propaganda until his death, is almost a replica of the job done on the Fords.

 The Marshall Fruit

 The Marshals have worked all sides of the street for Talmudic rule; the capitalistic, the educational, the Communist Revolutionary, the legal, the Jewnited Nations.

 James: The son of Louis, headed the New York City school board and a string of Jewish communal organizations, and as member of the law firm of Marshall, Bratter and Seligson lists himself as director and member of the legal counsel of the Jewish-run Communist Garland Fund; subsiding The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (of Talmudic people), run now as from its foundation in 1913 by the Jewish Spinarns (Jones, then brother Arthur; Who's Who in American Jewry, 1935-39)

 In Who's Who in America, 1954-1955: James boasts of arguing the Texas primary and first Area Zoning cases for the NAACP, going to the Supreme Court. He lists his positions as delegate and commission member for the US of UNESCO, and as advisor to the US Commissions of UNESCO at Paris, Mexico City, etc. The American Bar Association and a string of other legal affiliations, get the boy around. And his writings, characteristically, as he works for regimented education, as Vice-President of the American Association for an International Office of Education, include: "The Freedom to be Free." For "Freedom," a Talmudic current saw, read"regimentation." Wherever "democracy" or "freedom" is prated, look for the Talmudic hand in the woodpile, throwing these goodies at the kiddies to keep them occupied while the stockade is being built for them.

 James, a most worthy successor to his father, lists his vice-presidency of the Supreme American Jewish Committee in the latest Who's Who. (1964-1965)

 Brother Robert, son of Louis, Sr., as head of the New Deal Forestry Division of the Interior Department, died, leaving a fat fortune to be spent for Marxian purposes, in the Robert Marshall Foundation. Its benefits to every phase of Communistic activity are chronicled by the Dies Committee reports (Vol. 17, 1944-Section 1-6, etc.) This outfit is run by another of Louis' sons:

 George: "George Marshall's Communist record is so clear and so voluminous that it leaves no doubt about his ideological devotion to the Soviet Union and the revolution upon which that government is based." George had 29 Communistic listings in the index of this Dies Report, all backed by documentary evidence.

 A book could be written about the other architects for world Talmudic power listed in that 1917-1918 Kehilla listing of American Jewish Committee: ending with the laudatory sketch of the Kehilla luminary Louis Marshall. That "a great part of his life (was devoted) to the interests of the Jewish people," and his part in the "abrogation of the treaty with Russia," cannot be disputed. As "president of Temple Emanu-El," his synagogue, being "Chairman of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America," etc., he earned his outstanding position. Rabbi Louis Finklestein, along with Soviet Commissar Litvinov (Finklestein) was honored in 1937 by world Jewry for their accomplishments for the clan and the Rabbi has for some time headed the Talmudic Jewish Theological Seminary which Louis Marshall steered in his time.

 There, you may note on the American Jewish Committee, Rabbi Judah L. Manges of the Communist Garland Fund, soviet-establishing Peoples' C0uncils, etc., the protege of Jacob H. Schiff, head of Kuhn Loeb & Co.

 Leon Moisseiff who came here from Russia in 1891, went back to the USSR in 1929 to be Commissar of transportation. His presidency of the Russian Assn. Of Engineers, 1927-1932 is cited in Who's Who in American Jewry, 1938-1939; also his designing of US bridges. These included the Tacoma bridge which was ailed ‘Galloping Gertie" before it collapsed. There is Eugene Meyer, Jr., of Lazard Freres International Banker, Federal Reserve Board; Baruch World War crowd; Washington Post, etc.

Judaism - Talmud - 24

 Ritual Murder

 Until the Pharisee line changed for strategic purposes, "Red-baiting and witch-hunting" were twin terms of ridicule indicating that of course there were no Communists, and no "witches" (or dealers with the occult powers).

 These "Christian divines" whom the AJC inspired to protest to Russia, the "leading Christian divines of America...disavowed their belief in the atrocious charge."

 A reading of "Superstition" in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia will give a glimpse of occult practices of Judaism continuing today, four practices such as "to fig," Kapporah, etc., and it will be seen that Rabbi Joshua Trachtenberg is cited as an authority in his "Jewish Magic and Superstition." In it he seeks to erase the Ritual Murder charges of the centuries, "the constant recurrence of child sacrifice in these trials, and the importance of human blood in the witches' ritual (also in the Jewish feast rituals)...the most distinguishing elements in the technique of the sorcerer and the witch, as disclosed to popular view by the campaign of the Church." (Jewish Magic and Superstition, p. 9)

 He admits a few pages later: "The sources indicate that Jews were at least acquainted with methods of inducing disease and death, of arousing and killing passion, of forcing people to do their bidding (Note: the late Dr. Dekker told me he was a member of the same occult group with Earl Browder when he was in the Communist movemen, for the purpose of "influencing individuals.") of employing demons for divinatory and other purposes...We find accounts of the magician's power to project his soul to far-distant place, there to perform an errand, and then return to his comatose body." (Jewish Magic and Superstition, p. 13)

 Jewish Encyclopedia

 The 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia elaborately denies the "Blood Accusation,"dating from the time of Pharisee historian Josephus of the first century. Quoting: "Of the alarmingly large number of ritual trials only a few of the more important and instructive can be here mentioned." And 122 are covered (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 261) Thirty-nine of these in one row bear dates in the 19th century. These trials took place from Rumania, Prussia, Bohemia, Germany through t0 Russia, England and France. Strange that so many court trials have been held for so many centuries in so many different countries with out any foundation whatever except some naughty prejudice????

