Eliminating fatherlessness


The Wrong Double Standard

What has been accomplished by failing to punish adultery? Are we a better nation for it? There is much evidence that failing to uphold existing adultery laws in the last 3-4 decades, in addition to quintupling illegitimacy, doubling divorce, and quadrupling welfare expenditures, is a contributing factor to, if not the root cause of:

  1. The 560% increase in violent crime

  2. The almost tripling of the murder rate.

  3. The recent high publicity juvenile crimes.

  4. The "unexplained" increase in drive-by shootings.

  5. Gang violence.

  6. Displaced anger.

  7. The quadrupling of the already high US incarceration rate.

  8. The 98 point drop in SAT scores.

  9. The increase in the rate of fatherlessness from 17% to 39%.

  10. An increase in the male suicide rate to 5 times that for females.

  11. A 45% increase in cocaine.

  12. A ten fold increase in Criminal justice system expenditures.

  13. The increase in the trade deficit from being in the black to $123 Billion in the red.

  14. The increase in government spending as a percent of the average American's income to 42%.

  15. The five fold increase in the RATE of drunk driving arrests.

  16. The eight fold increase in health services costs.

  17. 68 times as many lawyers as Japan.

  18. The decline in the ratio of manufacturing employees to government employees from 2.5:1 to less than 1:1.

  19. The reduction of total US "Personal Savings" to less than $212 Billion.

If enforcing existing adultery laws did nothing more than to reduce the murder rate to that equivalent to countries which do enforce their adultery laws, then we would save at least 16,000 lives per year. "Adultery control" would be incredibly more effective at saving lives than "gun control", and it wouldn't be unconstitutional. It wouldn't require more laws. It would curtail feminism and its pathological agenda. And, using the infamous feminist cliche: "If we saved just one life per year, it would be worth it."

We have been warned throughout history about the importance of protecting and preserving families, and of the need to punish acts of adultery in that effort. The Bible presents numerous stories describing the social destruction which invariably follows a society's failure to punish adultery. To emphasize the point, the prohibition against adultery is the seventh of the Ten Commandments, immediately following "Thou shalt not murder". Our recent failure to enforce existing adultery laws has been no exception to that rule. Not even "technological advances" like legalized abortions, the birth control pill, and massive welfare expenditures have been as effective at creating social stability as adherence to this simple principle has proven to be, time and again, throughout history. The failure to accomplish even one of the goals of these "technological advances" is a monument to the pathology of the feminist movement. Abortions were legalized purportedly to prevent "unwanted children", yet the illegitimacy rate quintupled in the quarter of a century following its legalization. Welfare expenditures in just 3 decades increased ten fold, at the same time that the Department of Human Health Services warns us that the poverty rate increased from 11.1% to 15.6%. The birth control pill was supposed to aid "family planning", but its introduction was followed by a doubling of the divorce rate, a reduction in the number of eligible men who were married by 11.5 million, and:

as many as 20% of the children born into intact families being the biological offspring of a man other than the husband of that family. Barbara Katz Rothman, "Recreating Motherhood" ISBN 0-393-02645-0, C1989, W. W. Norton & Company, page 225 "Some physicians doing tissue typing for organ donations estimate that maybe 20 percent of people are not genetically related to the men who claim fatherhood; others say it is less, perhaps as low as 5 percent."

The four fold spread in this estimate might be explained by the fact that early genetic testing was not as accurate as it now is. More accurate recent genetic testing might be producing this 20% figure, while less accurate older testing might have produced the 5% figure. If so, this is potentially 780,000 births per year which resulted from an adulterous affair, and 780,000 fathers each year who thought they were the biological father of the child born into his family, but who were not! This is a national calamity of incredible proportions, even though Barbara goes on to say

"unless one is doing organ transplants, it doesn't much matter".

How wrong she is! The fact that ONE feminist believes this is evidence that they ALL believe it, which is evidence enough that we don't need any more feminism, thank you. How can we have social stability if, over the last 18 years, there were as many as 15,600,000 children born in the US who were the products of adultery? Is there a more heinous thing that a wife could thrust upon her husband than to expect him to fund, nurture, support, and educate the milkman's son for 18 years, and in most cases to do so without his knowledge?

Shere Hite openly bragged on national TV (on the Phil Donahue Show) that: 70% of American wives commit adultery within 5 years of marriage. If she is correct, then newly married American wives commit 1.6 million acts of adultery each year. But the high rate of genetically unrelated births suggests that Shere Hite is addressing only a small part of the problem. Without even including the pill and abortions, and assuming that a pregnancy is possible only one day of the month, 780,000 "illegitimate" births per year would require 23,400,000 acts of adultery per year. This is one act of adultery for every three American wives.

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