Johnny Cochran stated on national tv that removal of blacks from Africa was worthy of a reparation payment of $18 trillion, paid for by the putative White descendants of the putative White slave holders who freed the slaves more than a century and a half ago.   Ignore for the moment that many slaves were Whites, that most blacks weren't slaves, and that many slave holders were blacks.  Ignore for the moment that the only people who made money on the slave trade were the jews who enslaved them in Africa and transported them to America [mostly South America], not the White plantation owners who, like Mr. Jefferson, were unable to turn a profit with them and never wanted them in the first place.  It's indisputable that there have been no slaves, either black or White, for more than a century and a half, so these reparation payments cannot be related to slavery--they can be related only to the fact that 33 million blacks in the US have been denied their right of return to Africa.   This in fact is exactly what many blacks who've debated this issue actually believe.

American blacks can't be released from slavery, because this already happened, more than a century and a half ago.  He can't expect the descendants of the black slave holders to pay $18 trillion in reparations, because they're already  in DEBT to us by more than this.  He certiainly didn't intend to pay the descendants of White slaves any part of this $18 trillion.  He certainly didn't expect the descendants of the jews who ran the slave trade to pay any part of this, because they're now a welfare state in "Israel" who'd be a hole in the sand the instant two WHITE CHRISTIAN nations quit subsidizing 30% of their GDP--Germany who pays "war reparations" to a nation which never took up arms against Germany yet receives more from Germany than 15% of their annual GDP, and the US who pays 70% of our "foreign aid" to Israel which constitutes another 15% of their GDP.

Johnny Cochran thus rightly established that the value to American blacks of being repatriated to Africa is at least $18 trillion.

The only question which remains, then, is how blacks are going to repay us this $18 trillion once they've been repatriated to the land of their dreams, with Liberia being the first giant step forward.


How are they going to do this?  With Africans earning an average of only $50 per month, it would take all of the earnings of all 33 million American blacks 11 years to earn just this much, leaving nothing for food or expenses.


Our actual cost to transport all 33 million blacks to Africa is an average of $1000 each, or $33 billion.  40 acres and a mule in Liberia is another $33 billion, for a total cost of $66 billion.  Considering that the return on the investment [an ROI of 272 TIMES] is $18 trillion, that's a very good investment, regardless of the risks [that Johnny Cochran was lying, that the value is not really $18 trillion, and that blacks won't pay us back once they understand the actual value].




Not to fear.  Current social transfer payments to blacks in excess of their contribution to GDP are in excess of $79 billion, so in the month that it takes to ship them there we'll be ahead by $13 billion, and every month thereafter we'll be ahead by $79 billion, making this the most important investment this nation's government ever undertook.