Jerry Sandusky Arrested: Ex-Penn State Coach Arrested On New Abuse Charges

I sure hope you’re not serious about attempting to equate the worldwide homosexual movement known as the Catholic Church, to the references to the above churchs which CORRECTED their problem. Did these other churches promote GUILTY priests to the Vatican? No. Did these other churches lay around for half a century for the other shoe to drop, like the Catholic Church did? No. Did these other churches have TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY PRIESTS admit to molesting boys, like the Catholic Church ADMITTED to in ONE American city, Boston? No.

What people on HP are scratching their heads over is:

1) HOW does a person who finds boys “sexually attractive­” even get HIRED in the first place.

2) WHY does he find boys “sexually attractive­”?

3) Who other than CATHOLICS would protest their removal, riot in the street, burn news vans and continue to SUPPORT a known and admitted pedophile? No other church would DARE.

All of these mostly Catholic states have many other problems which are non-existe­nt in mostly Protestant states, and as bad as this one is, the other problems are even worse. And nobody trusts them to FIX these problems, even after all these rude revelation­s.
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Jerry Sandusky Bail: Former Penn State Coach Out Of Jail After Posting $250,000 Bail

What’s wrong with his WIFE?!

What about the JUDGE? Or the DA who “disappear­ed”? OR the Popes and Cardinals and Bishops and Priests who PROMOTE legalized sodomy of children? The entire RCC needs to be dismantled­. In this county, people like Ken Teague, who did FAR less damage to children than him, got a life sentence PLUS 108 years. Knowing that, why would Sandusky stick around? Of COURSE he will now “disappear­” just like the DA did.

And you’ll find in crammed between 15 centuries of fine art in the Vatican.
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