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Comprehensive Facts on Abortion
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Abortion does not benefit women. What is good for the unborn baby is good for the mother.
Remember, Ireland which is the only country in the world to constitutionally protect the unborn child has the lowest maternal mortality rate in the world.



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HLI (Ireland) have an extensive library on all the areas pertaining to pro-life issues.

In 1999 we researched all the material on abortion and extracted what we considered the most salient facts. Here are 200 referenced pieces of information, which we believe are vital if you want to refute any of the pro-abortionists mistruths.

We start by discussing the main abortion techniques and some of the euphemisms that pro-abortionists use to hide the sad reality of abortion. These give a good insight into the minds of pro-abortionists, and the extremes they will go towards self deception.

It is worth noting that two books in particular are used very extensively. The Facts of Life by Brian Clowes and Abortion Questions and Answers (now called Love Them Both) by Dr Willke. Where these are used they will be named as the source. The reference pertaining to the fact will also be included.

The table below is divided into several areas. Pick a topic that you are interested in and either click the link or click the button.

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Infamous Euphemisms
Post Abortion Syndrome
Short-term Medical Effects
Long-term Medical Effects
Effects on Future Children
Types of Abortion
Foetal Development/Pain
Interpersonal and Social
Religious, Moral, Ethical and Hard cases
Abortion worldwide
Abuses of Abortion
In Vitro Fertilization
Vital Books for Sale

Infamous Euphemisms

Book Title: Abortion, Questions and Answers:
Author: Dr Wilkes"Do you want your menstrual period re-established?":
Quote form Abortion clinic councillors re euphemism for abortion.

The Facts of Life
Author: Dr Brian Clowes
"The relationship between the gravid female and the feto-placental unit is basically one of host and parasite" Quote from Warren Hern: infamous US abortionist.

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Post Abortion Syndrome

Title :The Facts of Life
Author: Brian Clowes PhD
Chapter 1Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS)
".. 400 studies performed in the last 2 decades with respect to PAS: ....All say that there is a connection between abortion and PAS, ie... there are extremes in the studies with some saying a few women suffer and others saying that all women suffer".
refs The Psychiatric Dequelae of Therapeutic abortion -Denied and completed American Jour Psychiatry: 148:5 (May 1991) table 2
Refs: Rue, Speckhard, Rogers, Franz: The Psychological Aftermath of Abortion. "A White Paper" Presented to the Office of the Surgeon General Department of Health and Human Services: Washington DC 1987

Other references
HLI studies of all papers show that woman who abort are eight times more likely to seek psychiatric help than those who give birth.

One quarter of woman who had an abortion are heavy alcohol abusers compared to one in eight for the rest of the population.
Louis Harris and Asociates: "The Health of American Women" The Commonwealth Fund Table 418 p451 20 Apr 1993

Noted PAS researcher David Reardon found 'cluster' of psychological problems including.-

bulletFlashbacks (63%)
bulletSuicide Attempts (28%)
bulletHysterical outbursts (51%)
bulletLoss of self-confidence and esteem (82%)
bulletEating disorders e.g. anorexia bulimia (39%)
bulletIllegal drug use (41%)
bulletDislike of sex(59%)

"Psychological reactions reported after abortion" The Post abortion Review: Fall 1994 pp4-8.

Booklet: Current Controversies in Abortion.
Authors (Doctors for Life 1992)
Quote on abortion: "No liability attaches to the doctor for such effects ( re treatment of the pregnant mother) if the effects on the child are neither intended or the result of medical practice, induced abortion, the killing of an unborn child, has no role in the treatment of any condition, physical or psychological, in the mother."

Book: Love your unborn neighbour
A study of 6105 women who had abortions revealed the following.
10% of women who had abortions returned to their doctor within 21 days suffering from complications- 2.1% were major and 2.4% were psychiatric.
Frank et al: Induced abortion operations and their early sequelae: jour royal college of general practitioners (1985) 35: 175-80

10% of women who have an abortion will suffer severe, marked or persistent psychological or psychiatric disturbances Brit Jour Psych: Zolese, Blacker : The psychological complications of therapeutic abortion vol 160(1992) p742-9Page120:Effects of PAS are long term as the feeling after an abortion is usually one of relief.

Book: The way forward: The Green Paper on Abortion
Author: Pro Life campaign:
"Pregnancy seems to contraindicate suicide.... Pregnant women are less determined to kill themselves. Studies in the US, UK, and Finland have confirmed this. The rate of suicide among pregnant women is about 1/6th that of the population of other women as a whole.(2,3) Also pregnancy blocks suicide.(1)
(1)Sim M: Abortion and the psychiatrist: BMJ 2:145, 1963
(2)Minnesotta Maternal Mortality Committee Am J Obstet Gynecol 6:1 1967
(3)Gissler M, Hemminki E, Lonnqvist J: sucides after pregnancies in Finland 1987 to 94. Register linkage study. BMJ 1996313(7070) 1431-4

