Affirmative Action and College Admissions


Because of affirmative action, 60% of admissions to many colleges today are women and only 40% are men.   Did women, or men, benefit from such systemic discrimination?

The Graduate Record Exam, the most credible measure the results of a college education, suggests not.  The GRE tests students for their ability to do critical thinking AFTER they have completed most or all of their undergraduate college education, and it suggests that all this anti-male bias accomplished was to water down standards.  364,606 of the nation's top students took this test in 1997 in order to compete for admission to graduate schools across the country.  A flaw in the GRE is the same flaw that exists in all tests from the Educational Testing Service, namely that ETS doesn't adjust for guesses on multiple choice questions nor for many of the questions which are pure memorization questions, both of which constitute an uncomfortably high percentage of their tests.

Ignoring that one detail, feminists might be ecstatic that 43% more women than men took the test (214,998 women versus 149,608 men).  It is this type of systemic discrimination against men which makes their day.   But what they always ignore is that the performance of American women college students who are coddled from cradle to grave, who are the beneficiaries of thousands of federal laws which are designed to be biased against men in order to "compensate for thousands of years of discrimination against women", who compete for the nation's top jobs based on their "success" in college,  is dismal   The mean score of American women college graduates on the quantitative GRE is 504, which is 72 points lower than American men (576) and 171 points lower than foreign men (675).  Because the standard deviation for women was 119 (9 points lower than for American men and 3 points lower for foreign men), the gap for the top students was even bigger, 81 and 174 points respectively.

There is a huge gap between the 22,293 Blacks and 215,423 Whites who took the GRE of 124 points, but even this huge gap pales by comparison to the 174 point gap between the upper end of the foreign men and American women who took the GRE.  The 59 point gap between Blacks and Mexicans has gotten a lot of press lately, but this gap is only one third the size.  The 42 point gap between Black men and Black women is only one fourth the size.  This is a gap through which the Space Shuttle could easily pass.

GRE shows that 36,461 men score higher than the top two percentile of women, at 742.  Even though men are only 41% of those who take the GRE, 25% of the men score higher than ALL of the women.  From the SAT Math we know that two thirds of the students who score higher than 550 are boys, who constituted only 40% of college admissions.  If those more highly qualified boys had been admitted to college, and if ALL of those taking the GRE had been men, then 91,115 men would have scored higher than 742. 

All affirmative action did was reduce the number of qualified college graduates by 60%.  It didn't improve anybody one bit, and in fact put unqualified women in positions which their potential husbands WOULD have held had aa not existed.  Because these unqualified women are in positions which they can't handle, their incomes decreased dramatically, which is why American family purchasing power today is one third of what it was in 1973.  GRE dispels the notion that you can rob Peter and Paul to pay Mary, and improve Mary.

This graph shows the GRE data as presented by the ETS.

greaa1.gif (22839 bytes)

This graph shows the GRE data adjusted for multiple choice guesses and memorization questions.  Note that half of American men and all the foreign men score higher than the top two percentile of women.

greaa2.gif (22839 bytes)


Do Americans support such anti-men bias?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Not blacks, not women, and not any other subgroups of American society, support what the jewish controlled media and courts have crammed down our throats:

Nearly nine in ten (88%) Florida voters - including 74% of blacks - say that race should not be a factor in admission to a public university or college. Similarly, a Zogby International poll two years ago found the same level of support across the nation (87%) for such a ban, with 76% of black Americans in support.