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 CARLTON PUTS THE 'PA' INTO PARENTING Fathers, including some celebrity dads, reveal their stories this October in Carlton Television's fourth PARENTING WEEK.

Throughout the week Carlton will be running a selection of programmes examining father and child relationships in Britain today and a sking, if men are potentially competent and loving parents, why are they so often edged out of the parenting equation?

The statistics are not encouraging for :

bullet On average the of new born infants spend 38 seconds a day talking to their babies.
bullet British work the longest hours in Europe. One in three work more than 50 hours a week.
bullet Twenty five per cent of divorced lose contact with their children within the first five years.
bullet Children, especially boys, with poor father-child relationships are more likely to break the law, take drugs and suffer from eating disorders.
According to family therapist Steve Biddulph: "We are in danger of producing the most under-fathered generation on earth. It's damaging for girls and crippling for boys. But men have had enough, they want to turn that round now. They want to be active but often they just don't have the 'software' to do it".

Contributors to parenting week will be John Griffiths author of Fathercare, and Adrienne Burgess author of Fatherhood Reclaimed.

Further information from: Mairead Curtain, The Press Office. Tel: 0171-240-4000

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