Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

The US already had the world's highest divorce rate in the 1960s, and it has doubled since then. The illegitimacy rate quintupled, and David Blankenhorn warns us that the rate of fatherlessness is approaching 40%. SAT scores are down 77 points. Daniel Amneus warns us that the resulting social pathology requires the immediate restoration of fatherhood to head off an inevitable crisis.

In the midst of this, right under our noses, using our tax dollars, those friendly folks who brought us this disaster are meeting in San Francisco, California at "The Second World Congress on Family Law and the Rights of Children and Youth" and the "1997 Annual Conference of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts" on June 2-7, 1997. Their 36,000 word brochure (available from AFCC, 329 W. Wilson Street, Madison, Wi 53703) makes their agenda clear -- fathers are not even to be mentioned much less relied upon to be a part of the solution, and improving education does not include children. The word "father" was used only once, less than 0.003% of the time, and then only in a derogatory fashion, noting the "consequences of failing to meet expectations" in being a "stay at home Dad". The word "education" referred only to those attending the conference and not the children who now have a 77 point lower SAT score. The distinct message is that "families" and "children" don't need "fathers" or "fatherhood" or "education" -- just send in even more tax dollars and government will take care of the rest.

We are in a war which fatherhood has already lost, and the opposition is holding its pow wow right in our midst, unopposed, using our tax dollars, spreading even more disinformation and dissension, openly excluding fathers and their role in educating and disciplining children, denigrating fatherhood, opposing God's natural law, and claiming to be doing all of this "in the best interests of the children". Rather than addressing the preservation of families it addresses less "stressful" divorces and how to divide up the "marital estate".

This is a complete fraud and we know that a truly serious and responsible conference would and should dedicate at least 50% of its agenda to fathers, fatherhood, discipline, and education. It would be a measure of the unity of the fatherhood movement, in this country, and in this era of divorce, illegitimacy, and fatherlessness, to succeed in preventing even more of our tax dollars from being used to meet on our soil to strategize how to use our children to destroy our families. No further conferences should be held which seek to continue and extend our social pathology at the expense of our children when we know it.

Following is a sample of the "family" agenda of this conference:

1) Female Genital Mutilation

2) Encourage law students and faculty to become more involved in "improving children's' lives".

3) Lawyers "protecting" children.

4) The gay/lesbian "family".

5) How welfare reductions will affect single "parent" families.

6) Supervised visitation to "support" the relationship between a parent and one's child.

7) Lawyers serving as Guardians Ad Litem.

8) Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and "questioning youth".

9) How much of a business owned as premarital property becomes part of the "marital estate".

10) The problems of litigants who represent themselves.

11) Child sexual exploitation.

12) Child soldiers in Africa.

13) International perspective on "child support" guidelines.

14) Parental kidnapping.

15) Disinheritance of children from fathers' estate upon divorce.

16) Child violence identification and prevention project.

17) Child labor in other countries.

18) "Stay at home Dads".

19) Restraining orders.

20) Attorneys representing children.

21) International reciprocal child support enforcement.

22) Multiculturalism.

23) Inter-Country adoption.

24) Divorce education programs.

25) Cultural diversity programs in the courts.

26) New reproductive technologies -- surrogacy, in vitro fertilization.

27) AIDS issues

28) Convention of the Rights of the Child.

29) How to get children of divorce to facilitate the divorce.

30) Charter for Youth Rights.

31) Mandatory child custody mediation.

32) Child centric development policy.

33) Family issues of gay and lesbian parents and their children.

34) Judith Wallerstein, the lying feminist, on "long term impact of divorce on children.

35) Family courts as vehicles for protecting children's rights.

36) Court appointed special advocate for children.

37) Legal representation for children.

38) Supervised visitation programs.

39) "Best interests of the children" as defined by family law and NOT fathers.

40) Child sexual abuse (iow, how to use this effectively in divorce cases).