Fort Leonard Wood investigates sexual misconduct

FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. (Army News Service) -- A Fort Leonard Wood spokesperson acknowledged today there are three separate cases pending courts-martial involving Fort Leonard Wood noncommissioned officers. Charges range from consensual intercourse to indecent assault (touching). None of the cases involve charges of rape or forcible sodomy. Each of these cases have been investigated and will come to trial in the next month; one is scheduled to begin today.

The alleged cases occurred at separate times between the summers of 1995-96 and appear to be unrelated to each other. The three cases are ongoing cases which came to light under the Army's existing policies and procedures; they did not surface as a result of the Army's recently established hotline. Other allegations of misconduct are under investigation. It is our policy not to discuss ongoing investigations.

Allegations of sexual misconduct at Fort Leonard Wood are thoroughly investigated, and where appropriate, punitive action is taken. Each allegation is treated as a serious matter, particularly those involving trainees, and are of extreme concern to the Army, the Training and Doctrine Command and Fort Leonard Wood.

Commanders at Fort Leonard Wood will continue to take all necessary actions to ensure soldiers train in a healthy and safe environment.

(From a Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., news release)