Do not eat the fruit of the poisonous tree.

Boycott Apple

Ban them from OUR Internet

Banish them from OUR Putative Christian Land

Note that Apple is headquartered in a state where a higher percentage of VOTERS voted to outlaw gay marriage, than the percentage by which his stockholders lost equity. ALREADY this loss EXCEEDS $330 BILLION [66 TIMES as much as President Trump is asking to build the wall with Mexico]. To just get back to where it was BEFORE Tim Cook tried to BANISH GOD just 3 months ago, would require the stock to increase TWO THIRDS. Does Tim Cook view two thirds of the CITIZENS of the state  he is headquartered in, or 92% of the VOTERS in Mississippi, to be “homophobic” JUST because these states outlawed gay marriage? The claim that Apple made a “balanced decision” when they BANNED CHRISTIAN SPEECH, permits us to:
  1. Lobby VOCIFEROUSLY against Apple’s survival.
  2. BAN them from OUR PLATFORM [read: the internet owned by WE THE PEOPLE].
  3. Pray to God for their immediate demise.
  4. BANISH them from OUR land.
Ever since confirmed homosexual Tim Cook banned AMERICAN CITIZENS and “conservatives” like Alex Jones for “homophobia”, their STOCK plunged one third, on par with a loss due to a similar STUPID corporate policy promulgated by Carly Fiorina which caused HP stock to plunge NINETY FIVE percent. I was wrong when I predicted it would plunge only 90%. The value of Apple stock PLUNGED 39%, from 232 to 142, within THREE MONTHS, of banning users from “our platform” [note: his platform uses OUR PLATFORM, which it the internet owned by WE THE PEOPLE], and there is a rare chance that any company can survive after suffering such a HUGE loss. I predict [no, command] that Apple suffer the same financial crisis as HP, the same moral crisis as the last homosexual priest who God struck dead with AIDS, and the same destitution as the illegal alien criminal Mexicans pounding on our door.