In Finland the suicide rate of the general population is 11.3 per 100,000. The rate associated with women who gave birth is 5.9 per 100,000. The rate associated with women who have had an abortion is 34.7 per 100,000.
(3)Gissler M, Hemminki E, Lonnqvist J: suides after pregnancies in Finland 1987 to 94. Register linkage study. BMJ 1996313(7070) 1431-4
There are also clinically significant levels of neurotic disturbance associated with abortions. (PAS).
Kumar R, robson K: Previous induced abortion and ante natal depression in primiparae: Psychological medicine 1978 8(4), 711-5

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Short term medical effects

Book: Abortion Questions and answers:
Author: Dr Wilkes

Chapter 14: title Immediate physical complications and under reporting:


1) The suicide rate is six times higher for woman who have had an abortion. (this is never reported in abortion mortality figures).
M Gissler : Abortion/suicide link: Brit Med Jour Dec 6: 1996

2) Complications following abortions performed in free standing clinics are one of the most common gynaecological problems going. Following are examples.

bulletHepatitis. Woman dies months later COD hepatitis.
Noyes: Transfusions risk despite screening: Family practice News May 15: 1987
bulletEctopic pregnancy, the woman dies years later.
US Dept HHS Morbidity and Mortality weekly report vol33: no 15: April 20: 1984Am J OB/Gyn: Mar 90 p726
bulletPerforated uterus may cause sepsis, and pelvic abscess.
Minesota Maternal Mortality committee : Dept OB/GYN, Univ Minnes Amer Jour OB/GYN vol 6 no 9 1967ALSO : Br Med Jour Dec 6 1996: M Gissler Abortion/Suicide Link

3) In Third World blood is often infected with HIV, so the risk of infection after an abortion is even higher.
Noyes, Transfusions Risk despite screening" Family practice news May 15: 1987

4) Blood clots are also a real risk.
W Cates et al: Amer Jour OB/GYN vol 132 p169

5) Hypofibrinogenemia (no blood clotting), is mainly caused by saline abortions, but is also caused by D& E and prostaglandin (PG) abortions. Saline abortions are the first or second most important cause of obstetric hypofibrinogenemia
L Talbert University of NC. DIC more common threat with saline abortions Family practice news vol5: no19: Oct 1975

6) Perforations of the uterus are very common, being around 1% for first trimester, for second trimester abortions it is even more common.

7) Complications are not notified as they are usually resolved by private physician. No publicity is desired by the patient who is usually an adolescent.

8) In abortion clinics the standards are much, much lower than in medical hospitals. Blood transfusions are never reported as patients are removed from the clinic to the hospital. Being conservative we assume that 1% of post-abortive women will need a blood transfusion. Using figures from the US this equates to16,000 women. In the USA 10% of blood is infected with the viral hepatitis, thus 10% of 16000 is 1600. The mortality rate is 2% which is 32 per annum not reported.
Amer Assn Blood Banks and Amer Red Cross Circular Information 1984 p6

An abortionist if he does a follow-up may list the causes as "other".

T Hilgers who did an in depth report on abortion statistics. said it all depends on how they are manipulated.
T Hilgers: Abortion Related Maternal Mortality: New Perspectives on Human abortion. Univ Pub Amer 1981 pp 69-92 (book3 page140):

9) 17.5% of aborted women miscarry subsequent pregnancy, as compared with 7.5% of the control who never had an abortion.
Richardson & Dickson: Br Med Jour: vol 1 1976 pp1303-4* (Book3 page147): Maternal mortality RATE 4.7 PER 100000, in the US. In Ireland it is around 1 to 2 per 100K. Mr Crutchers book : 'Lime 5'AMA/JAMA Dec 9, 92: Vol 268 No22 p3231

Book: third edition Abortion Questions and answers:
Author: Dr Wilkes

Page143: There has been a 600% increase in ectopic pregnancies since abortion was legalised in the USA.
Centre for Disease Control: AP/NY Times Jan 27: 95

In 1970 incidence was 4.8 per 1000 live births, by 1992 it was 19.7 and 28 women died. This is due to scarring of the tubes with the curette.
Centre for Disease Control: AP/NY Times Jan 27: 95

Booklet title: Induced Abortion: Hazards to health and future Motherhood
Author: Medical Education Trust
Frank 1985: In a study of a series of 5266 abortions performed under 13 weeks and 8398 abortions performed in the 13 to 17 week period, a 16.5% morbidity was reported. Complications included

bulletInfection (3.6%)
bulletThromboembolism (0.5%)
bulletPsychiatric complications( 2.4%).
bulletIf foetal parts are left behind the women will be infertile while this occurs.

Frank et al: (1985) induced abortions operations and their early sequelae: joint study at the Royal college of general practitioners and the Royal College of obstetricians and Gynecologists. J R. C. G. P. April 178 to 180.
ALSO: Br J Obstet Gynecol 92 p308-316
ALSO Br Jour Obst Gynecol 94 p836-842

Book: The Facts of Life
Author: Brian Clowes PhD

A final point: Most deaths caused by abortion are not reported, due to the fact that they are not associated with abortion e.g.- blood poisoning, anaesthetic adventure, ovary poisoning.
Schonberg "Ectopic Pregnancy And First Trimester Abortion:" Ob gyn 49 (IS): 73S-75S January 1997Major & Cozarelli: Psychosocial predictors of Adjustment to abortion: Jour social Issues 48(3): 121-142 (1992)

