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Whereas, American women as a group have not benefited from feminism, women's rights, matriarchy, socialism, nor the Nineteenth Amendment which gave women the right to vote, and

Whereas, American women did benefit greatly from the our nation's 2 century tradition of the predominate male vote, as women controlled 65% of the wealth in the nation which in the 1960s had the world's highest standard of living, and

Whereas, the predominate male vote was undermined by the Nineteenth Amendment, and

Whereas, the Nineteenth Amendment undermined family stability; placed 40% of our nation's children in fatherless households; removed the majority vote from men who pay the majority of taxes; caused national issues of serious concern to be decided by female emotionalism and 'compassion', and

Whereas, since the feminists met in Seneca Falls, the US divorce rate increased 50-fold from 0.1 to 5.0 divorces per 1,000 population, greatly undermining the ability of our nation to create and save that wealth--to the great detriment of women, and

Whereas, since the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified, the number of divorces in the US increased seven (7) fold, from 171,000 to 1,200,000 per year, while the population increased only 2.5 fold, and

Whereas, 50 million American women today remain unmarried, while 95% of them would have gained the benefits of secure marriages had it not been for this breakdown of families, and

Whereas, compared to married women, unmarried women have a 5-10 times higher probability of living in poverty, a 2-3 times higher probability of premature death, and an average 73% lower standard of living, representative of a significantly reduced condition and status which has not and cannot be corrected by government intervention, and

Whereas, children reared in single-mother and step-father households, compared to children reared in two-parent families, are more likely to go to prison by 8 times, to commit suicide by 5 times, to have behavioral problems by 20 times, to become rapists by 20 times, to run away by 32 times, to abuse chemical substances by 10 times, to drop out of high school by 9 times, to be seriously abused by 33 times, to be fatally abused by 73 times, to be one tenth as likely to get A's in school, to have a 44% higher mortality rate, and to have a 72% lower standard of living, and

Whereas, the Nineteenth Amendment is directly and solely responsible for: 29 major federal social experiments which have proven to be abject failures; wasting in just 3 decades more money on welfare than the total stock value of each Fortune 500 Corporation and each acre of US farm land combined at the same time the poverty rate in the US increased from 11.6% to 15.4%; implementing AFDC and enslaving black Americans to liberal political spending; implementing affirmative action which required a plebiscite to reject after 3 decades of US financial ruin; implementing failed experiments with women in the military and in once fine military academies; the two-time election of and widespread public support for William Jefferson Clinton, and

Whereas, with the Nineteenth Amendment, since the 1960s: 1) The divorce rate doubled. 2) The murder rate tripled as the solution rate for murders declined from 92% to 63%. 3) The value of the dollar declined 75% per the Consumer Price Index and 11 times per the gold standard (from $32/oz to $352/oz). 4) More was spent for welfare than the entire asset value of each Fortune 500 corporation and each acre of farm land, combined. 5) The percent of the world's autos supplied by the U.S. declined from 60% to 20% 6) The prison population increased four fold to a rate 5 times that of China whom we accuse of human rights abuses 7) The average weight of an American increased 25 pounds. 8) The percent of American men of marriageable age who remain unmarried increased from 23.2% to 50%, 9) SAT scores declined 98 points, and

