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ADL's Fat Basterd Wets His Pants Over Sadistic Movie



Abe Foxman says Torture Porn Flick Deserves Academy Award

Wow! It is just so hard to keep up with the hypocrisy and hate of the Jewish supremacists! The Anti-Defamation League (ADL)  is supposedly an organization that defends human rights. Instead it defends the mass murdering, terrorist, ethnic-cleansers of Israel, and it even defended the murderous attack on Gaza that took the lives of hundreds of women and children, destroyed thousands of homes and injured or maimed thousands more. Now the Jewish supremacist Abe Foxman has reached a new low in praising the torture-porn movie, Inglourious Basterds made by his Jewish extremist brethren at the Weinstein Brothers Studio. The movie literally portrays the torture, sadism  and murder of helpless human beings, as desirable, even cool and admirable.

Foxman says of the film:

Employing drama, comedy and romance with the quintessential Quentin Tarantino touch, the film is entertaining, yet thought-provoking. Hopefully the millions who see it will understand the horrors of the Holocaust and echo my view of “if only it were true!”

What a wonderful lesson for the millions of young people who will see the film and be taught to cheer torture and sadism.

Abe Foxman pines “if only it were true!”

The fact is that it is true! It has been true for almost a hundred years. As Jewish writers on the Bolshevik revolution have themselves admitted, in the early years of the revolution, most of the hundreds of thousands of Christians tortured by the Cheka were tortured by Jews, who, not accidentally, had dominated the communist movement since its earliest days.

In fact the red murderers were supported by the Jewish community all over the world, including the leaders of international finance such as Jacob Schiff, head of a banking firm that was the Goldman Sachs of his day.

And of course, the Palestinians are the latest tortured and murdered victims of sadist, extremist Jews. Perhaps the most shocking part is the fact that the media, so influenced by overwhelming Jewish power, actually makes the Palestinians out to be the evil ones in the Mideast, and the Jews who terrorize them, force them out of their homes, bomb, burn and maim them, are portrayed as the real victims. Communism killed, injured, maimed, imprisoned, tortured far more people than alleged done by the Germans. Inglourious Basterds simply shows Jewish hatred for all the world to see. Now the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Syrians face their same insane wrath. God help them!

At one time, Jewish extremists like Abe Foxman could get away with their hypocritical lies because the media was a monopoly of the Jewish conglomerates. The Internet is changing all that. People who can still think, whom the media have not completely lobotomized, can see the hypocrisy of Foxman. But this can’t happen unless we, through the efforts of individuals, spread the truth by the new people’s media, the Internet!

— David Duke



Michael Santomauro
Editorial Director
Call anytime: 917-974-6367



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Jews, Hypocrisy, Tolerance, and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League

read: the nation's top terrorist group



The Synagogue of Satan, (See Revelation 2:9) is at war with you Christian - WAKE UP! 


ADL's Foxman warns of efforts to 'Christianize America'


By Shlomo Shamir, Haaretz Correspondent


NEW YORK - Institutionalized Christianity in the U.S. has grown so extremist that it poses a tangible danger to the principle of separation of church and state and threatens to undermine the religious tolerance that characterizes the country, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham Foxman, warned in his address to the League's national commission, meeting in New York City over the weekend.


"Today we face a better financed, more sophisticated, coordinated, unified, energized and organized coalition of groups in opposition to our policy positions on church-state separation than ever before. Their goal is to implement their Christian worldview. To Christianize America. To save us!" he said.


Foxman proceeded to describe the process and to name names: "Major players include Focus On Family. Alliance Defense Fund, the American Family Association, Family Research Council and more. They and other groups have established new organizations and church-based networks, and built infrastructure throughout the country designed to promote traditional Christian values."





The ADL, considered the largest Jewish organization in America, has in the past spearheaded campaigns against religious preachers and Christian elements deemed unusually extreme. But this is the first all-out media assault by an ADL head on the U.S. Christian establishment.


"In 2002, leaders from 10 conservative Christian organizations formed the `Arlington Group,' an alliance of over 50 of the most prominent Christian leaders and organizations. Their Web site documented in considerable details the agenda of a wide range of issues, including judicial nominees, stem-cell research, same-sex marriage, abortion restrictions and the faith-based initiative - and their expectation of success on these issues [was high] because of their perceived political strength," Foxman said.


He noted that churches and organizations of this sort have always been active in America, but they had never before been so aggressive and determined. "They intend to Christianize all aspects of American life, from the halls of government to the libraries, to the movies, to recording studios, to the playing fields and locker rooms of professional, collegiate and amateur sports; from the military to SpongeBob SquarePants," Foxman charged. "No effort is made to hide their goals or their ambitions, and their vision of America is far different from ours."


Foxman traced the growing spread of Christian extremism to a crisis in values among large segments of the American population and a corresponding yearning for religious content, along with the presence of President George Bush as an encouraging ally. However, Foxman identified the central cause as a sense of persecution and the perception that religion, in general, and Christianity, in particular, are under attack from the liberals in the U.S.


In his speech, Foxman presented the as yet unpublished results of an opinion poll commissioned by the ADL. The survey found that an overwhelming 75 percent of Americans who attend church once a week believe that religion is under attack in America. Among evangelicals, that figure rises to 80 percent. Among those who attend church regularly, 70 percent think that Christianity is particularly threatened; 76 percent of evangelicals agree.


The poll also revealed that 60 percent of church members, and 69 percent of evangelical favor instituting organized prayer in America's public schools.


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Defamation Case Finally Settled -
ADL Pays Out $12.1 million

By Karen Abbott
Rocky Mountain News

The Quigleys have collected.
The Anti-Defamation League's payment of more than $12 million for defaming them has been transferred to their bank, according to a Thursday press release from their lawyer, Jay Horowitz of Denver.
Bruce DeBoskey, director of the ADL's Mountain States region, did not return a telephone call seeking comment.
The money went to the former Evergreen couple more than nine years after ADL officials in Colorado denounced the Quigleys as anti-Semites, based on illegally recorded secret interceptions of the Quigleys' telephone conversations.
William and Dorothy "Dee" Quigley had feuded with their Jewish neighbors, Mitchell and Candice Aronson. The Aronsons contacted the ADL in 1994 after listening to the Quigleys' phone conversations on a Radio Shack police scanner.
They said they heard the Quigleys discuss a campaign to drive them away with Nazi scare tactics.
The ADL advised the Aronsons to start recording the conversations. Hundreds of hours of recordings were turned over to Jefferson County prosecutors, who charged the Quigleys with hate crimes - only to drop the charges, and pay the Quigleys $75,000, after listening to the recordings and concluding the remarks were made in jest.
The Quigleys won a $10 million verdict against the ADL in federal court in 2000. An appeals court upheld that verdict, and the U.S. Supreme Court refused last week to review the case.
With interest, the $10 million verdict grew to $12,169,557.61.,1299,DRMN_15_2723185,00.html


Posted By: ArtBishop <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 9 March 2003, 9:42 a.m.


Four out of five people we asked have no idea who the JDL are, much less know that they are one of the TOP TEN FBI ACTIVE TERRORIST GANGS IN THE USA.

Terrorism by Arabs? No, by Jews!

This is an excerpt of the book: "The Zionist Terror Network"


THE ZIONIST TERROR NETWORK: Background and Operations of the Jewish Defense League and other Criminal Zionist Groups

JDL in America: Urban Terrorists with International Connections

This book documents the background and criminal activities of Jewish Zionist terrorist groups, and especially the Jewish Defense League. Particular emphasis is given here to terror--including murder--against "thought criminals" who question the Holocaust story that six million Jews were systematically killed during the Second World War.

Zionist terrorists openly proclaim an arrogant Jewish-supremacist ideology and acknowledge their readiness to use violence against those who disagree with them. With a well-documented record of bigotry and crime, they pose a serious danger to our society, and to men and women everywhere who treasure freedom.

Incidents of violence against revisionist "thought criminals" have included:

"George Ashley, a high school history teacher and supporter of the IHR, has been the target of several terrorist attacks because of his revisionist views. In April 1982, two bricks were hurled through the front window of his suburban Los Angeles home. One month later, two gasoline fire bombs were thrown against the front of his house, and in December of 1982, JDL criminals ransacked Ashley's home, causing an estimated $26,000 in damage. (note 68) Mordechai Levy later boasted: "We warned him [Ashley] that if he continued his activity, he would pay a consequence...We warned that if the school board does not stop Ashley, we would stop him."

The FBI "extensively investigated" whether late rap music stars Tupac Shakur and Eric "Eazy-E" Wright were the victims of death threats and extortion plots hatched by individuals aligned with the militant Jewish Defense League, The Smoking Gun has learned. Following a 2-1/2 year probe, bureau officials closed the investigation in May 1999, noting that agents were unable to corroborate information provided by two confidential FBI sources.

JDL the JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE : The Zionist Terror Network

"In FBI terrorism analyses published since 1981, responsibility for 18 terrorist incidents has been attributed to groups seeking to publicize past and present injustices suffered by the Jewish people. While claims for some of these acts have been made in the names of the "Jewish Defenders,' "United Jewish Underground," and "Jewish Direct Action," 15 of the incidents were attributed to the Jewish Defense League (JDL), by far the most well known of these groups.

Also in 1985, the FBI named the Jewish Defense League as the second most active terrorist group in the United States. (Only Puerto Rican terrorists were more active during this period.) The FBI linked the JDL to 37 terrorist attacks carried out from 1977 to 1984.

Two years later, the FBI announced that Jewish extremist groups had carried out 24 terrorist acts from 1981 through 1986, 17 of which were the work of the Jewish Defense League.

Another US federal government agency, the Department of Energy, similarly characterized the JDL in a report issued in 1986

For more than a decade, the Jewish Defense League (JDL) has been one of the most active terrorist groups in the United States. Although the JDL maintains that it is a political action group concerned with dramatizing the plight of Soviet Jewry and, in more general terms, protecting Jews and Jewish interests worldwide, the FBI has long classified it as a terrorist organization.

The underlying purpose of the JDL is to reverse the mythical image of the Jews as victims. This militancy also fuels the anti-Soviet campaign designed to create and foment new sources of tension in Soviet-American relations.

The JDL, however, has also attacked Arab, Iranian, Iraqi, Egyptian,Palestinian, Lebanese, French, and German targets in the United States In 1978 [for example], Egyptian diplomats were targeted.Attacks have also been staged by League chapters in France, Britain, Italy and Israel.

In more recent years, the official report went on,The JDL has pursued a dual-track strategy of acts of civil disobedience
and generally peaceful protest, along with acts of outright
terrorism...Bombing is the JDL's favorite tactic, accounting for 78 percent of all JDL incidents. Shootings are next, accounting for 16 percent, followed by arson, vandalism, and kidnaping, accounting for one percent each.

Since 1968, JDL operations have killed seven persons and wounded at least 22...Sixty-two percent of all JDL attacks are directed against property; 30 percent against businesses; four percent against academics and academic institutions; and two percent against religious targets.

Typically, an anonymous caller will claim responsibility for a specific terrorist act for either the JDL or one of its alleged subgroups, only to have an official spokesman for the JDL deny the group's involvement the following day.

In the past, although the JDL was among the most active terrorist organizations in the United States, the threat it posed appeared to be primarily symbolic...Recent events, however, suggest that this view requires revision. The increase of militant Jewish terrorism represents not only an escalation of violence, but a significant change in targeting patterns, as well as a dramatic shift in tactics.

As this report shows, non-governmental Zionist terrorism has been a problem for more than twenty years. It remains a serious problem today.

Espousing Jewish supremacy, the Zionist terrornetwork operates
internationally, linking Israel, Europe and the United States.

In addition to the suffering and destruction resulting directly from its many crimes,the network's campaign of bigotry fosters a dangerous climate of hate and intolerance.

Through intimidation, threat and violence, Jewish-Zionist
terrorists have succeeded in silencing numerous voices. Many others have never spoken up out of fear that they might likewise become victims.

Particularly alarming is the important support provided to these criminal groups by the government of Israel. This official collaboration poses a threat not only to the freedom and security of individuals in many countries, but to the very freedom and sovereignty of nations.

Moreover, the number of individuals and organizations that Zionist militants perceive as "anti-Semitic enemies" has increased so dramatically in recent years that any one person or group is less likely to be singled out for attack. (Even the much-feared "anti-Semite" epithet has lost much of its impact. In 1991, an Israeli government cabinet minister denounced President George Bush as "anti-Semitic" because he wasn't acting quickly enough in approving a $10 billion loan guarantee to Israel!)

The readiness of Zionist militants to use violence against those whose views they reject is an implicit admission of moral and intellectual weakness. By resorting to violence against Holocaust revisionists and others, Zionist fanatics inherently acknowledge their inability to discredit their adversaries' arguments in free and open debate. Each new act of intimidation and violence only serves to further underscore this intellectual impotence.

In the long run, ideas and arguments cannot be destroyed by violence.Holocaust revisionism, in particular, has made such strides in so many countries in recent years that it can no longer be effectively suppressed."



"Zionism is another misnomer. Modern Zionism is not what its label would indicate it to be. The managers of the new money collection -- millions of it, badly used, badly accounted for -- are about as much interested in Zionism as an Ohio Baptist is in Meccaism. For the leading so-called "Zionists," Mt. Zion and all that it stands for has next to no meaning; they see only the political and real estate aspects of Palestine, another people's country just at present.

The present movement is not religious, although it plays upon the religious sentiments of the lower class of Jews; it is certainly not what Judaized orators among the Christians want the Christians to think it is; Zionism is at present a most mischievous thing, potentially a most dangerous thing, as several governments could confidentially tell you.

But it is all a part of the Jewish practice of setting up a label pretending one thing, while quite another thing really exists.

Take anti-Semitism. That is a label that the Jews have industriously pasted up everywhere. If ever it was an effective label its uses are over now. It doesn't mean anything. Anti-Semitism does not exist, since the thing so named is found among the Semites, too. Semites cannot be anti-Semitic. When the world holds up a warning finger against a race that is the moving spirit of the corruption, subversion, and destructive influences abroad in the world today, that race cannot nullify the warning by sticking up a false label of "Anti-Semitism," anymore than it can justify the sign of gold on a $1.50 watch or the sign of "pure wool" on a $11.50 suit of clothes.

