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"Bill Cervantes" <[email protected]>

Sent: Thursday, November 09, 2000 8:27 AM

Subject: [ChristianPatriot] Beware: Attacks On Your Credibility And Reputation

Beware: Attacks On Your Credibility And Reputation

Some people around John Knight are attacking others with an ideology of hatred, possibly devised to ruin the credibility of our movement.

Ethnic and religious conflicts are at the core of the most bloody and dangerous conflicts in history. Thus, it is most dangerous to spread hatred to implement either. One of the oldest and most destructive prejudices is anti-Semitism.

Those who're spreading it are likely to attract attention that we're not aware of. That might be the purpose.

Why do they do it? According to elementary logic, there are two possibilities:

First, they believe in it.

Second, they don't believe in it.

It would be useless to speculate as to which individual belongs to which to which category.

You can "speculate" that we ALL belong to the first category, Bill, because we have ALL stated so.

Those who believe in it offer emotions without common sense, based on wild, contradicting speculations. They call whomever they dislike, a "Jew," while Jewish friends of theirs are not considered Jews at all. They will attribute almost anything bad in the world to their object of prejudice. The Jews and everyone criticizing the perpetrators of hatred is called Jew or "kike."

Hitler himself knew of the paradox of irrationality surrounding his decisions as to who would, and who would not be considered as a Jew. Hitler would declare a a favoured artist to be Aryan, while opponents would be considered Jewish. John Knight & Co have taken this technique to a new extreme. Considering branches of Jewish tradition as not being Jewish when desired while bashing certain members of these branches as Jews when they're living in the USA is an absurd contradiction and irrationality.

They deny that Jesus was a Jew, because their intention is to create a rift between Christians and Jews. It is utter madness and lacking in common sense.

Jesus was, according to the testimony of the Bible, born to a Jewish family. According to Matthew I.17, King David was born 14 generations after Abraham, Jesus Christus 28 generations after David. Jesus visited the temple (synagogue). As Jesus was, many or most of his early followers were Jews. Remember the mocking title "king of the Jews".

Speculations that some people won't be members of a faith because their forefathers converted to another sect, are silly. All Christians converted to the Christian faith which wouldn't exist without a conversion from a father faith. Neither Islam nor Buddhism would exist without conversion.

Indeed, it's highly un-Christian and anti-Christian to spread prejudice and ardent negative emotions which are clearly hatred for everyone who has a clear mind. Only those lured into it will seek some justification, denying that it's hatred.

One doesn't have to know much about the matter to realize the irrationality of John Knight's and his followers' claims.

Now why do they do it? Logic tells that they can believe in what they say, or not. There's no third possibility.

If they believe what's obviously wrong by their own source - the Bible - and by science, common sense and sense of reality, all of which they have completely lost, then they might suffer from a severe persecution mania disguised as politics. It's very unfortunate for them that their persecution complex is disguised as political opinion, because they need the help of a good psychiatrist.

Anyone with a little common sense or clear mind should stay away from such irrationality, persons and groups involved in it. Such madness would ruin your reputation forever.

It wouldn't do to state that John Knight and followers believe in it. Some may. Some may not.

IF we change our minds, Bill, you'll be the first to know.

For those who don't believe in the irrational prejudice and hatred they spread, the above doesn't hold. What's the intention of those spreading such historical danger without believing in it? They're obviously cheating those those of us who assume that they believe it.

Hence, they have an ulterior motive. What is their ulterior motive?

Have you seen Liz's site, where it appears that John Knight cooperates with her to discredit family and fathers' rights?

Now, this is a real low blow.  There is nothing that Liz has ever said in her life which is truthful, much less something a father in this nation would ever agree with.  And besides that, what Liz "thinks" is more worthless than worthless.

The most effective way to destroy the liberties and you is to discredit your work in such a way.

The most effective way to destroy freedom of speech is to misuse it.

The most effective way to destroy opposition against state control is to abuse freedom.

The most effective way to destroy and permanently discredit opposition against a new world order, a strong, controlling state and UN and an oppressive cultural cultural revolution is to discredit the opposition (us).

Feminist bashings against us is heavily based on tasteless remarks from John Knight's collaborators.

WHO CARES??!!  You little whimp, what a feminist "thinks" is usually just the opposite of the truth.

He's done feminism a huge favour.

Totally discrediting the blind dumb stupid feminists and ending affirmative action did "feminism a huge favor".

Thus, these liberal agents who do not believe in the antiSemitic trash spread for years are working for the oppressive powers you want to oppose.

They use the most dangerous topics and prejudices, as it is a most effective method for supporting a new-world-order.

Don't forget that many of the minority protection laws that are abused today for a political correct dictatorship were a once a well-intended reaction to atrocities committed during WWII. Laws that lead us toward political correctness were justified by Nazi crimes. In a similar way, even worse oppression could be justified by spreading irrational trash.

That's what they're working for - those who don't really believe in the trash they spread while having ulterior motives.

Their followers are duped--not agents of anti-family tenets and Communism.

Ostracize the liberal one-world agents.

Ostracize the irrational hatred.

Both are as dangerous.

Bill Cervantes


They have no arguments except ad hominem, insult and attacking anybody who dares to criticize them.

This includes attempts to discredit their backgrounds.

"Art Books?" Ha.