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Current Law Permits Abortion Through 9 Months of Pregnancy

A Child's Right to Life





Aborted by saline injection, 4-1/2 months old.

In America today, abortion is legal until birth.


(Courtesy of Debbie Hudnell, Victory for the Unborn,

P.O. Box 690762, TX 77269-0762)




A new American citizen, a baby girl, is born.

Did she deserve legal protection before birth?


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1120 F Street, Marysville, CA 95901)


When Did Your

Life Really



When Did You

Become a Complete

Human Being?


Impossible as it may seem to some

readers, we each begin our life as a com-

plete human being, as we shall see; and our

beginning occurs ". . . when a wriggling

sperm plunges head-long into a mature

ovum or egg [M.A. Gilbert]."

Wrote researchers Horan, Gorby, and

Hilgers: "Individual human life begins at

conception. . . . This is a fact so well estab-

lished that no intellectually honest physi-

cian in full command of modern medical

knowledge would dare deny it. There is no

authority in medicine or biology who can

be cited to refute this concept."

"But does that mean this young life is

complete?" one may ask.

Responds noted French geneticist Dr.

Jerome Lejeune, discoverer of Down Syn-

drome: "If a fertilized egg is not by itself a

full human being it could not become a

man, because something would have to be

added to it, and we know that does not

happen. . . . This is not opinion; it is a fact."

How then can abortion be legal, espe-

cially in America?

For an answer, let us scan history and

recall institutional slavery, sweat shops,

and civil rights atrocities, all on our soil.

Elsewhere, the gulag, Auschwitz, and vir-

tual genocide against segments of a popu-

lation come to mind-all legal at the time.

We must realize America is not immune to

grave injustice-and we must end our own

holocaust, which has claimed 38 million

lives through surgical abortions alone.



For further insight into when human

life begins, let's turn not to theologians and

philosophers, but to biologists, whom the

Supreme Court chose to ignore in 1973.

Here we meet Leo Schneider, who

reminds us that "You are composed of

trillions of cells now, but at one time in

your life you were just a single cell." Yet,

as a single cell, "you" were information-

ally complete and unique, with sufficient

content to fill "1000" volumes of


clop�dia Britannica.

The Position of Modern Science on the

Beginning of Human Life

answers the ques-

tion "When did your life begin?" by taking

us back in time, as follows: "Before you

were an adult, you were an adolescent, and

before that a child, and before that an

infant. Before you were an infant-i.e.,

before you were born-you were a fetus,

and before that an embryo. Before you

were an embryo, around the time of your

own implantation, you were a blastocyst,

and before that a morula, and before that a

zygote or fertilized ovum. However, you

were never a sperm or an unfertilized ovum.

Therefore, while life is continuous, your

life began when the nucleus of your father's

sperm fused with the nucleus of your

mother's ovum, or at fertilization."

Or in the words of Ingleman, Sund-

berg and Wirsen: "When does an embryo

in a human mother become a human being?

It has been one all the time, since the mo-

ment of conception." To which Thomas W.

Hilgers has added: "It is at this moment that

a totally new and unique individual, never

before in existence and never again to be

duplicated, comes to be."

Humanhood is, therefore, a progres-

sion of the same person from conception to

old age and death, and both Webster and

biology define person as "an individual

human being."

spect more, the one who aborted her child

conceived through rape or the one who

gave birth, with compassion and courage?


To reduce illegal back-alley abortions:


Prior to legalization, 90% of illegal abor-

tions in America were performed by li-

censed physicians. Abortion proponents,

as Planned Parenthood, misrepresent the

number of deaths from"back-alley clinics"

by using false estimates of 5,000 to 10,000

deaths annually before

Roe v. Wade,


as in 1972, for example, one year before

legalization of abortion in all 50 states, on-

ly 39 abortion deaths were reported (Cen-

ters for Disease Control, Nov. 1980).

In truth, more women are injured by

abortion today than before it was legalized,

simply because the number of elective sur-

gical abortions has risen from approxi-

mately 100,000 to 1.4 million annually.

To prevent child abuse:

Abortion is,

itself, the ultimate form of child abuse and

child dehumanization, and contrary to what

many Americans assume, children from

unplanned pregnancies represent only a

small percentage of abuse cases each year

in the U.S. For a fuller discussion of abuse,

see "`Unwanted Pregnancies,' Child Abuse,

and Abortion," on p. 2 of this pamphlet.

