We Live Under the Jewish Babylonian System
By Willie Martin

Jew Watch

 This nation, The United States of America, was created as a Christian nation; no matter the lies of the Jews and other aliens. However, one need only to examine cosey the structure of our social life to realize that money is now god (It is also the Jews god, along with the worship of Lucifer; their lies to the contrary notwithstanding) and has greater power than goodness, and that the soul of the nation is bound and crippled by material goods and things.

 The existing system encourages greed, covetousness, exploitation and oppression of the poor, perversion, degeneracy, murder (including abortion the murder of the unborn) and every other evil thing the Jews can dream up. We often wonder what would happen if the information could be gotten out to the masses that the Jews have used the death of the unborn Christians to fill a great desire of lots of Christian blood to use in their rituals? They take the blood of the unborn, and many of the children said to be missing (when they were actually murdered by rabbis and their blood taken to be used in their blood rituals). Financiers create the new sources of profit by promoting foolish indulgences and useless customs. Even the currency of the nation has been controlled and exploited by the Jews for their own gain, and not by the government. Both employers and workers pay tribute to the golden image, then grumble at one another for the state of things which follows. By manipulating the processes of manufacture and distribution so as to ensure large profits for himself, a man rises in social and national importance. It is said that such a man is successful: he is a great merchant, or a commercial magnate; and because of his financial power he is exalted. He is elected to the government of the nation, or honored as a peer of the realm.

 As a rule, no inquiry is made as to his moral and religious character; money has made him great, and money can secure for him all the honors he may desire. Men may have high ideals and clear vision, but if they belong to the financially lower grades of society their influence is restricted, and their opinions disregarded.

 Surely all this is Babylonish heathenism still ruling the life of modern Israel; the people are still in bondage, and only the might power of God can effect their liberation. But the time for liberation has come. God has begun to break the yoke from off our necks, and part of the process is the failure of modern finance, and the snapping of the golden chain.

 If all crime, extravagance, waste and selfish exploitation were eliminated, there would be no poverty, and no lack of material necessities, but an abundance for all. If men lived normal lives, and observed the Divine Laws, their health would be restored, their wants would be few, taxation would return to normal proportions, and the tithe would sufficient to pay all the expenses of both the State and the Church.

 But this is not happen, at present, because if crime were done away with; too many police leaders; military leaders; and all of the various governmental agencies (who are murdering our people by the hundreds, but is not reported because of the Jewish control of the media) would lose their jobs or the agencies would become useless and would be removed; throwing thousands of worthless bureaucrats into the job market.

 Many people cannot see that the Babylonish captivity is still in operation. Let them study these facts, and then read carefully the Divine constitution. All usury was illegal; all oppression was condemned; all debts were periodically canceled; all taxation was equitable and limited; all exploitation was forbidden, and God was an active, living partner in all individual enterprise and all honest labor. Every man was free, and had scope for his endeavor; no man was exalted to power because of his possessions, but every leader was chosen by God, and supported by the prophet; in fact, the prophets were the statesmen, and the advisers of the king in the government of the nation.

 When our Lord comes to reign He will restore His Kingdom, and enforce the pure and righteous law which He Himself instituted at Sinai, and He will do it in the spirit of the Sermon on the Mount. He will cast out all false leaders, and destroy every unjust and unholy thing. Character will be the lever by which men may rise in His Kingdom, and fidelity to truth and goodness will be greater than finance or worldly possessions. Blindness has prevented it being realized that the law of the kingdom will bring greater safety and richer happiness than can possibly be obtained under the present reign of materialism. The tremendous change His coming will bring is beyond comprehension. It is to be feared that our people will cling to the last to the material things they have managed to secure, and worship, and like the Israelites of old, will ask to remain in Egypt, rather than fight their way into their promised land. It is important that every true citizen should take his place in this conflict. They may be called upon to make some small sacrifices, and to give up some treasured customs, but these are the price which must be paid that the new social order may be established.

 Meanwhile, there is consolation in the assurance that the economics of the new age will not enslave the soul, but will set it free. When the wicked tares are taken out of the kingdom, life will be a delight.

 Everyone will live to give, not to get; to serve, rather than to be served. Everyone will be fully provided for, and all anxiety concerning material good will have disappeared. The people will be untrammeled by the heavy burdens which their captivity has put upon them, and be free to live the richer, fuller life of the Kingdom of God.

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"Political freedom is an idea but not a fact..." (Protocol 1:6)
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