Affirmative Action and kavking

Subject: Re: Should Women Have the Right to Vote?
Date: 10/06/2000
In article <[email protected]>,
[email protected] (Kavking) wrote:
> >> "Rich" wrote
> >> > You mean Kavking? She does not object to AA, she objects
> >> > to telling the truth about AA, she's said many times that
> >> > it's all but gone.
> Talk about your lack of veracity.
> I have always said that aa is a lose-lose situation for everyone. I have never
> supported aa in any of it's incarnations, and have pointed out how it's even
> bad for women and minorities.

On first glance, the mere fact that you "supported aa in [at least one] of it's incarnations" in THIS very post suggests that you are a bald- faced LIAR.

But when your previous posts are taken into account, it is clear that you are merely mentally incompetent to evaluate aa, and your "thoughts" about it.

Or that, at the least, you are incapable of presenting a cogent thought.

You also accused Rich: "You are one of the stupidist people I have ever met.__ I say that I agree that aa is wrong, and you turn it into my universal support. Only you could do that."

The word is "stupidest". And it is you who is perhaps the stupidest person Rich has had the displeasure of dealing with.

What you REALLY "think" about aa was revealed when Rich said "aa ... has been WRONG, in every form", and you said:

> No, there was a time when we needed serious intervention. When
> minorities and women were not being given jobs that they were eminently
> qualified for, simply becuase they were minorities or women, or in some cases
> both.

It's hard to imagine that you are so STUPID as to argue both that aa is WRONG, and that it is RIGHT, all in the same post, but here it is for the world to see.

You want proof, Kavking? Read your own post.

Aa is systematic discrimination, and that is WRONG.

You claim you never supported aa in "any incarnation", and in the SAME post support it, in its worst incarnation--systematic.

Do you also believe in just a "little" murder (like when "only" 1,173 innocent little children are murdered by their mothers every year), or just a "little" pregnant, but not entirely pregnant?

When you say "I believe in just a LITTLE discrimination, like against men but not against women", you open up the entire Pandorra's Box to government intrusion in private religious, family, and business affairs which the Constitution specifically prohibited, successfully, for almost two centuries, until you lame brains gained the majority vote.

This has not been good for women either. You feminists are the worst thing that ever happened to the American woman.

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