Jerry Sandusky Arrested: Ex-Penn State Coach Arrested On New Abuse Charges

This is just the tip of Sandusky’s iceberg.

And Sandusky is just the tip of the iceberg.

Until ALL of the priests who started all this in the first place are ARRESTED, rather than being “punished” by being sent to the Vatican so they can be crammed between 15 centuries of priceless art, this will EXPAND, rapidly.
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Penn State Scandal: Jerry Sandusky Rumored To Have ‘Pimped’ Boys To Donors: REPORT

“In all, five percent (5%) of students (8% of students who ever had sexual intercours­e in their lifetime) could be considered sexual minority youth; that is, they either identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual and/or reported any same-sex sexual contact”

“Self-defi­ned sexual orientatio­n and sexual behavior did not always match. More than half( 53%) of students who identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual had never had any same-sex sexual contact. More than half (55%) of students who had same-sex sexual contact identified as heterosexu­al, and an additional 8% identified themselves as �not sure� of their sexual orientatio­n”

Of the 2% of boys who “identifie­d” as gay or had gay sex:
1. 37% identified as gay (0.74% of total)

2. 63% who had gay sex did NOT identify as gay (1.26% of total).

3. 53% who “identifie­d” as gay had never had gay sex (0.4% of total).

4. 47% who “identifie­d” as gay DID have gay sex (0.35% of total).

5. 4% of ALL boys DID have gay sex.

6. Thus, 3.65% of the boys who had gay sex DID NOT “IDENTIFY AS GAY”!

These are children. This is called rape. If this applies to all 8 million high school age boys in this country, then 292 thousand of them have been raped, and this Sandusky case is the very tip of the ice berg.
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