Whereas, with the Nineteenth Amendment, since the 1970s: 1) GDP per worker declined 70% per the gold standard, 2) The savings rate declined to less than 0.4% (versus 34% in Japan ), 3) Public Debt increased 8 fold to $5.5 Trillion making the U.S. is the largest debtor nation in world history, 4) More than 32 million babies were aborted, 5) Cocaine use rose 45% in spite of the world's strictest "drug war" and a 10 fold increase in criminal justice system expenditures (which now exceed the budget for national defense), 6) The trade deficit increased from $12 Billion in the black to $123 Billion in the red, 7) Government spending as a percent of the average American's income exceeds 42% and is rising, compared to 20% in Japan and 24% in the U.S. 3 during the height of WWII, 8) Drunk driving arrests are up 5 fold while the motor vehicle fatality rate increased from 30% lower than Germany's to 45% higher in the same period, 9) Health services costs are up 8 fold and the paperwork required to meet government regulations costs 3% of GDP. 10)"a 560% increase in violent crime, a 419% increase in illegitimate births, a 3000% increase in single-parent households, and a drop of almost 80 points in SAT scores." (source: The Guardian), 11) The percent of children living with married parents declined from 39% to 26%, 12) The amount of time per day that children watch TV increased from 5 hours to 7 hours, 13) The number of the world's Top 52 Banks which were U.S. declined from 22 to only three (with assets of $720 Billion while 24 were Japanese with assets of $6,000 Billion), 14) The number of lawyers increased to 64 times more lawyers than Japan has, while Japan now has 4 times as many engineers, 15) The ratio of manufacturing employees to government employees declined from 2.5:1 to less than 1:1, 16) US Personal Savings declined to $203 Billion while Japan has $25,000 Billion (that is $25 Trillion) in their savings ,17) The net worth of the nation declined by $7.8 trillion at the same time that the net worth of Japan increased by $22.4 trillion, and

Whereas, feminist education policies advanced by the Nineteenth Amendment caused: real SAT Scores in the US to decline 98 points in 3 decades; US 13 year olds to score higher than only one nation (Jordan) in IAEP Math out of 15 nations; US 9 year olds to score higher than only one nation (Jordan) in IAEP Math out of 15 nations; the US to score last in IAEP Science out of 7 nations; US 12th graders to score higher than only South Africa and Cyprus out of 21 nations taking the TIMSS test; California and Lousiana to score last in the nation in NAEP Reading; the cost per student of California's education system to be higher than half of the other states; the US to spend more per student for education than 15 out of 18 nations; this poor education quality and high education cost to be true even with class sizes smaller than 14 of 19 nations; California to be in 37th place in graduation rates in the US, graduating less than two thirds of its students while Japan graduates 97% of theirs; YET 98% of the top fiftieth percentile of the Graduate Record Exam are men, and only 2% are women, and

Whereas, systematic discrimination against men permitted by the Nineteenth Amendment is so pervasive that: 1) Women hold 65% of the country's wealth, and men only 35%, 2) Women receive custody of 92% of the children of divorce and illegitimacy, and men only 4%, 3) Men constitute 60% of workplace hours, work longer hours, work harder, and are more qualified, rarely file sexual discrimination or harassment lawsuits or take pregnancy leave, yet earn only 42% more than women, 4) Men commit suicide at a rate 4.6 times higher than women, are murdered at a rate 5 times that of women, are 97% of workplace fatalities, and have a life expectancy seven (7) years shorter than women, yet receive only 35% of government expenditures for health care and medical costs, 5)  Men are discriminated against by design through affirmative action, 6) Men pay 115% of federal income taxes, 7) The increase in the number of female voters to 11.1% more than male voters eliminated male choice as to how the male tax dollar would be spent, 8) Men, not women, fight and die in battle without complaint while women sue the taxpayer for $millions when a colleague--not the taxpayer--pinches their butt, 9) Women are acquitted of spousal murder at a rate 9 times that of men, 10) Men are sentenced 2.8 times longer than women for the same crime, 11) Fathers are 97% of "child support" collections prosecutions, and women only 3%, 12) Men are the recipients of less than 10% of welfare disbursements, 13) Men are now only 45% of college admissions, and women are 55%, 14) Women have 200 all-female colleges and men have not one single all-male college, 15) 58% of domestic physical altercations are initiated by the female, a fact ignored by Congress when it passed the Violence AgainstWomen Act, 16) Mothers commit 55% of child murders and biological commit 6%, yet the Nineteenth Amendment permitted children to be systematically removed from their biological --their safest, most secure, most enriching environment, 17) A majority of the $1.7 Trillion federal budget supports and encourages continued family breakdown, even though the US Surgeon General notes that divorce is more harmful to a man's health than smoking tobacco, and

Whereas, the Nineteenth Amendment is a violation of my Christian or religious beliefs.

We the undersigned, hereby demand that the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which reads:

bullet AMENDMENT XIX Passed by Congress June 4, 1919. Ratified August 18, 1920. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

shall be repealed.

September 19, 1998

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