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Dear Chief,  I picked this up years ago when I noted that both words “Israel” and “Jacob” occurred within the one verse some eighty to ninety times.  The popular way of handling this is to claim that the words are synonyms, or that it is some figure of speech form in Hebrew.  That is obviously nonsense when the words appear in the way they do within the one verse.  I did not have any commentary that gave a reasonable answer, and even in the Romans 11:26 passage it was converted to a “Jews and Gentiles” context. Or they say, “Jacob became Israel” with no change in identity.

I believe that the word “bekowrah” means “birthright as the first born”.   So I came to a similar conclusion to what yours is, but that there is a lot more to it.  For instance there are such differences as:

  1. The Messiah comes out of Jacob but the Scepter comes out of Israel.
  2. Judgements (mishpat) given to Jacob, but Law (towrah) given to Israel.
  3. Jacob given land of corn and wine, but Israel to dwell safely.
  4. Jacob is his “chosen”, but Israel his “servant”. (This is reversed in some places).
  5. Jacob given to the ‘curse’, but Israel given to ‘reproaches’.
  6. Jacob redeemed, but Israel glorified.
  7. Jacob has transgressions [pesha] whereas Israel has sins [chatt’ah].
  8. Jacob assembles [acaph] whereas Israel gathers [qabats].
  9. No enchantment against Jacob but no divination against Israel.


These differences (and probably others) all needs to be investigated further, because they have a bearing on prophetical interpretation.  I tried to do it  once but never finished. I see you use a Bible program that enables the location of the eighty-odd places where the two words occur within one verse, so have a tab through.  I do not feel particularly capable of writing this up and it would take a book to do it. Quite possibly this has been done by someone already, but I have not found it through Google.










1Ch 5:2  For Judah <03063> prevailed <01396> (8804) above his brethren <0251>, and of him came the chief ruler <05057>; but the birthright <01062> was Joseph’s <03130> :) (AV)


1Ch 5:2  for Judas was very mighty even among his brethren, and one was to be a ruler out of him: but the blessing was Joseph’s).  (LXX)


2Ch 13:18  Thus the children <01121> of Israel <03478> were brought <03665> (8735) under at that time <06256>, and the children <01121> of Judah <03063> prevailed <0553> (8799), because they relied <08172> (8738) upon the LORD <03068> God <0430> of their fathers <01>.  (AV)


2Ch 13:18  So the children of Israel were brought low in that day, and the children of Juda prevailed, because they trusted on the Lord God of their fathers.  (LXX)


I find the above verses of Scripture very interesting and would like to share some thoughts concerning them. I have always had a question as to what Judah did to prevail over his brothers. I have come to believe he did nothing. In 1 Ch 5:2  of the AV it says “…but the birthright was Joseph’s.” Note, however, the LXX reads (…but the blessing was Joseph’s.”  I believe the LXX version is correct.  The birthright would normally go to the oldest son and if he were disqualified for some reason to the next oldest, then to the next and so on.  Jacob’s sons were Ruben, Simeon, Levi and Judah in order of their birth. The first three sinned in such a manner as to lose the birthright so Judah prevailed. Simple as that! It’s not what he did; it’s what he didn’t do. The birthright was Judah’s so from him came the chief ruler BUT THE BLESSING WAS JOSEPH’S.


Now let us dig a little deeper. Suppose a man named Jones has eleven sons. The son’s names would be Jones of course. Now suppose this man changes his name to Smith. His sons would still be Jones’ unless they each changed their name. If this man now has another son, his name would be Smith.  Eleven sons would be called Jones and one son would be called Smith.


So it was with Jacob. He had eleven sons. Their last name, so to speak, was “ben Jacob.” They were Jacobites.  Then God changed Jacobs name to Israel.  The


eleven sons were still Jacobites – their names did not change! Israel then had a twelfth son – Benjamin. Benjamin was born an Israelite. None of the other sons were born Israelites.


Gen 48:15  And he blessed <01288> (8762) Joseph <03130>, and said <0559> (8799), God <0430>, before <06440> whom my fathers <01> Abraham <085> and Isaac <03327> did walk <01980> (8694), the God <0430> which fed <07462> (8802) me all my life long <05750> unto this day <03117>, (AV)


Gen 48:15  And he blessed them and said, The God in whose sight my fathers were well pleasing, even Abraam and Isaac, the God who continues to feed me from my youth until this day; (LXX)


Gen 48:16  The Angel <04397> which redeemed <01350> (8802) me from all evil <07451>, bless <01288> (8762) the lads <05288>; and let my name <08034> be named <07121> (8735) on them, and the name <08034> of my fathers <01> Abraham <085> and Isaac <03327>; and let them grow <01711> (8799) into a multitude <07230> in the midst <07130> of the earth <0776>. (AV)


Gen 48:16  the angel who delivers me from all evils, bless these boys, and my name shall be called upon them, and the name of my fathers, Abraam and Isaac; and let them be increased to a great multitude on the earth. (LXX)


In the above verses the blessing is being given to Joseph. The birthright was Judah’s and the blessing was Joseph’s. Also, we find Israel adopting the two sons of Joseph. In giving the blessing to Ephraim and Manasseh their grandfather said “let my name (Israel) be named (placed) upon them.” Question: If they were already Israelites, why did he need to place his name upon them? Answer:  They were Jacobites and were adopted as Israelites.


After this there are three tribes having the name Israel. Benjamin by birth - Ephraim and Manasseh by adoption. I believe the remaining tribes of Jacob must be adopted into Israel at some time. Do a search and you will see how many times Israel and Jacob are addressed in the same verse/sentence of scripture as different entities.  Of course when all the tribes are under the same government they are, as a whole, addressed as Israel.


Would like to hear from any of you on this matter.






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