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Amnesty International Puts US at the Top of Seven of Its Hit Lists


  1. We are one of the few remaining countries with a death penalty.
  2. American children were three quarters of the children in the world who were executed.
  3. We have the undisputed highest incarceration rate, bar none, with Americans being one third of the people in the world who are behind bars.
  4. 84 inmates who were sentenced to death were released after DNA tests proved their innocence.
  5. The US is one of the few countries which executes the mentally retarded.
  6. The number of women in American prisons tripled since 1989.
  7. We are the only country which uses stun belts in court during trial.


This excellent report failed to note the following facts:

bullet 32 inmates executed in the US are now known to have been innocent.
bullet The "racial profiling" they condemned does nothing less than enable police, judges, prosecutors, governors, and politicians to continue their anti-White-Christian-man campaign. 
bullet Both government and media fail to report on or react to the fact that more than 2,500 White men are killed by blacks each and every year (most of whom are never brought to justice).
bullet The rate at which blacks continue to kill Whites exceeds the total murder rate in many countries.
bullet Bonnie Fisher of the Violence Against Women Office claims that American men are 1,678 TIMES as often to be rapists as Indian, Japanese, Italian, or French men.