Mastermind of Zion



Sun Tzu in The Art of War tells us exactly how the Mastermind will build up a scapegoat like jews and Zionism and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion to deflect attention from himself and his fellow Zionists (most if not all of whom claim to be jews).  Sun Tzu was right—the Mastermind followed his instructions to the letter just like he said he would, and the European/American mind was unable to follow this Asian logic today just as our White ancestors the Druids were millennia ago.  We all watched the puppet in his left hand intensely and none of us (except perhaps Ron Paul) ever saw his right hand in our pocket, the perfect magic trick which lifted $36 trillion from our bank account and added $133 trillion to his, just in the last four decades.

The Emperor signed and the Japanese are under the unconditional surrender, right?  Not exactly--his cousin was appointed for the express purpose of signing it, and was removed from that office a month later, making it null and void and giving the Japanese people the perfect breathing space they need to quintuple their war effort against us Gaijin without being burdened by losing a war.  And they did exactly that.

If you’ve ever spoken to a Japanese citizen about this surrender and been curious about their response, you now know why.  Japanese schools never even mention it, just like they never mention the Rape of Nanking or the Rape of Korea.  Such subjects are almost as taboo as their real savings rate which is much higher than the official 33% reported in Asian Week, and which in one month (a December) resulted in an average of $10,000 dollars being ADDED to the Mastermind’s account, in the form of the Postal Savings Account, on top of the $133 trillion and 45 tons of plutonium1 already there.  To accomplish this, they put the White man under the slavery he so sorely wants and so richly deserves.

Which White politician objected?  None, not even Ron Paul.

Are the Japanese people hiding this from us and our politicians and our educators?  Is the Japanese government concealing any of the evidence?  Not exactly:  anyone with an internet connection and the ability to add and subtract will trip all over it, but most just dismiss it as it’s too far outside of their cocoon, cognitive dissonance causes headaches, and besides, the Japanese suffered from the Asian Economic Crisis, too.  Right?  Having lived in Japan, having been the only Gaijin employee out of hundreds of Japanese employees, and being slightly familiar with Sun Tzu and Asian humility, I’ve got no doubt whatsoever that their actual savings rate and the savings level in the Postal Savings Account could be two or even three times greater than the official rate and level.  Their real, and only, economic crisis is the large number of men now retiring whose savings rate officially drops from 33% to “only” 23%.

We need a crisis like that.

Few now remember that before Congress almost unilaterally passed the 55 mph speed limit (which saved neither lives nor fuel), we built the best, most powerful, fastest cars in the world in which 70 mph was way too low, and we had 70% of the world auto market.  This single law crippled the US auto industry and made Japanese cars which couldn’t even drive over 55 mph at the time much more popular, ultimately reducing our share of the market to less than 20% and increasing their share to more than 70%.  It was a $35 trillion boom for the Mastermind and a disaster for us Gaijin which cost BOTH lives and oil, in addition to tens of trillions of dollars.

When Congress passed the restrictive tariffs on semiconductor imports from Japan in a futile attempt to prop up our affirmative-action-bound semiconductor industry (who made chips four times as expensive and one fourth the performance as those from Japan), 100% of what remained of our once-profitable electronics industry (the consumers of those semiconductors) stood up and moved to Asia, mostly to Japan, putting another $10 trillion in his account.  Even quarter of a century ago, in 1982, when we actually had half the world semiconductor market, the vast majority of the design engineers were Chinese who were right off the boat and could barely even speak English.  The only visible White men were those “in marketing” whose real job was just to communicate with the foreign engineers.

It’s gotten worse since then—much worse.  The percent of high schoolers who pass calculus (real calculus, not “pre-calculus” or “new math”) increased to 95% there and decreased to less than 3% here.  While their teachers are free to teach real math like calculus, ours are teaching the phony misnamed “new math”, tripping all over themselves proving they’re not racists or sexists, administering Ritalin to boys who reject and thus flunk out of their multiculturalism and sensitivity classes, and boasting about how much is wasted on American “education” as if though ever more dollars are the solution.   American Shoe moved to Asia where people can make shoes, getting out from under frivolous discrimination lawsuits from illiterate (mathematically and linguistically) psychotropic drug users whose only claim to fame is an ‘A’ in Sensitivity Class. 

Affirmative action was outlawed by two thirds of California voters with Proposition 209, it was outlawed in Japan in 1986, yet the Mastermind profits so much from it here that he used his complete control of our communications channels, including the internet now, to keep it alive in federal employment and in states who don’t even know how Proposition 209 applies to them.  Japan manufactures most of our birth control pills while outlawing it there, dumping tons of estrogen in our water supply while keeping theirs estrogen-free.




1Plutonium costs $4,000 per gram. There are 907,185 grams per ton, so the value of 45 tons of plutonium is ($4,000 x 45 x 907,185 grams = ) $163.3 billion.