To save relationships:


Emily Milling studied over 400 couples

and found that 70% of their relationships


ended within one month of their abortion.



ciologist Arthur Shostak found that three

out of four male respondents had persistent

day and night dreams about " the child that

never was." And Linda Bird Franke has

written: "In my research, almost every rela-

tionship between single people broke up

either before or after the abortion [

The Am-

bivalence of Abortion,


A woman has a "right" to control her

own body:

Yes, but not another individual's

body, which the unborn child's body surely

is. Can one body have two blood types or

be both male and female? Can one body

outgrow itself? Dr. A. W. Liley, "Father of

Fetology," has stated: "Biologically, at no

stage can we subscribe to the view that the

fetus is a mere appendage of the mother.

Genetically, mother and baby are separate

individuals from conception ["The Termi-

nation of Pregnancy or the Extermination

of the Fetus?" a speech, Nov. 18, 1970].

As to the legalization of abortion-on-

demand, many legal scholars agree with

Professor John Hart Ely


former Dean of

Stanford Law School


who has stated that

Roe v. Wade

"is not constitutional law and

gives almost no sense of an obligation to

try to be [82

Yale Law Review

, 920 (1973]."

Once pregnant, a woman best controls her

body by protecting her baby's sanctuary,

as much medical data confirms.

To prevent possible suicide:


have consistently shown abortion to be a

primary cause of suicide and pregnancy to

be a strong curb against it-even among

women who were refused abortions before

they were legal (see the research of Suiciders

Anonymous, J. Ottosson, Whitlock & Ed-

wards, M. Sim, and Minnesota Maternal

Mortality Committee).

To relieve stress:

Dr. Anne Speckhard,

researcher into the long-term manifesta-

tions of abortion (5-10 years later), found

that 81% of mothers reported continuing

preoccupation with their aborted child, that

54% were still experiencing nightmares,

35% were experiencing perceived visita-


tions with their child, and that 96% felt their


abortion had taken a human life (doctoral

dissertation, Univ. of Minnesota, 1985).

To protect a woman's mental health:

Proponents of abortion have relied heavily

on this argument, but as early as 1970 the

World Health Organization

officially re-

ported: "Serious mental disorders arise

more often in women




serious mental

problems. Thus, the very (cont. on p. 2)


What are the facts surrounding abor-

tion, and how valid are the arguments used

to defend it? To follow is an assessment:


A woman should have a choice:


a woman conceives, she becomes a mother

with child, and her only choice is to be the

mother of either a live baby or a dead one.

Abortion cannot end a woman's mother-

hood. It can only end the life of her baby,

and she must forever live with that reality.

Susan Carpenter McMillan has stated:

"As a feminist, I believe strongly in a

woman's right of choice. But with abor-

tion, we're really talking about the rights of

human beings versus the `right' of an indi-

vidual to kill another human being. We're

talking about someone's right to live ver-

sus someone's right to choose death for

another person. We're talking about life

versus a lifestyle."

In case of rape:

Conception from rape

is rare, for several reasons: women can

conceive only a few days monthly; they

may be of non-childbearing age; many are

on birth control; fear and anguish can delay

ovulation; and rapists are often disfunc-

tional. Research estimates range from 30 to

500 conceptions from rape yearly in the


U.S. (

Abortion Questions & Answers

, 1991).


Should conception from rape occur,

abortion is not a solution. Instead, it will

likely be a second traumatic experience for

the mother, complete with memory that her

innocent child was killed for its father's

crime. In the words of Meta Uchtman, of

Suiciders Anonymous:" We found this ex-

perience [rape] is forgotten, replaced by

remembering the abortion, because it is

what they did [Report to Cincinnati City

Council, Sept. 1, 1981]."

Expressed otherwise, consider how

similar rape and abortion actually are. Both

are violent acts against innocent victims

who are given no value by their aggressor.

And which mother would the reader re-




(cont. on p. 3)


A Woman's Right to Choice


America Must Decide

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Many Americans assume a correlation exists between "unwanted pregnancies" and

child abuse. Behind their slogan "Every Child a Wanted Child," Planned Parenthood

kills over 130,000 children in their own U.S. clinics annually and then claims to have

"saved" those "unwanted children" from parental abuse.

The evidence tells a different story. In her research article "The Myth: Unplanned

Pregnancies Lead to Child Abuse," Dr. Wanda Franz

wrote: "In every major child-abuse center, the data collected

on families who have been identified as abusers indicate

that the vast majority `wanted' their children before they

were born. The percentages of `wantedness' ranged from

91 percent to 96 percent, depending on the study."

That conclusion is supported by the research of Dr.

Edward Lenoski of the USC School of Medicine, Depart-

ment of Pediatrics, who found that abused children came

from planned pregnancies in over 90 percent of the 674

cases he studied first hand. He further noted that, on average, abusing mothers put on

maternity clothes at 114 days into their pregnancies, compared to 171 days nationally,

and that abusing fathers named their sons after themselves 24 percent of the time,

compared to only 4 percent nationally (


, Dec. 1980).