So with the whole group of labels that the Jews have trotted out like talismen to work some magic spell upon the aroused mind of America. They are lies. And when one lie fails, how quickly they hitch their hopes to another. If "Anti-Semitism" fails, they try "Anti-Catholic" -- that might do something. If that fails, they try "Anti-American" -- get the biggest talent that can be hired for a night on the B'nai B'rith platform to shout it. And when that fails, as it has -- ?

The American Jewish Committee is itself a misnomer. The committee is not exclusively American and its work is not to Americanize the Jews nor even to encourage real Americanization among them. It is a committee composed of Jews composed of Jews representing that class that profits most by keeping the mass of the Jews segregated from Americans and in bondage to the "higher ups" among the Jews.

They are the "big Jews," as Norman Hapgood used to call them, who say to the "little Jews," "You hang closely together; we will be your representatives to these foreign peoples, the Americans and others." If the American Jewish Committee would change its name to this: "The Jewish Commission for America,"it might be nearer the truth. It has dealt with America in the recent past very much as the Allied Commissions deal with Germany. There are certain things we may do, and certain things we may not do, and the Jewish Commission for America tells us what we may and may not do. One of the things we may not do is to declare that this is a Christian country.

There is one absolutely safe rule in dealing with anything emanating from the American Jewish Commitee. Don't rely on the label, open the matter up. You will find that the Kehillah is not what is pretends to be; that the Jewish labor union is not what it pretends to be; that Zionism is a camouflage for something entirely different; that the name and the nature are nearly always different, which is the reason for a particular name being chosen. It runs all the way through Jewish practice and presents another little job for the Jewish reformer."



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  Dear Morris:

  When the Israelites observe the book found by Josiah
  they prosper-as the Karaites-and when they do not,
  they suffer as in the last two thousand years.  That
  proves the Bible found by Hilkiah (2 Kings 22:8) is
  authentic.  The experiment is ongoing.  So if the ADL
  gets away with their movie, "It's Elementary" and
  their anti-Biblical positions, then it would disprove
  the Bible, and if they do not, it would prove it.  How
  many tragedies must ensue before their stiff-necked
  rebellion by the Jews ends?

  I was personally involved in an effort to stop the
  movie "It's Elementary" from being distributed.  I
  funded a group called "The Family Defense Council"
  which was headed by Howard Hurwitz, a retired school
  principle from New York City that chased Mr.
  Hernandez, the head of the City's schools from his
  Chancellorship for sponsoring courses in the schools
  promoting the view that sodomy was a legitimate
  lifestyle.  Our objective was to bring the infamy of
  the ADL to public attention.

  I purchased the movie, "It's Elementary" for $140.00,
  and sent it to Howard Hurwitz.  When he saw it, he
  told me that Goebbels or Stalin had not created such
  effective propaganda for their causes as this movie
  promoting the view that sodomy was a legitimate form
  of social behavior.  The ADL pressures all public
  schools to show this to first graders and higher

  Dr. Hurwitz, a Levite, then sent out four thousand
  letters denouncing the ADL and film.  An interesting
  thing happened.  A New York Post reporter asked for a
  viewing, and then wrote a full page article denouncing
  this infamous invasion into the school systems of a
  movie that undermined all morality in the United
  States.  Then, the radio talk shows, and then the
  television talk shows, picked it up, and it was
  debated all over the United States.  But what was most
  intriguing is that none of these groups would attack
  the ADL. Why?  Because that would have been the kiss
  of death for anyone's career.  Control of the United
  States has shifted to these Jewish groups supported as
  they are by Jewish bankers.  Senator Fulbright was
  defeated after saying the House and Senate were
  controlled by the Israel lobby.  So was Senator Percy
  for opposing a Jewish lobbying position on AWACS.
  These are lessons that put fear in every politician.

  However, Dr. Hurwitz went on one talk show after
  another to denounce the ADL to the dismay and
  consternation of the ADL head, Abe Foxman.  He called
  Howard Hurwitz up leaving on his machine the message:
  "Why do you hate me?"   Howard responded with a letter
  that his attack against the morality of the host
  nation, and the sponsorship of not only vice but
  abortion, would lead to the overthrow of the Jews
  around the world, and that Abe Foxman was the greatest
  enemy of the Jews in public life.

  The dismay and outrage regarding the movie subsided.
  The organized Jewry of the ADL, sponsored by Jewish
  bankers, had won.  They had hundreds of billions in
  power behind them, and we had spent through mailing
  fees and the cost of the movie around 1,500.00.

  The reason I regard the interest rate system so
  severely, to the shock of my friend Mr. Tatom, and the
  hypothecated currency and credit system, is not only
  because it is disallowed by the Bible found by
  Hilkiah, but because these techniques are used by
  Jewish bankers and their Christian allies to create a
  power that grows at it destroys morality and virtue.
  It creates the authentic perception that the
  destruction of the New Testament and the Old
  Testament, as occurred in pre-1933 Germany, is the
  sine qua non of Jewish power.  By the ADL working in
  the early part of the last century to drive out the
  Bible from the public schools, and eighty years ago
  girls and boys were separated in the public schools
  and the Bible was read in them even in New York City,
  it succeeded in destroying the whole religious culture
  in the United States as similar Jewish groups did in
  Germany.  This was achieved here under the spurious
  application of the doctrine of separation of Church
  and State that never meant driving the Bible out of
  the schools as all schools in the nineteenth century
  had Bible reading here, and well in the eighteenth
  century when the Constitution was written.

  Let's look at just one of these powerful Jewish
  families behind the homosexual rights movement.
  Samuel Bronfman, the founder of Seagram's, started out
  in Montreal as a keeper of a brothel.  He was picked
  by organized crime to furnish alcholic beverages to
  the United States during Prohibition.  His grandson,
  Edgar, Jr., bought Universal Studios, and their
  organizations sponsored sodomy rights.  Not, mind you,
  the right to read the Bible in public schools.  The
  movies produced by Universal, or the Jewish leaders of
  these film companies, as Michael Eisner, Sumner
  Redstone, Gerald Levine, Edgar Bronfman, and so on,
  make movies for the most part that undermine the
  Christian culture of the nation and as ferments of
  decomposition drag down the morals of every nation.
  Even in the 1930s, the famous writer of movie scripts,
  Ben Hecht, wrote that the influence of the movies,
  then also dominated by Jews, did more to destroy
  American culture than any other single influence.  He
  later went on to write "Perfidy" an expose of the
  criminal influence of Zionism on efforts to save Jews
  in Europe.  Rabbi Schonfeld, the brother of Moses
  Schonfeld, wrote in the London Times that this was
  true, and Moses agreed but thought telling the truth
  would destroy the income he received as a public
  speaker and United Nations correspondent.

  Let's take Euroland.  The federation of these states
  into one market seems rather logical economically as
  it creates, as in the United States, a unified market
  thereby lowering costs and creating greater
  productivity.  My friend in Mexico, Hugo Salinas, says
  that in South America, that is Catholic countries,
  they do not suffer in the same degree from
  materialism as Protestant countries.  (This is because
  John Calvin opened the road to usury in
  Protestantism).  (See Werner Sombart's "The Jews and
  Capitalism" for the truth behind this story.) This
  materialism is manifested in the European Union by
  making Poland eliminate its anti-homosexuality laws,
  based on Biblical and Catholic traditions, as a
  requirement to join the greater prosperity realm of
  the European Union.  Therefore, I see this Globalism
  as fostering the values of the Tower of Babel, that
  is, immorality and defiance of God.  And who do we see
  the greatest promoters of this, and that is, none
  other than the Jews.  So, in this sense, as a tactical
  move, I think it is important to shift away from
  Globalism if it is going to be a Jewish tool to
  destroy morality worldwide, and especially now in
  Islamic lands, the only place where religion still
  permeates their societies.  And that of course, as the
  Tsar and the Catholic Church were the adversaries a
  hundred years ago, is the reason the Jews and Islam
  are at war.

  Then, we come to the Taliban and Israel.  The Taliban
  promote virtue in every way by escorting their women
  by family members in the streets, with their modest
  attire, whereas in Israel, which now occupies the Holy
  Land in violation of the Bible as they do not observe
  its statutes, drafts its women into the army where
  they are initiated by their officers into fornication
  according to Rabbi Avigdor Miller and the Neturei

  I will be sending you a lengthy article which appears
  to come out of British Intelligence demonstrating
  there is no evidence that Osama bin Laden or the
  Taliban had anything to do with the World Trade
  Center, but that Afghanistan is being planned for oil
  pipelines from the Caspian Sea as Kosovo, and this was
  the true reasons for the invasion as well as to
  ractivate the heroin farms.

  Now, if the Jews prosper in this climate of immorality
  that they have induced in these western nations who
  have been so kind as to be their hosts after their
  expulsion by God from the Holy Land, then Hilkiah's
  Bible is false.  But if the world economic system
  collapses, and virulent nationalist forces rise up as
  in Germany to punish them again, then we will have
  more scientic evidence that the rebellion of the Jews
  against the Bible and God was the sole source of all
  their misfortunes.

                  With best wishes.

     [name and email address withheld by request]

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Abe ADL Foxman: Disgrace to my Religion By Monty Warner
This past June, Carl Pearlston, a Board Member of the ADL and longtime       loyalist to its early causes, resigned from the organization after 25 years of service.

Abe Foxman: Disgrace to my Religion

By Monty Warner | August 21, 2001

AS AN EARLY TEEN, I was playing in a YMCA basketball league in Sumter, South Carolina, a leafy, sleepy southern town of about 35,000 where I was born and raised.  Being of Jewish descent, I had to play for a Methodist team because the Jewish population in the county – indeed, in the state, at that time - was limited enough to preclude its own league.  The YMCA was agreeable to this, and a few other Jewish kids from surrounding areas played as well.

After one of the games, I remember standing by the scoreboard.  Ahead of me was one of the Jewish parents, shouting at one of the coaches.  The woman wasn't demanding more playing time for her son, nor was she a diehard seeking an explanation for why we were so bad that year.  The woman, in full view of and to the distraction and discomfort of many, was demanding an apology from the coach for hurting her son's feelings.  The coach's sin?  Taking her boy out of the game for poor play and making him cry.  I thought the whole episode somewhat amusing until two well-respected men in the community passed by, and I overheard one of them say to the other: "That is exactly why our kind has trouble with their kind." Upon hearing this, I didn't find myself offended; at thirteen years old, I found myself agreeing with them.

Today we have our very own national Jewish basketball mom.  Just as shrill, just as petulant, just as obnoxious, and useless to boot.  Our advocate, armed with a $50 million annual budget to ensure the meanies never get us, is Abraham Foxman.  Foxman heads the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a once proud, worthy and worthwhile protector of Jews and their faith.  Under Foxman's brand of leadership, the ADL has devolved into an opportunistic, intolerant, grief-grubbing stench – a "rights" group for any and all who wish to feel offended – one which, in bottomless efforts to remain PC-safe, unconditionally aligns itself with groups like the Black Caucus and NAACP, both of which strongly support the pending anti-Semitic U.N. Conference on Racism.  Think about that.  You hate me, so by all means I support you.  Why?  Because I'm pathetic.

This past June, Carl Pearlston, a Board Member of the ADL and longtime loyalist to its early causes, resigned from the organization after 25 years of service.  Pearlston began to receive increasingly hostile responses from other Board Members for his more conservative views, and was informed by Foxman that "he would have to realize that over 95% of those involved in the ADL were liberal and would be unsympathetic to his views."  Notwithstanding the adage that for every five Jews in the room there are 10 opinions on everything, the notion that 95 percent (or even 55 percent) of all Jews support bilingual education, gun control, feminism, affirmative action, abortion and the homosexual agenda across the board is not only unfathomable, but further evidence that Foxman has absolutely no legitimate claim to representing the interests of the Jewish masses. 

For years now, despite numerous unflattering (and under-the-radar) news stories about his complicity in various scandals too numerous and squalid to confine to this space, Abraham Foxman has held himself and been held forth by others as one of the chief national political voices of Jewish people.  His misuse of and/or recklessness with ADL funds (see Henry Lyons), his whorish behavior in the Marc Rich pardon, and his general odor in defending such cosmopolitan thuggery; to say nothing of self-righteous condemnations of what he arbitrarily decides to be someone else's "intolerance," is brought to the public's attention almost weekly.  Last year, during the presidential election, Foxman, using extreme examples, pulled incendiary comments off the Web to imply that anyone that didn't want Joe Lieberman on the national ticket was probably anti-Semitic.  Well, in some cases that's entirely possible.  It's also possible that they simply thought Joe Lieberman was a putz.  Or more significantly, they just might not have agreed with him on the issues.  But the substance of disagreement is not important to Mr. Foxman.  Regrettably, whatever legitimacy may have accompanied such charges has been diluted by the frequency with which Foxman lodges them, largely in an effort to secure more media attention to raise more money to continue the never-ending battle to tell everyone else how not to offend Abraham Foxman.  To his credit, it's a pretty good gig. 

In April, Foxman was quoted in the New York Times assaulting David Horowitz's campus ad campaign as "just another means of fomenting racism and hate." The quip was so lacking in resonance it was almost as if he was walking out to lunch and asked what to do about the Horowitz situation, and in reply he said "put something together, use some of the old text, and throw in uh....racism and hate."  Instead of joining Horowitz in showing the guts to condemn the racist, anti-American black Left, Foxman threw his own to the wolves for a short-term political pop.  Foxman: the man, the myth - the self-loathing maggot.

And so it is that, as an observer of all these "anti-hate, don't hurt my feelings" campaigns, a logical, rational Jew can't help but logically ask himself: "Exactly what is it that this man has ever actually accomplished?"  Surely he can take credit for the fact that there might be one less KKK group in the world (which would bring the grand total to four), or the fact that more Jews are now allowed in certain country clubs (lawsuits have a way of greasing such processes)... but concretely, what is it that Abraham Foxman has done besides bend the ADL over for the Leftist agenda of the Democratic Party, and give much of America an image of most Jews as whiny, petulant, hate-thought shylocks?  Sure, he sticks his nose in just about everything that gets him headlines (i.e. the future and futile U.N. Conference on Racism), but the real answer is pretty simple: not much.

