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Mexican Crime

11:00 pm Friday, November 30, 2007

Within 24 hours of replacing a window on our car which was broken by Mexicans just so they could steal the radio, Mexicans broke the small side window on the door of our motor home, reached through the hole and unlocked the door, tracked grease all over the new carpet, ransacked the place, and stole a brand new jack, brand new converter, brand new auxiliary power and lamp unit, brand new battery, and other things which have yet to be detailed.

Since it was parked within sight of the parking lot of the apartment complex, and within sight of the security guard, the odds were good that someone might have seen who it was.  Upon returning, the security guard was walking away from that direction, so I asked her if she’d seen anything.  Her first reaction was “no”, but after pressing her if she’d seen anyone break into the motor home which was parked in her sight right behind her, she admitted that she had, but could not tell me who they were because she was scared.  She had a radio in her hand and was speaking Spanish to someone on the other end, a radio on which presumably she could have called the police.  But rather than calling the police, she said when she saw them that the owner was right close by and was coming and warned them to leave. I later noticed that a side screen had been removed and thrown over the fence into the parking lot of the complex, indicating that they had been working on breaking in for a while before they decided to just shatter the small window.

I asked them if she saw them carrying anything, and she said no.  The jack they stole was so heavy it would have taken two people to get it out of the motor home.  So either they broke in once and took the above items and then came back again when she confronted them and prevented them from stealing any more, or she lied to cover up her failure to prevent them from taking these things or call the police.  If she really was afraid, I don’t want to put her into any danger, as she really didn’t have to admit that she witnessed the crime in the first place.  If she’s lying, that’s a different story.  It has not been comfortable to have a Mexican as a security guard in the first place. To have a woman Mexican as a security guard quadruples the concern.  To have one who’s just barely tall enough to see in the window of the motor home compounds the problem.  To have one who’s too afraid to call the police when she, a security guard, witnesses a crime, makes it totally unacceptable.



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