US admiral is charged with adultery
By Hugh Davies


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A MARRIED admiral serving at the US Navy's headquarters in the Pentagon has been charged with having two mistresses, one of whom allegedly took her revenge when jilted.

According to naval officials, the woman "blew the whistle" on Rear-Admiral John Scudi, 54, about a back-door business deal he had with her about government contracts.

She was a defence contractor, and officials allege that the admiral steered $150,000 (�96,000) worth of contracts to her from 1993 to last year.

Scudi, a sailor for 32 years, has been relieved of his duties. He is accused of two counts of adultery as well as violating ethics rules. Adultery is a crime in the military if it disrupts good order and discipline.

Mr Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky has led to opposition within the Marine Corps, where two officers have criticised him as their commander-in-chief for his promiscuity.

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