To be sure, I am very proud of my heritage.  I believe Jewish people are some of the most brilliant and determined people on the planet.  From Walter Annenberg to Max Fisher to much of the work of Steven Spielberg, Jews have consistently risen from humble, even punishing beginnings to not only enjoy great power and success, but pave the way for others of all stripes to enjoy the same.  And yet somewhere along the way – in oft-embarrassing displays of uninformed hyperemotion a la Foxman – many children and grandchildren of those who suffered so horribly in the Holocaust have awarded themselves the right to gripe about this country as if it were not the one that gave their ancestors their liberty.  As if they themselves were in the Holocaust.  As if we are all just one conservative Attorney General or High Court appointment away from being stripped of our "rights," which have basically expanded to include what any sniveling Manhattan/LA liberal feels like doing at any given moment.  The ignorance of how embarrassing, foolish and distasteful this is to the rest of the country is glaringly front and center, and a textbook example of how some Jews contribute heartily to their own alienation.  This in turn allows hucksters such as Abraham Foxman to emerge – the kid nobody liked but who is determined to make others like you – and raise millions to salve the wounds of the very people he helps afflict with a crippling sense of victimhood.

Self-aggrandizing hustles such as this have in recent years become an indisputable national pastime. Angst-ridden souls with massive inferiority complexes now frequently cloak themselves in the mantras of groups such as "The National Organization for Women," and then use the broad title to imply that they in fact represent everyone who might fall into such categories.  This is a cynical, manipulative, outright lie, and in this regard there are few bigger demagogues than Abraham Foxman.  Under his leadership, the mission statement of the ADL, the organization created solely to safeguard Jewish interests, now reads: "dedicated to translating democratic ideals into a way of life for all Americans in our time."  One translation would be aligning itself with Americans like the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which in its school workshops has taken the liberty of edifying our teens on the finer points of "fisting." Another translation is more simple: Whatever raises us money to continue projecting our misery onto you.

It is an old axiom in politics that the longer an assertion goes unchallenged, the quicker it becomes an article of faith.  This axiom has lent significant legitimacy to people like Jesse Jackson and Abraham Foxman.  No one questions them.  No one looks at the sinister, highly unproductive leadership they have attempted to peddle to millions and stops for a moment to say: "Who anointed this person?  What makes Abraham Foxman the ultimate arbiter of who is anti-Semitic and who isn't?  Is there a school for this?  Why do I have to listen to him or Jesse Jackson as an authority on anything?"  Of course, anyone who tenders such a challenge would immediately be branded a racist (or, in my case, a self-hating Jew) for not lining up to pull the collective pimp wagon, but at this point even that seems worthwhile.  It is worthwhile because these men are not leaders.  These men are liars – the corrupt, failed and demagogic sort – who have proven repeatedly that they will, to the clear detriment of their own people, pursue or create any cause that generates them media or money.  To wit, one of Abe Foxman's recent public forays on behalf of Jews was to loudly condemn the naming of the Hurricane Israel as discriminatory against Jews.  If this is what has the Jewish community atwitter, then surely a lot of people have missed something.  Moreover, that Mr. Foxman could even consider this to be a matter worth ten seconds of his life indicates that perhaps it's time for him to begin to come to terms with the fact that he hasn't accomplished much in it.  In a Washington Post op-ed recently, Mr. Foxman almost gleefully talked up the pending U.N. Conference on Racism (which President Bush has wisely pulled the U.S. out of) as an excellent antidote to combat racism around the world. What he failed to foresee (or acknowledge in his zeal to support the Mutual Admiration Society event) was the potential for the U.S. to withdraw from the event, a move largely predicated on the insistence of Palestinians that language condemning Jews in very harsh tones be adopted for the Conference.  Again, this is the leader of my people?  I don't think so.  This is a snot-nosed man-child who represents everything neither I nor many other Jews want anything to do with. Leaders provide leadership, not handkerchiefs and crutches.

Monty Warner is Senior Director for the Center for the Study of Popular Culture. Readers may e-mail him at


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Behind the Mask of Respectability:
The truth about the Anti-Defamation League
of B'nai B'rith

1 - Introduction

The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, or ADL for
short, presents itself as an organization against ethnic,
racial or religious intolerance. It's very name suggests
that it opposes "defamation."

In reality, the Anti-Defamation League is an organization
that supports Jewish ethnic and religious supremacy, and
relentlessly "defames" anyone who dares to point out its
own hypocrisy. While supposedly opposing ethnic
segregation and ethnic superiority, the ADL supports
Israel and international Zionism which promotes not a
vision of a "multi-cultural," "multi-ethnic" Israel, but of a
"Jewish state." That state is openly dedicated to the
advancement of the Jewish religion, culture, and even the
genetic preservation of the Jewish people. This is, of
course, the very opposite of the policies it proposes for
our American nation.

Consider the following:

The ADL supports forced integration of schools,
neighborhoods, apartment complexes, clubs, churches
and communities in America.

Yet, it supports Israel which has a policy of segregated
schools, neighborhoods, apartment complexes and even
whole towns for Jews and Gentiles.

The ADL has been instrumental in changing America's
immigration policies that will result in European
Americans becoming a minority in America by the middle
of this century.

Yet, the ADL supports Israel, which has a "Jews only"
immigration policy. In fact, it even keeps out
Palestinians who were born there and then forced out
during the Zionist takeover in 1948.

The ADL has condemned European Americans, such as
the administrators of Bob Jones University, who oppose
racial intermarriage, Yet, the ADL supports Israel, a
nation that does not even recognize as a legal union,
marriage between a Jew and Gentile, The ADL has also
never condemned the extensive Jewish opposition to
intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews (every major
Jewish organization around the world has openly stated
policies opposing intermarriage).

The ADL has condemned Sadaam Hussein and any of his
supporters around the world for his invasion of Kuwait,
production of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons,
and for violating United Nations resolutions.

Yet, the ADL did not condemn Israel for the brutal
invasion of neighboring Lebanon, resulting in at least
30,000 civilians dead, and lasting almost twenty years in
violation of U.N. resolutions. Nor has the ADL condemned
Israel for its extensive development of biological and
chemical weapons.

The ADL has repeatedly condemned scientists who show
that there are significant genetic differences in
intelligence between Whites and Blacks, and they have
condemned me for simply pointing out that scientific

Yet, the ADL has not condemned the founder of Israel,
David Ben Gurion, for his statement that he believed in
the "intellectual and moral superiority" of the Jewish

The ADL is by its own definition a racist, supremacist
organization, and recognizing that fact should not make
someone deserve the label of "anti-Semite." The truth is
that the ADL is anti-Gentile! They are not about
anti-defamation, but their whole modus operandi is
concerned with defaming anyone of any nationality who
wants for their own people what the Jewish ADL leaders
what for theirs. In other words, they are opposed to every
other ethnic nationalism but their own! The whole
organization is based on on attacking, intimidating and
defaming anyone who opposes their Jewish supremacism.

In fact, anyone who criticizes their hypocrisy and that of
Israel, whether or not the critics are "racially aware" or
"anti-racist," will be condemned by the ADL. For their real
mission is simply to advance the Jewish Supremacist
agenda in America and around the world.

The following article on the ADL by our research staff
should be enlightening to all readers of the David Duke
Report Online.  

Blessings of Abundance and Health in all things Good.

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by INAYET NAHVI (a Muslim)

THE ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL) has spearheaded efforts at
censorship against all people who wish to express themselves in a way
that the ADL sees as anti-Zionist or "anti-Semitic". The Director of
the ADL Richard Gutstadt wrote to all periodicals he could find to
censor the book, "The Conquest of A Continent". Mr Gutstadt brazenly
writes, "We are interested in stifling the sale of this book".

The ADL was also instrumental in terrorizing St. Martin's Press into
canceling their contract last year [1996] with David Irving. The ADL
recently "hailed" the arrest and imprisonment of a German man who
questioned the Holocaust.

The ADL tries to cover its anti-free speech activities by giving out
a Free Speech "Torch of Liberty" award occasionally. The most
prominent recipient is flesh peddler and woman denigrator Hugh
Hefner. Obscene pornographer Larry Flynt is another supporter who has
contributed 100,000's of dollars to the ADL.

ADL's Criminal and Spying Operations
In 1993 the San Francisco and Los Angeles offices of the ADL were
raided for evidence of criminal wrongdoing in many spheres. The raids
turned up evidence of the ADL's complicity in the theft of
confidential police files stolen from California police departments.
The ADL had been paying Roy Bullock a salary for decades to spy on
people and steal police files. He stole files from SFPD through
corrupt cop Tom Gerard. His illicit contact in San Diego was white
racist sheriff Tim Carroll.

The ADL has been linked closely to organized crime, especially Las
Vegas Mafia boss Meyer Lansky. Theodore Silbert worked simultaneously
for the ADL and the Sterling National Bank (a Mafia operation
controlled by the Lansky syndicate). As a matter of fact the
granddaughter of the Mafia boss Lansky, Mira Lansky Boland herself is
the ADL's liaison to law enforcement. (What a convenient arrangement!
She used ADL money to treat Tim Carroll and Tom Gerard to an all-
expense paid luxury vacation in Israel.)

Another Las Vegas gangster, Moe Dalitz was honored by the ADL in
1985. Another among the shady contributors to the ADL's supremacist
activities is the Milken Family Fund, of "junk bond" fame. The ADL
uses its well-oiled propaganda machine to protect their "friends" in
the Mafia and pornography industry by shrieking "Anti-Semitism!" at
the slightest movement of the law against these perverse interests.

ADL's Ethnic Intimidation
The ADL has mastered the art of intimidation and blackmailing unlike
any of the powerful Mafiosi they are associated with. The ADL has
influential contacts in media and politics that can ruin a person or
business if they don't follow ADL's agenda.

Already mentioned are instances of bad cops falling under the allure
of the ADL, ones such as Tom Gerard and Tim Carroll. Yet now good
cops and even freshmen cops are being "conditioned" for the type of
anti-free speech, anti-cultural diversity, police state that the ADL
would like for our country. Throughout the nation the ADL is
threatening police departments with all kinds of retribution if they
don't initiate state-funded lectures and seminars for law enforcement
given by ADL spokesmen. The ADL rakes in large sums of money for
these sessions, boosting their already overflowing coffers. Already
ADL men have been seen at the scene of crimes ordering cops on how
investigations are to be conducted.

Perhaps at no time in history has any other criminal organization,
such as the ADL, been able to infiltrate and influence law
enforcement to such an extent, and its tentacles are growing.

Freshmen sheriffs in San Diego are now being personally "trained" to
respond to "crimes" by the Southwestern Director of the ADL, Morris

The most alarming part
The ADL is a very powerful, secretive racial/religious supremacist
organization, with substantial ties to the underworld of crime and
pornography. To burrow their way into the minds of children the ADL
has created the "World of Difference" program designed to influence
them at an early stage.

In a report to its few, but wealthy supporters in 1995, ADL boasts
that it has reached more than ten million students and more are ready
to be indoctrinated. The ADL hopes to make children susceptible to
the world of crime and vice they and their criminal associates have
in store for the USA.

Gallery of The Criminal ADL:

Abe Foxman National Chairman of the hate group Anti-Defamation League
of B'nai B'rith. His main job is to write to celebrities and powerful
people who say something unkosher and temporarily forget that Jews
are a special criticism-proof people. Claims whole family
was "holocausted" in the last war.

Roy Bullock The ADL's paid informant who rummaged through trash for
decades for the ADL, until he was given the sensitive position of
being the conduit for stolen police files coming from the San
Francisco Police Department by way of Tom Gerard. He was paid $550
per week for his services. Also an associate of racist sheriff Tim
Carroll. His existence was discovered after the FBI raids on ADL
offices in 1993 and resulted in the publicizing of 750 pages of
information on the spying operations of the ADL.
Tom Gerard San Francisco Police Officer who stole sensitive,
confidential files from his agency and gave them to Roy Bullock to
assist ADL's spying operations on Americans. Among files stolen were
ones on the Black Muslims, Arabs and right-wing organizations that
were in any way critical of ADL. Received an all-expense paid luxury
vacation in Israel, courtesy of the ADL.
Tim Carroll Racist ex-detective in San Diego's Sheriff Department.
Remarked in 1993 that he would like to see "all illegal aliens shot"
and "all the niggers sent back to Africa on a banana boat". An
associate of both Roy Bullock and Tom Gerard. He mysteriously retired
from the Sheriff's Department after the raids on the ADL offices at
the early age of 54. Also received an all-expense paid luxury
vacation in Israel, courtesy of the ADL. Despite his overtly racist
nature, he was put in charge of security at the ADL's National
Convention in September, 1997 using strong-arm tactics against
participants and visitors. This is interesting considering it was his
bumbling confessions to an investigator that led to the raids on the
ADL. (Note:
Carroll, in becoming involved with the ADL, effectively lost any
standing in whatever White group.)
Mira Lansky Boland The "law-enforcement liaison" for the ADL. She
arranged luxurious trips to Israel for certain key police officers
who could have something to offer the ADL in return. Among these were
file thief Tom Gerard and racist Tim Carroll. She is uniquely
positioned in that she is the granddaughter of Meyer Lansky, one of
the most powerful Mafia figures in US history.
Hugh Hefner Famous pornographer who was honored by the ADL with its
ridiculous "Torch of Freedom" award. From him proceeds protection for
all pornography in the US, which is and has always been associated
with vice elements like the mob and ADL.
Larry Flynt This pornographer is a major contributor to the ADL of
100,000's of dollars. He has been jailed often for "obscene
pornography" and the general hideous defiling of women in his Hustler
magazine (whose description is beyond the limits allowed on a decent
web page).
Theodore Silbert Mob associate of Meyer Lansky, employee of the ADL
and Mafia front "Sterling Bank." Was simultaneously the CEO
of "Sterling Bank" and National Commissioner of the ADL.
Moe Dalitz Las Vegas mob figure and close associate of Meyer Lansky
who was honored by the ADL in 1985.
Michael Milken Family Fund Billion dollar fund that has given
extensively to the ADL, the money of which was made in the "junk
bond" scandals.
Morris Casuto Jewish Southwestern Director of the ADL who personally
trains freshmen law enforcement to do the bidding of him and his
criminally indicted organization. Morris Casuto is also close friends
with white racist Tim Carroll. Boasted in March 1999 that Alex
Curtis' "luck will run out. And he will be sent to prison for a very
long time." Is this a threat from a man whose group has already been
criminally indicted for nefarious connections to rogue police agents?
Rick Barton National Commissioner of ADL . Another racial
integrationist who lives on an expensive cul-de-sac in pure white
Teresa Santana Deputy DA of San Diego who works with the criminal ADL
and prosecutes non-Jews for imaginary "hate crimes" against Jews.
Bill Kolender Jewish Head of San Diego Sheriff's Office who is a
member of B'nai B'rith, the racist secret society that oversees the
criminal ADL. The anti-Zionist organisation The Nationalist Observer
was raided by the SDSO in April 1999 for political reasons.
Jessica Lerner Jewish Assistant Director of the San Diego hate
office. Morris' back- up spokeswoman when he is out of town or on his
annual pleasure trip to Amsterdam, The Netherlands - sin capital of
the world.
Dan Willis La Mesa Police Department detective who is in close
contact with Morris Casuto and has personally raided the home of Alex
Curtis and the offices of The Nationalist Observer three times in the
last year and a half.

