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The following facts are what The Gallup Organization does NOT want you to know about their abortion poll, why they went through a tortured exercise in data manipulation to conceal the following facts about American opinion, why their poll results showing that almost half of Americans view abortion as murder are now missing from their web site, and why they had their lawyers demand that the Fathers' Manifesto Web Site be shut down (which they were successful at doing)

So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it. Numbers 35:33

  1. 17% believe that abortion should be illegal under all circumstances.

  2. Another 56% oppose most circumstances of abortion, which means a total of 73% oppose the current practice of abortion-on-demand.

  3. 1% have "no opinion".

  4. Only 26% support current abortion policy that it should be "legal under any circumstances".

  5. 48% believe abortion is murder.

  6. Only 40% of Americans favored legalized abortion in 1969, prior to the US Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade.

  7. Few if any women who have abortions are aware of the increased risk of suicide and breast cancer, nor the risk of dying during the abortion.

The following graph is an ACCURATE representation of Gallup's abortion poll data:



Note how consistent this presentation of their data is with a flat out honest internet poll which didn't confuse gullible women with all kinds of emotionally fused questions prior to asking the key question about whether or not they thought abortion ought to be legal. 

abortionpollinternet.gif (24012 bytes)

Only 23% on the unbiased internet poll support abortion on demand compared to 26% on the biased Gallup Poll.  64% on the unbiased internet poll oppose abortion on demand compared to a total of 73% on the biased Gallup Poll who believe abortion should be illegal in all circumstances and illegal in the vast majority of circumstances (more than 99% of abortions do NOT involve rape and incest, and abortion is more dangerous to a mother's life than childbirth itself).

The larger percentage (12.4%) of respondents who answered "undecided" on the unbiased internet poll is a far more credible scenario than the 1% who answered "don't know" on the biased Gallup Poll.  Far too many Americans are undecided about abortion than Gallup indicates, proving that Gallup selectively weeded out certain types of respondents, targeted their poll to an audience with an agenda, or perhaps didn't ask men this question. It's believable that only 1% a pack of feminazis would say "don't know" to such a question, but there are a heck of a lot of American men who're on the fence about this issue.  Since the internet poll was most likely a mix of men and women, it's credible that 12.4% of the respondents, and thus of the general American public, would be undecided.


The most egregious aspect of Gallup's presentation of its own poll results is how they fail to point out that even of their own audience, 56% oppose 99.9% of all abortions.  There's no abortion which is safer than child birth itself, so this simply is not a factor and should never be asked in an abortion poll.  There are 90,000 rapes and incest in the US each year, half of which, or 45,000, involve penetration.  As a woman can get pregnant one day out of 30 days, only 1,500 of them could actually get pregnant, and only half of them, or 750, would actually get pregnant.

Of the 1.6 million abortions each year, less than 0.05% involve rape or incest, and more than 99.95% do NOT.  For Gallup to include in the category more than half of Americans who OPPOSE 99.95% of all abortions as "support Roe vs. Wade" is UNCONSCIONABLE.


In July 1999, The Gallup Organization had a poll on its website that contained the following results of their abortion polls which showed that almost half of all Americans, 48% of them, view abortion as murder, and only 45% do not.

abortiongallup3.gif (32673 bytes)

Yet 57% in a Los Angeles times poll reported FIFTY SEVEN PERCENT viewed abortion as murder:

Even more striking, while 57% of respondents say they consider abortion to be murder, more than half of that group agree that a woman should have the right to choose an abortion.


It's also quite a different view of American opinion of abortion than the following from the Statistical Handbook on the American Family, Oryx Press, 1992, Table E4-7 which notes that only 40% of the US population favored the legalization of abortion only a few years before the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision which made abortion "legal" in the US, but certainly not in God's Mind:

abortion1969.jpg (49375 bytes)

The omission of these vital facts from that web site raises serious questions about the objectivity of this organization.  The fact that almost half of their fellow citizens view the 40 million abortions which have been performed in this country as the direct result of an unpopular,  immoral and unconstitutional act by their own government, as murder, is an important thing for Americans to know.  This is not a trivial point, yet the Gallup Organization took it upon itself to trivialize it by removing any and all references to these facts from their web site:


Why did they do that?  What political or moral or other motivation would an otherwise respectable polling organization have for concealing this information?  Who put the pressure on them to remove this incriminating evidence of the dissatisfaction of the American people for their government?   Why did they succumb to this pressure?

A partial explanation is the way Gallup presented this data on that date, and continues almost two years later to present it.


About a quarter of Americans have believed since 1975 that abortions should be "Legal under any circumstances", ranging from a low of 21% in 1971 to a high of 33% in 1995, and currently 26% do.   This is a very low percentage of the voters to base the legalization of such a risky medical procedure on, particularly since it violates the religious convictions of two billion Christians around the world, is viewed as immoral by a majority of Christians worldwide, is considered murder by a significant majority of Americans, greatly increases the risk of breast cancer and suicide, and is the kind of operation from which you would expect there to be 10,000 deaths per year in light of the 1.6 million abortions being performed each year.  These last two points give us a clue about what motivated Gallup to remove this information.