But while the correlation between unwanted children and child abuse is minor, a

strong correlation exists between abuse and abortion. Prominent researcher and psychiatry

professor Dr. Philip Ney has written: "Our study indicates that child abuse is more

frequent among mothers who have previously had an abortion. The mother's guilt or

high expectations may be reasons why there is this high correlation. A more plausible

cause is that because of guilt, there is antepartum depression that interferes with the

mother's ability to bond."

Emphasizing that acceptance of violence inside the womb has weakened parents'

resistance to violence outside the womb, Dr. Ney has further noted:



decreases a parent's instinctual restraint against occasional

rage felt toward a child.


Permissive abortion diminishes

restraint against aggressing the defenseless.



increases hostility between generations.


Abortion has

devalued life.


Abortion increases guilt and self-hatred,

which the parent releases against the child.



increases hostile frustration between sexes, for which the

child is the scapegoat [

Child and Family

, Vol. 19 No. 2,


After legalizing abortion on demand in 1973, America

saw a 500 percent increase in child abuse by 1982, from 167,000 cases to 929,000.

Following legalization in New York City, child abuse rose over 300 percent during

the next three years, while the city's population was declining by 150,000. Similarly,

Hyde Amendment testimony (1980) noted that with fewer and fewer infants born,

America has more and more abuse of children. Within the same month, two New York

Times headlines read: "Nation Found Near Point of No Unwanted Pregnancies" and

"Child Abuse Epidemic, HEW Says." By 1986, abuse cases had risen to 2.1 million

yearly, as reported by the National Center for Child Abuse and Neglect.

In October, 1988, a zoning appeals

board in Milwaukee, due to public outrage,


ended the local Pet Lawn Cemetery and Cre-


matory's incineration of aborted babies-

done as a "service to abortion clinics."

Pet Lawn was paid "a flat rate for so

many pounds" of fetal remains, according

to the manager. And while the babies' ashes

were buried without markings, the pets re-

ceived tombstones, flowers, prayers, and

epitaphs, such as "Our Beloved Rover,

we've committed you into the loving arms

of Jesus."

Relative to such injustice, Judge John

T. Noonan, professor of law at Harvard and

Berkeley, and



now Ninth Circuit appellate

court jurist, has written: "[There] are no

laws which regulate the suffering of the

aborted like those sparing pain to dying

animals. There is nothing like the require-

ments that consciousness must be destroyed by rapid and effective methods as it is for

cattle . . . nothing like the safeguard ex-









Abortion not only increases the

rate of child battering at present; it will

increase the tendency to batter and abort

in succeeding generations.




-Professor Philip G. Ney,

Infant Abortion and Child Abuse: Cause and Effect


tended even to new-born kittens that only a

humane mode of death may be employed


[Life Cycle

, Spring, 1984]." Where, the judge


asks, is our soul, our mind, and our courage?

In his book

A Private Choice

, Judge

Noonan lists 12 reasons why the "liberty" of

abortion is seriously damaging our nation.

His reasons follow in abbreviated form:


The liberty of abortion has no foundation in

the Constitution.


The Abortion Cases

rest on serious error.


) The liberty is de-

structive of family.


The liberty oppresses

the poor.


The liberty violates the ethics of

Western medicine from Hippocrates to the



The liberty divides our country.


The liberty encourages the coercion of



The liberty has subverted

other parts of our Constitution.


The lib-

erty has fostered a sinister and Orwellian

reshaping of our language (the child be-

comes "fetal waste").


The liberty has

led to experimentation on unborn and dying



It has diminished the care due a

child capable of life outside the womb.


It has caused very high loss of human life.


U.S. surgical abortions alone exceed,

by more than thirty times, the number of

Americans killed in all U.S. wars combined.


"Unwanted Pregnancies," Child Abuse, and Abortion


"To say a child is unwanted says nothing about the child, but it says much about the person who does not want his or her child."


-Jean Staker Garton


women for whom legal abortion is consid-

ered justified on



psychiatric grounds are

the ones who have




highest risk of post-

abortion psychiatric disorders." Similarly,


Canadian Psychological Association


(Nov. 1976) stated that "women

with a history of psychiatric disturbances

were three times as likely to have some

psychiatric disturbance" after an abortion.

To relieve women of unwanted preg-


The premise that unwanted preg-

nancies produce unloved children was also

rebutted in the early years of legalized

abortion. Wrote researcher Paul Cameron,

who would later earn international acclaim

for proving the danger of secondary to-

bacco smoke: "It is clear that mothers who

initially believed their pregnancy to be `the

worst thing that ever happened to them'

came to feel about the same degree of

affection for their children as the mothers

who were initially `ecstatic' about their

pregnancy [

Rocky-Mountain Psychologi-

cal Association,

May 1972]." Abortion

clinic counselors usually withhold such

evidence and do not tell their patients that

most mothers eventually regret their abor-

tions and often suffer permanent physical

and/or emotional injury.