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Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2001 07:56:15 -0400

Dear Editor, Home News and Tribune;

Your article about the ADL giving sensitivity training to Somerville
police left the casual reader with the impression the ADL is working to
eliminate hatred. This is not always the case. They are used to silence
criticism of bloody Israel, a secular nation.

I am now a retired TWA Captain, as well as a retired LCDR USN. During
the 1970's, I flew many trips to Tel Aviv. What I saw there was just the
opposite of what I read about the place in the newspapers. The media
claims that Israel was "The only Democracy in the Mid-East" were
shockingly wrong. Israel is as much a two-tier society today as Germany
was in 1939. They just inverted the place, put the Jews on top, and the
Gentiles underfoot.

This was not outwardly noticeable at first. The place was obviously
Jewish, but I figured, "Naturally, it's The Jewish State".
There were a few minor inconveniences but all in all, a layover in the
Tel Aviv Hilton was considered a good one.

The crews were given the same rooms each trip, so I got the same
housekeeper, who I assumed was a nice Jewish lady. As is the custom,  I
brought her a small box of Chocolates each trip. She was very thankful.
On one occasion, I got talking with her. It was Saturday, and she was
working. I asked her if she was violating Jewish law by working. To my
surprise, she told me she was not Jewish, but an Orthodox Christian.

We spoke further about how things were for a Christian in The Jewish
State. "Bad, real bad, Captain" was her reply. I questioned her further
and got such a hard luck story as to be almost unbelievable, but this
was a very open and honest woman. She told me of the discrimination she
faced on a daily basis, the hardships of having to live in a segregated
area far from work, the lower wages paid to Christians, pat-down body
searches by Israeli soldiers at check points, and so on. She was in
tears when she finally finished. I was very mad.

I started writing critical letters to the editor of local newspapers
describing what was going on in Israel. Getting information critical of
Israel, before I had access to the internet, was difficult.

Finally, I discovered titles and addresses of good sources of
information on the subject. Soon, I had a compact library of material.
My letters became more hard-hitting, and more difficult to rebut. Enter
Mr. Suall, of the ADL. In a letter to my Chief Pilot, he complained
loudly about how there was an anti-Semite flying TWA's airplanes, to Tel
Aviv, of all places.

How does TWA expect it's Jewish passengers feel with a maniac like this
flying them? I was hauled in to the office and asked to explain myself.
I did. I told my boss I was exercising my freedom of the press, and I
was not involving the company in my letters. I also pointed out that the
Gentiles in Israel were Semites, whereas most of the Jews were not.

Apparently Suall became enraged that no action was taken. More letters
followed in which I was described as insane, dangerous, a poor pilot, a
drunk, a wife beater, a child abuser, etc. and for G-d's sake, shut this
man up!. All this was nonsense, of course. I have a lovely Irish wife
and 6 healthy, happy children. When asked by the boss what I had to say
for myself, I called Suall a liar. I asked if there was any proof of
what he said. There was none. By this time I brought the union into
the picture. I was a member of the Air Line Pilots Association. It was
agreed that so long as I did not mention TWA, or ALPA in my letters, it
was hands off.

I wanted to sue the ADL with these letters as the basis of a libel suit.
The union contract called for my jacket to be available to me, and that
I was entitled to be copied on any negative material in it. There was
nothing in it. It was then I discovered that there were 2 jackets, one
of which was kept from me, which was in violation of the contract. I
went to Queens DA Mario Merolla and told him about this, and pointed out
that libel was a criminal as well as civil offense in NY (I was
working out of JFK). He promptly told TWA to cease this, and hand over
the other jacket. By the time I went back to the office, it had
"accidentally" gone into the shredder. Too bad, but the harassment
ceased, and I continued my career to get 30 years in , retiring in 1987
at the age of 56.

The ADL is a branch of B'Nai B'Rith, itself an exclusive organization,
whose membership is limited to Jewish men, only.

If I were the Chief of the Somerset County Police Academy, I would be
wary of the advice of this group.

For Publication,

Ed Toner
481B Jason Place, Brick, NJ 08724 (732) 840-4203

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White Paper on the ADL


(Spotlight Reprint from August 10, 1981)

Dual Loyalists Work Against U.S. Interests

Liberty Lobby has always advocated a policy of America first in
foreign affairs and this has made it the enemy of every alien
interest which wishes to manipulate the power of the United States
for its own selfish purposes -- purposes not often noble and never
in this nation's interests.

Thus, Liberty Lobby has been the butt of a sustained smear campaign
by the media designed to intimidate potential supporters -- to
frighten them off for fear of a similar fate.

The main organization orchestrating this malicious barrage of hate
has been the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith, and the
purpose of this white paper is to analyze the purpose and methods of
the ADL.

This laudable (not to mention courageous) task becomes all the more
important at this time when America stands a hair's-breath away from
nuclear war and the ADL is the main culprit leading us into that

Liberty Lobby deeply resents the fact that America is literally an
occupied nation, held in subjection by a foreign government which
has seized control of its policy-making apparatus -- a once-great
nation without the will to resist or to act independently when the
interests of this other nation are involved.

It is the purpose of Liberty Lobby to acquaint enough Americans with
these facts to cause a political upheaval -- an upheaval which is
clearly on the way simply because the facts are so vivid that they
can no longer be hidden.

Liberty Lobby urges all readers of this white paper to personally
contact their congressman and senators to discuss the facts
presented below and to demand that the allegations be either
confirmed or denied by official investigation.  If the ADL is --
as we state -- an unregistered agent of a foreign power then the
parties responsible must be indicted and tried for felony violation
of American law.

Congress can do no less than investigate these serious charges and
you have the right and obligation to be sure that it does.


Most Americans have probably never heard of the Anti-Defamation
League of B'nai B'rith (ADL).  Many of those who have heard of it
(including some of its own naive supporters) regard it as nothing
more than another in the vast herd of organizations that claim to be
promoting brotherhood.  Only those who have paid attention to what
the ADL is actually doing have a real conception of its nature.

The ADL was founded in 1913 by the B'nai B'rith (Sons of the
Covenant), a Jewish fraternal organization dating back to 1843.  The
B'nai B'rith has always publicly represented its own activities as
essentially charitable.  It is tax-exempt and contributions are
tax-deductible.  Its creature, the ADL, was allegedly intended to
act as a counterforce to anti-Jewish sentiment in the United States.
Originally it appeared that the ADL was to be nothing more than a
publicity organ of the B'nai B'rith whose purpose was to combat
religious prejudice against, and unflattering stereotyping of, the
growing number of Jewish immigrants in the United States.

It quickly became clear that the ADL had taken to itself a more
ambitious role.  It would have not only a positive propaganda
function; it would also have a "monitoring" or espionage function,
along with a suppressive, censoring function whose goal was to
prevent anything being heard, read, or seen which was opposed by
those who control the ADL.

Additionally, the scope of the ADL's protection of the Jews against
defamation was defined to include the encouragement of political and
social programs and attitudes which would help the Jews (most of
whom were arriving from Eastern Europe and were perceived as people
of distinctly alien race, tongue, beliefs, and customs) gain more
and more power, status, prosperity, and influence.  Because the Jews
on the whole were "outsiders" working their way up -- as were other
immigrants -- the ADL took a stance that was harshly opposed to
people who already "belonged," as well as to their opinions,
religions, traditions, heroes, institutions, clubs, jokes,
scientific theories, and everything else which tended to bind
together and stabilize the already-established Americans into a
relatively homogeneous cultural and social whole.

Secret Report

There was an effort to make the ADL's efforts appear more
altruistic, and to disguise their true thrust, by creating the
appearance of working on behalf of all minorities, for brotherhood
in general.  A recent proof that such a scheme was consciously
contrived by the ADL is found n a secret report entitled "The
Proposed B'nai B'rith- Anti-Defamation League Operations in Latin
America,"  written in 1965 by Arnold Forster, who for many years was
general counsel of the ADL.  Depicting Latin America as a kind of
new frontier for development by the ADL, and lamenting only that
Latin America Jews are not more unified and more aware of the threat
of anti-Semitism, Forster writes on page 46:

(Many elements in the Jewish community are convinced "things are
good."  These people have closed their eyes for many years to
existing anti-Semitism, hoping that by doing so it will go away.
This group is fearful that public action designed to counter
anti-Jewish hostility will "stir things up."   They are reluctant to
"make waves,"  attracting attention to themselves.  The only way
these Jews will be persuaded to join defense efforts is to "dress
up" programs with the problems of other ethnic groups, camouflaging
the fight for the Jewish minority in an across-the-board fight for
all minorities.) 

Liberty Lobby has a full copy of this amazing blueprint for
expansion into South America by exploiting and intensifying social

If resentment arose among the established Americans (most of whom
were of Northern European descent), then it would be ascribed to
selfishness and prejudice; a strong sense of guilt must be
inculcated in those who felt the natural responses of pride and
self-defense even as the ADL and other Jewish groups worked to
increase Jewish pride.  If anybody criticized the ADL or the aims
and people it supported, then he was an anti-Semite and a danger to
democracy.  If anybody opposed legislation that would take money,
power, or privileges away fro the established Americans and give
them to unestablished Americans, he was somebody to be shunned and
humiliated on account of his greed and bigotry.  Even those who
manifested simple patriotism and pride of heritage were ridiculed as
"nativists" or attacked as dangerous fanatics.

"Nationalism" became a dirty word in the ADL dictionary because of
its connotation of white cohesion.  Meanwhile the ADL always dealt
sympathetically with any ideology -- socialism, communism,
internationalism -- which promised to break down the existing
leadership of society.

That was during the first half of this century.  And then came
political Zionism -- no longer just a dream of returning all Jews to
a single nation of their own, but instead an active process by which
Palestine was to be seized by Jews from its Arab owners and turned
into a super-nationalistic state with an official religion, to be
populated by Jews from all over the world and supported
patriotically and financially by those who did not actually go there.

What was bad in America was fine in Israel, as far as the ADL was
concerned.  America needed a "pluralistic" (that is, accommodating
every race, religion, and culture) society, while Israel had a
monolithic society.  America needed a total separation of church and
state (no displays of Christmas trees or crosses on public grounds,
and no prayers in public schools), while Israel was inseparable from

The ADL became the instrument of a foreign power following the
Zionist policy of terrorism and aggression in Palestine which
resulted in the foundation of Israel.  ADL leaders are constantly
traveling to and from Israel and have frequent communications with
Israeli diplomatic personnel in the United States.  ADL
publications, such as the "ADL Bulletin" and "Facts," are largely
devoted to Israeli and Zionist matters.  The energy of the ADL is
largely focused on stifling criticism of Israel in this country by
labeling such criticism "anti-Semitism" and seeking the ruin of any
politician or private citizen who dares to say anything against
Zionism or Israeli interests.

34 Americans Killed

After Israel's planes knowingly attacked the American ship, "USS
Liberty," and killed 34 American sailors, the ADL boasted about its
success in covering up and distorting the truth about the atrocity.
When Liberty Lobby's daily radio program, "This is Liberty Lobby,"
reported on Israeli military attacks on the Arabs, the ADL called
the program anti-Semitic and bigoted and undertook a long and
viscous campaign of lies, threats, and economic intimidation to get
the program off the air.

As all members of Congress know, more than one man of politics has
been consigned to private life because he was less than adoring of
Israel, or even because he admitted that there is such a thing as a
Zionist lobby or a Zionist influence on the American press --  an
influence which, less than incidentally, is felt mainly through the

More ominously still, it now appears that Zionist influence in this
country is spearheaded by the Israeli secret service, the Mossad,
and that the ADL and the openly terrorist Jewish Defense League
(JDL) are orchestrated by the Mossad.  The ADL maintains a pose of
opposition to violence, while the JDL, openly flying the Israeli
flag within this country, screams for blood and makes physical
assaults on its victims.  The same man who loses his job or is
denied an office because of the ADL is liable to be beaten up or
shot by the JDL.  The ADL and the JDL are two horns of the same


According to Joseph P. Kamp, Arnold Forster, the long-time general
counsel of the ADL, was arrested many years ago for painting
swastikas on a synagogue.  Much more recently, the Associated Press
reported that Irving Rubin, West Coast leader of the JDL, was booked
for investigation of using an explosive device in the bombing of the
Beth Sar Shalom Religious Center in North Hollywood.