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Long term medical effects

Book : Abortion: Questions and Answers (3rd Ed)
Author: Dr Wilkes
Chapter 15: Title: Late physical complications
W Peacock, Pers comm to D Shewmon in "Active voluntary euthamasia, Issues in Law and medecine"1987

Infertility: Approximately 45% of American couples cannot conceive, 10% because they were sterilised for medical reasons, 19% because they were voluntarily sterilised , and 15% because they cannot!
New York Times: Feb 10: 1983: p C9

Due to the use of the pill, the IUD, abortions and various VD's the risk of infertility among women who have had an abortion is 3 to 4 times that of those who never had an abortion.
Brit Jour OB/GYN vol 83: Aug 1976 pp645-650

In Czechoslovakia 25% of woman who have had an abortion remained childless. (official figures). The reason being, that if a curette cuts or scrapes too near the opening of the tubes, then there is scar formation, and then infertility. Dr Bohumil Stipal 1974 Czech Deputy minister for health

Ectopic pregnancies are 300% higher in the USA since abortion was legalised. In 1970 the rate was 4.8/1000, in 1980 the figure was 14.5/1000. The rate now is even higher!
US Dept HHS Morbidity and mortality weekly Report vol 33 no15, Apr 20, 1984

Periods and bleeding are heavier after an abortion.
Amer Jour OB/Gyn vol 127 Feb 15 1977 p356

Miscarriage Abortion increases the risk of miscarriage. After 2 abortions the risk goes up 2 or 3 fold. Women who had one induced abortion had 17.5% miscarriage rate compared to 7.5% for women who did not have an abortion.
JAMA vol 243: no 24: June 27 1980 pp2495-2499
BMJ vol 1: 1976 pp1303-4

Placenta Previa (PP is blocking of cervix by placenta): PP is 7 to 15 times higher in women who have had a previous abortion compared to those who did not. PP is due to scarring of the womb and is very dangerous!
Barett et al: Amer Jour OB/GYN Dec 1981 pp769 - 772

Uterine rupture occurs during labour in 1% of women who have had an abortion- for ProstaGlandin abortions the rate is even higher.
Nemec et al: Ob & Gyn vol 51 no 4 Apr 1978 pp433 to 436

Most deaths caused by abortion are not reported, due to the fact that they are not associated with abortion. E.g. blood poisoning, anaesthetic adventure, ovary poisoning.
Schonberg "Ectopic Pregnancy And First Trimester Abortion:" Ob gyn 49 (IS): 73S-75S January 1997:
Major & Cozarelli: Psychosocial predictors of Adjustment to abortion: Jour social Issues 48(3): 121-142 (1992)

Urinary incontinence is twice as high in women after an abortion compared to after a pregnancy. For teenagers who were never pregnant before, the risks for all the above are even greater!
Z Gubert, Perinatology 165: 329 to 35, 1966

Book: The Facts of Life
Author: Brian Clowes PhD
Chapter 1Long term affects that may result in death include uterine perforation, cervical lacerations, breast cancer, cervical, ovarian, and liver cancer, placenta previa, ectopic pregnancies, PID, endometriosis.

If a woman aborts her first pregnancy, she has 50% increased risk of getting breast cancer. This equates to 80,000 extra cases of breast cancer in the USA alone each year.
J Daling et al MD "Risk of Breast cancer Among Young women: relationship of induced abortion" Jour Nat Cancer Institute, 2 Nov 1994

If a woman aborted the first baby after the age of 30, then the risk of breast cancer jumps to 110%.
If a woman had an abortion before the age of 18 the risk of breast cancer is 150%.
HL Howe et al : Early abortion and breast cancer risk among women aged 40. Int'l Jour Epidemiology Feb 1989 pp300-304 MC Pike.
BMJ; Oral contraceptive use and early abortion as risk factors for breast cancer in women. British Journal of Cancer 43:72 (1981)

Booklet: Current Controversies in Abortion.
Authors (Doctors for life 1992)
The incidence of heart disease in pregnant women is extremely low. In the periods between 1969 to 1989 there were 364000 births in Dublin, there were 6 deaths from heart disease. In none of these cases would induced abortion have saved the life of the mother. (pages 19/20)

"The Irish Maternal death figures are the best in the world."
The Progress of Nations: UNICEF, 1993, 33 to 39: New York : USA

Book: Love your unborn neighbour
Author Society for Protection of the Unborn Child (SPUC)
In a study of 6105 women who had abortions - 10% returned to their doctor within 21 days suffering from complications. In this 10%, 2.1% were major and 2.4% were psychiatric.
Frank et al: Induced abortion operations and their early sequelae: jour royal college of general practitioners (1985) 35: 175-80 (see also page 165 for complications)

AUTHOR: Scott Somerville
TITLE: "The Link Between Abortion & Breast Cancer"
First trimester abortion appears to interrupt the pregnancy at the worst possible time. Cells are at their most vulnerable when they are changing the most and reproducing the most. Cancer is the result of cells whose reproduction runs amok. Terminating the pregnancy leaves the cells in a highly vulnerable state.

An analysis of all the studies has shown conservatively that women who abort their first pregnancy initially have a cancer pregnancy risk 50 % higher than if thy did not. The later the birth is left in their life the greater the risk. No environmental factor alone can explain the world wide increase. In the Eastern block the incidence of breast cancer increased three fold, since abortion legalised.