 Says the 1905 Jewish Encyclopedia: "It may be positively asserted that there is no Jewish ritual which prescribes the use of the blood of any human being. Were there such a ritual...there would certainly be some reference to it in the colossal mass of halakic literature..." (There are numerous cases mentioned in the Jewish Encyclopedias, where the perpetrators admitted their guilt) And "halackie" means legal, like the Mishna in large type on the Talmud pages reproduced in the "Plot." The Mishnaim are what you can and cannot do. The Gemara is the hashing of the Pharisee "sages" about it. The "haggadah" are the big lies for the love of big lies such as God splashing around playing with the leviathan in the sea, breaking eggs that cover several countries, teaching unborn children Torah (or Talmud manglings of the Scriptures) part of the day, while Metatron, the sun god, teaches them the rest of the time and they forget it all when born. One might call the Haggadah lying for the fun of it. It is distinguished from Halachah, or legal stuff.

 Blood Use Not In Halacha (halakah)

 No one has accused Judaism of carrying all the bloody business of its demonism in the haggadah OR halachah. It belongs in the "Practical Cabala" the "theurgic" or wonder-working business, the manuscripts for which are copied hand to hand. Occasionally one is printed in occult works. Blood, blood, blood is through it all. "Ritual Magic" is a good complement to Trachtenberg's "Jewish Magic and Superstition" (Berham's Jewish Book House, Publishers, N.Y., 1939) "Ritual Magic" which contains much material and some bloody manuscripts, is by E.M. butler, Professor at Cambridge University and it was published by the University Press, 1949.

 Right in the Schulchan Aruch (distilled laws of the Talmud) you will find the ritual hand washing stemming from the Talmud in conjunction with Pharisee demonology. The whole Bible is full of the bloody business of pagan demonology: Baal worship with its self-cutting with knives; Molech worship with child sacrifice, both condoned or permitted by the modern Babylonian Talmud as shown herein. Every form of ancient paganism described by the Bible may be found under the whited sepulchre of so-called "Judaism," Pharisee paganism. The "Christian divines," now, as them, in 1912, would do well to read up on what the Bible is yelling against and find it has NOT disappeared from the earth, nor from the "synagogue of Satan."

 The Bible acknowledges the existence of evil spirits and warns us not to use them. Even Buddha wrote: "it is because I see this peril in the marvel of psychic power that I am distressed by it, that I abhor it, that I loathe it." Christ drove out evil spirits, possessing souls.

 Taft is Told

 How Jacob Schiff, Louis Marshall, Adolph Krause and Judge henry M. Fogle (executive committee members of the AJC) walked in on Taft at the White House, February 15, 1911, is described. They demanded the conference, were dined at the White House luncheon table, but Taft insisted upon reading them HIS conclusions that the trade treaty of 1832 with Russia should not be broken as an exceptional favor to Jews, despite his sentiments in favor of Jewry.

 Jacob Schiff was enraged: "This means WAR!," he exclaimed: "On leaving the White House, Jacob Schiff refused to shake the President's hand, but brushed by it with an air of offended power... Neither did the President know what was behind it all...it meant that German Jews would be the intermediaries of trade between Russia and the United States (if the treaty were broken)...The Frankfort bankers and their relatives in the United States knew what that meant ...the relation meant power over Russia and Jacob Schiff lived to overthrow Russia.

 "The neutrality of the United States was torn to shreds by a movement organized and financed on American soil for the overthrow of a friendly nation, and the organizers and financiers were Jews!...The game was financial and revolutionary...and the United States was to be used as a crowbar to batter down the walls.

 "When the Jewish ambassadors left the White House, order flew form Washington and New York to every part of the United States, and the Jewish ‘nagging' drive began. It had a center in every city. It was focused on every Representative and Senator no official, however, was too mean or unimportant to be drafted. American editors can remember the drive; it was operated on precisely the same lines as the one which is proceeding against Christians today. The Jews have given absolute proof in years past that they control the American Press...

 "Jacob Schiff had said on February 15, ‘This means War!' He had ordered a large sum of money used for that purpose...On December 13 of that same year; allotted months to a day after Jewry had declared war on President Taft's conclusions, both houses of Congress ordered President Taft to notify Russia that the treaty with Russia would be terminated. Frankfort-on-Main Had Won!"

 Nine years later, it was noted that Taft was making speeches for the Jews after the "Jewish press of the United States berated President Taft with Jewish unreserved. It would be an eye-opener if, at every speech which Wm. Howard Taft makes for his Jewish clients, there could be distributed copies of the remarks printed about President Taft by those same Jewish clients nine years ago... Two governments had been beaten...and the glee with which Jewry hailed the event is also known." The fact that Taft was that strange phenomenon a one-term President, is noted and the question raised that this might have been in consequence of his disobedience.

 "The President had really done what he could to prevent the Jewish plan from going through. On February 11, 1911, he withstood them face to face. On December 13, 1911, they whipped him. And yet, in the next year, 1912, a peculiar thing occurred; the high officials of the B'nai B'rith went to the White House and there pinned on the breast of President Taft a medal which marked him as ‘the man who had contributed most during the year to the welfare of the Jewish cause.' There is a photograph extant of President Taft standing on the south portico of the White House, in the mist of a group of prominent Jews, and the president is wearing his metal. He is not smiling...

 That is the story of Wm. Howard Taft's efforts to withstand the Jews, and how they broke him. It is probably worth knowing in view of the fact that he had become one of those ‘Gentile fronts' which the Jews use for their own defense."

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     We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us; but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war...In a word, to sum up our system of keeping the governments of the goyim in Europe in check, we shall show our strength to one of them by terrorist attempts and to all, if we allow the possibility of a general rising against us, WE SHALL RESPOND WITH THE GUNS OF AMERICA OR CHINA OR JAPAN. (Protocol 7:3, 6)
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