Erik Prince, Former Blackwater CEO, Threatens Jan Schakowsky Over Her ‘Defamatory Statements’

In 1994, the murder rate in Chicago was 33.1, which is 50% higher than either New York or Los Angeles, 8 times higher than San Jose, Ca., and 33 times higher than Baghdad. In this ONE year, more than 814 Chicagoans were MURDERED. So Schakowsky et. al. must have really been proud when the murder rate in Chicago in 2008 plunged to the unpreceden­ted level of 18 murders per 100,000 population­. Unfortunat­ely, this still left the murder rate in Chicago 3 TIMES higher than New York, twice as high as Los Angeles and Boston, 9 times higher than Honolulu, Virginia Beach, and Lincoln, Nebraska–­and 18 times higher than in Baghdad BEFORE her and her colleagues deemed that we must save the Iraqis from themselves by KILLING them at a MUCH faster rate than they were killing themselves before we got there. By contrast, the OFFICIAL body count for our soldiers in Iraq has been only 551 per year, which means that JUST in Chicago, JUST in one year, JUST by murder, 50% more Chicagoans were MURDERED than ALL the annual war casualties in IRAQ!
Estimates for the annual number of CIVILIAN casualties in Iraq range from 20,600 (Wikileaks­) to 34,452 (United Nations). So the 15 Iraqi civilians Blackwater has been accused [but NOT convicted] of killing constitute less than 0.04% to 0.07% of all civilian deaths. 
Exactly WHO was responsibl­e for the OTHER 99.96% of these CIVILIAN deaths? Why, Ms. Schakowsky et. al. themselves­!
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Castaways Found On Pacific Atoll After 33 Days At Sea

Hey, lookit left, I agree. Why should Iowans pay for the Coast Guard when they have no coast to guard?

I also agree that I should be able to prevent the federal government from using any part of my tax payments on programs which I disapprove of. And when we get all done, they only get about 12 cents from me, and I get $MILLIONS back.

THAT would be fair. Anything else is treason, contrary to everthing our Founding Fathers stood for, unconstitu­tional, and precisely why our train will hit the last brick wall by 2015. They are now spending so fast that it is INEVITABLE that they will have ZERO left over by then and we will be officially bankrupt, with the Republican­s and Democrats looking like two drunks who met in a bar [congress?­] and promised to help each other.
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Atheists’ Billboard Falsely Attributes Quote To Thomas Jefferson

cyn, since you have utterly no comprehens­ion of how these polls work, it’s hard to imagine how you could base your “opinion” on anything other than sound bytes. They mean a LOT, and they are certainly more credible than your “feelings” about them.

Look up the theory of evolution. It says that God had NO role in it. And only 9% of Americans accept this. But for someone who thinks polls are meaningles­s, where did you ever get the idea that “40 percent of those asked, believed in both an evolutiona­ry developmen­t of the human race”? Do you feel strongly both ways? Or is it that you think that you can quote polls but I can’t? Of course you want to redefine the terms. But you can’t. Not even Gallup can. Not even Webster has tried. So until you take control of all the dictionari­es, you’re stuck with Websters’ definition­.
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