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The following information on the anti-Christian, unconstitutional, anti-First Amendment Rights activities of government, corporate, legal, and educational organizations is provided as a public service to make all Americans aware of the pervasiveness and danger of decisions made by incompetent employees who forced those organizations to hire and promote them under affirmative action

To add organizations to this Boycott!! please contact us immediately!


  1. For being the most flagrant censors on the internet, Yahoo will forever remain on the top of this boycott.

  2. For dishonor on the internet, Easyspace will forever remain on this boycott list.

  3. For being first to outlaw Easter, and instead honor known plagiarist, LIAR, communist, and criminal, Martin Luther King, Hewlett Packard will forever remain at the top of this list.

  4. For promoting sodomy, Starbucks is perpetually boycotted.

  5. For fraudulently looting $26,000 out of an old man's bank account, Bank of America will forever remain at the top of this list.

  6. For refusing to consider the effect on children of pornographic magazines staring them in the face at check out counters, Safeway is being boycotted!!

  7. For their smear campaign of men, Phillip Morris is being boycotted!!

  8. For their blasphemy against the Catholic Church, Viacom is being boycotted!!

  9. For blasphemy against Christians and Christianity around the world, Disney is being boycotted!!

  10. For claiming that pride in the White Race is "racism", and discriminating against" veterans, Target Stores are being boycotted!!

  11. For cramming sodomy down their employees' throats, Kodak is being boycotted!!

  12. For refusing to sell computers to constitutionally protected gun owners, Dell Computers is being boycotted.

  13. For operating spyware from Israel and banning Christian forums, Paltalk is being boycotted.

  14. For promoting miscegenation, sexual promiscuity, divorce, and a "battle between the sexes", MSN is being boycotted.

  15. For chronic, anti-boy bias by America's public schools, until banned, will forever remain on this list.

  16. For radical, hateful racism, the Orange County Register is boycotted until they cease and desist from their racist practices.

  17. For their anti-White, racist commercials, Fedex is permanently boycotted.

  18. For just acting like despicable jews, AOL will forever remain on this boycott list.

  19. For double-crossing honest Americans, the Red Cross will forever remain on this boycott list.

  20. For promoting legalized sodomy, Allstate Insurance will forever remain on this boycott list.

  21. For promoting sodomy, Ford will ALWAYS remain on this boycott list.

  22. For promoting Hate Against MINUTEMEN, jew controlled NBC will always be boycotted.