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Regardless of what your Jewish bible (written by Jews for Jews and those whom they deceive) tells you, today’s Judaics are mostly non-Semitic.
Btw, so-called Christianity is a totally non-Aryan religion.
See attached pdf.

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Dear Russ,

Jesus said the jews were of Esau, not Judah.

It’s jews themselves who admit they are of Esau:

Rhome, Harrell Khazarian Connection, (2009 eBook).pdf

Paul Allen, Ex-Mortgage CEO, Sentenced To Prison For $3B Fraud

$3 billion is PEANUTS compared to Carly Fiorina who displaced Easter holiday with MLK Day, which lost HP stockholde­rs $167 BILLION (55 TIMES as much, for you innumerate liberals), something from which HP NEVER, and most likely never will, recovered.

When are you going to demand she be put in chains?
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