In the US one in every 20 maternal deaths is due to abortion.CDC: Obstet Gynecol 88 161-67 1996

There is a serious risk of breast cancer associated with abortions. This is increased 50%. Daling, Malone, Voigt, White, Weisss: J Nat Cancer Inst 1994 2.
Jour epidemiology and Community Health 1996 50 : 481-96

Medical Complications
Infection rates of the upper genital tracts range from 5% to 20%. (1,2)
Sawaya GF, Gradt D, Kerlokowska K : Antibiotics at the time of induced abortion: the case for universal prophylaxis based on meta-analysis. Obstet Gynecol 1996 87(5) 884-90
Stray -Pederson B et al : Induced abortion : micrological screening and medical complications. Infection 1991 19(5) 305-8

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Effects on future children of aborted women

Book: Abortion questions and answers (3rd Ed)
Author Dr Wilkes
Chapter 26: Infanticide
page 191: Study of children born of amniocentesis tests: 3.3% had severe abnormalities.
B Burton et al: "Limb Abnormalities with CVS " Am J Ob-GYN vol79 no5 p726

After a handicapped (eugenic) abortion 92% of mothers suffer depression, paternal depression is 82% and marital separation is 30%. Psychological problems are highest after eugenic abortion.
Blumberg et al: "Psychiatric sequelae of Abortion for Genetic Indication" Amer Jour OB/GYN vol 122 no7 Aug 1975 pp799 to 780

In studies of amniocentesis (where amniotic fluid is taken from the foetal sac) studies found amniocentesis is dangerous compared to the'control', among the findings:

bulletFoetal deaths nearly three times higher
bulletmaternal bleeding again more than 3 times higher
bulletspontaneous abortions nearly twice as high
bulletruptured membranes in 0.5% compared with 0.0% in control
bulletRh antibodies developed in 9 compared with 2 in control.
bulletSevere post-partum respiratory distress were over three times higher.
bulletCumulative risks for mother and baby were 9.2% compared to 3.3%.

Royal college of OB/GYN "An assessment of hazards of amniocentesis" British Jour OB/GYN vol 85 Supplement N2 1978

Amniocentesis is used only for abortion
Golbus "The current scope of Antinatal Diagnosis" Hospital Practice April 1982

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Types of abortion

Book: Abortion, Questions and Answers
Author: Dr Wilkes
Chapter 13: What are abortions?

bullet*Menstrual abortions are early abortions.
bullet*Suction aspiration: The mouth of the cervix is opened and a plastic tube with a knife edge tip inserted; both the placenta and the baby are then eliminated. The suction of this type of abortion is 29 times more powerful than that of a domestic hoover.
bullet* D&C: Dilation and Curettage: A knife is used to cut up the baby and the placenta, these 'contents' are then scraped into a basin.
bullet* D & E: Dilation and Evacuation In this procedure (as in all of them) no anaesthetic is used for the baby. The baby is simply crushed and removed from the womb. This form of 'late' abortion is considered safer than salt or prostaglandin.

Paper: Comparative risks of three methods of mid trimester abortion. Morbidity and Mortality weekly report.
Centre for disease control: HEW Nov 26: 1976

bulletOf the 100,000 women aborted in the US per year with D& E, 500 of these had complications.
Mc Kay et al: Safety of local vs General: anaesthesia for 2nd trimester & E abortion OB-GYN vol 66 No 5 Nov 1985 p661
bulletSalt-poisoning- takes over an hour to kill the baby though it can be up to 12 hours. The mother usually delivers the baby a day later. 'Salted' babies are often referred to (by clinic staff) as Candy Apple babies.
bullet* Prostaglandin (vagina, muscular, or sac) induces violent labour. 'Complications' include a late birth. Prostaglandins have a very high complication risk rate (42.6%)
Duenholter & Grant: Complications following Prostaglandin F2alpha induced mid trimester abortion jour OB & GYN Sep 75
bullet* RU 486? block the Progestin receptors in the mother's womb: Side effects include severe bleeding. If RU 486 is used to replace surgical abortions then this may result in 15,000 extra blood transfusions in the USA per annum. RU486 may also cause thalidomide type deformities.
Science Magazine Sep 1989:
Couzinet et al Termination of early pregnancy by RU 486 (Mifepristine) New England J Of Med (Vol 315 no 25 Dec 18 1986)
bulletHysterectomy is another type of abortion.

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Foetal development and foetal pain

Book: Abortion, Questions and Answers
Author: Dr Wilkes

Chapter 7: Foetal development
* The body contains 30 million, million cells.

* Heart begins beating at 18 days, pumps at 21 days.
(Tanner/Taylor and editors of time/Life books, Growth. New York Life science Library. 1965 p64)

* Brain waves measured on EEG at 40 days.
(H Hamlin : Life or death by EEG; JAMA, Oct 12, 1964 p120

* Woman cannot 'feel' baby till it is 4 or 5 months old. This is because there is no sensation in the uterus.

* The unborn child has all of the 20 milk teeth at 6 and a half weeks.
(Life before birth: Life magazine Apr 30, 1965 p10) * The amniotic sac, the umbilical cord, the placenta, all have the same genome as the baby.

