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20 IQ Point Gap Between Catholics and Protestants

Talking the talk but not walking the walk

What the Catholic Church says and reality are two opposite points on the moral compass

By their fruits ye shall know them

Federal statistics reveal that across the nation, from state to state, there’s a huge difference in social pathology, with murder rates varying 6 fold, abortion rates varying 8 fold, SAT scores varying 228 points, marriage rates varying 72%, and divorce rates varying 21%.  The states with the highest percentage of Catholics (i.e., Rhode Island with 59%, and Massachusetts with 43%) do very poorly in all these areas, whereas the states with the least percentage of Catholics (i.e., North Dakota with 22%, Iowa with 17%, and Utah with 8%) are at the opposite end of the spectrum.

Where you would expect Catholic states to have the lowest abortion rates because of opposition to abortion by the Catholic Church, the abortion rates in ALL of these states are the highest in the country, with the rate in New York (38% Catholic) being 8 times higher than the rate in South Dakota (20% Catholic).  Where you would expect the marriage rate in Catholic states to be the highest, their rates are actually the lowest, with non-Catholic states like Utah (8.3% Catholics) having a marriage rate 73% higher than Catholic states like New York.  With the putative Catholic opposition to divorce, you’d expect to see a clear and distinct difference between states in this area, but relative to the low marriage rates of the predominately Catholic states, there’s no such distinction.  As a percent of the number of marriages, divorces in the most Catholic state Rhode Island (with 59% Catholics) are on par with the least Catholic state Utah (with 8% Catholics).  And even here, Utah wins because their marriage rate is 48% higher than Rhode Island anyway.

A real unexpected outcome of evaluating these statistics is the much lower murder rates in ALL the least Catholic states relative to ALL the most Catholic states.  For decades now, the murder rates in non-Catholic states like Vermont, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota have been lower than 1 per 100,000 population, contrasted to rates greater than 5 in ALL these mainly Catholic states.  In 1994, compared to North Dakota, the murder rate in New York was 55 TIMES higher, in Rhode Island was 20 TIMES higher, and in Massachusetts was 17 TIMES higher.

If the abortion rate of the entire nation were equivalent to South Dakota, there would be 1,256,693 fewer abortions every year.  Conversely, if it were equivalent to primarily Catholic New York, there would be 944,000 MORE.  If the marriage and divorce rates of the entire nation were equivalent to that of Catholic free Tennessee, there would be 832,000 MORE marriages and fewer divorces.  Conversely, if it were equivalent to a Catholic state like Massachusetts, there would be 416 thousand FEWER marriages and the divorce rate would INCREASE.  If the murder rate in the entire nation were equivalent to North Dakota in 1994, there would be only 560 murders annually, a reduction of 25,520 murders.  Conversely, if it were equivalent to a Catholic state like New York, there would be 6,090 MORE, and if it were equivalent to Catholic-influenced Washington, DC, there would be 176,900 MORE.

If SAT scores for the entire nation were equivalent to Iowa’s score of 1,221, we’d score the highest in the world on both TIMSS and PISA.  But if they were equivalent to Rhode Island’s score of 993, we’d score between Israel and Africa.

The 100 SAT Math Point Gap Between Catholic and Protestant Boys Is Eighteen IQ Points

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NSF Physics Students

The following is an amazingly revealing study of our “physics” students, and in particular of National Science Foundation physics students:

Table 5 shows that, as low as our physics achievement score is, a score of 587 in “mathematics and science literacy” and 595 in “science literacy” is proof that the NSF physics students HAVE been taught the subjects, DO understand the terms, and SHOULD have been able to apply the principles to solving physics problems like those on “electricity and magnetism” where NSF physics students scored only 446, lower than any other country whose students took a physics course. It’s significant that in this age of the semiconductor, sudents in Sweden score 124 points higher, in Norway 119 points higher, and in war-torn Slovenia 63 points higher (while our top NSF female physics student scores another 20 points lower).

Our very best NSF physics student, and in particular our very best female NSF physics student, cant even begin to compete with the WORST physics students from more than a dozen Western European nations, and can barely keep up with a war-torn Slovenian who hardly has time to worry about physics instruction. Its not like we have not been tryingour average physics student already takes between 3 to 5 hours of physics instruction per week, while students in the Czech Republic (with an equivalent score), Germany (43 points higher), Latvia, Sweden (116 points higher), and Switzerland (70 points higher), take less than 3 hours per week. Notably, the 43% of the NSF physics students who report that they take more than 5 hours of physics instruction score 26 points LOWER than the 6% of the NSF physics student who takes 3-4 hours per week AND than the 45% who take 4-5 hours per week. Clearly the NSF has selected not the best students, but possibly the worst, and attempted to make up for it by cramming physics down their throats, and failed worse than miserably.

The NSF could raise its average physics score by 26 points simply by eliminating almost half (42%) of the students from the program who evidently study endlessly but never are able to learn. If these half were replaced by Swedish students (two thirds of whom take less than 3 hours per week of physics instruction but score 579), not only would they raise their average score by 55 points (plus 26 points), but they would eliminate many frustrated teachers.

In relation to the amount of physics homework assigned to students, the lowest scoring NSF student is one who is assigned homework once or twice a week and scores 455, a score 8 points lower than a Canadian student and equivalent to a Swiss student who is not even taking physics.

HOW do you believe it’s even POSSIBLE that the US could score this LOW?


John Knight

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Documents of Auschwitz death camp doctors found

some filthy sodomite edomite faggot kike pretending to be a “jew” now asks and whiiiiiiiiiiiiiines:

<<<I wonder if Nazis prefer to eat their crow cooked… with salt & pepper, and a knife and fork! LOL! :-P>>>

It is even POSSIBLE that you *accidentally* forgot to read the following:

“The material does not document crimes committed at the camp.”

WHAT this means is that it is proof that there WERE no “crimes committed at the camp”, because if there HAD been, it would have been front page news, because it would have been the FIRST documented proof of these putative crimes.

This bears repeating:

“The material does not document crimes committed at the camp.”

“The material does not document crimes committed at the camp.”

“The material does not document crimes committed at the camp.”

Eat your own crow!@!@!@!@!

John Knight

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I wonder if Nazis prefer to eat their crow cooked… with salt & pepper, and a knife and fork! LOL! :-P

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Allianz and the German Insurance Business, 1933-1945

<<<As a non globalist – I remember discovering that my “counselor” at Pima Community College in Tucson – was a foreign national from India.

Here I, the American Citizen – signing up to take a course in computer bookkeeping – had to get her approval to be okayed to take the course. My doctor at the va hospital was an Indian too and the have nurses from Nigeria in the intensive care ward – as well as my cardiologist is Iranian.

The globalist freetraders put everybody before Americans.>>>

And yet, the MAJORITY of American *White* women voted FOR obamabanananiggercare, just as they vote FOR even more gun control laws even though they KNOW the existing ones don’t work, just as they support undemocaratic and unconstitutional MADD and AAIM programs!@!@!

With friends like that we don’t need enemas!


John Knight

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