Sexual Harassment: Zero Tolerance

"...Our policy on sexual harassment is crystal clear. We believe that sexual harassment is wrong, ethically and morally. We believe it is wrong from the point of view of military discipline. And we believe it is wrong from point of view of maintaining proper respect in the chain of command. And for all of these reasons therefore, we have a zero tolerance for sexual harassment."

               --- Secretary of Defense William J. Perry, November 13, 1996

News Releases (Updated 11/14/96)


Transcripts of News Breifings (Updated 11/22/96)

11/21/96: DoD News Briefing, November 21, 1996
07/03/96: DoD News Briefing -- Results of 1995 Sexual Harassment Study

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Army LINK News

  11/22/96: Secretary of the Army Togo D. West, Jr. with DoD Press Corps Friday, November 22, 1996

11/22/96: Army Announces Sexual Harrassment Panel and Inspector General Review

11/21/96: Mckinney visits Aberdeen to talk to troops

11/12/96: Case stories in combatting Sexual Harassment

11/12/96: Fort Leonard Wood investigates sexual misconduct

11/08/96: GEN Reimer's remarks Nov. 7, 2:15pm

11/08/96: Army investigation at APG

11/08/96: Charges preferred in three cases

11/07/96: Army Investigates Allegations of Sexual Misconduct and Rape in Training Command

Air Force News

11/14/96: AF reminds members of sexual harassment inquiry hotline

American Forces Press Service News

11/14/96: DoD Orders Services to Review Sexual Harassment Training

Reporting Sexual Harassment and Counseling Hot Lines

Army -- 800-903-4241

Navy/Marines -- 800-253-0931

Air Force -- 800-558-1404

Updated: 10 Jun 1998
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