*All the baby's systems are present at 8 weeks.

( Day & Liley, the secret world of a baby, Random House, 1968 p13)

* Smoking during development decreases rate of breathing by 20%, increases risk of stillbirth, pre-maturity etc. Ironically warnings on cigarette packets refer to the damage on the unborn child.
( F Manning: Meeting of the royal College of Physicians & Surgeons: Family Practice News, mar 15 1976)

*The unborn baby displays REM at 23 weeks (i.e. dreams).
S Levi: Brugman university of Brussels: Amer Med Assoc News Feb 1, 1983

* The only change at birth is change in life support system.

(* Book edition 3: page 98:) Reflex pain in the new born baby is the same as that of the unborn baby more than 8 weeks old.
Patton et al : intro to basic Neurology WB Saunders Co 1976 p178

BOOK: The Facts of Life
Author Brian Clowes PhD
Chapter 6: The nature of the pre born child:
Warren Hern has said that .....the relationship between the gravid female and 'fetoplacental unit' was one of host and parasite.
W Hern: Abortion Practice: Philadelphia JP Libbincott co 1990 p14

Milestones in development of the pre born child-

bullet5 to 9 days after conception: 8 of the 45 cell divisions have occurred.
bullet28 days after conception the heart begins to beat.
bullet43 days after conception brain waves recorded.
bullet8 weeks after conception all the organs are present. The baby is about 11/2 inch long, the baby's liver makes blood, it's stomach secretes gastric fluid, and it has fingerprints.
bulletAfter 8 weeks 30 of the 45 cell-divisions have taken place.
bulletAfter 8 weeks there are a billion cells in the body.
bulletAfter 9 weeks is touch-sensitive and can suck the thumb.
bulletAfter 11 weeks the baby urinates, it will drink more amniotic fluid if it is sweetened and less if the fluid is bitter.
bulletAfter 13 weeks the facial expression resembles the parent, and if air enters the uterus can be heard to cry.
bulletAfter 4 months the baby can grasp with both hands, has REM, is light sensitive.
bulletAfter 5 months the baby is very responsive to sound. In fact it is more sensitive than adults.
bulletAfter 6 months unborn children are viable and have facial hair.
bulletAfter 7 months, of the 45 generations of a cell's lifespan, 38 have taken place, the unborn child at this stage has over 300 billion cells.
photo of 6 week old embryo in sac resulting from an ectopic pregnancy
This is a picture of a baby that was removed from the mother as part of an operation to resolve an ectopic pregnancy. The baby was photographed in the University of Minnesota and was no more than 6 weeks old.

The baby was active and moved it's arms and legs in the amniotic fluid. All motion stopped when the doctor pierced the sac with a scalpel. 90% of abortions occur before 12 weeks.

Are we really looking at a clump of undifferentiated cells?

This photograph is printed on a specially prepared prayer card. Call HLI (Ireland) on 00-353-1-8552504 to order, or email us

(Pages 164 to 165: The Facts of Life:
ALSO: Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary. New York: Elliot Books, 1993

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Interpersonal and social

Book: Abortion Questions and Answers:
Author Dr Wilkes
Chapter 18: Social Questions:
Nearly all studies (without exception) have shown that unplanned pregnancies result in the most wanted children.
E Pohlman: "Unwanted conception, Research on undesirable consequences",
Eugenics Quarterly, vol14 1967 p143.

ALL studies on the subject have found that there is a DIRECT correlation between planned pregnancies/abortion and child abuse.
Two studies that tried to prove the opposite and failed were
Forssman & Thuwe: "One hundred and twenty children born after application for therapeutic abortion Refused" Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica vol 42 1966 pp 71-88
They concluded "That such a child runs a risk of having to surmount greater mental and social handicaps than it's peers."

Study 2
Concluded that "compulsory childbearing has varied and sometimes unfavourable consequences for the subsequent life of the child."
Dtrych et al:, "Children born to women denied abortion: " Family Planning Perspectives, vol 7, no4, July Aug 1975

University of Southern California: Studied battered children and found that 91% were planned. (In a national control study, 63% of all children are planned) Of planned children, 24% had parental name, if not planned 4% had parental name, also mother of planned children wore maternity clothes on average 50 days earlier.
E Lenoski, Heartbeat vol 3, no4, Dec 1980

* Dr Phillip Ney: Professor of psychiatry in New Zealand said that acceptance of killing unborn , lowered resistance to hurting them later. If refused an abortion only about 13% will try for it elsewhere.
P Ney:"Relation between abortion and child abuse" Canada Jour Psychiatry vol 24,1979, pp610-620

Table showing correlation between increasing child abuse figures and abortion legislation in the US. Abortion was legalised in America in 1973.