In the final analysis, "unwanted chil-

dren" do not exist in America because

several U.S. families desire each adoptable

child. Beyond that fact, are we at liberty

either to "want" or "not want" our children,

as if they were consumer products, with no

inherent worth as human beings?

The fetus is mere tissue or only uter-

ine content:

To escape the charge of "kill-

ing," the abortion industry endeavors to

devalue the preborn child to nonperson

status. The weapons employed are the eu-

phemism and manipulation of language, as

seen in "Language Fuels America's Holo-

caust," on p. 4.

Abortion is safer than childbirth:


assumption is untrue during each trimester

of pregnancy and especially so in the late

months (see the research of Linger, Cava-

naugh, Slumsky, Goodlin, Stipal; of Mc-

Donald & Auro; and of Wright Richardson

& Dickson).

The family planners defend abortion

for young teens by arguing that childbirth

is too dangerous for them, while the facts

say otherwise. Abortion complications in-

crease proportionate to the youthfulness of

mothers 15 years and younger, whereas

birthing complications show no equivalent

increase (

OB-GYN Observer,


1975 and


July 1986).

Abortion is permitted only in the early

months of pregnancy:

Roe v. Wade


Doe v. Bolton

were both approved by the

U.S. Supreme Court on January 22, 1973,

and their joint powers

legalized abortion

through nine months of pregnancy. There-

after, thousands of American children have

been aborted after reaching viability (the

age at which they could live outside their

mothers); and some children have been

killed after birth, following hysterotomies

(similar to Caesarean sections), where the

infants are left to starve in surgical buckets

or are drowned, suffocated, or strangled.

A human fetus cannot feel pain:


indeed it can, as memorably confirmed in

a prominent and compelling letter to Presi-

dent Reagan in 1984 from 26 researchers

and two past presidents of the American

College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (see

also the research of H.M.I. Liley, of Volman

& Pearson, and of P. Lubeskin).

The child may be deformed or handi-


In what way? Physically, spiritu-

ally, in attitude? Are the rest of us perfect in

body, mind, soul? Does abortion correct

God's mistakes? God asks in Exodus 4:11:

"Who gave man his mouth? Who makes

him deaf or dumb? Who gives him sight or

makes him blind? Is it not I, the Lord?"

To control population and food sup-


Hunger and starvation are due chiefly

to inept governments, rather than to food

shortage. The earth can sustain several

times its present population (see the re-

search of Conlin Clark, Constantin Doxia-

dis, and Ansley Coale). All 6 billion people

living today could readily stand within the

incorporated area of Jacksonville, FL, and

America's farmers alone can now feed a

third of the world's population. Also, con-

trary to family planning propaganda, world

population growth trends are declining mea-

surably and too much so in the industrial-

ized nations. Warned the

European Parlia-

ment News

as early as 1984 (April-May):

"The European Parliament is seriously dis-

turbed by statistics showing rapid decline


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This 7-month-old baby boy was aborted in Houston, TX, on December 8, 1989. His head

and arm were torn from his body as the abortionist's tongs pulled him from his mother's womb.

He was 16 inches long and would have lived, if given birth. Some doctors and clinics "special-

ize" in late-term (3rd trimester) abortions, which are legal in America up to the time of birth.

(�1990 Debbie Hudnall, Victory for the Unborn, PO Box 690762, Houston, TX 77269-0762)




Surgical abortions alone kill approximately 4,000 American children daily. Birth controls (the Pill, IUDs, Norplant,

Prostaglandins and Depo-Provera) kill an estimated 20,000 American preborns daily, after their conception.


in the birth rate of the European Economic

Community, which fell from 2.79 in 1964

to 1.68 in 1982." Without immigration,

America's population today would be in

sharp decline, because the U.S. birth rate

fell below replacement level in 1972.

To save welfare (taxpayers') money:

To the contrary, abortion is a massive drain

on America's economy. Analyst Brian

Clowes has computed our nation's loss in

goods, services, and tax revenues to be

about $46 trillion since abortion was legal-

ized (

Social Justice Review

, Dec. 1993);

and while public service expenditures (that

would have been incurred if the aborted

citizens had lived) reduce the $46 trillion

figure, the remaining (net) economic loss

is enormous, as is the cultural loss (see also

the research of Professor Jacqueline R.

Kasun and

The Birth Dearth

by journalist-

scholar Ben Wattenberg).

An unborn child has no rights:


America today, an unborn child can inher-

it property, be named an executor, have a

guardian appointed, sue for injury, file for

an injunction, receive Social Security ben-

efits, sue for a blood transfusion, obtain

equal protection by law, and yet be denied

the right to save its life from the abortion-


cold and cruel instruments.

