Parasite alert

Outing those who pretend
to be friends of the truth

By John Kaminski
[email protected]

Apologies to my longtime readers for inflicting upon you the numerous and inane forwards of one Judy Zalman* Andreas <[email protected]>, a longtime radio social climber who attached to me and the 9/11 movement and catapulted herself into becoming the wife of a white racist radio host and chief spokesperson for the Jewish protection racket that has Internet conspiracy radio in its firm grip.

Andreas pilfered my mailing list and soon begin e-mailing my friends with her inconsistent (one story for one person, another for another) and pro-Jewish New Age banalities, all with the intent of comprehending the complaints against Jews for the purpose of negating them as public issues, and to take the heat off of Jews. Her superficial emotionalism has been roundly ridiculed in numerous chatrooms monitored by Ardeshir Mehta and especially by my fellow Rense-refugee Dr. Lorraine Day <>

She, along with Jewish apologists Henry Makow and Israel Shamir, pretend to preach the Jewish version of peace and understanding, all the while blunting the horror of what the Jewish community is doing to the world through its uncompromising support of Israel, the ADL, AIPAC, the Jewish-funded universities that rule our country, and most of all, the near-100 percent Jewish domination of the U.S. Congress, which not so incidentally just passed legislation that finished off the Constitution and made you subject to instant arrest for no real reason at all.

And don’t forget the cluster bombing in Lebanon topping off a 60-year list of terrorism by the Israeli government in Palestine.

Anybody left out there still doubting this Jewish tyranny that is destroying the world by making money the reason for living?

"Silly game-playing and deliberate subterfuge," I believe was the key phrase in Dr. Day's dismantling of Andreas, which about describes her meteoric rise to top Rense columnist and friend of Palestinian TV socialite Hesham Tillawi and gatekeeping radio host Meria Heller (two more compromised parasites to be avoided at all costs).

It would be my advice to block e-mails from Andreas, which are often disguised as conversations with me which have not been sent to me, particularly as the list of people she sends these to are exactly from my mailing list, and were stolen by her without permission. I have not had a conversation with Andreas in over a year, yet her recent spam e-mails purport to record recent conversations between us. She has also been known to use other names in chatrooms so you may be getting e-mails with other names that have been invented by her.

I take responsibility for the messes she has created in various venues because I am the one who introduced her to some of them, mistakenly thinking at that moment that a Jew could tell the truth. I hope I have learned something about people who are overly friendly. She penetrated the Patriot movement bigtime, and reported back to her rabbi.

The last thing I remember her saying to me is that if I was going to continue talking about Jews, she would continue to conduct her campaign of harassment against me, which she and others have continued.

In my search of cyberspace once I knew 9/11 was a hoax, I have been victimized by a number of people like Andreas who were overly friendly. Some guy named Fintan Dunne had a nice interview with me about religion, then put me on a list that I was a CIA mole.

Jon Carlson once sent me a hundred bucks but when I wouldn't run with his white helicopter theory about 9/11, he wrote an article on Rense that said I was Naval intelligence, which would have gotten a big laugh from the boys on the fantail with whom I used to share an occasional spliff.

But the biggest sucker punch came from Daryl Bradford Smith, who pretended to be a longtime friend of my Uncle Louie and had me on his radio show on various networks about eight times. I even got him guests when he needed them. But one night he called me up and said, "You've got to get off Rense. He's a UFO nut." I said, "Daryl, don't threaten me." Since then, Daryl and his puppeteer Eric Hufschmid (a good friend of Tillawi) have conducted a smear campaign worthy of Andreas. In fact, it's very similar.

And get this. Daryl originally smeared me, he said, because I went out with the Jewish Andreas. But then he ran her stories (presumably endorsing her efforts), yet still inveighed against me as a Zionist. At the very same time, Rense kicked me off his site because I was published by a competitor.

Andreas was the one who taught me, finally, to never trust a Jew. Her name is a good gauge to tell whether a website is sincere or not. If she’s on there, you’ve got a huge dose of duplicitous Jewish doublespeak awaiting you. And if you have the misfortune of speaking with her, remember that what she tells you will not be what she tells someone else.

