55% of Child Murders by Mothers

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Bureau of Justice Statistics Publications Catalog, 1994-95 Bureau of Justice Statistics Jan M. Chaiken Director, NCJ 143498 Murder in Families 12pp, 7/94, 14 tables This BJS Special Report, a survey of murder cases disposed in 1988 in the courts of large urban counties, found that "... women were over half of the defendants (55%) in only one category of family murder: parents killing their offspring."

Mothers killed more than their share of family members "ONLY" when they were killing innocent, defenseless little children? While the media bashes men for being "violent", mothers and women commit 100% of the 1.6 million abortions per year, and "ONLY" 55% of child murders?

" NCJ 153256 Spouse Murder .... Of the spouse murders sampled, 59% were husbands killing wives, and 41% were wives killing husbands." Why doesn't this justice department report use "equal" language, and place the word "ONLY" in the same paragraph in which it states that men are responsible for 59% of spousal murders?

If women committed 55% of child murders, then how many children were murdered by their biological ? The report ignored this aspect, and numerous phone calls to 800/732-3277 failed to produce the correct answer. Thus, an educated guess is necessary. Another federally funded report stated that biological were 7 times less likely to sexually abuse their children than step, and the gross assumption will be made that the same ratio applies to child murders:

"US Office of Technology Assessment,Howard Dubowitz, through a health program to evaluate child abuse, dated May 1987, entitled "Child Maltreatment in the US" ...concluded that 2.3% of sexual abuse of girls was by biological versus 17% by step".

The "Child Maltreatment 1994: Reports from the States to the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect" from HHS shows that 1,111 children died as a result of abuse in 1994. Using this data, and assuming that the ratio of sexual abuse by step to is equivalent to the ratio of child murders, provides the following VERY rough estimate:

Children Killed By Parents 1,111
Mothers 611
Step or Boyfriends 438
Biological Fathers 62

In other words, mothers are 18 times more likely than biological to MURDER their children.

Nobody at the 800 number provided with this report was able to confirm that mothers are responsible for 18 times the number of children killed than biological . As the original data was unavailable the above is JUST an estimate, and might be off by, say, 2 times in either direction.

Women: Estimates from the Redesigned Survey" (NCJ-154348), written by Ronet Bachman, Ph.D., a BJS statistician, and Linda E. Saltzman, Ph.D., a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, may be obtained from the BJS Clearinghouse, Box 179, Annapolis Junction, Maryland 20701-1079. The telephone number is 1-800/732-3277.