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice

Sandra Day O'Connor, who is not a strong

defender of the unborn, has stated: "

Roe v.


is on a collision course with itself. It

has no basis in law or logic."

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Abraham Lincoln noted, with sorrow, that many of the best educated Americans of his day did not understand slavery because they had

never truly discovered the slave. In like manner today, most proponents of abortion have never discovered the child

aborted. When they make that discovery, they usually turn pro-life.


Slavery and Abortion


Much has been written in recent years about the parallels between slavery of the past

century and abortion today.

In 1857, the Taney (U.S. Supreme) Court attempted to "settle" the slavery issue by

ruling 7-2 that Dred Scott, a black man from St. Louis, was not a legal person but, instead,

was the property of his owner.

In 1973, the Burger Court attempted to

settle the abortion issue by ruling, also 7-2,

that an unborn American child lacks person-

hood and, in effect, is the property of its moth-

er. As such, she may either save her child or

have it killed.

Opponents of slavery were accused of

"imposing their morality" on slaveholders and

their "pro-choice" sympathizers. Today, pro-

lifers bear the same charge for urging mothers

not to have their own offspring put to death.

This is a peculiar charge indeed, and it is by

those who cry "poor taste" if pictures of aborted

children are shown publicly.

Slave owners were not content to own and

work their slaves. They demanded and held unrestricted control over every aspect of their

slaves' lives. In like manner, pro-abortionists oppose all legal attempts to protect unborn

children at any point during pregnancy-or to allow requirements that mothers be

accurately informed about abortion and its aftermath. Abortion opponent and syndicated

columnist George Will has labeled this anomaly the woman's "right not to know."

The Constitution came to mean whatever pro-choice (slavery) advocates chose to

make it. Whereas Lincoln stated that his entire philosophy was based on the Declaration

of Independence, slavery defender John C. Calhoun declared: "There is not a word of

truth in it." As to the premise that "all men are created equal" and deserve "life, liberty,

and the pursuit of happiness," Calhoun insisted that "Men are not born. Infants are born.

They are not born free. While infants, they are incapable of freedom." With similar

disregard for ethics, science, and logic, Justice Blackmun and his Court majority spotted

the word "privacy" in a penumbra, of all

places, to the 14th Amendment and deemed it

their best hope to justify a woman's "right" to

an uncontested abortion. As to when human

life begins, Justice Blackmun refused to ad-

dress the issue. Since passage of

Roe v .Wade

(1973), pro-abortionists have lauded abor-

tion for its "mercy" to unwanted children,

much as plantation owners praised their prac-

tice of



enslaving the poor blacks in acts of

"positive good."

Slave owners were at liberty-and some

used their liberty-to beat, starve, yoke, bell,

and gag their property. They could tear out

their slaves' teeth for easy identification, rub

pepper and turpentine into their stripe wounds,

draw the claws of angry cats over their naked bodies, brand them with hot irons, cut off

their ears, gouge out their eyes, revive them after beatings in order to beat them more, and

use them for targets after hunting them down with blood hounds.

Today in America, unborn children, the property of their mothers, may be scraped

into a thick paste; torn, pulled, or cut into "manageable" pieces; poisoned and burned

alive (saline); drowned, suffocated, crushed, choked, or left to starve to death in a

"surgical bucket." All are means of "cleaning the uterus" and "eliminating the remains

of conception." In comparison, most slaves were fortunate.

While Lincoln was fighting to free the slaves, the American Medical

Association of his day was fighting to save unborn children from the hands of

abortionists. Wrote the AMA in 1871: "These men should be marked as Cain

was marked; they should be made the outcasts of society . . . respectable men

should cease to consult with them, should cease to speak to them, should cease

to notice them except with contempt.

". . . Resolved, That we repudiate and denounce the conduct of abortionists,

and that we hold no intercourse with them professionally or otherwise and that

we will, whenever an opportunity presents, guard and protect the public

against the machinations of these characters by pointing out the physical and

moral ruin which follows in their wake."


-American Medical Association, 1871


American Medical Association of 1871


When Does Human Life Begin?

Humanhood is a Progression


. . . from


to Old Age


cont. from p.






"There wasn't a doctor who at one

time or another in the questioning did not

say, `This is murder.'" Such is the reality

of abortion in America today.

The average age of an aborted child

is eleven weeks. Though only three inches

long and weighing one ounce, the child

both looks and behaves like the complete

human being he (or she) evidently is.

His sole needs are nutrition and time

to grow. His heart has been beating for

two months, his brain is active, and all

bodily systems are working.

Personality is present in a variety of

facial expressions, smiles, and eye squints.