By now, both the Genesis and Republic internet radio networks have come to be viewed as propaganda outlets, led by the energetic Alex Jones, who storms his way toward a network TV gig all the while insisting the Israelis are our friends.

All that can be said about Daryl's shrill is that he runs good stories by Hufschmid and others (that St. Einstein was a classic!), and that I am thankful that somebody is labeling me a Zionist because, frankly, after what I've written in the past year, I need all the cover I can get.

It’s also interesting that Daryl writes about Zionists but agrees with French law that one may not speak about the Holocaust, a colossal act of cowardice that should send people running from his site and should delegitimize anything he says in the minds of anybody who can think.

Like Andreas, people who steal my mailing list worry me.

I still don’t know who Mark Meza is, but his mailing list reads like mine.

Another person who falls into this category is channeler Laura Knight-Jadczyk, who has inveigled many with her prescient psychological pronouncements that it is a percentage of psychopaths that hold the world in thrall through savagery. K-J’s encyclopedic and endlessly perfect papers about aspects of human behavior scare the shit out of me, because her new science of ponerology could serve perfectly as a new template for totalitarianism, to be imposed by the very people who get to fund spooky think tanks like these.

Thankfully, she has not caught on in any of the groups I observe working on the world’s problems.

I consider the world’s top problem — the creator of more misery than any other single source — to be unchecked Jewish control of money. I have alienated myself from millions who were brought up to believe that Jews were just ordinary people who have slightly different beliefs than Christians. So it was in my white suburban American neighborhood of the 1950s.

Since that time I have discovered that Jewish destabilization of societies who hosted them exists in an unbroken line of calamity stretching all the way back to ancient Egypt, a span of some 250 centuries. No other social pattern shows such longevity, indicating the centrality of Hebrew archetypes to human thinking down through history.

In Egypt, in ancient Canaan, in Rome, in Spain, in England, in Russia, in Germany, and now in the United States, the takeover of native systems by a Jewish financial elite that has always mastered the money game, has led to nothing but endless war, and the decay of the societies on which the Jews have preyed.

The one thing that Andreas, Heller, Tillawi, Smith, and especially Jeff Rense is that they all went after me for using the word “Jew” and instead of “Zionist” (which is the current escape label Jews use to distance themselves from responsibility for Jewish crime happening in every nook and cranny of society). Rense particularly embarrassed and revealed his true nature when he rewrote my title “Jewish war on freedom of speech” to “Zionist war on freedom of speech.” But then, he has received awards from Jewish groups.

It’s just another “ism,” baby. The real word has four letters.

The failure in recent days of the American Constitution in Congress was a wholly Jewish enterprise, guaranteed by the 100 percent AIPAC controlled legislative body.

So when I write a story titled “Judaism is madness” and the florid and effete former Jew now so-called Christian Israel Shamir writes, “Kaminski is mad,” in response to that piece, I can only conclude he is a member of that “ex-Jewish” group of Andreas, Makow, William Rivers Pitt, Paul Craig Roberts, and on and on who are all out to belittle Americans and cover up the overarching manipulation of Jewish influences which have led the United States to its doom.

Unless a Jew can say that it's more important to be a human being than it is to be a Jew, then that person is not to be trusted.

Any defender of Judaism is obviously the enemy of the rest of the human species. It says so right in both the Torah and the Talmud, and that’s what ALL Jews believe. Or else they wouldn’t be Jews, and have their 2,500-year history of social deception shaping their behavior.

And a warning to all Internet commentators. Trust a Jew at your peril. The probability is certain you will be distracted and deflected from your goal.

My goal is to show how the Jewish mindset is destroying all life on this planet, and to point out the number of Jews — from Judy Andreas to Noam Chomsky to Richard Perle — who deny this even as they continue to participate in the lie that is killing us all.

* Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812), founder of the Lubavitcher movement that is the chief religious sponsor of Jewish terror throughout the world.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose essays have been seen on hundreds of websites around the world, but fewer lately because of the cowardice of supposed news purveyors who lack the courage to call a Jew and Jew. Check out for recent essays you may have missed.