bullet Couple stoned to death for adultery.
bullet US adultery law.
bullet Feminism, the "right to commit adultery".
bullet Countries which uphold adultery law have low murder rates.
bullet The US murder rate increased ten fold since adultery laws were ignored.
bullet Because adultery laws are not upheld, one third of the men in the world behind bars are American men.
Wife stoned to death for adultery by Taliban
By Alex Spillius

THE Taliban Islamic movement in Afghanistan has stoned to death a young woman for adultery, according to the official Radio Shariat in Kabul.

It said the woman, identified only as Jamila, had been caught trying to flee with her lover from her home in a village in the eastern Laghman province by her husband, Aminullah. Aminullah shot dead his rival, Abdullah, and was sentenced to 12 years in prison, said the broadcast.

It did not say who cast the stones, or whether the execution was carried out in public. Under the Taliban's Islamic decrees, any woman found in the company of a male stranger is guilty of a crime punishable by death.

This is the second case of death by stoning recorded since the Taliban emerged as a significant force. In the first, a couple were found guilty of adultery by a court in Kandahar, the Islamic movement's southern base, and killed before a large crowd. Observers think that because of poor communications other stonings may have gone unreported.

"By publicising this sort of act, though its may be within its rights under Islamic law, the Taliban does its cause of trying to win international recognition no good," said a spokesman at the regional United Nations office in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital. The militants, the spokesman said, "are only hurting themselves".

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