Weeks earlier he began sucking his thumb,

making a fist, getting hiccups, waking

and sleeping, and showing off his new

fingerprints. He curls his toes, turns his

head, dreams, tastes, hears, feels, urinates

and has tiny bowel movements.

As fetologists have stressed, the un-

born child is very much in charge of his

environment. He, not his mother, decides

the day of his birth by signaling the pla-

centa. At that time, electro-chemical im-

pulses inform the uterus that labor con-

tractions should begin. The child is ready

to become a full-fledged family member

and participating citizen.



A Senate Judiciary Subcommittee held

hearings (April 1981) on the very question

before us here:

When does human life be-


From the scientific community was a

group of internationally known geneticists

and biologists who told the same story,

namely, that human life begins at concep-

tion-and they told their story with a pro-

nounced absence of opposing testimony.

"Father of Modern Genetics" Dr.

Jerome Lejeune told the lawmakers: "To

accept the fact that after fertilization has

taken place a new human has come into

being is no longer a matter of taste or

opinion . . . it is plain experimental evi-

dence." Dr. Hymie Gordon, Chairman,

Department of Genetics at Mayo Clinic,

added: "By all the criteria of modern mo-

lecular biology, life is present from the

moment of conception."

Dr. McCarthy de Mere, medical doc-

tor and law professor, University of Ten-

nessee, testified: "The exact moment of the

beginning of personhood and of the human

body is at the moment of conception."

Dr. Alfred Bongiovanni, University

of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, con-

cluded: "I am no more prepared to say that

these early stages represent an incomplete

human being than I would be to say that the

child prior to the dramatic effects of pu-

berty . . . is not a human being."

Dr. Micheline M. Mathews-Roth,

Harvard Medical School, gave confirming

testimony, supported by references from

over 20 embryology and other medical



Dr. Richard V. Jaynes: "To say the

beginning of human life cannot be deter-

mined scientifically is utterly ridiculous."

Dr. Landrum Shettles, sometimes

called the "Father of In Vitro Fertilization"

(test-tube babies): "Conception confers life

and makes that life one of a kind." And on

the Supreme Court ruling

Roe v. Wade


"To deny a truth [about when human life

begins] should not be made a basis for le-

galizing abortion."

Professor Eugene Diamond (on

Roe v.


): ". . . either the justices were fed a

backwoods biology or they were pretend-

ing ignorance about a scientific certainty."



Most abortionists agree, due to the pre-


vailing evidence. Dr. Magna Denes, her-

self an abortion victim, spent two years re-

searching her book


Necessity and Sor-

row: Life and Death in an Abortion Hos-


Regarding her research experience,

she told the

Chicago Daily News

(Oct. 22,




Photo by Dr. Landrum B. Shettles: Cour-

tesy of Intercessors for America, PO Box

2639, Reston, VA 22090


The world's chief abortion advocate Planned Parenthood was founded by

"Radiant Rebel" Margaret Sanger, self-proclaimed eugenicist and adulterous "free

love" queen, who said of her new "birth control" organization: "Our objective is

unlimited sexual gratification without the burden of unwanted children."

"I love being ravaged by romances," she declared, adding that "only individuals

count, not families." She termed marriage "the most degenerating influence in the

social order."

While moving steadily from one lover's bed to another and urging women to use

their "biological powers" to take control of society, Sanger praised Nazi theories of

race superiority and set out to eliminate "the dead weight of human waste," in her

judgment, among poor immigrant families, "the Negro population," and other

minorities whom she labeled "inferior."

In America today, Blacks are aborted about three times as frequently as Whites,

while women of Spanish American, American Indian, and Puerto Rican descent also

endure high abortion and sterilization rates.

Given to drugs, alcoholism, and mysticism, Sanger's final years were marked by

depression, bitterness, and lunacy.


Planned Parenthood, Racism and Abortion


The story is told of a mother who stepped into a doctor's office while carrying

a one-year-old baby. Seating herself near the physician, she said, "Doctor, I want

you to help me out of trouble. My baby is only one year old, and I have conceived

again. Surely, you understand why I do not want to have children so close together."

"What do you expect me to do?" asked the physician.

"Oh, anything to get rid of it for me," she replied.

After thinking for a moment the doctor said, "I can suggest a better method of

helping you. If you object to having two children so near together, the best way

would be to kill the one on your lap, and it makes no difference to me which one I

kill. Besides, it might be dangerous for you if I undertook to kill the younger one."

As the doctor finished speaking, he reached for a knife and asked the mother

to lay the baby out on her lap and turn her head. At that moment, the woman almost

fainted away, before rising from her chair and screaming, "murderer!"

A few words of explanation from the doctor soon convinced the young mother

that his offer to kill her one-year-old was no worse than her request for the

destruction of her unborn child. Either way, it would be equivalent to murder. The

only difference would be in the age of the child.



