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            Fiedor Report on the News

A Weekly View from the Foothills of Appalachia
April 8, 2001   #225
by:  Doug Fiedor
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There have been a lot of both interesting and ridiculous
things happening in the national media lately. Some
developments are very interesting on this end because they
tend to show that the trend is towards a massive shake- out.
That is, as an industry, the major players are losing money.
So, it appears there may be quite a few scribblers and
babblers from the propaganda arm of the socialists set
standing in the unemployment line sometime soon.

One of the most fun to watch is multimillionaire, CNN honcho
Ted Turner.  One reason CNN is making that counterclockwise
swirling movement is because it is ready to go down the
toilet.  The people they let run the news there are bad
enough.  But, every time Turner opens his mouth it seems to
be to bash one American group or another. Apparently he
likes communists and socialists, but no one else.   If he
were a government leader, he would be entered in the column
of known fascists.

For instance, he has already had to apologize twice for
making extremely bad jokes about His Holiness, the Pope. No
matter, last Ash Wednesday he called the Catholic workers at
CNN who had ashes on their forehead a bunch of "Jesus

Way to go, jerk-off!  That'll put you on the "kiss-off" list
of Christian viewers all over the country.

The best thing to do with CNN is to turn it off and forget
about it.  Let it die a long, lingering death as all of
these strange socialists organizations should.

Dan Rather received a big surprise, too.  Matt Drudge
somehow got wind that CBS finally wants to dump Rather.
Talk was that they asked NBC's Washington Bureau Chief Tim
Russert to take the spot.

That's funny, really.  It shows that CBS still doesn't get
it.  They cannot expect to boost ratings by replacing a far-
left talking head with yet another liberal. If CBS wants
ratings higher than the other networks, all they need to do
is to make arrangements with FOX to play the FOX evening
news show on CBS.  Because, if CBS paid FOX just half of
what CBS spends on their pseudo-news programming, everyone
would then benefit greatly.

But, it's not just CBS.  NBC and ABC are not doing much
better.  Using the media's own tracking numbers, CBS News
has a rating of 1.6.  NBC gets 5.6.  ABC News gets 6.1.

None of those numbers mean a lot to the average person.  So,
let's put things in perspective. "The Simpsons" show on FOX
gets a rating of 7.8!

And such is the shame of the network news. Advertisers take
note:  More Americans prefer the cartoon character Bart
Simpson to the far-left propaganda called "news" by Dan
Rather, Tom Brokaw or Peter Jennings.

Even the leftist babble breathed mannequins out in Tinsel
Town are gradually losing the interest of many Americans.
This year, the Oscar show was way down from past years.
Viewers were down 10% from last year alone. Let's face it,
people are starting to understand what is going on.  Today,
most Americans do not feel that people who live out in the
land of perpetual deviancy -- and especially those who
dedicate their life to pretending to be someone they are not
-- have enough credibility to tell the rest of us what to

They are just actors, pretenders, after all. They are
certainly not gurus.  Same with the TV talking heads, by the

About the funniest thing to happen these past few days was
how the media pumped up that totally unconstitutional
McCain-Feingold bill.  By that act alone, they showed
America their contempt for the Constitution of the United

The First Amendment to the Constitution clearly states:
"Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of
speech, or the press ..."  Everyone in the Senate realized
that was exactly what they were doing -- legislating against
the freedom of political speech.  But, half of the Senate
voted to do so anyway.  These noncompliant fascists did, in
fact, intentionally violate their oath of office by
attempting to trash part of the Constitution, which they
took an oath before God and the American people to support.

Note that there was no cry of outrage by the media.  Also
note that the next clause in the First Amendment is freedom
of the press.  I'll bet we would hear about it loud and
clear if Congress was debating how much to regulate the
press.  But, unfortunately, that's the only part of the
Constitution most of those in the American media seem
willing to support.

Now for the good stuff:  The New York Post is talking about
putting the whole of its archives on the Internet.  That
will be a researcher's treasure.

Founded in 1801, The Post is America's oldest continually-
published daily newspaper.  Their archives go all the way
back to the writings of the Founding Fathers. The New York
Post reads like a who's who of American journalism and we
expect to spend many hours studying history through the eyes
of those who were there to see it.

