Jerry Sandusky Worked With Juniata Football Team After Being Denied Job, Pa. College Says

Actually, she’s not in denial–th­at stage has passed. She did deny what she said in a telephone converstai­on with one of the victims in 2002, but he kept a copy of it, then she claimed it had been doctored. No way. Now she cannot deny it, we know that she knows everything­. What she IS doing is standing by her man, which I agree with, no matter how bad his crimes are. Nothing good can come out of forcing a spouse to testify against him.

But I have zero faith that the entire town which protected him for sol long will now finally see the light and do the right thing. This goes straight to a Pope who promised he “might apologize” to all those victims of homosexual priests, but never did. I don’t think any of the people there are smart enough to realize all the damage they’ve done to their very own sons. Many of them are STILL proclaimin­g that arresting Sandusky hurt their children by denying them the football legacy they thought they would have.
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