Is Abortion Murder?

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Language Fuels America's Holocaust


Fifty years ago, much was written about the use of

euphemism by Nazi officials who controlled Germany's

death centers. More recently, Dr. William Brennan of St.

Louis University has explained how language tranquilized

the German populace while 12 million people were put to

death-and how it has tranquilized America while over 38

million U.S. preborns have been aborted by surgery and

injections and over 100 million by abortifacient birth con-

trols (that permit conception a percentage of the time but

prohibit the preborn's implantation in the uterus).


The Abortion Holocaust

, a 200-page comparison

of Nazi and American killing practices, Professor Brennan

notes that the perpetrators' strategy in any holocaust is to

degrade their victims to nonpersons and then provide a

positive account of what happens to them. The process

begins with "choice," an esteemed democratic term, and


ends with "evacuation" (of "congenital defectives" to Ger-


man death camps-and of "uterine content" in American

abortuaries). The process, we are told, is a "service" that's

"safe and legal" and carried out "humanely," with "mani-

fest cleanliness," for the "welfare" of society.


Choicespeak: Language to Abort the Conscience,

Robert Evangelisto explains how abortion proponents

focus not on the killing of children but on "choice" and

accuse life defenders not of being pro-life, but of being

"anti-choice," and thereby anti-American. Notes Evangel-

isto, through choicespeak a baby becomes the "product of

conception"; the scientific fact that a human life starts at

conception becomes "a religious idea"; and the killing of

the child in utero becomes "termination of pregnancy."

Writes Evangelisto, "Childbirth is the termination of a

pregnancy; abortion is the `termination' of a child."

California Medicine

, official journal of the California

Medical Association, editorialized (Sept. 1970): "The very

considerable semantic gymnastics which are required to

rationalize abortion as anything but taking a human life

would be ludicrous if they were not often put forth under

socially impeccable auspices. It is suggested that this

schizophrenic sort of subterfuge is necessary because

while a new ethic is being accepted, the old one has not yet

been rejected." It is therefore the duty of linguistic corrup-

tion to disassociate "killing" from the practice of abortion.

The prophet Isaiah warned such offenders [Isaiah 5:20]:


Suction Machine

: First used by the Communist Chinese and 27 times more powerful than a

domestic vacuum cleaner, the suction machine (with a tube inserted through the cervix) tears the

placenta from the uterus, dismembers the child, and draws its remains into an attached jar.

Unremoved body parts can cause infection and hemorrhage.

D&C-Dilation and Curretage

: The abortionist inserts a loop-shaped knife into the mother's

dilated cervix and, by scraping the uterus wall, cuts the child into pieces. To ensure that the uterus

is empty, the abortionist or nurse must reassemble the body parts.

D&E-Dilation and Evacuation

: The abortionist uses forceps to grasp and pull apart the rapidly

growing child and to remove the placenta from the uterus. The procedure is bloody and ghastly.

Many nurses refuse to assist.

Saline Injection:

The abortionist inserts a needle through the mother's abdomen, draws off a

volume of amniotic fluid and replaces it with a saline (salt) solution that poisons the child

(through swallowing) and burns away the child's skin. After the child's agonizing death, the

mother goes into labor and delivers her dead infant. Use of this method has declined.

Prostaglandin Injection:

Prostaglandin, a chemical hormone, is injected into the amniotic sac to

induce violent labor and premature birth. Since this method of abortion can produce live births,

the abortionist first injects a toxin to kill the child.


: Equivalent to a Caesarean section, this late-term procedure enables the abortionist

to remove a child from the uterus and allow it to die by starvation and neglect or by means of a

death-inducing act such as drowning, suffocation, or strangulation.

Partial Birth - D&X (18 to 40 weeks):

Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grips one of the baby's

legs with forceps, pulls the baby into the birth canal, and delivers the baby's entire body except

for the head. At this point, the abortionist forces scissors into the base of the baby's skull and, after

opening the scissors to enlarge the hole, inserts a catheter to "evacuate" the brains and kill the

child. Unspeakably brutal, this method of abortion is legal in the U.S. up to the day of birth.

Birth Control (chemical and mechanical)

: The Pill, IUDs, Norplant, Prostaglandins, and Depo-

Provera kill up to 8 million or more American preborn children annually, after their conception.

For research data on birth control abortions, contact Pharmacists for Life Intl.: 800-227-8359.


Methods of Abortion


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Effects of Abortion


(The information to follow was provided by WEBA, Women Exploited by

Abortion, and it serves to warn America about abortion's most evident risks.)

Zachary, 3 months old, escaped abortion and now lives

happily with his grandparents. As other American children, he

could have been legally aborted up to the day of his birth.