Date total number of children abused % increase
1973 167,000 - - - -
1979 711,142 325%
1982 929,000 500%
1989 2,400,000 1400%

Book: Abortion Questions and Answers: Chapter 31: The Social Impact
In a poll in the USA the following questions were asked. Do you think the unborn child should be protected? YES 69% NO 19%.
Do you think the woman should have the right to choose an abortion? Yes 67%, No 29%.
It is obvious how you phrase this question how the results for essentially the same question are affected.
National WERTHIN POLL, Oct 89

Chapter 35: Violence : The Answer:?
* 327 woman from university of Szeged (HUNGARY) listened to foetal heartbeats. Only 16% went through with abortion. F Sontag: "Third Int'l congress of Psychosomatic Medicine" OB & GYN London 1971

BOOK: The Facts of Life Brian close PhD
Author Dr Brian Clowes
Chapter 12
More than 80% of women who abort are single.
Henshaw, Van Vort: Abortion Factbook 1992 Edition: Readings trends and state and local data to 1992. New York AGI 1992: Appendix "Trends, state and local data to 1988"
An amazing 58% of women have an abortion because of contraception failure.
S Henshaw J Van Vort: Abortion Patients 1994 to 1995:
"Characteristics and contraceptive use": Family Planning Perspectives: July/Aug 1996 pp140 to 148
* Fathers have no rights with respect to abortion: Father has less right to the child, centres have more right to kill his child.
More than half of all fathers not even informed about abortion.
Marie Shelto: "Abortion often causes guilt, Regret, poll finds" Sacremento Bee, 19 Mar 1989 p A7
* Three quarters of all married and unmarried couples break up after an abortion.
V Rue Phd: Forgotten father. Men and abortion: Life cycle books:
PO Box 792: Lewistin New York. 14092-1792 1986 $1.00

Chapter 7: Are there exceptions for abortion?

* In 1967 Alan Guttmacher said that it is possible to get through any pregnancy alive without the use of abortion.
Alan Guttmacher: Abortion Yesterday today and tomorrow: the case for legalised abortion now: Berkely diablo books, 1967 p3
* Pro abortion writer N Lee said in 1969 that a study of more than 155000 rapes had shown that only one in 1238 had got pregnant.
Registrar General"Statistical Review of England and Wales for 1969.London: 1971, H.M.S.O. Cited in R.Gardner, Abortion, the Personal Dilemma(Eerdmans, 1972), p. 169.
80 pregnancies out of 54,000 rapes. Study cited in Jack and Barbara Willke. Handbook on Abortion. Hayes Publishing Company, 1979, p. 40. 22 pregnancies out of 86,000 rapes. Illinois State Medical Society Symposium on Medical Implications of the Current Abortion Law in Illinois. Illinois Medical Journal, May 1967, pp. 677(c)680. Zero pregnancies in 14,400 rapes. C.R. Hayman, W.F. Stewart, F.R. Lewis, and M. Rant. Rape in the District of Columbia. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1972; 113:91(c)97. 21 pregnancies out of 914 rapes. R. Everett and G. Jimerson. The Rape Victim: A Review of 117 Consecutive Cases. Obstetrics and Gynecology, 1977; 50:88(c)90. Zero pregnancies in 117 rapes. H. Fujita and W. Wagner. Referendum 20 Abortion Reform in Washington State. In J.Osofsky and D. Osofsky. The Abortion Experience: Psychological and Medical Impacts. Harper & Row, 1973. Three pregnancies in 524 rapes.

* Studies have shown that the chance of pregnancy per act of sexual intercourse is about 0.6%. Abortion covers up incest crimes for the perpetrators.
* A child conceived in rape or incest is always innocent.
Chapter 11: Sex education and school based clinics

In 1970 the Danish Government introduced compulsory sex education to combat VD, illegitimacy, abortion. The results in 1985. All these had doubled.
30th Mar 1985 Human Events

1960 to 91 in the US the following have increased -

bulletAbortion by 800%.
bulletIllegitimacy 457%,
bulletChild abuse 500%
bulletDivorce 133%
bulletSingle parenting 214%
bulletLiving together 279%
bulletVD 245%
bulletTeen suicide 214%
bulletJuvenile crime 295%

US Dept Commerce , Bureau of Census. Statistical Abstract of the USA 1990 110th edition. (Washington DC US Government printing office) 1990Tables 80,90, 185, 297./ US Dept of Justice Bureau of Justice statistics , sourcebook of criminal justice statistics. 1992 (Washington DC US Government Printing Office) 1992

Due to the inherent failure rate in contraceptives a girl who starts the pill at age 16 and continues for 6 full years has a 56% chance of becoming pregnant. If condom is used for 6 years this risk increases to 60%, and if the diaphragm or spermicide is use the risk is 90%.

Ref: Robert A Hatcher et al : Contraceptive technology 1986 to 87 (13th revised edition) New York Irvington publishers, 1986 p204
Ref: WR Grady Contraceptive failure in the US. Estimates: "Family planning perspectives" Sep/ Oct 1986 p204
(Page 274 quote) : Prof Davis (ZPG) said that "......increases in pregnancies occur BECAUSE of contraception not because of their non use...."
Ref Prof Kinsley Davis "The American Family, Relation to demographic change." Research Reports US Commission on Population Growth and the American Future. Vol I Demographic and social aspects of population growth edited by Robert Parke Jr, and Charles Westoff, Washington: US printing ofice 1972 p253

The Irish Maternal death figures are the best in the world. (To see how low the risks are of mothers dieing in Ireland, see what the risks are of being struck by lightening in comparison.
The Progress of Nations: UNICEF, 1993, 33 to 39: New York : USA
Dr David Reardon a world renowned expert on post abortion syndrome in a recent survey claimed that 94% of women had regrets about their abortion, and that 28% of women had attempted suicide.

