Election 2002: The Pro-Life Advantage
Nov 14, 2002

From: The Pro-Life Infonet Reply-To: Steven Ertelt Subject: Election 2002: The Pro-Life Advantage Source: National Right to Life; November 13, 2002

Election 2002: The Pro-Life Advantage

[Pro-Life Infonet Note: The following information provides a concise statistical overview of how the pro-life position helped pro-life candidates over pro-abortion candidates in the 2002 midterm Congressional elections. The information was obtained via exit polling conducted by respected pollster Zogby International and the Fox News Channel.]

Zogby Post-Election Poll conducted November 5-10,2002 N = 5408; +/-1.3%

Asked in the nine closely contested Senate races in which a pro-life Republican faced a pro-abortion Democrat (Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas):

Did the abortion issue affect your vote? YES - 41%

* Voted for pro-life Republican Senate candidate: 55% (23% of electorate) (asked by name) * Voted for pro-abortion Democratic Senate candidate: 39% (16% of electorate) (asked by name) * Pro-Life Increment for U.S. Senate Candidates: 7%

* Voted for pro-life candidate in general: 61% (25% of the electorate) * Voted for pro-abortion candidate in general: 31% (13% of the electorate) * Pro-Life Increment for Candidates in General: 12%

Do you recall hearing or seeing information from National Right to Life PAC? (Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Dakota and Texas only) YES - 40%

Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Poll conducted November 4-5, 2002; (+/- 3% in each state)

Which issue mattered most in deciding your vote for Senate?

Abortion: 9%
Voted for Saxby Chambliss: 73% (7% of electorate)
Voted for Max Cleland: 22% (2% of electorate) Pro-Life Increment: 5%

Abortion: 14%
Voted for Norm Coleman: 81% (11% of electorate)
Voted for Walter Mondale: 17% (2% of electorate) Pro-Life Increment: 9%

Abortion: 17%
Voted for Jim Talent: 80% (14% of electorate)
Voted for Jean Carnahan: 19% (3% of electorate) Pro-Life Increment: 10% (after rounding)