Very few women who get abortions are aware of:

  1. The high risk of abortion-related fatalities.

  2. The higher risk of breast cancer.

  3. The increased risk of suicide.

These three points are extremely important to a decision to get an abortion.  If American women were aware of the total risk here, it's doubtful that any of them would have abortions.  It might be easy for many women to kill "just a fetus", but if she knew how much she was putting her own life at risk, this would be the tie breaker in the decision:  she simply wouldn't do it.


So why is there such a blackout on both public opinion and medical facts?  Why did the National Center for Health Statistics report that 10,000 women died from abortions each year before abortions were legalized when:

  1. There were far fewer abortions each year?

  2. They were performed almost exclusively in the same types of clinics in which they are now being performed?

Rather than shout about the risks from the rooftops like they should, they now conceal this information by not associating an abortion-related death with the abortion itself.  Instead, more than 10,000 deaths annually are listed in other pregnancy-related fatalities where the risks of abortion cannot be fully understood.

To conceal this uncomfortable reality about the unpopularity and danger of legalized abortion, The Gallup Organization engaged in an egregious act of statistical manipulation.  It used another category called "Legal only under certain circumstances" which it claims is supported by 56% of those polled.  The Gallup Organization is a professional enough organization that it knows how to frame a question to get the desired response, and how to present the data to confuse the issue.  And confuse the issue they did.  Ever since this poll has been conducted, Gallup has used a "sub category" of the above response called "IF CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES:  Do you believe abortions should be legal under most circumstances or only in a few circumstances?" and 42% of those in this category reported that abortion should be "Legal only in a few circumstances".

The way such a sub-category should work is that the 42% who responded "Legal only in a few circumstances" should be multiplied by the 55% who responded "Legal only under certain circumstances" to get a total of 23% who believe that abortion should be "Legal only under certain circumstances".  This is the way anyone who takes a detailed look at the poll would interpret it--unless they also take the  time to note that in this sub-category were also 27% who supposedly repeated that it should be "Legal under any circumstances" and 16% who supposedly repeated that it should be "Illegal in all circumstances".

abortion.gif (10283 bytes)

Certainly nobody who stated in the first question that "abortions should be legal under most circumstances or only in a few circumstances" would change their minds on the second question and report either "Legal under any circumstances" or "Illegal in all circumstances".   So now you have to go back and  question whether or not this was actually a sub-category of "IF CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES", whereupon you discover that Gallup made a "mistake" and that this is actually a more detailed breakdown of all of the respondents--both  "Legal under any circumstances" and "Illegal in all circumstances" are identical in both categories.

ok?  So now we know where Gallup is headed.  They want you to believe that "Legal only under certain circumstances" is a small sub-category which is what most people will do if they don't reexamine these poll results a few times.  The next sleight of hand gets even more egregious.  What do people mean when they say "legal only in a few circumstances"?  Well, we don't know, because this view, which is held by up to 56% of those polled, are lumped in with "legal under most circumstances or only in a few circumstances".  So by the time they ask the question about whether abortion should be legal "When the woman or family cannot afford to raise the child", it's not so easy to determine, when less than 32% responded "Should be legal", which this is a sub-category of.  Certainly they didn't ask this question of the 27% who flat out believe  that abortion should be "Legal under any circumstances" or the 16% who believe "Illegal in all circumstances"!   Or did they?  If they repeated the above "error", then we just don't know.

This is an extremely "unprofessional" [read: intentionally misleading] manner in which to present such an important poll.  It would be bad enough if they didn't compound the "error" by asking a whole bunch of obviously irrelevant and emotionally charged questions about favoring an abortion if "woman's life endangered", "woman's physical health endangered", "woman's mental health endangered", "baby may be physically impaired", "rape", or "incest", all of which are less than 1% of all abortions, and none of which Everett Koop ever experienced in his 30 years of medical practice.

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According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, N.Y., the legalization of abortion in 1973 with Roe v. Wade led directly to more than 1,528,930 abortions annually, and to more than 36,295,570 total abortions in the last 23 years. This legalization of abortions was against the will of the people, against the advice of every religious leader in the world, and against the religions of 86% of North Americans--Christianity and Judaism--as evidenced by a recent poll by Aaron Klein at aklein@masterssec.com   :

Table 3 Abortion Poll

Question 1: Is abortion positive or negative?


Question 2: Should we allow abortion on demand for the sake of convenience?

YES 23.6%
NO 64.0%

Question 3: Should we allow abortion on demand for gender selection?

YES 3.4%
NO 84.3%

Question 4: Should we allow partial birth late term abortions?

YES 9.0%
NO 80.9%

Question 5: Should we allow abortion if the life of the mother is at stake?

YES 70.8%
NO 14.6%

Question 7: Should taxpayers pay for any abortions?

YES 22.5%
NO 68.5%


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