This apparently incongruous behavior points up the important fact
that the ADL (and the JDL) must have anti-Semitism in order to
exist, and they will create the appearance of it if they cannot find
it growing in the wild.  Zionism is in fact founded on the Zionist's
acceptance of anti-Semitism as a natural and unavoidable phenomenon
which can be ended only by the movement of Jews to their own
homeland.  (Herzl, "The Jewish States: An Attempt at a Modern
Solution of the Jewish Question," 1943, pp. 19-20; Hertzberg, ed.,
"The Zionist idea," 1966, p. 49.)  As long as most Jews show no
inclination to migrate to Israel, the fear of anti-Semitism whipped
up by the ADL serves the second useful purpose of garnering
tremendous financial and political support for Israel among Jews
in America and elsewhere.

The scope of the ADL's propaganda efforts would be impossible to
detail in a short space.  The ADL line is planted in everything from
comic books to textbooks, "true confessions" magazines to Christian
religious publications.  The television series, "Holocaust," was
basically an ADL creation and was accomplished by a great outpouring
of ADL-orchestrated publicity and a barrage of study guides for use
in schools and churches.  The same is true, to a lesser extent, of
the series "Masada."  Without even going into the historical
inaccuracies of the two films, their messages can be summed up

     1. The Israelis were (are) nicer than all other humans.
     2. Jews always are persecuted by unappreciative "gentiles."
     3. Israel is Jewish property.
     4. Israel is the only hope for Jewish survival.

Words and Images

To purvey its propaganda the ADL has machined a special set of
verbal tools for its unique purposes, just as did the communists,
for whom "democracy" means communism and "liquidate" means murder.
The ADL vocabulary is designed to make the ADL and its clients look
wonderful while making its victims and enemies seem abhorrent.  The
process begins with the creation of two contrasting images -- one of
innocence, kindliness, intelligence, and tolerance, and another as
an amalgam of disease, neurosis, insanity, wild-eyed religious
fanaticism, mindless hatred, torture, and mass murder, most
typically in the form of pogroms medieval and modern.

We have all seen the movies, the novels, the comics, the plays, the
"musicals," the comedians, the well-tutored teachers, and the
endless torrent of television programs which create those
ADL-desired images.

Love and Hate

The lines are drawn as clearly as at any Saturday-night professional
wrestling match where the handsome, cleancut athlete in the white
cowboy hat confronts the grotesque, slavering mound of blubber that
will attempt to annihilate him.  The crowds love and hate the images
even before the battle of good and evil begins, and once it is
established who deserves to be obliterated, the same brutal cheating
that draws boos when originated by the monster brings screams of
delight when used by the good guy.

The ADL places itself and those it represents in the angelic realm
of Good.  Those who oppose it or displease it are consigned to the
demonic kingdom of Evil.  The military invasions of the Good are
righteous wars of self-defense.  Everybody else's wars are wars of
aggression.  The tortures and prison-murders of the Good are
interrogations and accidents.  The napalming of civilians and the
wiping out of whole villages are "retaliations" or inspiring
military victories if carried out by the Good, and deeds of infamy
to be memorialized 'ad nauseum' if inflicted by the Evil.

When the ADL spreads lies about somebody it is "sharing information
about the truth nature" of its victim.  If the lies are about an
employee, the employer is cautioned about "the effect on community
good-will of your keeping such an individual on your payroll after
you have been made aware of his true nature."  A politician or
businessman who is threatened with blackmail if he doesn't fall in
line is being "sensitized to Jewish concerns." 

The expression of views disliked by the ADL is a "spewing forth of
bigotry and hate."  Such views are "filth," "garbage," "obscene," a
"threat to American democracy," and constitute "pollution of the
airwaves."  Such views "are not legitimate fare," and "have no place
on the log of a reputable broadcaster."  Certain opinions (i.e.,
those opposed by the ADL) are not within the constitutional
protection of freedom of speech.

The Chameleon Anti-Semitism

The most favored and most devastating terms in the ADL's arsenal are
"anti-Semitism" and its variants.  There is, of course, nothing
worse than anti-Semitism.  It is the greatest evil in the history of
the world, and it always "lurks just below the surface of Western
civilization ready to burst forth in a new orgy of horror."  Just
why it should lurk there -- or even what it is -- is rarely
discussed, but all good folk must be "ever watchful for its
slightest manifestation," and put before all else their efforts to
stuff it back under the topsoil when it tries to break out.  It is a
"deadly virus" which must, along with its carriers, be dealt with
like an outbreak of typhoid.

Likewise vague, and purposely so, is what constitutes anti-Semitism.
It is a wide net that catches many fish.  Even a Jew who says the
wrong thing -- such as Saul Joftes, for many years an officer of the
B'nai B'rith, who said that Israel was controlling the ADL and the
B'nai B'rith -- is called an anti-Semite.  He is also a "sick
individual" who has deteriorated as a result of "severe emotional

In order to make criticism of Zionism ineradicably disreputable,
the ADL says that anybody other than a Zionist who uses the word
"Zionist" is really using a code-word for Jew.  Therefore any
criticism of Zionism (including Israel, of course), is irrational
and obscene and demonic, not to mention anti-Semitic.  Furthermore,
any criticism of Israel or the ADL is invariably reported by the ADL
as "an attack on Israel [or the ADL] and on all Jews," even though
there has been no reference direct or indirect to Jews.

And no discussion of ADL vocabulary would be complete without
mentioning the word for all seasons -- "canard."  A canard is a
false or unfounded story, and any allegation or report which the ADL
does not like is simply dubbed a "canard" and thus disposed of for
all time without the need for analysis or discussion.

It can be seen that to the ADL language is not so much a means of
communication as a means of obfuscation, and that words are used to
mislead, to put the truth out of focus, and to avoid confronting
real issues.

The ADL Attempts to Stifle Freedom of Speech

From the earliest years of its history, the ADL has revealed itself
to be a self-anointed censor of what should reach the public
consciousness in America.  One of its main fields of activity is the
suppression of views it does not want heard, and, as such, it is the
avowed enemy of freedom of speech.

The favored method, where it is feasible, is called "quarantine."
It simply means that a person or group subject to quarantine is
never heard of and never heard from.  What he says and does is not
reported (except to the ADL), and what he writes is not published.
If he is engaged to speak by a club or college or broadcasting
station, the ADL sees to it that the speech never takes place.
The sponsoring entity is subjected to telephone calls, threatening
letters, and visits by delegations of local ADL and B'nai B'rith

If quarantine works, then its victim is rendered, for all practical
purposes, voiceless and unable to exert influence except in the most
restricted sphere.  He is not even attacked.  He is a non-person.

The concept of quarantine is quite openly discussed in ADL circles
as an alternative to actively slandering its enemies.  The
Washington "Star" of February 10, 1965 reported that Herman
Edelsberg, director of the ADL's Washington office, said that
members of the "radical right" who could not be persuaded to change
their views to conform with the ADL's dogmas should be dealt with by
"keeping them in quarantine, until, from tedium, they drop out." 

No Debate

An organization that has been closely linked to the ADL in purpose
and in fundraising, the American Jewish Committee, concluded in
January, 1960, after a five-year study by Dr. Andhil Fineberg, that
an opponent's statements should not be debated because debate would
strengthen the opponent's ability to get attention.  Those who know
him should "privately expose him to opinion molders."  Presumably
one is exposed if he is called a hatemonger and an anti-Semite in
the right private quarters.  It may be, however, that some genuine
dirt can be dug up, in which case a wider audience is desirable:
"... [P]ublicity can be effective where a bigot is concealing facts
about himself." (Quoted in Joseph P. Kamp, "The Bigots Behind the
Swastika Spree," 1960).

A member of the audience at a so-called "Rumor Clinic" presented by
Hyman Haves of the ADL's southern California office on February 1,
1950 in Santa Ana, California, reported some of the speaker's
remarks in this manner:

"Explaining the tactics of the League [ADL], Haves related instances
wherein ADL representatives called on editors and radio station
owners in cities where opponents were scheduled to speak.  he told
how these editors and radio station operators were "enlightened and
convinced" to give no publicity to the speakers.  He described this
as the "quarantine or silent treatment" and said it was greatly
reducing the audiences of the enemies of the league.

"He said boastfully that many ADL opponents "have been cut down" by
finding some embarrassing or unpleasant happening in their past and
using it against them.  Haves said the league found the income of
one particular enemy who paid income tax on only $11,000, to be
actually $32,000, and said the ADL simply gathered the information
and turned it over to the federal government.

"You can call these tactics anything you want to," Haves commented.
"You can even say smear.  We prefer to say education." 

Silent Treatment Technology

A striking instance of the silent treatment technology is found in a
letter, dated December 13, 1933, written beneath the letterhead of
the Anti-Defamation League, Chicago, Illinois, by Richard E.
Gutstadt, director.  The letter begins, "To the Publishers of
Anglo-Jewish Periodicals,"


"Scribner & Sons have just published a book by Madison Grant
entitled "The Conquest of a Continent."  It is extremely
antagonistic to Jewish interests.   Emphasized throughout is the
"Nordic superiority" theory, and the utter negation of any "melting
pot" philosophy with regard to America.

"We are interested in stifling the sale of this book.  We believe
that this can be best accomplished by refusing to be stampeded into
giving it publicity.  Every review or public criticism of the book
of this character brings it to the attention of many who would
otherwise know nothing of it.  This results in added sales.  The
less discussion there is concerning it, the more sales resistance
will be created.

"We therefore appeal to you to refrain from comment on this book,
which will undoubtedly be brought to your attention sooner or later.
It is our conviction that a general compliance with this request
will sound the warning to other publishing houses against engaging
in this type of venture." 

Iron Curtain Over America

In 1955 ADL National Chairman Henry Schultz wrote on ADL stationary
to Lt.-Gen. George E. Stratemeyer, complaining that the
distinguished general had written a letter endorsing John O. Beaty's
book, "Iron Curtain Over America," "and recommending it to Americans
in general."  Schultz then went on to educate Gen. Stratemeyer about
the book's author:

"Professor Beaty is no newcomer to the field of anti-Jewish
propaganda.  As long ago as 1948 he was delivering anti-Semitic
lectures in the Southwest." 

Until the publication of "Iron Curtain Over America," Beaty was
"irritating only in a local sense."  Now he was nationally known,
and something had to be done about it. (Exactly what Prof. Beaty had
said that was so objectionable was not revealed, of course, and the
ADL did not "propose to burden" the general "at this point with our
detailed analysis of the book...")

The ADL's muscle man then put on the twist in typical heavyhanded,
oblique fashion:

"In view of the foregoing, it is our feeling that you may want to
consider the advisability of some publication which can assure the
American people, who hold you in such high regard, that you
repudiate religious hatred, as we know you do, and the use of your
name by Professor Beaty..." 

The renowned Air Force general responded, "I forcefully resent what
you have said or implied," and stated, "I do not consider that book
anti-Jewish in any sense of the word."  He continued:

"When the United States of America reaches the point where a citizen
cannot read what he desires to read and to recommend such reading to
others then we will have reached the status that exists in Soviet
Russia... As I interpret your letter, your organization would have
the people read only what you think should be read and recommended
to others.  This I resent as a free American citizen.

"I do not understand what you mean by your statement, "we do not
propose to burden you at this point, etc." Is this a veiled threat
to my free expression and thoughts?  If so, this I also resent.

"Your letter is the most outrageous communication I have ever
received in my life and I intend to give it the widest possible
publicity, including my many Jewish friends." 

A somewhat similar incident occurred in 1959, when Gen. Ulysses S.
Grant III caused an article called "Abraham Lincoln and the
Rothschilds" to be distributed to members of the Military Order of
the Loyal Legion of the United States.  Herman Edelsberg of the
Washington, D.C. office of the ADL wrote an insulting letter to Gen.
Grant on June 19, 1959, claiming that he had lent his name "to a
vile anti-Semitic canard" and "the fabrication of a warped mind."
Edelsberg dwelt in an uncomplimentary manner upon the alleged
history of the article and its distributors, of course, rather than
upon the factual content of the piece, which had to do with the role
of international bankers in the American Civil War.  Edelsberg
ordered the general to "speedily and fully repudiate" the

Gen. Grant replied indignantly with a defense of the historical
accuracy of the article, and pointed out that it was only Edelsberg
and the ADL who had given it "the anti-Jewish twist." 

"What "the international bankers" of Europe did a century ago to
help the Confederacy cannot by any reasonable person be considered a
reflection on the many, many good Americans who are Jews, and your
efforts to make it seem so is difficult to understand." 

The ADL pressure continued, with great play in the newspapers --
which tended, as is usually the case with newspapers, to adopt the
ADL's language as their own and to describe the article flatly as
"anti-Semitic."  There was much debate over whether the general had
"apologized,"  but the apology was also an ADL fantasy, and the
general never abandoned his guns.

Congressman Gets Treatment

Congressman John G. Schmitz of California received the same kind of
treatment in the summer of 1972, after he had written an
introduction and endorsement to "None Dare Call It Conspiracy," by
Gary Allen.  Mr. Allen, like the author of Gen.  Grant's article,
had spoken of "international bankers."  Harvey Schechter of the ADL
sent a letter to Congressman Schmitz.

"We were distressed to read your introduction to and endorsement of
"None Dare Call It Conspiracy" by Gary Allen, and we hereby call
upon you to withdraw your endorsement and repudiate this
anti-Semitic propaganda book." 

Congressman Schmitz published the ADL letter along with his own
reply in the "Congressional Record" of June 19, 1972.  He wrote to
Schechter that Schechter's attack on him because of "None Dare Call
It Conspiracy" was "one of the most remarkable confirmations of the
book's thesis that I have seen," in that Gary Allen had stated that
the ADL was used "as an instrument to try to convince everyone that
any mention of the Rothschilds or their allies is an attack on all

Quoting from the book, Congressman Schmitz continued:

"Any individual book exploring this subject is immediately attacked
by hundreds of ADL committees all over the country.  The ADL has
never let truth or logic interfere with its highly professional
smear jobs.  When no evidence is apparent, the ADL, which staunchly
opposed so-called 'McCarthyism,' accuses people of being 'latent

"There is not a word in Gary Allen's book which could possibly be
construed by any reasonable man as an attack on any religious faith." 

