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Eighty Two Reasons to Abolish God's Law

The Torah, the first five books of the Holy Bible

Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish aught from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you, Deuteronomy 4:2

The following responses from judeochristians in a November 29, 2003 Paltalk forum dealt mostly with how to abolish God's Law, rather than what we need to do to uphold it.

  1. Christ came to "fulfil" the law, so we are no longer under God's Law.
  2. I haven't had a drink in 25 years so I'm doing my part to uphold God's Law.
  3. Someone who hasn't lived his life like Christ should not judge others.
  4. Punishment is supposed to be by stoning, and stoning means to toss little pebbles at the offenders.
  5. We can't enforce this law--everyone would be in prison.
  6. Christ "hated" dietary and sacrificial laws, so He intended to throw out such obsolete laws.
  7. This means that we should not eat pork.
  8. Christ didn't stone the adulteress, so obviously this law has been done away with.
  9. Christ abolished the penalty for violating the law.
  10. We need to put such laws in context--obviously you can't punish everone who commits adultery.
  11. We need to examine this law to see what it means before we uphold it.
  12. We aren't ready yet to uphold this law.
  13. Everyone is a sinner.
  14. This is from the Old Testament, we are in New Testament times now.
  15. Christ died on the cross for MY sins, so I no longer am under the law.
  16. We are supposed to be a "light unto the nations" (implying that the "light unto the nations" doesn't need to mess with piddly details like God's Law).
  17. These are just recommendations--the real law is "written in our hearts".
  18. It is not for us to judge people, Christians are to let God judge such things.
  19. Those who fail to live by the law written in their hearts will ultimately receive their just punishment.
  20. We will not find "salvation" by following the letter of the law.
  21. David violated the law and was not punished for it.
  22. Are you without sin?
  23. I grew up in a family that didn't even know this law.
  24. Many people don't know God.
  25. You can't make people believe.
  26. I can't say "if my neighbor's committing adultery, I'll go over and stone them to death".
  27. I'm just a peon, I can't do anything about the law.
  28. We don't live in a nation which would offer that option.  If we did, I would go along with it totally.
  29. Have you lived the law from the day you were born?
  30. Then there are none of us who will be in the kingdom.
  31. Shouldn't the man be put to death, too?
  32. I am not without sin so how can I judge others?
  33. We all fall short of God's glory.
  34. I don't have to live by that law, I'm not unrighteous.
  35. Do I want to stone someone outside of a courthouse for adultery?
  36. I'm really offended that you're talking about stoning the adulteress, but not the adulterer (even though the scripture which is quoted focuses on the man rather than the woman).
  37. I am not a sinner, so I'm no longer under the law.
  38. Our sinful ways are justified by faith in Yahshua.
  39. Nobody is justified by the law.
  40. If that's the case--then why follow it?
  41. "Fully preach" and "fulfill" mean exactly the same thing (except that if we change Matthew 5:17 to "I have come not to abolish but to fully preach", then you--not I--have to live by all 617 laws in the Old Testament).
  42. You'll be accused of anti-Semitism.
  43. You'll be accused of Puritanism.
  44. This is the greatest nation on earth.
  45. People are knocking the doors down to get into the country.
  46. The USA is the "new Israel".
  47. The system is working, isn't it?
  48. Nobody can uphold or live under 617 laws.
  49. God is a forgiving God, isn't He--how could He expect us to live under such restrictive laws?
  50. We are under grace, not law.
  51. How can we uphold God's Law when we no longer have a temple?
  52. Since the temple was destroyed, it's been impossible to follow the law like it's written.
  53. Where are we going to find the Levite Priests needed to uphold God's Law?
  54. Upholding God's Law means that we would all have to grow rams in order to have a sacrifice.
  55. Where are we going to grow all the sheep?
  56. Certainly God doesn't really think that killing bunny rabbits will show that our hearts are with God.
  57. Jesus Christ hated animal sacrifices.
  58. Rapists should be executed but adultery is a personal choice, not a crime.
  59. It's our judeochristian preachers who caused all of this.
  60. The judeochristian preachers are the ones who need to be punished for this.
  61. The "tittle" is only a reference to the Hebrew exclamation marks which are now irrelevant.
  62. Animal sacrifices [read: God's Law] were abolished in Jeremiah 7:22.
  63. And in Hebrews 10:8.
  64. And in Galatians 3:19.
  65. And in Deuteronomy 4:8.
  66. And in Colossians 2:14.
  67. Why should wives have to stay in abusive relationships?
  68. My husband was a drunk and an abuser [read: following God's Law means I would have to stay with him].
  69. Adultery laws no longer apply because Christ could have stoned the adulteress and didn't.
  70. Wives need an easy way out of their vows to God so how can they do that if they are prohitibted by such restrictive laws?
  71. Wake up, this is the new age, not neolithic times.
  72. Love the lord with all your heart and we've upheld all of them.
  73. None of the Israelites are rulling their country under the ideology of demcracy
  74. It is not a christian foundation, so we have to focus on ourselves, our church and possibly our community. Are these laws kept here?
  75. I think you're talking about Israelites as a whole.
  76. We're no longer together so how can we follow the law?
  77. There is no Temple.
  78. Thou shall not kill - in Texas it is capital punishment
  79. The concubine laws do not apply here in USA.
  80. I still dont understand what he means.
  81. We cannot judge anyone unless we've lived a life like Christ.
  82. This old law was only for jews [added by strider_atx] April 10, 2004