BookletPro Life campaign: The way forward: The Green Paper on Abortion

....Pregnancy seems to contraindicate suicide, and decrease the will of someone wanting to kill themselves. Studies in the US, UK, and Finland have confirmed this. The rate of suicide among pregnant women is about 1/6th that of the population of other women as a whole.(2,3) Also pregnancy blocks suicide.(1)
(1)Sim M: Abortion and the psychiatrist: BMJ 2:145, 1963
(2)Minnesotta Maternal Mortality Committee Am J Obstet Gynecol 6:1 1967
(3)Gissler M, Hemminki E, Lonnqvist J: suides after pregnancies in Finland 1987 to 94. Register linkage study. BMJ 1996313(7070) 1431-4

Abortion and Heart Disease: With early detection and successful correction of congenital heart defects, Eisenmengers syndrome has become increasingly rare in developed countries in recent years. 150 cases in world literature over the past 45 years.(1) One case in Ireland since 1969. Not one case of an abortion for non residents (Irish) in England between 1984 and 1990. (2)A study of 12 women with this condition in Brazil showed that they can be taken through pregnancy successfully.(3)
(1)Gleicher N, Midwall J Hochberger D, Jaffun H: Eisenmergers syndrome in preganancy. Ob Gyn Surv 34(10):721741: 1979
(2) OPCS: Abortion Statistics 1984 to 1990, HMSO London
(3)Avila, Grinberg et al: Maternal & fetal outcome for pregnant women with eisenmergers syndrome, European Hearet J 16: 460-464, 1995:

In the US one in every 20 maternal deaths is due to abortion.
CDC: Obstet Gynecol 88 161-67 1996 SourceIrish Times 21/1/99:
Worldwide there are 210 million annual pregnancies, of these 22% are aborted, and 38% are unplanned (source Alan Guttmacher Institute)
Source: National Parents and Teachers Alliance: What parents should know about RSE:
95% of couples involved in an abortion separate afterwards.

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Religious, Moral and Ethical and Hard Cases

Book: Abortion : Questions and Answers:
Author. Dr Wilkes
Chapter 19: Title: Assault, Rape, Incest

Page182: In a study 150 spino-bifida children were asked if they thought that they had a 'raw deal', because of their illness. All said that they enjoyed life.
(Comment on incest) Why should an unborn child be killed due to a father's sins, and thus allow the father to hide his crime and even to start again (this is incest).

Studies on rape victims have revealed that most women say that rape is the worse experience not the actual pregnancy.
M Uchtman, director Suiciders Anonymous, report to Cincinnati City council Sep 1st 1981
Mankorn & Dolan, "Sexual Assault & Pregnancy" : "New Perspectives on Human Abortion" university Publishers America 1981 pp 182-199
Chapter 21 Illegal abortions and abortion funding:


Book Abortions Questions and Answers
Author: D Wilkes

Chapter 28:
Title: German Euthanasia Program:
Margaret Sanger was the founder of International Planned Parenthood, one of the main abortion providers in the world. She totally approved of Hitler's eugenic policy. See reference and large number of quotes below on HLI website (all of these are verbatim from Margaret Sanger's own work)

The IFPA (Irish Family Planning Association) is a member of the IPPF, and operates under their charter of rights.

Here is an interesting quote from Dr Ernst Rudin, who wrote in a Planned Parenthood article.-
"The danger to the community of the unsegregated feeble-minded woman is more evident. Most dangerous are the middle and high grades living at large who, despite the fact that their defect is not easily recognizable, should nevertheless be prevented from procreation. . . In my view we should act without delay."
Prof. Dr. Ernst Rudin, head of Nazi Germany's Eugenics program. "Eugenics Sterlization: An Urgent Need." - Birth Control Review, Volume XVII, Number 4 (April 1933), pp. 102-4.

For more info:

bulletHLI International

Book: The Facts of Life :
Author Brian Clowes
Chapter 8: Title: Church teaching on Abortion
Bible does not mention abortion, but it does not mention car-bombs, or taking crack or pornography. However....we have some quotes from the bible on the nature of the unborn child-

For he will be great before the Lord, and he shall drink no wine nor strong drink, and he will be filled with the Holy Spirit, even from his mother's womb.
Luke 1:15
And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus.
Luke 1:31
And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the babe leaped in her womb; and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit
Luke 1:41
....and she exclaimed with a loud cry, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!"
Luke 1:42
And why is this granted me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?
Luke 1:43
For behold, when the voice of your greeting came to my ears, the babe in my womb leaped for joy.
Luke 1:44
And at the end of eight days, when he was circumcised, he was called Jesus, the name given by the angel before he was conceived in the womb.
For more scriptural references:Click here!
Luke 2:21

Source booklet: Current Controversies in Abortion. (Doctors for life 1992)
Quote: No liability attaches to the doctor for such effects( re treatment of the pregnant mother) if the effects on the child are neither intended or the result of negligence. (page 2)

