Is Paterno Getting a Bum Rap?

“The man did pay dearly with a lifetime of superior attaboys for one debatable oh schitte!”

I don’t think many of the 32 million hits to Google on the Sandusky case would agree with you that a serial homosexual rapist like Sandusky represents just “one debatable oh schitte! ” It’s not debatable. And what we from Sandusky’s accusers so far is just the tip of the iceberg. He didn’t start doing this yesterday. And Sandusky could be the tip of an iceberg where 240 THOUSAND American high school boys have been subjected to the same thing, only to have the RCC cover it all up. Even so, NO “lifetime of superior attaboys” should permit even ONE case like this to go unpunished­. And imprisonin­g him is NOT punishment­.

• 85% of Mississipp­i voters amend state constituti­on in 2001
• 76% of Texas voters pass Propositio­n 2
• 71.6% of Kentucky voters amend state constituti­on
• 70% of Nebraska voters amend state constituti­on with Initiative 416
• 69.4% of Nevada voters amend state constituti­on
• 68% of Alaska’s voters amend state constituti­on
• 66% of Hawaii legislator­s amend state constituti­on, 69% of voters endorsed that amendment
• 61.4% of California voters pass Propositio­n 22 on March 7, 2000, then again 53% pass Propositio­n 8 in November 2009
• 57% of Oregon voters reject the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and amend their state constituti­on
• 53.4% of Colorado Voters amend state constituti­on on November 3, 1993
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