Among its other efforts on behalf of American democracy, the ADL
attempted to get the Federal Communications Commission to prevent
telephone companies from permitting the purveyors of certain ideas
from using their recorded message services.  The group the ADL had
specifically in mind had denounced the Peace Corps and (according to
the ADL) called up "lurid visions of a 'communist conspiracy'
lurking behind" various groups, including (surprise!) the ADL.
(Washington "Post," Sept. 9, 1965.)  A few years later the Supreme
Court eventually thwarted a prolonged ADL effort to make the FCC
take away the license of a radio station which had broadcast an
"appeal to prejudice."  The ADL had refused a proffered opportunity
to broadcast a reply:

"A reply, said attorneys for the Jewish service organization, only
focuses more attention upon a racial or religious slur, lending it
more dignity." 

The same policy is no doubt useful if one just can't think of a good

This is Liberty Lobby

The longest and most intense campaign waged by the ADL against a
specific group in many years is its continuing war to have the radio
program, "This is Liberty Lobby," removed from the airwaves.  The
ADL's enmity to Liberty Lobby stemmed originally from its general
enmity to all nationalist, "rightist" elements in America.  The
ever-increasing importance of Israel in the ADL program, running up
against Liberty Lobby's outspoken advocacy of United States
neutrality in the Middle East, as elsewhere abroad, precipitated the
ADL "counteraction," as the instigators euphemistically called it.

The entire matter is documented by materials, such as internal ADL
letters and memoranda, uncovered during a subsequent lawsuit brought
by Liberty Lobby.  The whole effort was carefully planned,
organized, and coordinated at the ADL's national headquarters in New
York.  Inquiries by Israeli officials in the United States played an
important, and perhaps the leading role, in getting the
counteraction underway.  Not surprisingly, some of the Israeli-ADL
correspondence is missing from the materials the ADL was forced to
produce during the Liberty Lobby lawsuit, and the one letter that
got through was reproduced so poorly that most of it is illegible.
It is from the ADL, Boston, to the Israeli Consulate in Boston, and
is dated December 24, 1973.  The letter begins: "I appreciate your
calling my attention to Liberty Lobby broadcast on [station call
letters illegible], Boston."  The letter continues for two more
paragraphs, almost entirely illegible, beginning with the words,
"I believe that you are aware of the fact that Liberty Lobby is..."
The words "editorial" and "bumper stickers" appear, giving clues of
the general trend of the discussion.  Copies of the letter were sent
to at least eight individuals, most or all of them ADL professional

Form Letters

Soon radio stations began receiving phone calls and letters of
complaint from local people, most of whom (the radio station
personnel reported) had apparently never heard the Liberty Lobby
program.  The letters were almost always parrot renditions of
language from ADL "kits" mailed out from New York to regional

Packets of "information" about Liberty Lobby were sent to radio
stations, and there was an attempt to create the impression that
numerous spontaneous complaints were being received about the
program by the ADL offices.  Advertisers susceptible to ADL and
B'nai B'rith influence threatened to withdraw, and in some cases
actually did withdraw, their business from stations which would not
cancel the Liberty Lobby broadcasts.

Meanwhile, as is easily proved by a review of the scripts that were
used, there was nothing even remotely anti-Semitic or similarly
objectionable in the "This is Liberty Lobby" broadcasts, although
there were occasionally comments on Israel.  In a letter of December
3, 1973, the chairman of a western broadcasting company wrote to
Sheldon Steinhauser of ADL's Denver office referring to complaints
about the Liberty Lobby program:

"I must, however, in all candor say that upon listening to these
programs I have never heard anything which could be classified as an
attack upon the Jewish faith or our citizens of that national origin.

"It is a rather abrasive attack upon foreign policy in the Near
East.  It is not, in my opinion, at all different from any other
highly controversial opinion, hence we have no intention of
censoring it." 

Courageous Broadcaster

On January 16, 1975, an attorney from the Washington, D.C. law firm
of Koteen & Burt, representing station WVOX, New Rochelle, New York,
wrote to one Donald Flamm, who passed the letter on to the ADL.

"Particularly over the course of the last year or so, a great deal
of pressure has been brought to bear upon WVOX... by various people
and organizations in an attempt to force it to drop "Liberty
Lobby"... During the course of various inquiries about this program,
I have reviewed numerous scripts to determine, among other things,
whether it is being used as a vehicle for attacking various people
and groups and whether, therefore, various requirements of the
Federal Communications Commission's Fairness Doctrine come into
play.  In no instance that has come to my attention have I found
anything which is even superficially anti-Semitic." 

The attorney went on to say that a New York "Times" reporter who had
done a story on the program had found nothing anti-Semitic in it,
and that the station president, Bill O'Shaughnessy, "has become
satisfied that those who actually bother to listen to the program
have not found it to be anti-Semitic." The lawyer stated that the
American Civil Liberties Union believed that attempts to remove the
program from the air "represent a classic example of attempts to
suppress freedom of speech." 

All broadcasters were not as courageous as O'Shaughnessy, who
refused to buckle even though he was favored with menacing letters
from ADL general counsel Arnold Forster personally.  According to an
ADL memorandum, Howard Warshaw, president of Universal Broadcasting
Company, New York, after having met with ADL staff and having been
warned by them that "This is Liberty Lobby" was "anti-Semitic,"
ordered the general manager of WTHE (Mineola, Long Island) to listen
to all Liberty Lobby programs in advance and to discuss any
"questionable" material with him.  If any tape contained "the kind
of anti-Semitic material contained in the specimens we reviewed"
(i.e. criticisms of Israel and of potential U.S. involvement in a
Middle East war) they would be pre-empted, or an older tape played.

The memo, from Mel Cooperman to Harry Rosenkranz, January 10, 1974,

"By the way, WTHE has carried, and will continue to carry every ADL
"Report from Israel" program we send them, as they have for six

On April 23, 1974, the ADL's Monroe Schlactus wrote to ADL's
"director of domestic fact-finding," Irwin Suall, that he had been
told that Howard Warshaw of Long Island "has begun to be most
cooperative in killing the tapes even before we express concern."
It happened that Warshaw also owned station KUXL in Schlactus'
Minnesota territory:

"I would imagine that through Mel's contact with Warshaw, we may be
able to preview all the Liberty Lobby tapes before their airing." 

A memorandum from Isadore Zack to Herman Brown, with copies to
various ADL higher-ups, spread the following good news:

"I understand from Sherm Keller of WRYT-Boston that his boss, Ken
Carter, plans to audition the Liberty Lobby tapes before putting
them on the air and will not use any program that mentions Israel in
a derogatory way.  I am alerting our monitors to check this out." 

Liberty Lobby Makes Comeback

The massive ADL "counteraction" (fully documented in official
documents procured through legal process) did result by 1975 in the
loss of many stations and the cancellation by the Mutual Network of
its contract with Liberty Lobby to carry the program.  This reduced
the total number of stations to 106.  However, in spite of
continuing ADL pressure, today (June, 1981) the program is carried
on 470 stations, most of them as a free public service.  The
program's point of view today is identical to what it was in 1975,
which should say something about the increasing public acceptance of
Liberty Lobby's pro-American outlook.

In Liberty Lobby's files there is also documentary evidence that ADL
agents have contacted advertisers in order to prevent them from
placing ads in Liberty Lobby publications, and that ADL agents seek
out contributors to Liberty Lobby and pay visits to their homes.
Even advertising agencies are put on the griddle:

"For the record, I have received information that there is an
advertising agency in Los Angeles which is handling the placing of
Liberty Lobby's radio program on radio stations nationally... I have
asked Harvey Schechter to undertake an investigation of this agency.

   -- Memorandum from Irwin Suall (director of ADL's "Domestic
      Fact-finding Department") to Justin Finger, February 14, 1974.

"Talent" is not immune from persecution, either:  The same Harvey
Schechter (of the ADL's Los Angeles regional office) who was to
investigate Liberty Lobby's advertising agency was also hot on the
trail of the famous announcer who introduced Liberty Lobby's radio
programs.  Schechter wrote to Maxwell Greenberg on July 30, 1974:

"I for one, am distressed at the fact that Liberty Lobby broadcasts
begin with an opening comment by Harry von Zell... In view of his
key position with Home Savings and Loan and the gutter anti-Semitism
of the Liberty Lobby, I would like to suggest that a letter from you
to him about this might further stimulate him to take action to deny
Liberty Lobby the use of his voice." 

In an unrelated incident, a radio announcer named Allan E. Augustine
was fired by WOKY, Milwaukee, after the ADL complained that
Augustine had acted irresponsibly in interviewing two nazis on his
talk show.

Union Saves Pilot's Job

A final example of the ADL's tactics shows them at their most vile.
On April 3, 1978, Irwin Suall wrote to the management of Trans World
Airlines (TWA):

"I'm writing at the suggestion of Arnold Forster, who happens to be
abroad at present, concerning Mr. ----, a TWA pilot who has managed
to antagonize a large number of people in New Jersey." 

The letter went on to accuse the TWA pilot of writing
letters-to-the-editor which were critical of "Jews, Zionism and
Israel."  (In actual fact, the pilot had never criticized Jews.  He
had, however, gone so far as to put an ad in a newspaper in which he
placed, according to Suall, "the blame for the deaths in the March
11th PLO raid on the Israelis.")

"It so happens that a number of people apparently know that --- is a
TWA pilot..., ---'s propaganda activities are apparently linked in
their minds with TWA.

"Mr. Foster felt that you would want to be informed about this
matter and asked me, just before he left, to share the information
with you and to convey to you his most cordial regards, I would be
pleased to hear from you." 

At last report the pilot still has his job, although thanks more to
his union and the Railroad Labor Act than to his employer, Cases of
this kind come to the light of day only rarely; many a man has
probably been dismissed at the behest of the ADL without ever
knowing the real cause.

Represents A Foreign Nation

No regular reader of the "ADL Bulletin" and other ADL publications
and productions can doubt that the ADL's primary concern is the
artificial nation of Israel.  The welfare of Israel is put above all
else, certainly including the United States.  Visits to the United
States by Israeli generals and politicians are given front-page
coverage in such reverential tones as are reserved by Catholic
newspapers for visits of the pope.  The pronouncements of Israeli
leaders are published with obbligatos of adulation -- except for a
couple of times when Prime Minister Menachem Begin went so far in
his cheerleading for Jewish influence in the U.S., and in his open
calls for the Jewish lobby to get what Israel wanted, that the ADL
feared people would realize that he was proving what the
"anti-Semites" had been saying all along.

The ADL tries to put the best appearances on everything Israel does,
while the United States is judged as good or bad depending on the
extent of its support for Israel.  The same goes for other
countries:  The Soviet Union was enormously popular with Zionists
until it interfered with emigration of Soviet Jews to Israel.  The
Soviet Union then became a wicked and anti-Semitic country, and the
U.S. was expected to dump ice on its d�tente with the Soviets and
prune its foreign policy accordingly.  And, of course, the most
glaring example of distortion of American policy for Israel's
benefit appears in the costly hostility of the United States toward
the Arab countries -- a policy totally opposed to America's true
interests and existing entirely because of Israel's long-lasting war
with its neighbors.

Israel the Only Issue

There is one and only issue as far as the ADL is concerned --
Israel.  If Israel tries to sink a ship of the United States Navy
and murders 34 Americans in the process, the ADL prides itself on
covering up the facts and explaining them away, while on the other
hand anybody who ever killed an Israeli (even though his country is
at war with Israel) is a despicable terrorist and bloodthirsty
outlaw.  A careful distinction is made between those who are able to
kill large numbers of civilians from airplanes (American supplied
airplanes) and those who can afford only to kill smaller numbers on

The ADL never tires of telling us, and having us told, that because
the population of the Jewish state is made up of an exceptional
people unceasingly persecuted due to some ineradicable flaw in all
non-Jews, the Israelis are exempt from the rules of human behavior
and have a special license to steal other people's real estate, to
kidnap anywhere in the world, to torture, to kill, to lie, to
falsely accuse, and to interfere at will in the politics and social
development of other countries.

To justify and further the programs and aims of Israel is the
primary mission of the ADL.  The organization is, of course, at one
with the B'nai B'rith, with its large and highly manageable and
influential system of professional lodges.  Especially significant
are those lodges made up of highly placed people in the advertising,
publishing, entertainment, and news fields.  It works in alliance
with other groups that comprise the Israel lobby -- such as the
American Jewish Committee, whose Washington representative, Hyman
Bookbinder, boasted in a public speech of the speed with which he
had been able to assemble on the Capitol steps a display of American
congressmen and senators in support of an Israeli government demand.

Sophisticated Intimidation

As contrasted to the Jewish Defense League, which uses physical
intimidation and overt violence while literally parading the Israeli
flag within this country, the ADL deals primarily in propaganda and
moral, political, and financial intimidation. It instigates,
coordinates, places, and often writes, on behalf of Israel the
avalanche of slanted news stories, editorials, magazine articles,
television programs, cartoons, politicians' speeches, entries in the
"Congressional Record," letters, and even motion pictures and
novels, which -- particularly at the time of some Israeli crisis or
extensive Israeli demand on American leaders and taxpayers --
smothers the United States.

Once a rock has been started rolling downhill, one does not have to
keep prodding it or the others it picks up along the way:  People
know what is expected of them.  If they do not, they will be
"sensitized," or perhaps even tenderized.  Event he standup comic
knows that to defy the party line would be professional suicide.
Toward the end of the 1960's the ADL and its cohorts accuse Poland
of "anti-Semitic" acts, (See, for example, entry by the ADL's
congressman, Joshua Eilberg, in the July 16, 1968 "Congressional
Record") and lo, within days the insulting "Polish joke" was born,
pounding home month after month the alleged stupidity of the Polish
people who up to then had been treated as heroic defenders of
freedom.  In such ways American attitudes are molded to the benefit
of Israel and to the detriment of any group on Israel's hit list.

The inconvenient fact that what helps Israel usually hurts the
United States is handled by the ADL and similar organizations by the
technique, proof of the intent of which is available in numerous
publicly distributed recordings of their meetings, of trying to make
Israeli interests appear identical to the interests of the United
States and attractive to the American people.  "We are a minority
too small to have our desired effect without the help of many
others,"  goes the reasoning.  "we must therefore make other people
identify our interests with theirs, and we must create the illusion
that what is good for us is good for America."  By such sleight of
hand, the tiger is led by the monkey, and a great and powerful
nation is made to sacrifice its own welfare for the sake which has
nothing to offer in return except the probability of involvement in
nuclear war.