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Abortion Worldwide

Book: The Facts of Life:
Author: Brian Close
Chapter 12: titleThe International Population Control Movement
There are 7 stages used by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the Population Council and USAID to get a country to reduce its population

1. Saturate the country's media with birth control themes.
2. 'Persuade' or force the national legislature to legalise.
3. Once contraception is legal flood the country with birth control devices and abortifacients.
4. Start Government campaign to change peoples minds.
5. Offer incentives to sterilise and contracept to achieve goal of Zero Population Growth.
6. Get rid of abortion restrictions one by one
7. Legalise euthanasia, but only for the hard cases!!(of course)

1960 to 1997 1.8 unborn billion people killed by surgical abortion
S K Henshaw Induced Abortion a worlwide review 1990: Family Planning perspectives March-April 1990 pp76 to 89
E Campbell Moore Cavar: International Inventory of Information on induced abortion. International Institute for the study of human reproduction. Columbia university 1974 table 6.1: Legally induced abortions: National registered incidence from 21 countries

In 1981 (China) there was a shortfall of about 232,000 baby girls (ratio boys to girls of 1.06), in 1983 there was a shortfall of 345,000 girls (ratio 1.11). In 1987 this ratio rose to 1.125 but dropped slightly to 1.113 in May 1990.
Figures in China show that the sex ratio is 1.06 for the first birth and 1.14 for the second. THIS MEANS THAT MEANS THAT 3.5 MILLION GIRLS WERE KILLED SOLELY BECAUSE THEY WERE GIRLS IN THE LAST DECADE ALONE)
Michael Weisskopf: "China's birth control policy drives some to kill baby girls" The Washington Post : 8th Jan 1985 A1
China's Birth control policy is proving to be effective: (Beijing Review : English Ed) 6-12 Nov 1989 pp 42-44.
The Chinese One Child Policy is supported by NOW (National Organisation of Women) and ZPG (Zero Population Growth)
Molly Yard (NOW) Oprah Winfrey show Mar 1989 :
Paul Ehrlich: (ZPG) page 922 National Geographic Dec 1988

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Abuses of Abortion

BOOK: The Facts of Life
Author: Brian Clowes PhD
BEMFAM: (Brazil International Planned Parenthood Federation) claimed that 400,00 died in Brazil per annum from illegal abortions. In fact number of woman who died aged between 15 and 50 from all causes was 50,000.
Geraldo Hideu Osanai: President Pro Vida de Brasilia letter Dec 1991 to Reuters News Agency New York City

In vitro fertilization

Book: Abortion : Questions & Answers:
Author: Dr Wilkes
Chapter 11: title In Vitro Fertilisation.
Involves giving a woman drugs and inducing ovulation to harvest ova through laparoscope. Later a man masturbates into a petri dish containing ova, and afterwards they are inserted into uterus. The success rate is 6% to 22 %
The above success rate is with an average of 4 eggs and one pregnancy
REF: Dobson, "Low, IVF Rate", OB-GYN News, Oct 15, 1986 p18
Freezing kills about 50% of the eggs, success rate is 8%. With embryo transplants only 16% survive.
J Kennan USA Today Oct 25 1984 p7A
Trounson: Preservation of Human Eggs and Embryos: Fertility and Sterility, vol 46 no 1 July 1986
Bustillo et al : Ovum Transfer in Infertile Women: JAMA vol 251 no 9, Mar 2, 1984
See the book page 71 for why only LTOT (Low Tubal Ovum Transport) or GIFT (Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer) is acceptable to the church.

Chorionic villi sampling: cuts off tissue around unborn to determine genome. As a technique it is not safe and 3.5% to 12% babies lost in this procedure.
M Globus: Initial Chorionic Biopsy Problems being resolved: OB-GYN News, Nov 15, 1984, p4
Book: 3rd EdAbortion : Questions & Answers:
Author: Dr Wilkes
page 102: Success rates per attempt of IVF
24671 attempts with IVF (using 3 to 5 embryos with each attempt) there are 15% deliveries.
GIFT: With 5452 attempts (using 3 to 5 embryos) the delivery rate is 26%.
ZIT: With 2401 attempts (using 3 to 5 embryos) the success rate is 20%.
In 714 combinations of above procedures, there was a 19% delivery rate.
American Fertility Society: 1993 Report

If embryo frozen the % surviving days after their creation are

Day Day
1 75%,
2 33%
3 43%
4 12%
5 0%

J. Tesait Preg Rate after embryo freezing: Fertility and sterility vol 46 no2 p268 Aug 86

Long term effects with IVF: Women using fertility drugs 3 times more likely to develop ovarian cancer.
L Gubbernich et al: Tarnished miracle, Forbes, Nov 6, 1995 p98 IVF babies have six 6 times the national average for congenital cardiac transposition, have 5 times as many spina bifida, stillbirths and deaths 3 months after delivery are 3 times the national average.
J Fleming S Cross Bio Ethics Institute from Natl Perinatal Statis Unit Sydney U Autumn 1989

In a study 633 eggs conceived in vitro, only 7% live to deliver.
Australian Study: Major congenital handicaps reported in 2.2% of IVF births, compared with 1.5% of normal conceptions.
A Fisdher IVF the Critical Issue: Collins Dove Publishers Melbourne 1989

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