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Cinematography industry is a powerful element of economic growth for many states. World Bank Group member IFC just sindicated $35 million into startup cinematography production. G TR L is a perfecet choice for WBG funding. It sells below 7 cent with a opportunity to reach $3 following a large funding contract. Purchase 8000 shares on Apr, 30th. As World Bank Group backs G TR L, the stock value would hit a dollar.

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Movie industry is a powerful element of economy development for many regions! WBG member IFC just dedicated $33 million into new film company! GTR_L is a good candidate for WBG financing. It trades below 5 cents with a opportunity to hit $1.50 after a large investment round. Add 8000 shares on Apr, 30. As World Bank Group invests GTR_L, the share price can reach a dollar.


Attention alert on G T R L. Cinematography might be presented like financial asset by Bureau. Bureau is changing counting Americas income. A cinematography will be acquired decade after decade be shall accepted as a financial asset it shall be estimated afterwards so the firm value will explode! Flick group G T R L shall be calculated greater then a 2 USD!
Company: Get Real USA
Tick: G T R L
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Company: Get Real USA, Inc.
Symbol traded: G_TRL
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