Here's a test:  Tell all the kids that under no
circumstances are they to accept a kielbasa cookie from
anyone.  In fact, if they ever even see a kielbasa cookie,
they are to immediately walk away from it because the
cookies are for adults only.  Thereafter, show kielbasa
cookies eaten by adults in television movies and on the
news.  Also, make video games about kielbasa cookies that
the kids can afford to play almost anytime they wish.

Of course, teachers will have to enforce the kielbasa cookie
rules at school, too.  Zero tolerance is necessary.  Any
mention of kielbasa cookies by any kid must require swift
and severe punishment.  Even drawing pictures of a common
kielbasa link should be cause for notifying the parents.
Depiction of a kielbasa cookie being eaten should be cause
for suspension for at least a full week.

It does not matter that a link of kielbasa, or even that
elusive kielbasa cookie, cannot hurt a damn thing if it's
just sitting there.  It's the potential that counts, after
all.  Children cannot be trusted to leave the kielbasa
cookies alone.  And, as everyone knows, when kielbasa is
mixed with cookie ingredients, we have the makings of all
sorts of health hazards.  Eaters of kielbasa cookies will
experience excessive weight gain, high cholesterol and,
gasp, could even start an epidemic of mad cow disease. Can't
be too careful, eh?

The kielbasa scenario sounds stupid, but it is not.  When
adults act like that with children, they are sure to do one
important thing: implant the thought in the children's mind
that kielbasa cookies must be something good -- a deviant
treat -- that adults like.  Which means, they (especially
teenagers) will want some, too.

That is exactly what happened with guns.

Back when kids had easy access to guns and could use one
just about any time they wished, there were no adolescent
murders by guns.  Even today, in the rural areas where it is
common for kids to go shooting or hunting, it's unheard of
for them to be shooting at each other.  For one thing, they
know better because they are familiar with the power in
their hands while they are armed.  There is no mystique to
shooting a gun for them.

Yet, the zero tolerance for guns fiasco continues around the
country.  One girl was suspended for having finger nail
clippers, another for a nail file.  A boy was suspended for
having a one inch replica of a gun on his key chain, another
for having a little, plastic squirt gun.  One eight year old
was suspended for drawing a picture of a handgun, another
for drawing a camouflaged soldier with a canteen in one hand
and a knife in the other.

Zero tolerance, they call it.  We call it psychologically
implanting a thought -- a fixation, if you will.  That is a
terrible thing to do to children.

Schools teach young teens to use a ton and a half machine
with the capability of harming dozens of people in seconds,
then forbid the discussion and training for a seven or eight
pound mechanical device.  This is silly. Kids need to know
about guns as well as cars.

Like a vehicle, a gun just sits there until acted on by a
human.  A car will not start itself and go driving off and a
gun will not jump up and start shooting people. They are
both machines.  Nothing more.

Also never mentioned is the fact that a disturbed kid could
harm a lot more people a whole lot faster by speeding into a
crowd with an automobile or pickup truck than by shooting at

Even the courts agree, somewhat -- albeit we do not
necessarily agree with everything the court said in this
case.  When Indianapolis tried to limit the access of teens
to video games that depict violence, the United States Court
of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit responded:

"Now that eighteen-year-olds have the right to vote, it is
obvious that they must be allowed the freedom to form their
political views on the basis of uncensored speech before
they turn eighteen, so that their minds are not a blank when
they first exercise the franchise.  ... People are unlikely
to become well-functioning, independent-minded adults and
responsible citizens if they are raised in an intellectual

Which means, let them eat the kielbasa cookie. All American
citizens should be familiar with the proper care and use of
firearms.  So, let the teaching begin.

Here's a sad story about a mother trying to do what she
thinks best for her child and a school district, prosecutor
and judge totally misusing their positions in society by
disregarding what is clearly the law and instead forcing
their own opinions on mother and child.

This story is related here not so much because it is sort of
a tear-jerker of a human interest story, but because a
number of legislators read this newsletter.  And, for you
lawmakers, this is a case where there really ought to be a
law with strong penalties.  Because, when public officials
violate the law in the name of the people, and harm a
citizen in the process, we the people should be both swift
and severe in wielding the system to collectively punish

First, a thumbnail sketch of the applicable law:

In Kentucky, there are no specific teacher qualifications
for private or home schools.  However, State law does state
that there is compulsory school attendance for any child who
"has reached the 6th birthday and has not passed the 16th
birthday."  Furthermore, children are required to receive
instruction for 185 days or a minimum of 175 six-hour days a
year.  The required subjects are to include reading,
writing, spelling, grammar, history, mathematics, and

Kentucky law also states that the board of education of the
local school district "shall exempt from the requirement of
attendance upon a regular public day school every child ...
who is enrolled and in regular attendance in a private,
parochial or church day school."

