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Subject: [SonsofLiberty] Aborigines Wriped Out Original "Aussies"


[Ed: In much the same way as Negroes wiped out the original
inhabitants of South Africa when they migrated southwards]:

Appeared in the OTTAWA CITIZEN, June 22, 2000
The rock drawings nobody wants to talk about
Michael Bradley
Gentlemen, Once again I can report of similarities of the North
America experience here in Australia.

In 1999 Ancient Egyptian rock carvings were discovered in a cave
near Gosford (60 Kms north of Sydney) on the New South Wales mid-
coast. The man who discovered these carvings, photographed them and
reported his find to the NSW Govt. The carvings were studied by
Anthropologists and were verified as being of Egyptian origin and
stem from approx 1000 BC. Some time shortly after the Government had
inspected and verified these carvings, a group of Aborigines arrived
at the cave and totally destroyed the carvings. (Any person in NSW
defacing or destroying Aboriginal rock carvings is liable for a fine
of $5000 and a jail term)

The man who discovered the carvings knows the whereabouts of further
such Egyptian carvings in other caves, but does NOT intend to inform
the Government again.

Meanwhile up north in Queensland at a place called AIRIE BEACH a
stone "Wharf" has been discovered under the tropical ocean. This
stone wharf has been cut in such a way as to show that three ships
could dock there at one time. The interesting thing about this wharf
are the ancient Phoenician symbols carved into the stone.

Most people today believe the PC Story that the Aborigines arrived
in Australia over 40.000 years ago, they also believe the Aborigines
were a highly intelligent race who invented the Boomerang, the
Woomera (A device for increasing the speed of a thrown spear), and
the Didjeridoo. However latest reports from Anthropologists, who
have been dating the oldest known Aboriginal artifacts, suggest
the Aboriginals , who have no numbering system and therefore cannot
count, were the third group to arrive. A tribe from Papua New Guinea
known as Negriten were among the first people to arrive. The Negriten
are. in their physical appearance noticeably different to the
Aboriginies. And of course the Ancient Egyptians also arrived before
the Aborigines.

The Aboriginals came down from Southern India around 2000 years ago
and they brought the Indian dog (now known as the Dingo) with them.
Before the warlike Aboriginals killed and ate the other two groups
they stole the Boomerang and Woomera off the Egyptians (Egyptian
Pharaohs often carried boomerang shaped jewelry around their necks).
AND an email from the World Boomerang Assoc confirmed to me that the
oldest discovered boomerangs (found in Poland) are at least 10.000
years older than the oldest discovered Aboriginal boomerangs. It is
also questionable as to whether the Aborigines could have ever
hollowed out and 'created' a didjeridoo because they had no cutting
tools. Even the primitive canoe they had was not cut out of a tree
stump, but was hollowed out using burning wood.

A small group of Negriten living on the island of Tasmania survived
the Aboriginal attacks right up until after white settlers arrived
and in the 30's photos of them were taken and still exist as proof
of their existence.The Australian Aboriginal who ran around the bush
and desert totally naked, had no written language, they had no
numbering system, in hard times killed and ate their Grandparents
for food and otherwise lived on a diet of grubs, snakes, lizards..
is now being sold to the world as the "noble bush wanderer" who
showed incredible talents for art and dance.