Aaron Russo



One hour and 45 minutes into a documentary which had the promise to restore our constitutional rights, Aaron Russo COMPLETELY destroyed his entire supposed agenda when he crammed Mr. Thomas Jefferson between two despicable niggers--Michael King, aka. Martin Luther King, and Gandhi.

First, these are REPULSIVE images all by themselves, without even considering how demeaning it is to the memory of a great White man, Thomas Jefferson.  If Mr. Jefferson were alive today, Russo would be lying dead on the ground from the bullet fired in the duel Mr. Jefferson would have challenged him to.

Maybe worse, as if though anything could be worse, is that Gandhi and MLK stood for the exact OPPOSITE of what Mr. Jefferson stood for, which is FREEDOM for WHITE men, and particularly FREEDOM from other races, and in particular freedom from niggers.  Card Carrying Communist MLK's grandest achievement was the 1964 Civil Rights Act which COMPLETELY destroyed every vestige of the type of constitution our Founding Fathers had in mind, in addition to making the condition of niggers even WORSE than before.   Gandhi's grandest achievement, other than to support the three caste system of India to his dying days, was to use the courts to force the British to allow niggers from India to ride on the train with Whites from Britain so they didn't have to ride with niggers from Africa, who he called khaffirs

You could not select two other people on the entire planet whose ideals and goals are any more different than and contradictory to those of Mr. Jefferson and our other Founding Fathers.  Hoping to restore the nation and Constitution built by WHITE men without FIRST separating the races would be like hoping to get the Boeing 747 which crashed in Lockerbie, Scotland, up and running by pumping up a few tires.  Certainly astute people like Russo must know, or at least sense, that the *original* Constitution and its Bill of Rights were consistent with God's Law, and that not a single amendment since then, and particularly the Fourteenth Amendment, is?

Why are so many WHITE "American" men driven to shoot themselves in the foot before they even take the first step?