Foreign Agents Registration Act

The Foreign Agents Registration Act, Title 22 U.S. Code �611 et
seq., provides criminal penalties for failure of propagandists and
others active in this country on behalf of foreigners to file highly
detailed registration statements with the Attorney General, to file
copies of all political propaganda (however disguised or
sugar-coated), and to label all such propaganda conspicuously, and
to keep and reveal records of their activities.

"Political propaganda" is defined by the act to include any
"communication or expression by any person... which is reasonably
adapted to, or which the person disseminating the same believes
will, or which he intends to, prevail upon, indoctrinate, induce, or
in any other way influence a recipient or any section of the public
within the United States with reference to the political or public
interests, policies, or relations of a government of a foreign
country or a foreign political party or with reference to the
foreign policies of the United States..." �611(j).

The same rules apply to "political activities" which in any way
"influence any agency or official of the public within the United
States with reference to formulating, adopting, or changing the
domestic or foreign policies of the United States or with reference
to the political or public interests, policies, or relations of a
government of a foreign country or a foreign political party"
�611 (o).

The Foreign Agents Registration Act is designed to include anyone
"who directly or through any other person" carries on such
activities and who acts as an agent, representative or "in any other
capacity" at the order, request, or under the direction or control,
or under the direct or indirect supervision, direction, control, or
subsidization of a foreign principal �611(b).

'There is absolutely no doubt that the ADL is operating in criminal
violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act; that its foreign
principals include the government of Israel and its subdivisions,
numerous Israeli Zionist groups such as the World Zionist
Organization and the Jewish Agency and their fundraising branches
within the United States; and that the ADL works in complicity with
large numbers of equally guilty parties in the American
communication media and the political arena.' 

It is the job of the U.S. Department of Justice to enforce the
Foreign Agents Registration Act, (*) but while the department has
exerted itself ordering American Protestant ministers to register as
foreign agents because they arranged preaching and a few other
public appearances for some clergymen of the Christian League of
Southern Africa, ('Washington Weekly', Oct. 5, 1978) it has been
curiously paralyzed when it comes to pursuing the ADL and its huge
network of coordinated Israeli agents.

(*)  [Title 50, �851-858 contains additional provisions for
registration of foreign agents with the Attorney General.  These
sections are applicable to "every person who has knowledge of"
espionage, tactics or terrorism of "a government of a foreign
country..." it stretches the imagination to assume that ADL officers
are not fully aware of the activities of the terrorist organization
known as the Jewish Defense League, an open agent of Israel which
provocatively flies the Israeli flag during its demonstrations
against "enemies of Israel."  No one can miss the perfect
orchestration of ADL and JDL activities.  It is commonly believed
that both agencies are manipulated by the efficient Israeli
espionage and terrorist are, the Mossad.] 

Easy To Document

Documentation of the ADL's actions as an agent of Israel is neither
rare nor difficult to come by.  Indeed, it is almost impossible to
encompass its scope in a paper of this length.  The examples that
follow are a fair selection from among thousands.

First, there is no question that Israel, which could never have
existed financially, militarily, or otherwise without the constant
support of the United States, wishes to exert all possible influence
on this country and to draw all possible sustenance from it, while
preventing any aid or support by the United States going to
countries on Israel's enemies list, and in particular to the Arab
countries from which Israel hacked out its territory.  The World
Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency are specifically designed
to be the Israeli government's overseas arms.  Even though purposely
not made branches of the government, the status, function, and
authority of the WZO and the Jewish Agency are set forth in Israeli
law.  Among their goals are to organize Jewish communities outside
Israel to serve Zionist purposes, to spread propaganda, to see that
money is collected (almost always to tax-exempt "charitable"
organizations) and channeled to Israel, to encourage immigration
into Israel, and to influence various governments to formulate
foreign policy to pass laws which favor Israel.

Most of the Israeli aims in the United States are spearheaded by the
ADL, with other Zionist-oriented groups such as the American Jewish
Committee playing important roles.  The WZO and the Jewish Agency
keep a low profile, while the ADL poses as an American organization
serving American Jewish aims, though in reality honing its
activities to serve Israel on every point.

When Arab countries organized a boycott of Israel, the ADL openly
led the fight to have anti-boycott legislation passed in the U.S.,
took measures to see that American businesses were trading with
Israel under the anti-boycott laws, and even acted on Israel's
behalf as regarded Japan's cooperation with the Arab boycott.

"The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish organization, has long been
bothered by the Japanese reaction to the boycott.  For years, the
organization has been trying on its own to persuade the Japanese to
change their policy.  Now, evidently wearying of these efforts,
Anti-Defamation League officials are seeking the aid of American
corporations."  -- The Wall Street Journal, May 13, 1968

On March 4, 1975, the New York Times reported that: "The
Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith has written to President Ford
reporting what it calls a concerted campaign among shipping
companies, aided and abetted by American commercial banks unlawfully
to comply with the Arab boycott regulations against the state of

Since 1966, the ADL has produced a radio program called "Dateline
Israel," some 26 new programs each year, broadcast over hundreds of
stations, which consists entirely of Israeli propaganda.  Prominent
in the origins and production of "Dateline Israel" was ADL general
counsel Arnold Forster, who was reported in the May, 1974 "ADL
Bulletin" to have been to Israel more than 50 times.

Forster Writes Letters

Forster, among his other achievements on behalf of a foreign state,
wrote seemingly innumerable letters (always published, of course) to
the editors of major newspapers on subjects having exclusively to do
with Israel and the protection or furtherance of Israeli interest.
Every public criticism of Israel was met with a thundering defense.
Every Israeli policy was dolled up as a glamorous boon to American
interests.  every hint of cooperation with Arab countries by the
U.S. was depicted as a dark collaboration with the forces of evil.

In 1973 the ADL took out full-page newspaper advertisements whose
message was that Arab oil-producing countries were greedy and that
any change in the Mideast policy of the United States that might
please the Arabs would not improve the American oil situation.  The
ads were designed to influence public opinion to ignore the obvious
-- that the oil cut-off by the Arabs had been a direct response to
the United States mindlessly and illogically supporting Israel in an
aggressive war against Arab countries.

"Maariv," published in Tel Aviv, Israel, reported (Jan 14, 1969)
that the ADL in the United States had made a study of Arab
"propaganda" against Israel, and had concluded that the center of
export of such propaganda to America was Beirut, Lebanon.  Arnold
Forster was in charge of the ADL study.

"Mr. Foster [sic], who is now in Israel as one of the
representatives of the Jewish organizations to the conference called
by the prime minister, said that the Arabs have discovered the best
way to lie is from a distance." 

For the ADL, there is obviously one overriding issue -- Israel --
and old allies who don't agree become 'persona non grata'.  ADL
Chairman Kenneth Bialkin, in a New York "Times" item (Aug. 19,
1979), said that "some black leaders have become persuaded by new
left propaganda and have taken up with the worst of pro-Arab,
anti-Israeli elements."  Bailkin called such blacks "troublemakers."  

Bigoted Extremists

A couple of years earlier, when black American workers wanted to
comply with the Arab boycott of Israel, the ADL said that a
coalition, including blacks who said they would be the first to lose
their jobs if Arabs withdrew their business, involved "bigoted
extremists" linked to "anti-Semitism" -- a good example of
name-calling when logic would lose the day.

When the executive committee of the B'nai B'rith International
Council met in 1960, the president concluded: "Positive action by
the Jewish communities should be taken to combat Arab League
propaganda,"  and " a program of counter -- action to deal with the
Arab League should be considered."  ("Summary-Minutes, B'nai B'rith
International Council, Executive Committee Meeting January 26-27,
1960, Amsterdam, Netherlands.")

The B'nai B'rith, swearing that it is strictly a religious,
charitable, and welfare organization, has taken an active role in
getting funds from Germany as compensation or reparation to Jews who
claimed to have been unjustly damaged by Hitler's government.  A
revealing insight into the procedure is offered by a B'nai B'rith
"Memorandum to Members of the Board of Governors from Maurice
Bisguer" (Feb. 17, 1960): "In accordance with the claims agreement
resulting from West German B'nai B'rith negotiations, the
predominant amount of funds is to be reserved for Israel." 

A typical issue of the "ADL Bulletin" would appear to have been
conceived and composed in an Israeli information office.  The June,
1980 issue, for example, which happens to contain an uncomplimentary
article about Liberty Lobby, begins with an article by former
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (who is pictured receiving an
award form the ADL) entitled "The Middle East."  With subheads such
as "No Negotiations with PLO," it contains nothing even remotely
displeasing to Israel, and lest we miss its real point, the
following words are emphasized by being printed in a shaded
rectangle: "While in office and after, I never believed and I do not
believe now that the solution to the West Bank problem can be the
creation of a Palestinian state." 

Oil Is Menace

Inside the front cover of the same issue is a comment by ADL
national director, Nathan Perlmutter.  Leading off with the news
that anti-Semitism, "as we have customarily measured it," has been
declining, he says that the greatest danger "to us" is oil because
nations which want oil from the Arabs are snuggling up to the PLO,
and, "in the hapless balance is Israel." 

There follows a long, illustrated article on a trip to Israel by M.
S. Forbes, editor-in-chief of "Forbes" business magazine, a trip
which had been suggested and arranged by the ADL.

"He went at the suggestion of Maxwell E. Greenberg, the
Anti-Defamation League's national chairman, and Abraham H.  Foxman,
its associate national director, following a dispute between the ADL
and "Forbes" editors over rejection of a league ad on peace in the
Middle East which had been submitted for the "Forbes" annual Arabic
Middle East edition.  ADL felt the ad had been rejected because the
magazine feared offending the Arabs..." 

So the ADL officers, suggesting "that a Forbes trip to Israel was
long overdue," met Mr. Forbes in that Middles Eastern nation,
introduced him to the right people in government, the military, and
business, and showed him the country.  Mr. Forbes, of course, loved
Israel and the Israeli leaders, on whom he bestowed such accolades
as "sharp, incisive,"  "perceptive, candid, with good judgments,"
"able, impressive" and "Oh, fabulous."  Mr. Forbes likened America
to Israel and had nasty things to say about the PLO.

The next article in the June 1980 "ADL Bulletin" was entitled
"PLO/Khomeini Connection."  It dealt with the cordial relations
between the PLO and the ever-unpopular ayatollah, and concluded that
both "share the goal of destroying Israel," and that "to give them
power is to whet their appetites, increasing their lust for
destruction."  (Shades of Adolf.) 

Vanessa Redgrave's Trouble

The actress Vanessa Redrave narrated a film called "The
Palestinian," which, although few who criticized it has actually
seen it, outraged the ADL because it was reportedly anti-Israel and
contained an interview with the head of the PLO.  There were
vigorous efforts to prevent the documentary from being seen in the
U.S., and to ruin Vanessa Redgrave's acting career.  Arnold Forster
said on behalf of the ADL that to advocate the overthrow of Israel
was "the ultimate anti-Semitism."  Miss Redgrave commented:

"The American public cherishes its right to information and to form
its own opinions.  It should not be abrogated into the hands of a
minority of fanatical Zionists who want to destroy the Palestine
Liberation Organizations and lie about its aims." -- Los Angeles
Times, January 18, 1978

In a pitch letter to ADL supporters on November 10, 1975, Dore
Schary listed as examples of the ADL's good work: Suing the U.S. to
thwart the Arab boycott of Israel, exposing the collusion of other
groups with the Arab boycott of Israel, and persuading the Gulf Oil
Company to repudiate and publicly declare that it will never again
repeat a contribution to "the Arab propaganda campaign" against
Israel.  Next on the agenda:  "The recent vote in the United Nations
attacking Zionism as 'racism'..." 

When President Jimmy Carter compared the Palestinian movement (to
return to the farms and homes that had been taken by Israel) to the
U.S. civil rights cause, spokesmen for the ADL called the comparison
"insulting," and "frightening."  Arnold Forster exercised his gift
for meaningless semantic smokescreening by calling the PLO "False
revolutionaries" and "murderers"  (Washington "Post," Aug. 3. 1979).

On January 9, 1981, the ADL's headquarters publicly distributed,
under the label, "News," a report called "World-Views and Middle
East Policy,"  by Kenneth Jacobsen, which compared the probable
Middle East policy of the incoming Reagan administration.  The
entire discussion centers on the relative benefits to Israel which
would result from the different policies.  Carter, the report said,
had seen Third-World nations (read Arabs) as essentially neutral,
and to be won over through "friendly" approaches, which meant that
the "U.S. would downplay Israel as a strategic interest, would see
the Palestinian issue as the central problem in the Middle East, and
would make periodic overtures to the PLO."  (Not good.)  Reagan, on
the other hand, would bring with him those who would see both the
Soviet threat and an Arab oil threat. (Good.) By convoluted and
illogical arguments, Jacobsen comes to the conclusion that the U.S.
has shown "unnecessary obsequiousness to the Arab world,"  and that
the best way for America to meet the oil problem is to join more
closely with Israel in its hostility to the Arab nations.

'With this new approach, there will be no hesitancy to support
Israel as clearly America's most reliable ally and to identify
Israel as a strategic asset to the U.S.' 

Many more examples could be cited to prove that the ADL, day after
day, year after year, works within the United States as an agent in
the service of a foreign nation.  Not only are such political
activities a violation of the Foreign Agents' Registration Act, but
also disqualify the ADL from its tax-exempt status.


A suffocating atmosphere of threat, extortion, blackmail, character
assassination, and falsehood hangs over the activities of the ADL.
It is an atmosphere deliberately poisonous of freedom hangs over the
activities of the ADL.  It is an atmosphere deliberately poisonous
of freedom of speech and thought, designedly stifling of the open
exchange of ideas, and contrary to the provisions of the
Constitution and to the most important considerations that motivated
the American revolutionaries to create a new and independent nation
in the first place.