Deceit and Death


"We fed the public a line of deceit, dishonesty, a

fabrication of statistics and figures. We succeeded be-

cause the time was right and the news media cooperated.

We sensationalized the effects of illegal abortions, and

fabricated polls which indicated that 85 percent of the

public favored unrestricted abortion, when we knew it was

only 5 percent. We unashamedly lied, and yet our state-

ments were quoted [by the media] as though they had been

written in law."


-Dr. Bernard Nathanson

Co-founder of National Assn. for Repeal of Abortion Laws,

now called National Abortion Reproductive Rights Action

League. Today, Dr. Nathanson is a pro-life author and activist


Babies vs. Plastic


"What irony that a society confronted with plastic

bags filled with the remains of aborted babies should be

more concerned about the problem of recycling the plas-



-Winifred Egan


Fetal Tissue Experimentation


"`Fetal tissue' implants are not that much different

from Nazi lamp shades made of Jewish skin. Both intend

to put by-products of murder to `good use.'"


-David Kupelian and Mark Masters, journalists


An Abortionist's Turmoil


"There was this tremendous conflict going on within

me. Here I am, doing my D&C's [an early term suction

abortion], 5 and 6 a week, and I'm doing salines on a

nightly basis whenever I was on call. . . . They were hor-

rible, because you would see one intact, whole baby being

born, and sometimes they were alive. And that was a very

stomach-turning kind of existence."


-Dr. Anthony Levantino, former abortionist


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Physical Effects



*Miscarriages and Stillbirths

*Ectopic pregnancies

*Breast Cancer

*Bleeding and infections

*Shock and comas

*Perforated uterus


*Fever/Cold sweat

*Intense pain

*Loss of body organs



*Loss of appetite


*Weight loss


*Decreased work capacity


*Gastro-intestinal disturbances


Psychological Effects



*Suicidal impulses



*Loss of confidence

*Low self-esteem

*Preoccupation with death



*Desire to remember birth date

*Intense interest in babies

*Thwarted maternal instincts

*Hatred for persons connected with abortion

*Desire to end relationship with partner

*Loss of sexual interest/Frigidity

*Inability to forgive self


*Seizures and tremors

*Feeling of being exploited

*Horror of child abuse




A Baby is Never a Mistake


"When I see a pregnant woman, regardless of her cir-

cumstances, the first thing I recognize is hope, because

God is at work with her. I want to help her see that. The

baby is not a `mistake,' even if her conduct was. The Lord

of Life has gained her attention and now compels her to

think of things she may have feared or ignored throughout

her life-the existence of God, the meaning of life, the

nature of love, accountability before God. He is giving her

an opportunity to know Him, to love Him, and to carry out

the lofty privilege of bringing a new human being into the



-Curt Young, from

his book The Least of These



America's Heart Speaks True


"In its heart, America knew that racial segregation

was wrong. In its heart, America knows that human life

begins before birth."


-F. LaGard Smith, law professor


A Strange "Right"


"It is a strange bit of reasoning-and a strange period

in a nation's history-when its citizens earn the `right' to

kill their own children. How has mankind managed such

a feat? And why does the abortion industry oppose adop-

tion so strongly?"




Is Life Sacred?


"Either life is always and in all circumstances sacred,

or intrinsically of no account; it is inconceivable that it

should be in some cases the one, and in some the other."


-Malcolm Muggeridge, British journalist


Everyone Knows


"The traditional Western ethic has always placed

great emphasis on the intrinsic worth and equal value of

every human life, regardless of its stage or condition.

"This ethic . . . has been the basis for most of our laws

and much of our social policy. The reverence for each and

every human life has also been a keystone of Western


"Since the old ethic has not yet been fully displaced,

it has been necessary to separate the idea of abortion from

the idea of killing, which continues to be socially abhor-

rent."The result has been a curious avoidance of the scien-

tific fact, which everyone knows, that human life begins at


conception and is continuous, whether intrauterine or extra-

uterine, until death."


-California Medicine

, Sept. 1970



Laws of Injustice


"Current laws, making abortion on demand legal,

bear a frightening affinity with the Fugitive Slave Act.

They too make `lawful' what is unlawful-the taking of a

human life-and forbid as `unlawful' that which is right-

the rescue of the unborn child."


-Richard Exley, author-pastor


The Guilt of Abortion


"I have this dream that I hear a baby crying and then

another. I go to a closet door and open it. Out falls a

hundred babies' bodies."


-Abortion victim


Forgiveness Comes Through Jesus Christ


"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just

and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all



-1 John 1:9, the


(New Testament)



"The Life Chain People"

3209 Colusa Highway

Yuba City, CA 95993



"Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil, who

change darkness into light and light into darkness, who

change bitterness into sweet, and sweet into bitterness."

Woe to the perpetrators of choicespeak.