A home school may qualify as a private, parochial, or church
school if the parent sends a letter to the school stating
that the child will be schooled at home in the above
mentioned subjects.  There are no Kentucky statutes
regulating home schooling.  Also, standardized tests are not
required by statute for private, religious schools or home
schools.  And, public officials may not violate a parents
Fourth Amendment rights by demanding inspection of the home.

The Kentucky Supreme Court held that the Commonwealth's
textbook approval, teacher certification, and school
accreditation requirements violated 5 of the Kentucky
Constitution, which states that no person shall "be
compelled to send his child to any school to which he may be
conscientiously opposed."

And now for the actors in this unfortunate drama: (1)

Mrs. "D" submitted the required notice of intent to home
school her 14-year-old daughter, "Sarah D," to Logan County
school officials.  One week after Mrs. D submitted a notice
of intent to home school, local school officials filed
truancy charges.  Therefore, 14-year-old Sarah D, was
summoned to district court.

At the November arraignment, District Court Judge Sue Carol
Browning ordered Sarah to return to public school.

Home schooling continued.  So, local school officials
continued pursuing the truancy charges.  Two weeks later,
the judge was told that the girl was not re-enrolled in
public school.  Judge Browning then cited Mrs. D for
contempt of court.

There was no real "hearing" or an examination of facts.  The
judge simply issued a bench warrant for Mrs. Ds arrest --
without bond -- and a pick-up order for the child.  That no
one broke any laws yet apparently did not matter.  Contempt
of court.

To say that this judge was "arbitrary and capricious" in her
ruling would be an understatement. Mrs. D had complied with
Kentucky law.  What we found in the judge's opinion was
nothing more than her personal opinion, no law.  In fact,
the judge's personal opinion contradicts established State
law.  Below are some excerpts from her babbling:

"The Court does find that Sarah has committed the offense of
habitual truancy.  ...  This Court has -- I'm a firm
believer that home schools have their place. I'm a firm
believer that there are certain circumstances in which home
schools can be done appropriately, and can be in the best
interest of the student."

However, "I think a student misses many, many opportunities
when placed in a home school as opposed to a public school.
First of all, I have a doctorate degree. And I do not feel
that I am capable of giving my child the education that he
deserves.  I have not had intensive training in each of the
aspects that high schools teach. You know, I don't have
specialization in algebra, in chemistry, biology, language
arts, all the different things. I feel like I might be able
to teach him adequately like he would want to be taught,
perhaps, in language arts and history; but probably not in
mathematics, chemistry, biology.  Even though I have a
doctorate degree, I don't feel like I would be doing him
justice in the vast majority of the areas.  Secondly, and
probably most importantly -- secondly and probably most
importantly, I feel that a public school teaches a child to
be responsible, to get up every day, to get dressed
appropriately, get ready, and be somewhere on time, and stay
there for the day, giving their undivided attention to
what's going on for a seven, eight- hour period.  This is
something that any young adult will have to achieve in the
work force.  And it's training that a child cannot get in
home school, cannot get.  There's no way." ...

"Thirdly, and maybe even more importantly than that, a
public school teaches a young person to get along with and
work with people from all walks of life, from the highest
socioeconomic [sic] groups to the lowest socioeconomic
groups; from the most intelligent students to the least
intelligent students; from Catholics to Jews, to Baptists,
to Presbyterians, to Methodists, and on and on -- to
atheists, and on and on." ...

"Fourth, and this is also very, very important, a public
school teaches a child to take direction from various people
other than their parents.  And a child who is maturing into
the work place needs to learn to take direction."

Again, there is no mention of violating any laws.  Mrs. D,
and Sarah D, by extension, conformed exactly to all
applicable laws.  But, because this judge did not personally
agree with the choice made by a parent for her child, the
judge signed an arrest warrant for both mother and child.
And, just for meanness, the judge said that mother may not
post bond.

Not only do we find this action "arbitrary and capricious,"
it was also cruel and unusual as well as mean and

A full hearing is scheduled for April 20.

Later, we learned that a boy in Northern California got a
perfect SAT score.  What was most interesting was not only
the fact that the boy was home schooled, but also that the
family was actually homeless a good part of the time.






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