The ADL is alien in concept and subversive in operation.  It is
unethical, un-American and illegal.  It operates as a thought
police, smearbund, and intimidation mafia using traditional American
institutions and gullible citizens to further the foreign policy
aims of a foreign nation and the political power of political
Zionism and individual Zionists.  Its "chutzpah" cannot be excused,
nor can the actions or inaction of Americans who know of its
outrages but, because of fear, fail to fight them.  Nothing can be
more important today than to expose and contain this evil force.
Nothing less than the safety of all Americans is at stake today as
irresponsible Zionists play Russian roulette with a world nuclear

[This white paper was distributed to every member of the House of
Representatives and the Senate of the United States on June 1, 1981
in booklet form.  Since then it has been sent hundreds of thousands
of Liberty Lobby members and supporters.  Demand has grown so fast
that this edition has been prepared for each subscriber to The
SPOTLIGHT.  Extra copies of either the booklet edition or the
newsprint edition are available from:
Liberty Lobby, 300 Independence Ave, S.E., Washington D.C., 20003,
1-800-522-6292: NEWSPRINT Edition: $10 per hundred, BOOKLET Edition:
10 copies or more 40� each.] 

Attempts to bring down lists and to censor the news?   Interesting item

Threats next, but when the lawsuits star a rolling we shall see who ends
up in the unemployment lines?

"Ever since the ADL of B'nai B'rith and the Zionist media has targeted
La Voz de Aztlan, we have been the recipients of a steady barrage of
hateful and extremely vile e-mail and other spam designed to harass us."

Sue baby Sue.......big bucks here - start with the ones that got caught
usingbig rich companies as vehicles to spread propaganda -

Irish Golem

"Freedom of the Press" Threatened by Zionists - Verizon Communications

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 16:56:50 -0700
"Freedom of the Press"
Threaten by Zionists

Verizon Communications Suspected in Conspiracy
to Disrupt Internet Access to
Ernesto Cienfuegos

La Voz de Aztlan
Los Angeles, Alta California - September 23, 2002 - (ACN) Our readers
and subscribers who have been with us since we first published our
premiere issue on January 1, 2000 are well aware of the numerous
attempts by Zionists to permanently silence La Voz de Aztlan.

These extraordinary efforts by U.S. based, as well as by Israeli,
Zionists are a consequence of our editorial policy that questions U.S.
military aid to Israel provided for the purpose of enforcing the brutal
occupation of Palestine. We are sad to report that their efforts to deny
us our First Amendment Rights, as written in the U.S. Constitution, may
have taken a more sinister approach.

The cowardly attempts by the Zionists to silence us have each time
escalated to the point that they have now become clearly criminal in
nature. At first the attempts were out in the open and consisted in
simply applying political pressure on our publisher and staff through
the arm twisting of Mexican-American elected officials and of officials
in national Mexican-American organizations to force them to issue
condemnations against La Voz de Aztlan.

This phase produced a strongly written letter from Los Angeles County
Supervisor Gloria Molina, a nationally published condemnation by the
National Counsel, Thomas Saenz, of the Mexican-American Legal Defense
and Education Fund (MALDEF) and a condemnation published on the website
of the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) authored by its National
President Raul Yzaguirre.

In addition, during this phase, the ADL of B'nai B'rith and the Zionist
front organization called the Southern League Poverty Center (SLPC)
published a series of lies against La Voz de Aztlan that were intended
to destroy the credibility of our news and information service.

The next phase of the Zionists' efforts to undermine La Voz de Aztlan
consisted of utilizing their control of the media to continue their
propagandizing against our publisher and our staff. Here in Los Angeles
they hired two hispanic journalists to write three articles meant to
discredit our news service in the eyes of our own community and to alert
the Jewish community of our existence.

These very negative articles against our publication by their lackey
writers were published in the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, New
Times of Los Angeles and in the OrangeCountyWeekly. The article that was
published in the Jewish Journal included a Jewish fatwah against La Voz
de Aztlan by the Rabbi Abraham Cooper.
In addition, they paid a writer by the name of Joseph Farah to write a
series of articles that were published on the Internet based
WorldNetDaily that were intended to inflame the anger of Zionists in the
USA and in Israel.

The Zionist strategy to "demonize" La Voz de Aztlan in the minds of
their fanatics, cyber terrorists and lackeys has worked in large measure
because we are now the focus of vehemently hateful and vile criminal
attacks by Zionist networks here in the USA and in Israel.

There are now Zionist websites in Israel that list La Voz de Aztlan as a
target for attack and we believe that this is one reason why our "system
firewall" has detected numerous attempts to implant "trojan computer
viruses" on our hard disk as well as numerous attempts to "hack" into
our system.

These attacks are designed to intimidate us, to frighten us and to
terrorize us into silence.

Some examples of the more vile and sinister attacks against our
publisher and staff have been reported to the police but nothing has
come of the investigations.

The first was the mailing of a letter in an envelope that included a
suspicious "yellowish powder" addressed to our publisher. The letter
arrived during the "Anthrax Scare" and alluded to the "illustrious
history of Jews in biological research".

The second incident occurred when we received an e-mail with a picture
(gif) attachment. The picture was of our publisher taken with a
telescopic lens. It had been taken, unbeknownst to our publisher, a few
days before and included a warning to "beware".

Ever since the ADL of B'nai B'rith and the Zionist media has targeted La
Voz de Aztlan, we have been the recipients of a steady barrage of
hateful and extremely vile e-mail and other spam designed to harass us.

We have fought back by installing a very effective "spam killing
program" and by going after vulnerable Zionists that use their
employers' e-mail servers to do their dirty work.

One bigot from TRW Incorporated got fired when she was caught "in
flagrante delicto" sending a threatening e-mail from her desk at TRW to
La Voz de Aztlan. The same thing happened to another employee at, of all
places, Lockheed Martin Corporation, the company that builds the F-16
fighter planes that are being utilized to bomb Palestinian civilians.

Just recently we received another crude and poisonous e-mail from a Rick
Lovisolo who is a Vice President of NEC Corporation out of Sacramento,
Alta California. NEC Corporation is actually a company based in Tokyo,
Japan but they hire Zionists and Zionist sympathizers here in the USA.

In addition to all of the above, the Zionists have made a lot of trouble
for us with our various Internet Service Providers and Web Host
Providers requiring us to move our accounts around costing us great
expense, effort and time. This they do by sending out "fake" e-mails in
our name which causes unsuspecting Internet users to complain to our
Internet service providers. One incident occurred with a Web Hosting
Service named Hostex. The Chief Executive of Hostex demanded that we
removed two articles from our website that pointed to who the Anthrax
terrorists may really be.

At that time, the Zionist media was blaming "Islamic terrorists" but we
wrote an article "Anthrax Terrorists May Be Zionists" which questioned
this premise. The Chief Executive of Hostex demanded that we remove this
and another article or face the cancellation of our account. At the same
time, Hostex was over-billing our account and utilizing other pressure
techniques requiring that we move to a more friendlier Web Host
Provider. The Chief Executive of Hostex stated to us that he was being
pressured in turn by his "upstream Internet provider" to cancel our

This brings us to the most recent and related incidents that have
occurred during the last several days.

These incidents concern Verizon Communications which provides the
telephone lines to our Internet Service Provider for our DSL connection.
Verizon was formed by the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE and is one of
the world's largest providers of wireline and wireless communications in
the United States. This company has a complete monopoly in Southern
California and no one here in our area can get an Internet connection
without having to use their wires.

A series of occurrences resulting in La Voz de Aztlan losing our
essential DSL/Internet connection leads us to believe that Zionists or
Zionist sympathizers within Verizon may be involved. We believe that
this is just another step in their endless attempts to sabotage our news
and information service.

The incidents that included three separate visitations on different days
to our office by three different persons claiming to be Verizon
personnel created suspicion in us when our DSL modem suddenly lost
connection to their telephone central office two days after their third
visit. We had not had any problems since the initial connection more
than two years ago. The Verizon personnel said they were there to fix a
problem on the telephone line belonging to another of their clients but
needed access through our property. These Verizon people did not look
like regular technicians.

On the day we lost connection, we immediately called our Internet
Service Provider. The ISP spent hours attempting to troubleshoot the
problem. The ISP technical support person finally determined that it was
a Verizon problem.
He made a conference call to Verizon DSL. After some significant arguing
between them, the Verizon technician was able to immediately
re-establish the connection. We asked Verizon what the problem had been
and expressed concerns to both our ISP and Verizon of the possibility
that our connection was being tempered with from inside Verizon at which
point Verizon wanted to stop the conference call that included our ISP
and La Voz de Aztlan.

We asked to speak to Verizon Security in order to relay our concerns.
This morning we had a lengthy discussion with Verizon Internal Security.
We have not had further problems with our DSL connection since it was
re-established four days ago.

Our experience has shown us that there are Zionists and Zionist
sympathizers working inside America's corporations such as those that
were caught at TRW Incorporated, Lockheed Martin Corporation, and NEC
Corporation. These three were only a nuisance in that they merely sent
obnoxious and repugnant hate e-mail to the La Voz de Aztlan.

These incidents do not really concern us that much. What really concerns
us, however, is the more direct attempts and actions that are being
escalated each time that their previous efforts fail.

What also concerns us is the apparent impunity that is afforded to those
that are perpetuating the most serious and criminal offenses against our
publication. If the same incidents that we have experienced happened to
the publisher or editor of the New York Times or any other mainstream
news service, there would be a thorough investigation and great efforts
made to apprehend the culprits.

This lack of effort to enforce the law on criminal Zionists is just
another example of the control over the government, law enforcement and
over the judicial system that these Zionists now have. We now face
extreme dangers from certain elements within our society that are
actually working for the interests of Zionist Israel.

They are, in the process of consolidating their political and economic
control, trampling on every constitutional right that U.S. citizens have
enjoyed. The most grievous assault has been on the First Amendment,
because these Zionists understand that it is "Freedom of the Press" and
"Freedom of Speech" that presents the greatest obstacle to them ever
achieving total political and economic domination.

A few good lawyers will resolve this problem and most of them are money
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ADL Survey of Five European Countries Finds One in Five Hold Strong Anti-Semitic Sentiments; Majority Believes Canard of Jewish Disloyalty

New York, NY, October 31, 2002... An opinion survey of adults in five European countries found that 21% harbor strong anti-Semitic views, and 56% believe that Jews are more loyal to Israel than their own country, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported today. European Attitudes Toward Jews: A Five Country Survey of 2,500 -- 500 each in Austria, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland -- was conducted by telephone in the native language of each of the countries September 9-29, 2002 by First International Resources for ADL. Spain, with 12,000 Jews out of a population of 39.6 million, had the highest percentage of anti-Semitic views of the countries polled. The survey was released in conjunction with ADL's Conference on Global Anti-Semitism, a gathering of world Jewish leaders, government officials and experts.

"These findings are especially disturbing because they show that the old, classical form of anti-Semitism, which we had hoped was long gone in Europe, continues to be resilient," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "It is alarming in this post-Holocaust, post-September 11, world to find that one in five believe the age-old canards about Jews."

The Findings: Anti-Semitism

Of those surveyed:

bullet21% harbor strong anti-Semitic views. 34% in Spain, 23% in Italy, 22% in Switzerland, 19% in Austria, 7% in the Netherlands
bullet56% believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than their own country. 72% in Spain, 58% in Italy, 54% in Austria, 49% in Switzerland, 48%, The Netherlands
bullet40% believe that Jews have too much power in international financial markets. 71% in Spain
bullet29% say Jews don't care about anyone but their own kind. Spain and Switzerland 34%
bullet25% say Jews are more willing than others to use shady practices to get what they want. Spain 33%, Austria 28%, Italy and Switzerland 27%
bullet49% believe Jews still talk too much about the Holocaust. Spain 57%, Austria 56%, Switzerland 52%, Italy 43%, The Netherlands 35%

"Large numbers of Europeans accept a wide range of traditional anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews," Mr. Foxman said. "These beliefs, such as the charge that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their home country, help to fuel and legitimize anti-Semitic violence. European leaders need to accept and act on the fact that they have a serious problem at home."

The Findings: Anti-Jewish Violence in Europe

bullet53% believe the recent outbreak of violence against Jews in Europe is a result of anti-Israel sentiment and not traditional anti-Jewish feelings.
bullet61% said they are "very concerned" or "fairly concerned" about violence directed against European Jews.
bullet52% of Swiss and 49% of Dutch respondents believe that anti-Jewish feelings could rise within their countries.
bulletWhile a majority believe their governments are doing enough to ensure the safety and security of their Jewish citizens, 30% of Italian and Spanish respondents do not think their governments are doing enough, the highest percentage of any of the countries surveyed.

"It is encouraging that such a large majority feel concerned about violence against Jews. That is the good news," said Mr. Foxman. "The bad news is that not enough people of goodwill have been willing to stand up to reject anti-Semitism. It is especially disturbing that only 60 years after the Holocaust, Europe's leaders and citizenry are being diffident when confronted with anti-Semitism."

European Trends: A Ten Country Comparison

In June 2002 ADL conducted a similar survey in Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom. Following are country comparisons from the two surveys:

bulletPercentage of those who believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than their home country: Spain 72%, Italy 58%, Germany 55%, Austria 54%, Belgium 50%, Switzerland 49%, The Netherlands 48%, Denmark 45%, France, 42% UK, 34%
bulletPercentage of those who believe Jews have too much power in the business world: Spain 63%, Belgium 44%, France 42%, Austria 40%, Switzerland 37%, Germany 32%, UK 21%, The Netherlands 20%, Denmark 13%
bulletPercentage of those who believe Jews still talk too much about the Holocaust: Germany 58%, Spain 57%, Austria 56%, Switzerland 52%, France 46%, Italy 43%, Belgium 38%, The Netherlands 35%, Denmark 30%, UK 23%

"These findings will help guide our deliberations during the ADL Conference on Global-Anti-Semitism," said Glen A. Tobias, ADL National Chairman. "ADL will share with our European colleagues educational programs and other methods that we believe have worked on the American scene to lower the level of anti-Semitism."

The survey, fielded in Europe by Taylor Nelson Sofres, has a margin of error of +/-4.4% at 95% level of confidence.

The Anti-Defamation League, founded in 1913, is the world's leading organization fighting anti-Semitism through programs and services that counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry.