Catholic Priests: *the* AIDS Carriers



New Years' Eve 2011: ONE MILLION DEAD sodomite priests: Hallelujah!!


"HIV prevalence among heterosexuals in these regions is a fraction of one percent"


Homosexuals are 53,800 TIMES More Likely to Die of AIDS than Heterosexuals







Father [read: molester] John Geoghan murdered in prison.


AIDS Capital of the WORLD: Boston.


How "Spotlight" Opened the Eyes of even Catholics.


Pope Refuses to Apologize, God Killed Him With AIDS.


No AIDS in Protestant States and Nation.


Manieri "when he woke up, [homosexual priest] Everitt was fondling him..", was killed in jail.






The Comprehensive MYRBS Study of 3,861 High School Students Reports


Only 0.35% of Boys "Identify as Gay" AND have had gay sex
"Three percent (3%) of all students (2% of males, 4% of females) described themselves as gay, lesbian, or bisexual."
Of the 2% of boys who "identified" as gay or had gay sex:


  1. 37% identified as gay (0.74% of total)

  2. 63% who had gay sex did NOT identify as gay (1.26% of total).

  3. 53% who "identified" as gay had never had gay sex (0.4% of total).

  4. 47% who "identified" as gay DID have gay sex (0.35% of total).


So a heterosexual boy is 3.6 times more likely than a homosexual boy to have "gay sex" [read: raped by a homosexual pretending to be a Catholic priest] and a girl was twice as likely as a boy to be "gay"



Priests:100% Responsible For ALL Of Our 700,000 AIDS Deaths


"Priests are the LEAST likely of any male population to abuse children."

Since 1985, for the last 31 years, the AIDS death rate for Boston has averaged 50 per 100,000 population, which is a total of 646,000 x 50 per 100,000 x 31 = 10,013 AIDS deaths, a US record AND a world record. With at least 284 sexually active homosexuals pretending to be priests, this is 35 AIDS deaths per priest. The MYRBS report itself shows that heterosexual boys are almost four times more likely than homosexual boys to have "gay sex", suggesting that the same ratio might apply to AIDS deaths, with 8,010 of these horrible AIDS deaths being heterosexuals and only 2,003 being homosexuals.

If one third of the 39,600 priests in the rest of the country are just as homosexual, and just as sexually active as the ones in Boston, then we have 13,200 priests who might have each caused 35 AIDS deaths amongst their charges, for a grand total of 462,000 AIDS deaths across our land.

What a "coincidence" that this alone explains TWO THIRDS of the 698,219 total AIDS deaths in the US, and MORE than the 92,613 total AIDS deaths who the CDC reports were heterosexuals.

This ignores that if ONE THIRD were proven to be sodomites, then it's very likely that another third were also, for a total of two thirds of the priests.

It also ignores that under our existing law, those who knew about his capital crime and failed to report it are accomplices who often get longer prison sentences than bank robbers who kill guards.

It also ignores that long after these sodomite priests were removed, Boston still has a record high AIDS death rate, suggesting the problem has not just evaporated because these priests were "punished" by being moved to the Vatican.


The Irrational Defense of SODOMITE priests


 "+Chr1st1an Israel 25% of people with HIV in the U.S. are women. How do you think they got it?
AIDS is rampant in Africa. Google AIDS in Africa and see for yourself.
You come off as a very dishonest person."

And exactly what reason would I be dishonest with you? I am simply reading and reporting the UN AIDS data. Why don't you at least ask for the url before you start slinging slurs?

All of the Muslim countries in Africa have had NO AIDS deaths. How do YOU explain that?

In the event you DO want the truth, download this full report:

The operational phrase here is "HIV prevalence among heterosexuals in these regions is a fraction of one percent".

That means AIDS deaths amongst heterosexuals is a statistical ZERO PERCENT.

Following is the ratio of HIV to AIDS deaths by country:


World Average 32.2 million HIV / 1.6 million AIDS deaths -- 20X

Percent with HIV vs. AIDS Deaths As Percent of Population -- Ratio


Swaziland 33.4% vs 0.6% -- 56X
S Africa 19% vs 0.64% -- 30X
Zambia 17% vs. 0.35% -- 49X
Botswana 24% vs. 0.3% -- 80X
Mozambique 16% vs. 0.32% -- 50X
Gabon 8% vs. 0.16% -- 50X
Kenya 6% vs. 0.2% -- 30X
Tanzania 6.5% vs. 0.2% -- 33X

Tunisia 0.13% vs. 0%
Azerba‍ihan 0.11% vs. 0%
Norway 0.11% vs 0%
Fiji 0.1% vs. 0%
Pakistan 0.1% vs. 0.003% -- 33X
Korea 0.1% vs. 0.0005% -- 200X
Turkmenistan 0.1% vs. 0%
Afghanistan 0.1% vs. 0%
Banglidesh 0.1% vs. 0.0005% -- 200X
Japan 0.1% vs. 0.0004% -- 250X
Kazakhstan 0.1% vs. 0%
Australia 0.1% vs. 0%
Morocco 0.1% vs. 0.004%
Sri Lanka 0.1% vs 0.001%
Bosnia 0.1% vs. 0.002%
Egypt 0.1% vs. 0.001%
Comoros 0.1% vs. 0%
Slovakia 0.1% vs. 0%
Slovenia 0.1% vs. 0%
Algeria 0.09 vs. 0%
Finland 0.08% vs. 0.0007% -- 114X
China 0.08% vs. 0.002% -- 40X
Hungary 0.06% vs 0%

Here's how to read the data for gay-Catholic-priest-free Finland:

Finland population 5.4 million
x 0.08% = 4,320 with HIV
x 0.0007% = 38 AIDS deaths (most likely foreigners)

Of the 86 nations in Africa, ALL of the AIDS deaths are confined to the 16 nations where Catholic priests are present.

In 2011, 9,026 American women were diagnosed with HIV, NOT AIDS. With a world average of one AIDS death per 100 HIV cases this works out to 90 of them dying of AIDS, compared to 15,529 homosexuals, which "is a fraction of one percent"--0.58% of all AIDS deaths to be precise.

American women dying of AIDS does get a lot of attention in our "news media"--but it's not warranted.


+Joe Giuffre​​​​​​​​

"+Chr1st1an Israel I can't correct everything that's wrong with your post. It would take way too long.
So I'll just pick the most dangerous one. You can get AIDS from sharing a needle, a blood transfusion, and vaginal sex."

This is straight from the UN AIDS Report:

HIV prevalence among heterosexuals in these regions is a fraction of one percent

You won't know it from our media mania, but if you read this report, you will know that most states, most countries (even dirt poor Bangledesh), and even most African countries--never had a single AIDS death.

This could not happen if AIDS can be spread by vaginal contact. IF it can be spread by blood transfusions or needles, this would explain the other fraction of one percent.

Not a single Muslim country has had any AIDS deaths because they execute homosexuals immediately, long before HIV can develop into AIDS.

According to this report, the following gay-Catholic-priest-free countries have had ZERO AIDS DEATHS.

American Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bouvet Island
British Indian Ocean Territory
British Virgin Islands
Brunei Darussalam
Cape Verde.
Cayman Islands.
Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling Islands)
Congo (Dem. Republic of) correction 5,210,000
Cook Islands
Faeroe Islands
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
French Guiana
French Polynesia
French Southern Territories and Antarctic Lands
Heard Island and McDonald Islands
Johnston Atoll
Korea (Dem. Peo. Rep. of)
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Macedonia (The former Yugoslav Republic of)
Marshall Islands
Micronesia (Federated States of)
Netherlands Antilles
New Caledonia
Norfolk Island
Northern Mariana Islands
Pitcairn Island
Puerto Rico
Russian Federation
Saint Helena
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe(NA)200957
Saudi Arabia(NA)200957
Solomon Islands(NA)200957
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands(NA)200957
Syrian Arab Republic
Timor Leste
Turks and
Caicos Island
United Arab Emirates
Virgin Islands (U.S
Wake Island
Wallis and Futuna Islands
West Bank and Gaza
Western Sahara

There's NO WAY for this many counties to have ZERO AIDS DEATHS if AIDS can be spread by "vaginal sex" !


AIDS DEATH Capital Philadelphia


The most important thing which is missing from the following graph is the record high number of AIDS *DEATHS* in Philadelphia in 1985, which was 1,121.
This conceals that between 1985 and 2015, three decades, Philadelphia, with a total of 21,540 AIDS deaths directly attributable to the 76 infamous sodomites pretending to be Catholic priests, had one of the highest RATE of AIDS deaths in the WORLD, even higher than Boston (another Catholic priest conclave where more than one third of the priests ADMITTED they sodomized boys), Brazil, and even South Africa. It's obvious that this chart was contrived to conceal that fact, AND to make it appear that AIDS research and drugs have been a success. But it does show the almost inverse relationship between HIV "prevalence" and ACTUAL, real AIDS deaths. At the height of their AIDS death epidemic (which VERY few other cities in the world as well as in the U.S. experienced) of 1,121, HIV "prevalence" was only 300, but in 2015 at the height of their "prevalence" of almost 20,000, there were "only" 420 ACTUAL REAL AIDS DEATHS.
The SOLE FACTOR, which had utterly nothing to do with research or drugs, is that AIDS had killed a majority of the AIDS victims, and thus a majority of the AIDS carriers, which most likely included ALL of the 76 sodomites pretending to be Catholic "priests".








How should we calculate the number of AIDS deaths per priest in the US? Should we base it on the 58,909 priests in the US in 1975, or on the 38,275 in 2015? How would God do it? Would He not put all the blame on the existing priests who were accomplices to one of the most massive holocausts in recent memory--THIRTY NINE MILLION AIDS DEATHS?

Let's do it both ways:

US AIDS deaths 658,507.
Catholic population = 64.6m of total pop 315m or 20.4%
priests 1975 = 58,909
2015 = 38,275
AIDS deaths per priest
1975 = 11.2
2015 = 17.2
Mexico AIDS Deaths 10,000 per year, x 26 years = 260,000 AIDS deaths
124 million Catholics out of population of 142.4, or 86.7%
"In a country where more than 85 percent of the population is Catholic, one priest is expected to serve some 7,000 followers."
17,714 priests
15 AIDS deaths per priest

Brazil AIDS deaths = 278,300
Catholic population = 145,446,000 of 184,227,000, or 78.9%
Catholic priests 1975 = 56,900, 2015 = 5,608
1975 = 5 AIDS deaths per priest
2015 = 49.6 AIDS deaths per priest

Argentina AIDS deaths = 96,600
Catholic population = 34.5m of total pop 38.6m or 89.3%
priests 1975 = 13,800
2015 = 1,331
AIDS deaths per priest
1975 = 7 AIDS deaths per priest
2015 = 72 AIDS deaths per priest

South Africa AIDS deaths = 5,210,004

3.8 million Catholics of 48.8 million population

1,905 Catholic priests

2,742 AIDS deaths per priest


Congo AIDS Deaths = 5,210,000

With 29,500,000 Catholics, the Congo Ranks 11th in the world in Catholic population

14,750 Catholic Priests

353 AIDS Deaths per priest





"+Chr1st1an Israel --The data does not say what you claim. The majority of people with HIV are heterosexual. The highest risk category are IV drug users, followed by homosexuals. And no, neither 99%, as you originally claimed, or over 90%, which you've now jumped to, are homosexual. And it is not a Christian response
to kill all homosexuals. You are a white supremacist. You are a bigot. And you show no signs of being a Christian."

If you were not so STUPID [read: if you had not been "educated" by Catholics] you WOULD BE ABLE to read the thematic map which was posted before, AND YOU WOULD STOP MISREPRESENTING THE DATA.

Here is that url again:

And here is A DETAILED breakdown of what the AIDS data ACTUALLY says:

My once favorite city San Francisco has become a cesspool of gay sex social engineering, with a male HIV rate of 3,713 per 100,000 population--79.1% of which are due to male-to-male sexual contact, 16% due to male to male sexual contact with injection drug use, 1.2% to male heterosexuals, and a whopping 3.5% to male injection drug use. This is feminazi code for 95.1% of the AIDS deaths in San Francisco being homosexuals, slightly lower than the worldwide average of 99% + in the UN AIDS study.

This is more than twice as high as the other gay capital (and AIDS death capital) of the world, Boston, where 1,499 men of 100,000 population have HIV--and where (68.3 plus 5.7% or) 74% are homosexuals, 9.2% are heterosexuals, and 15.8% are injection drug users.

Right in line with the 78 sodomites pretending to be priests in Seattle who have oh-so-shocked the Catholic community, the males in this area have HIV at a rate of 729 per 100k--91.2% of whom are homosexuals, 3.8% are heterosexuals, and 3.3% are injection drug users.

The male HIV rate in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Idaho, New Hampshire, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky is too low to be recorded, as it is in about half of the counties in my state of California, as well as 90% of the counties in Montana, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nevada, Utah, and more than half the counties in Michigan, Maine, Vermont, West Virginia, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico. So for purposes of making a comparison, let's use the MALE HIV rate of 97 per 100k in our capitol city of Sacramento.


Relative to Sacramento, males are:

38 times more likely to of AIDS in San Francisco

15 times more likely to die of AIDS in Boston

13 times more likely die of AIDS in Queens County, New York

10 times more likely to die of AIDS in Atlantic City, New Jersey

8 times more likely to die of AIDS in Seattle

HALF as likely to die of AIDS in Charlottesville, Eddy County, NM; Delaware County, OK; Manitowoc, WI; Washington County, UT; Cascade County, MN;


San Francisco
Average 2,004 per 100,000
Black 4,601
White 2,862
Male 3,713
Female 73
Homosexual 57,240
pop 852,469
AIDS deaths = 14,556
Catholic priests = 666
AIDS deaths per priest = 22

Boston/Suffolk Co.
Average 938
Black 1,795
White 712
male 1,499
female 422
Homosexual 74,950
AIDS deaths = 9,988
Catholic priests = 850
AIDS deaths per priest = 12

Seattle/King County


Average 150
Black 1,073
White 398
male 729
female 85
Homosexual 74,950
AIDS deaths = 7,150
Catholic priests = 185 now, 309 in 1990
AIDS deaths per priest = 39 now, 23 in 1990

DC Prince George's County
Average 881
Black 1,170
White 309
HIsp 386
Male 1,190
Female 602
Homosexual 23,800
AIDS Deaths = 7,495

Catholic Priests = 357

AIDS Deaths per priest = 21

Miami-Dade County, Florida
Average 1,221
Black 3433
White 896
Hisp 756
Male 1828
Female 659
Homosexual 27,420
AIDS deaths = 38,400
Catholic priests = 2,121
AIDS deaths per priest = 18.1

Average 1,284
Black 2,010
White 594
Hisp 1,564
Male 1,929
Female 723
Homosexual 38,580

Orange County
Black 787
White 262
Hisp 359
Male 467
Female 62
Homosexual n/a

There are 86 African nations, but only about 20 of them are included on the above graph of HIV rates. Why are the other 66 not on that chart? Because they have had ZERO HIV rates, and thus ZERO AIDS deaths. Only 17 of these countries (mostly the African nations who administered ART drugs) have HIV rates higher than 4%, a rate high enough to sustain an AIDS death "epidemic". The REST of the world either has had NO AIDS deaths, or such a low rate that it is nowhere close to being an epidemic.

At least half of the states fall into that same category: either ZERO AIDS deaths, or too few to qualify as an epidemic.


So then how do we explain that BOSTON, of all places, would have an AIDS *DEATH* EPIDEMIC in which some subgroups died of AIDS (not just had HIV) at the rate of 120 per 100,000 population, which almost NO other nation, not even those with the highest AIDS death rates, ever experienced?


Of course we do have Washington, DC, which no longer qualifies as a civilized nation, much less state, much less city, who ALSO DID legalize gay marriage, DID provide "free" condoms, and DID administer ART drugs, PRECISELY what is needed to give it an even higher AIDS death rate than BOSTON.


At the height of the AIDS epidemic in 1993 in gay friendly cities like Boston and Washington, DC, where the average AIDS death rate per 100,000 population of 101.2 exceeded even the Murder Capital of the World murder rate of "only" 72.4, many states had ZERO AIDS deaths (North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and my city Newport Beach, Ca.). Furthermore, 17 other states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, West Virginia, Kentucky, Arkansas, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico, and Alaska) had AIDS death rates less than 1/20th of Boston and DC, so the number of AIDS deaths was hardly statistically significant, much less an epidemic.

93% of the 617 AIDS deaths in DC in 1993, or 574 of them, were homosexuals, who were only 1% of DC's population, for a total of 6,100 homosexuals. Thus in that ONE YEAR, 574 / 6,100 = 9.4% of the homosexuals there died JUST of AIDS. If it were possible for that rate to continue (which of course is mathematically impossible), then all homosexuals would have died of AIDS by the year 2004, which is the ONLY explanation for why there was such a dramatic drop in the AIDS death rate there.

Thus the dramatic decrease in the AIDS death rate there by 2004 to had NOTHING at all to do with the administration of EXPENSIVE ART drugs and everything to do with a dramatic decrease in AIDS carriers.

Gays = 1% of the population but 90% of AIDS deaths = 90:1


Non-gays = 99% of the population but only 10% of AIDS deaths = 0.1:1


Odds Ratio Gays to non-gays = 900 TIMES



�BTW, if 5000 heterosexuals were infected a year and gay are 2000 times more likely, that would be 5000X2000 right? That would be 1,000,000 a year. Are you suggesting that there are 1,000,000 gays infected each year?"

These are AIDS DEATHS, not AIDS infections.

You are not computing this correctly. The CDC indicates that the odds ratio of a homosexual dying of AIDS is 2,200 TIMES greater than that of a heterosexual dying of AIDS, but the UN data which covers a wider spectrum proves that the odds ratio is actually 53,800 to one. This is not "1,000,000 gays infected each year" by any means. The UN data shows that worldwide, for every one heterosexual who dies of AIDS, 199 homosexuals do. So out of 2.4 million AIDS deaths last year, 12,000 were heterosexuals and 2,388,000 were homosexuals.



Commented Apr 5, 2013 at 12:37:19 in Politics

�sexicalibunny on Apr 4, 2013 at 20:21:21
�you have made it abudantly clear that you live in a fantasy world where only gays have aids and its sad.�

I am only dealing in FACTS. What is sad, VERY sad, is that gays don't understand just how serious it is to die of AIDS, and how much of a risk of contracting AIDS gay sex is.

It's your OWN figures which show that gays are more than TWO THOUSAND times more likely to get AIDS than heterosexuals, in ONLY the 29 states with the highest percentage of heterosexuals who die of AIDS. When the other 21 states which have had a STATISTICAL ZERO PERCENT of AIDS deaths, homosexual or heterosexual, are factored in, then the figures for the US will match the worldwide AIDS estimate of "less than a fraction of one percent".

IF that means 0.5%, then 99.5% of AIDS deaths are homosexuals. And then you can focus in on just how dramatic the difference is:

Homosexuals are 99.5% of AIDS deaths and 0.37% of the population, and are thus over-represented by 269X.

Heterosexuals are 0.5% of the AIDS deaths and 99.63% of the population and thus are under-represented by 0.005X.

The UN figure means that homosexuals are 53,800 TIMES more likely to die of AIDS than heterosexuals.

You should ask why the CDC so studiously ignore THAT figure.

  Percent of Population Percent of AIDS Deaths Odds Ratio
Heterosexuals 99.63 0.5 0.005X
Homosexuals 0.37 99.5 269X
Total 100 100 53,800X

Even if we accept your reference to the seriously flawed CDC study which is not at all consistent with the UN data, at face value, you must consider the RATE at which homosexual males die of AIDS, not just the raw numbers:

Male-to-male sexual contact 555,032
Injection drug use 187,938
Male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use 80,902
Heterosexual contact 77,521
Other 11,975
TOTAL 913,368

Male-to-male sexual contact = 60.7%
Injection drug use = 20.6%
Male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use = 8.9%
Heterosexual contact = 8.5%
Other = 1.3%

Homosexuals = 69.6% of AIDS deaths but only 0.37% of the population
Heterosexuals = 8.5% of the AIDS deaths but 99.43% of the population

Homosexuals are over-represented by 188.1 times
Heterosexuals are under-represented by 0.086 times

Relative to heterosexuals, homosexuals are 2,200 TIMES more likely to die of AIDS.


Percent of Population Percent of AIDS Deaths Odds Ratio
Heterosexuals 99.63 8.5 0.086X
Homosexuals 0.37 60.7 188.1X
Total 100 100 2,187.2X





"Since the first cases of AIDS were identified in 1981, more than 30 million people [read: homosexuals] have died from AIDS. An estimated 1.8 million people died as a result of AIDS in 2010 alone.

"Although there is no cure for AIDS, HIV infection can be prevented, and those living with HIV can take antiretroviral drugs to prevent or delay the onset of AIDS. However, in many countries across the world access to prevention and treatment services is limited. Global leaders have pledged to work towards universal access to HIV prevention and care, so that millions of deaths can be averted."

The cumulative estimated number of deaths of persons with an AIDS diagnosis in the United States and dependent areas, through 2008, was 617,025. In the 50 states and the District of Columbia, this included 589,547 adults and adolescents, and 4,949 children under age 13 years at death.


While AIDS "experts" in Boston brag that their average AIDS death rate dropped from 49 deaths per 100,000 population (and 135 per 100,000 Blacks) in the 1990's to "only" 14.4 in 2002 ("only" 72 TIMES higher than all of East Asia), and while they take credit that "Major strides have occurred in reducing AIDS mortality", they conveniently ignore that the *ONLY* reason the AIDS death rate dropped so dramatically is that so many Catholic priests and other homosexuals were killed by AIDS and wiped out all the AIDS carriers. Legalizing gay marriage, promoting "free" condoms, and and prescribing ART drugs in the midst of an AIDS epidemic is the BEST way to reverse that dramatic trend!

 So of course they DID.

In the NMYBRS, 2% of boys identified as gay. 1% identified as gay and HAD had gay sex and the other 1% identified as gay and NEVER had gay sex. The UN AIDS project reports that heterosexuals are "only a fraction of 1% of all AIDS deaths, which means that homosexuals are 99+% of all AIDS deaths. Therefore the rate of AIDS deaths amongst homosexuals in the early 1990's in Boston was 49 per 1,000 per year. If such a high AIDS death rate could be sustained, than all homosexuals would die of AIDS within 20.4 years. Blacks with AIDS died at the rate of 135 per 1,000 Blacks, which means that all homosexual Blacks would die of AIDS within 7.4 years.

This is the ONLY explanation for Boston's relatively dramatic decrease in the AIDS death rate. Our medical and science experts could to nothing about AIDS but to observe and report its progress, which was much easier to do today with computers and the internet. Had it not been for the surgical precision with which AIDS killed almost exclusively homosexuals, the AIDS pandemic would have gotten so far out of control that it would have wiped out the entire human population within decades.


  1. The more a country spends to fight AIDS, the higher the AIDS death rate.
  2. The higher the percentage of people who use condoms, the higher the AIDS death rate.
  3. The surest way to spread AIDS is to recommend condoms and encourage homosexual sex, which is exactly what this UN report recommends.
  4. 36 million people have HIV.
  5. 36 million people, including 650 thousand Americans (or 1.8% of the total), have already died of AIDS.
  6. 16 million children are orphans because their parents died of AIDS, and this dramatically increasing trend shows no change in spite of all our AIDS spending.
  7. Most of the $26 billion in the world dedicated to fighting AIDS comes from the US who now has to borrow it from China before we send it to Africa.
  8. The US provides the vast majority of AIDS funding in countries in Southern Africa who have the highest AIDS death rates, and no AIDS funding to countries in Western Europe who have NO AIDS deaths at all.
  9. Heterosexuals are only a fraction of one percent of all AIDS deaths (or download from here).

There are five different explanations for why increased use of condoms parallels an increased AIDS death rate

1) Condoms break.

2) Condoms prevent pregnancy but not the transfer of the AIDS virus.

3) Government sanction of condom use leads to more types and larger numbers of risky [read: anal] "sex".

4) Those who use condoms get used to anal "sex" and have more of it, then fail to use condoms either because one is not available or they prefer "sex" without one. It only takes one anal contact to get AIDS.

5) Government sponsorship of condoms increases sexual activity of all types, particularly risky [read: anal] "sex".

"Young men who have sex with men:
? Among adolescent males aged 13�19 years, approximately 91% of all diagnosed HIV infections
are from male-to-male sexual contact.2"

Homosexuals 0.37% of the population, 91% of AIDS cases = odds ratio of 246:1
Heterosexuals 99.63% of the population, 9% of AIDS cases = odds ratio of 0.09:1
Homosexuals, compared to heterosexuals, are 246 / .09 = 2,723 TIMES more likely to die of AIDS






Good grief! This is no joke.

The DIRECT cause of 100% of these 30 million people around the world and 617,025 Americans who have died of AIDS, are sodomite Catholic priests to whom we entrusted our sons for their moral upbringing, only to have these priests force their sex organ in your sons anal passage.  There is no polite way to say this--this is the most egregious, outrageous, un-Godly, anti-Christ, blasphemous, and to most of us, incomprehensible, treachery that priests could inflict on the land:

So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it. Numbers 35:33


Do you know what Liberia, Taiwan, CHINA, Japan, Cyprus, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Algeria, Lithuania, Mongolia, Norway, New Zealand, Pakistan, Romania, Serbia, and Uzbekistan ALL have in common? They are the countries which have recorded NO cases of HIV. They are ALSO the countries with the FEWEST AIDS carrying, child abusing Catholic priests who openly promote legalized gay marriage. [Update: we now must add Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, BANGLADESH, Bulgaria, Algeria, Egypt, Fiji, Kazakhstan, and Lebanon to that list].

Do you know what Estonia, the Dominican Republic, Panama, El Salvador, the US, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, France, Peru, Costa Rica, Italy, Luxembourg, and Paraguay ALL have in common? They are the countries with the HIGHEST rates of HIV. They are ALSO the countries with the HIGHEST percent of AIDS carrying, child abusing Catholic priests who openly promote legalized gay marriage.

Do you know what the District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, and Rhode Island all have in common? They were the states in 1993 who had a rate of AIDS deaths which was up to 100 TIMES higher than many other states. Do you know what ELSE they ALL had in common? They were the STATES with the HIGHEST percent of AIDS carrying, child abusing Catholic priests who openly promote legalized gay marriage.

Do you know what Mississippi, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Alaska, Idaho, Kentucky, West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Tennessee ALL have in common? They ALL had very low AIDS death rates, with Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana reporting NO AIDS cases. And you guessed it. They were ALSO the states with the LOWEST percentage of AIDS carrying, child abusing Catholic priests who openly promote legalized gay marriage.

Which six states STILL have the utterly highest AIDS death rates? The very six states (New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, and Vermont, PLUS Washington, DC.) which just legalized gay marriage, thus giving AIDS deaths a government stamp of approval, are ALSO the states with AIDS death rates as much as FORTY TIMES HIGHER than non-Catholic states.

A quarter of a million gays have died of AIDS in Brazil, where the government is proud of the work they've done to conquer the AIDS epidemic:

1) purchased billions of condoms.
2) bankrupted the medical system with ARV therapy.
3) blamed the US for keeping the price of ARV drugs so high.
4) refocused their medical resources on "solving" this one problem.

And what has been the result? Right in the midst of this deadly and growing AIDS epidemic which already killed a quarter of a million gays, they legalized gay marriage.

And what happened? Even though enough gays had already been killed off by AIDS to significantly reduce the AIDS death rate (which is the ONLY "solution" so far), the rate of death of gays in some states skyrocketed (in the states with the most gays, of course).

Because AIDS kills about 10% of the gay population annually, in order to have an INCREASE in the AIDS death rate, you must have an annual increase in the number of gays which is at least greater than the 10% who died from AIDS. Yet they managed to increase the AIDS death rate in the entire southern region of Brazil by 2 deaths per 100,000 population (which could be as much as 200 deaths per 100,000 gays).


How Did Brazil Measure "Progress"


"There is also more specific communication activity directed at vulnerable populations such as

transvestites, transsexuals, men that have sex with men, prostitutes and other target publics that

are still discriminated in the ordinary mass media. In spite of all the efforts that have been made,

themes related to living with HIV and prevention are still generally taboo and the mass media is no

exception to the rule. However, after almost 30 years of epidemic and 20 years of mass media

campaigns in AIDS some signs of society's progress are perceptible and most of them can be

attributed to communication efforts. Today, on open TV channels homosexuality is a common

topic in the soap operas, the condom is almost an obligatory mention any discussions or

programme inserts involving sexual relations; the figure of the prostitute has become acceptable

to the point of occupying prime time on the country's biggest TV channel. Such progress is clearly

essential but there was a time when those very issues were extremely polemical in Brazilian


The sixty four thousand dollar question: are Brazilians dumber than Bostonians?


Answer: No!

If the intelligence of a people required to obey the Word of God is directly proportional to their AIDS death rate, then Brazilians are MUCH smarter than Bostonians, because Boston, the AIDS capital of the industrialized world, had an AIDS death rate FIVE TIMES HIGHER than Brazil. And just like in Brazil, the only reason their AIDS rate decreased was not because of any brilliant Harvard lawyer or doctor, but because all the gays died off. And what did Boston do in the midst of THEIR out of control AIDS death rate? They too LEGALIZED GAY MARRIAGE.

But Boston gets a double scoop of stupidity. They ALSO did this right in the midst of the gay priest scandal, where 220 [no, 287] priests in that one city alone had already ADMITTED that they sodomized boys.

So now we have Bangladesh who reports they have no homosexuals, who we know have no gay Catholic priests, who spend a paltry $22 per capita for health care, who nevertheless managed to reduce their AIDS death rate (AND their total number of AIDS deaths) to ZERO.

I vote for Bangladesh. Boston has no hope. At least Brazil has Carnival.

1994 DC is Murder Capital of the World With 375 Murders

Yet Almost Twice as Many, 713, Died of AIDS

See Table 143, which shows DC had an AIDS death rate of 117.8 per 100k, which is fifteen TIMES higher than Protestant states like Indiana, Minnesota, Maine, and Infinitely higher than Protestant states like Iowa, Montana, and North Dakota who had NO AIDS deaths.


World AIDS Death Capital DC


93% of the 617 AIDS deaths in DC in 1993, or 574 of them, were homosexuals, who were only 1% of DC's population, for a total of 6,100 homosexuals. Thus in that ONE YEAR, 574 / 6,100 = 9.4% of the homosexuals there died JUST of AIDS. If it were possible for that rate to continue (which of course is mathematically impossible), then all homosexuals would have died of AIDS by the year 2004, which is the ONLY explanation for why there was such a dramatic drop in the AIDS death rate there.




World AIDS Death Capital Boston


What Was The Benefit to Boston of Having 220 [correction: 284] Sodomite Priests


Boston Indicators Project


Generally, HIV/AIDS incidence rates (the rate of newly diagnosed cases) for Boston residents have been declining. The AIDS incidence rate for 2005 was the lowest in a decade. HIV incidence rates in 2005 were highest among the 40-49 age group (127 per 100,000), followed by the 30-39 age group (75 per 100,000). Major strides have occurred in reducing AIDS mortality since the mid-1990s, with mortality rates falling from 49 deaths per 100,000 in 1992 to 14.4 deaths per 100,000 in 2002.



"HIV/AIDS: Boston's HIV incidence rate fell to the lowest point in 2009 at 25.1 per 100,000�less than half the rate in 2000 at 60.7 per 100,000.  The rate among men fell from 91.9 per 100,000 in 2000 to 41.9 per 100,000 in 2009 and for women the rate fell from 32 in 2000 to 9.6 per 100,000 in 2009."




Why did the city of Boston have an AIDS death rate four TIMES higher than the national average, 19 TIMES higher than states like Iowa, higher than MOST African nations, and infinitely higher than Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana who had NO AIDS deaths?  The presence of 220 [no, 287] AIDS carrying Catholic priests who ADMITTED that they sodomized boys in Boston?  And why did the AIDS death rate in Boston drop two thirds?  Most of their priests were killed by AIDS, an event which the RCC was deathly silent about?


Or because the number of AIDS carrying sodomizing priests nationwide dropped between 31% and 47%?

Was there a direct correlation between the decrease in this record high AIDS death rate in Boston, and the number of AIDS carrying priests in Boston?


Number of American Born Diocesan Priests Down 31%


"This anticipated influx of 1,515 priests from abroad will lessen but not solve the continuing clergy shortage in the United States. Present trends suggest a decline in the number of active diocesan clergy from 24,603 in 1990 to 18,544 for 2005, a drop of 6,059 priests. The number of active diocesan clergy will about equal the number of parishes in the country in 2005. A total of 1,515 additional international immigrants will offset about 25 percent of the anticipated decline in the number of American priests. The need for new pastors may well be mitigated but certainly not relieved by international immigrants."

Number of Total Priests Down 47%

"After skyrocketing from about 27,000 in 1930 to 58,000 in 1965, the number of priests in the United States dropped to 45,000 in 2002. By 2020, there will be about 31,000 priests--and only 15,000 will be under the age of 70. Right now there are more priests aged 80 to 84 than there are aged 30 to 34."











The exact number of gay priests worldwide is unknown. A study conducted in 2000 by Father Donald Cozzens for his book The Changing Face of Priesthood suggests that as many as 60 percent of all American Catholic priests were gay, but those numbers varied greatly depending on geographical location. �At issue at the beginning of the 21st century is the growing perception that the priesthood is, or is becoming, a gay profession,� Cozzens wrote in his book. �Heterosexual seminarians are made uncomfortable by the number of gays around them.�

Celibacy is not optional in the priesthood, so sexual orientation should be a moot point. But Abbate believes that in Rome, the heart of Catholicism, gay priests feel a certain liberty that straight priests do not. He says he found many openly gay priests on Facebook and other social-networking sites, including a popular Roman Catholic online community called Venerabilis. Abbate also discovered through his covert research that male escorts and transsexual prostitutes in Rome rely on priests as regular customers. Last March, a member of the Vatican choir admitted to police that he arranged male escorts for papal assistants, including Angelo Balducci, a high-ranking member of Gentlemen of his Holiness, a fraternal order whose members assist the pope. Abbate did not find the same code of conduct for heterosexual priests. �You just don�t see heterosexual priests out in the same way,� he says. �Gay priests live freely here; they just do as they please.�

Showing latest available data.
Rank States Amount
# 1 District of Columbia: 40.8
# 2 Puerto Rico: 16.4
# 3 Maryland: 10.7
# 4 Florida: 10.4
# 5 New York: 10.2
= 6 Delaware: 8.5
= 6 New Jersey: 8.5
# 8 Louisiana: 8.4
# 9 Georgia: 8.2
# 10 South Carolina: 7.4
# 11 Mississippi: 6.8
# 12 Tennessee: 5.9
# 13 North Carolina: 5.8
# 14 Connecticut: 5.2
# 15 Texas: 5.1
# 16 Alabama: 4.3
# 17 California: 4.2
# 18 Pennsylvania: 4
# 19 Illinois: 3.9
= 20 Massachusetts: 3.5
= 20 Virginia: 3.5
= 20 Nevada: 3.5
# 23 Arizona: 3.3
# 24 Arkansas: 3.2
# 25 Oklahoma: 2.7
# 26 Oregon: 2.6
# 27 Michigan: 2.4
= 28 Kentucky: 2.3
= 28 Colorado: 2.3
= 30 Ohio: 2.2
= 30 Missouri: 2.2
= 32 Rhode Island: 2.1
= 32 Hawaii: 2.1
= 34 Indiana: 2
= 34 New Mexico: 2
# 36 Washington: 1.9
= 37 Kansas: 1.4
= 37 Wisconsin: 1.4
# 39 Nebraska: 1.3
# 40 West Virginia: 1.1
= 41 Iowa: 1
= 41 Minnesota: 1
Weighted average: 5.4

Priests Dying of AIDS
New York Times, 1 / 31 / 2000 : Kansas City, MO (AP) -- "Roman Catholic priests in the United States are dying from AIDS-related illnesses at a rate four times higher than the general population and the cause is often concealed on their death certificates, The Kansas City Star reported Sunday.
In the first of a three-part series, the newspaper said death certificates and interviews with experts indicated several hundred priests have died of AIDS-related illnesses since the mid-1980s and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease. 'I think this speaks to a failure on the part of the church,' said Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of the Archdiocese of Detroit. 'Gay priests and heterosexual priests didn't know how to handle their sexuality, their sexual drive. And so they would handle it in ways that were not healthy.'
The Star received 801 responses to questionnaires that were sent last fall to 3,000 of the 46,000 priests in the United States. Six of 10 priests responding said they knew of at least one priest who had died of an AIDS-related illness, and one-third knew a priest living with AIDS. Three-fourths said the church needed to provide more education to seminarians on sexual issues. 'How to be celibate and to be gay at the same time, and how to be celibate and heterosexual at the same time, that's what we were never really taught how to do. And that was a major failing,' Gumbleton said.
Asked about their sexual orientation, 75 percent said they were heterosexual, 15 percent said they were homosexual, and 5 percent said they were bisexual.
The Rev. John Keenan, who runs Trinity House, an outpatient clinic in Chicago for priests, said he believes most priests with AIDS contracted the disease through same-sex relations. He said he treated one priest who had infected eight other priests.
The Star said precise numbers of priests who have died of AIDS or become infected with HIV is unknown, partly because many suffer in solitude. When priests tell their superiors, the cases generally are handled quietly.
The newspaper cited the case of Bishop Emerson Moore, who left the Archdiocese of New York in 1995 and went to Minnesota, where he died in a hospice of an AIDS-related illness. His death certificate attributed the death to 'unknown natural causes' and listed his occupation as 'laborer' in the manufacturing industry.
After an AIDS activist filed a complaint, officials changed the cause of death to 'HIV-related illness,' the Star said, but the occupation was not corrected.
The newspaper said the death rate among priests from AIDS appears to be at least four times that of the rate for the general U.S. population.
Some priests and behavioral experts believe the church has scared priests into silence by treating homosexual acts as an abomination and the breaking of celibacy vows as shameful, the Star said.
Catholic cardinals in the United States and high-ranking church officials in the Vatican declined requests to discuss the newspaper's findings, The Star reported. The Vatican referred questions to local bishops.
Bishop Raymond Boland of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph said the AIDS deaths show that priests are human.
'Much as we would regret it, it shows that human nature is human nature,' he said. 'And all of us are heirs to all of the misfortunes that can be foisted upon the human race.''

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A follow-up article on the hierarchy's response reported the

Church calls US priests' AIDS deaths no surprise
Kansas City, MO., Jan 31, 2000 (Reuters) --" A report that hundreds of Catholic priests in America have died of AIDS is 'sad' and a 'disappointment' but not necessarily a surprise because the disease is so pervasive in society in general, Catholic Church officials said on Monday.
The statements by Catholic officials came in response to a nationwide investigation by the Kansas City Star newspaper -- a three-part series running from Sunday to Tuesday -- that found Catholic priests were dying of AIDS at a rate far higher than the general U.S. population.
Calling AIDS the 'black plague of our times,' Kansas City, Kansas, Archbishop James Keleher said in a statement, 'It is no wonder that it (AIDS) has also touched Catholic clergy as well as ministers of other churches. But no matter how few clergy it has infected this is surely very sad.'
Rebecca Summers, a spokeswoman for the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City in Missouri, said though priests take a vow of celibacy, the church is aware that not all priests are celibate. She said while the Star's findings were a 'disappointment,' they were not necessarily a surprise.
'You have to look at society in general. Why would we say they (priests) would not mirror what is in the society?' she asked. "

Ms. Summers, let me answer your rhetorical question. I entered the seminary as a member of a class of 60 aspirants to the priesthood. A few more may have joined that class over the next 13 years of seminary training (which included high school, college, novitiate and theology). In the end only 9 of that 60+ were ordained priests. The Catholic Church teaches that the priesthood is a "vocation" a special personal selection by God to perform a sacred role. Is it not therefore absurd to suggest that after years and years of weeding out by the seminaries, the select few, who are deemed to have been personally chosen by God to be priests, should "mirror what is in the society"?
And by "society", Ms. Summers, do you mean the whole world, most of which has yet to be baptized and saved by your Catholic priests? Is that society what Catholic priests should be expected to mirror?

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In my humble opinion, what all the facts reported above show is that, instead of acting much more divinely than the general population, priests are "four times as human" as the general population! While some Roman Catholics will resent the publicizing these facts, those who really care about the church and/or its priests ought to demand that the church wise up, and instead of barring women from its pulpits and its rectories, that it welcome that half of the human race as clergy and the spouses of clergy. And instead of fussing and fuming so much over behaviors which the bible never even mentioned, including masturbation, birth control and abortion, the Church would do well to pay more attention to what the bible did teach, i.e. the need to love God and the neediest of one's neighbors, and not just in word, but in deed.
In responding to the Albigensian claim that marriage is sordid, St. Bernard of Clairvaux. said, in the year 1135: 'Take from the Church an honourable marriage and an immaculate marriage bed, and do you not fill it with concubinage, incest, homosexuality and every kind of uncleanness?' (Vicars of Christ, p. 409) How long will it take the Catholic hierarchy to learn what Bernard knew so long ago?
If you haven't already done so, we urge to see why the Catholic Church is so obsessed with sex.




Report: Priests hit hard by hidden AIDS epidemic

January 31, 2000

KANSAS CITY, Missouri (AP) -- Roman Catholic priests in the United States are dying from AIDS-related illnesses at a rate four times higher than the general population and the cause is often concealed on their death certificates, The Kansas City Star reported in a series of stories that started Sunday.

In the first of a three-part series, the newspaper said death certificates and interviews with experts indicated several hundred priests have died of AIDS-related illnesses since the mid-1980s and hundreds more are living with HIV, the virus that causes the disease.

"I think this speaks to a failure on the part of the church," said Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of the Archdiocese of Detroit. "Gay priests and heterosexual priests didn't know how to handle their sexuality, their sexual drive. And so they would handle it in ways that were not healthy."

The Star received 801 responses to questionnaires that were sent last fall to 3,000 of the 46,000 priests in the United States. The margin of error of the survey was 3.5 percentage points.

Six of 10 priests responding said they knew of at least one priest who had died of an AIDS-related illness, and one-third knew a priest living with AIDS. Three-fourths said the church needed to provide more education to seminarians on sexual issues.

"How to be celibate and to be gay at the same time, and how to be celibate and heterosexual at the same time, that's what we were never really taught how to do. And that was a major failing," Gumbleton said.

Asked about their sexual orientation, 75 percent said they were heterosexual, 15 percent said they were homosexual, and 5 percent said they were bisexual.

The Rev. John Keenan, who runs Trinity House, an outpatient clinic in Chicago for priests, said he believes most priests with AIDS contracted the disease through same-sex relations. He said he treated one priest who had infected eight other priests.

The Star said precise numbers of priests who have died of AIDS or become infected with HIV is unknown, partly because many suffer in solitude. When priests tell their superiors, the cases generally are handled quietly.

The newspaper cited the case of Bishop Emerson Moore, who left the Archdiocese of New York in 1995 and went to Minnesota, where he died in a hospice of an AIDS-related illness. His death certificate attributed the death to "unknown natural causes" and listed his occupation as "laborer" in the manufacturing industry.

After an AIDS activist filed a complaint, officials changed the cause of death to "HIV-related illness," the Star said, but the occupation was not corrected.

The newspaper said the death rate among priests from AIDS appears to be at least four times that of the rate for the general U.S. population.
Some priests and behavioral experts believe the church has scared priests into silence by treating homosexual acts as an abomination and the breaking of celibacy vows as shameful, the Star said.

Catholic cardinals in the United States and high-ranking church officials in the Vatican declined requests to discuss the newspaper's findings, The Star reported. The Vatican referred questions to local bishops.

Bishop Raymond Boland of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph said the AIDS deaths show that priests are human.

"Much as we would regret it, it shows that human nature is human nature," he said. "And all of us are heirs to all of the misfortunes that can be foisted upon the human race."


UPDATE November 2000

New Study Finds Catholic Priests Dying From AIDS at Higher Than Expected Rate

According to a study following a January report on Catholic priests dying of AIDS, the Kansas City Star has found that the AIDS-related death rate among priests "exceeds earlier estimates." The Star reported in a three-part series in January that "hundreds of priests had died of AIDS-related illnesses and that hundreds more were living with the virus that causes the disease."

Follow-up research, based on death certificates and interviews with family members, found an additional 300 AIDS-related priest deaths nationwide. However, researchers were unable to count AIDS-related deaths in the nearly two-thirds of states that do not disclose death records, and experts say that the "exact AIDS death toll among U.S. priests will never be known." In the 14 states that allowed the Star to access death records, the paper found that the AIDS-related death rate among priests was "more than double" the rate among all adult males in those states and more than six times the rate among the general population in those states. The Star reports that these rates "exceeded the estimates and projections reported earlier this year by the newspaper," and the follow-up investigation reveals that "there is no longer any question that hundreds of priests have died of AIDS and that many bishops were aware of their plights."

Mixed Response

The new study has sparked further controversy surrounding the relationship between priests, who are required to be celibate, and AIDS (Thomas, Kansas City Star, 11/4).

An op-ed to the Star by Rev. Patrick Rush, the vicar general of the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, states that the paper's conclusions "are not consistent with the experience of our local diocese: not the death rate, not the silence and not the denial." He added, "The Star's continued reporting on the subject of priests with AIDS sadly misses the point. Any death from HIV/AIDS is a tragedy. ... It is a problem for us all" (Rush, Kansas City Star, 11/6).

But advocates cite the report as evidence that the Catholic Church needs to further address the issue.

Eugene Kennedy, former priest and biographer of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, said, "The fact that you have priests having very active sexual lives, that you have priests contracting HIV and dying of AIDS and that they have refused to come to terms with this and tend to deny it, I don't see how you look at this and not say that these are symptoms of an unresolved sexual problem within the church."

Sister Mary Ann Walsh, spokesperson for the Conference of Bishops, said the church "had been active in dealing with the AIDS issue and that seminary formation programs today are doing a better job of educating priests about sexuality issues."

Examples of recent efforts to address sexual issues and AIDS within the church include:

The National Federation of Priests' Councils is "updating" a 93-page document about AIDS. It now provides direction on how dioceses and religious orders should "deal with" HIV-positive priests and whether priest candidates should be tested for HIV.

The National Conference of Catholic Bishops, originally one of the study's "harshest critics," is endorsing a "major study" to look at problems priests face in their first five years after ordination. Dean Hoge, the study's principal investigator, said that the topics of sexuality and celibacy will be addressed.

The Church of England revealed this year that at least 25% of its priests had died of AIDS-related illnesses, and in September mandated that all Anglican bishops in southern Africa undergo HIV testing.

Root of the Problem

Through interviews with priests, AIDS experts, doctors, psychologists and educators, the Star found a general consensus that more education and communication is needed to curb the "tragedy of priests dying of AIDS."

Rev. Thomas Reese, editor of America magazine, a national Jesuit publication, cited the biggest issue as the "silence surrounding ... gay priests." Reese said, "The silence highlights a tension in a church that defines homosexuality as 'intrinsically disordered' but relies on many gay men to celebrate the sacraments and carry out the work of the church."

Jon Fuller, a Jesuit priest and Boston physician who specializes in AIDS, lamented the fact that the Vatican discourages open discussions on sexuality, considers homosexual relations a sin and opposes "modern practice" of safe sex.

However, the church has not entirely ignored the AIDS epidemic and has served as a "major provider of AIDS services" in San Francisco, according to the Rev. Jim Mitulski, co-pastor of Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco, a "predominantly gay congregation." Mitulski said, "It's compassion that comes with a price tag. ... The irony is, here's this institution that does have a heart for sick people, but at the same time, it's fostering a climate where HIV continues to be spread" (Kansas City Star, 11/4).




Global HIV and AIDS estimates, end of 2009

The latest statistics of the global HIV and AIDS epidemic were published by UNAIDS in November 2010, and refer to the end of 2009.

Estimate Range
People living with HIV/AIDS in 2009 33.3 million 31.4-35.3 million
Adults living with HIV/AIDS in 2009 30.8 million 29.2-32.6 million
Women living with HIV/AIDS in 2009 15.9 million 14.8-17.2 million
Children living with HIV/AIDS in 2009 2.5 million 1.6-3.4 million
People newly infected with HIV in 2009 2.6 million 2.3-2.8 million
Adults newly infected with HIV in 2009 2.2 million 2.0-2.4 million
AIDS deaths in 2009 1.8 million 1.6-2.1 million
Orphans (0-17) due to AIDS in 2009 16.6 million 14.4-18.8 million

At the end of 2009, women accounted for just over half of all adults living with HIV worldwide.


33.3 million living with HIV / 1.8 million AIDS deaths = 18.5 HIV cases per AIDS death


Is AIDS a 100% black disease?



"The study's credibility became an issue last October after part of its findings on population was released and then withdrawn because some field data were not factored into the 5.2-million population estimate. At the same time, another study by a San Francisco-based group � using a broader definition of who was Jewish � placed the population at 6.7 million. But after reevaluating its methodology and findings, UJC said Wednesday that it stood by the 5.2-million figure."

Worldwide population of jews dropped by six [sic] million between 1988 and 2002








The simple observation that Washington, DC, the health care capitol of the world, the national center for health care professionals and health statistics, the city which spends more money per capita for health care than most blacks of the world EARN, the one with more politicians and lobbyists per square inch than any other land, is also the AIDS capitol, should make us question some basic political "facts".  From this we might postulate the following theorems:





It's mostly if not exclusively blacks who carry AIDS.



The more money government spends to solve the problem, the worse the problem gets.



"Health" "care" officials don't "care" and they don't promote "health".



All of the above.



We can test these theorems by cross-checking data from the 1996 US Statistical Abstract for other states, like ND, SD, Montana, and Wyoming, etc., whose "AIDS" column is marked "N.A.", which can mean either "not applicable" or "not available".  Of course AIDS is applicable to these and other states, so then why would such data not be "available"?

The reality is that these states had NO AIDS cases, not that the data was not "applicable" or "available".  In a state with as small a population as North Dakota, just ONE Aids case would give that state an AIDS rate of .17 per 100,000 population, an easy figure to understand and report.

By the time The 2006 US Statistical Abstract was published, this category had been changed from "N/A", to "S", which now means "Figure does not meet standards of reliability or precision", and  the number of states in this category increased from only four, to 10, adding Alaska, Idaho, Maine, New Hampshire, Utah, and Vermont.  Since 8 other states [Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, West Virginia, and Wisconsin], whose AIDS death rates were high enough to be listed, had rates lower than 2.0, it's a good bet that "S" actually means "No AIDS cases".  In addition, even though these are mostly White states, there are enough or more than enough other races [specifically blacks and Hispanics] to account for most if not all AIDS deaths in those states.


The number of Asians and Whites in DC is too small for them to be a significant part of the AIDS epidemic in Washington, which leaves the 82% who were black and the 10% who were Hispanic as the major contributors, providing a quick and easy way to estimate their AIDS death rates:


DC 101.2 x 585 = 592 AIDS deaths per year

x / 480,000 = 126 per 100k, x = 605 AIDS deaths per year in DC

Blacks = 384k

Hispanics = 35k

X = AIDS rate Hispanics

2X = AIDS rate of blacks

0.35X + (3.84 x 2X) = 592

8.03X = 592

X = 74

2X = 148

600,000 x 82% = 492,000 blacks

600,000 x 10% = 60,000 Hispanics, x 60 per 100k = 36 AIDS deaths per year for Hispanics

(605 - 36) / 492,000 = 115.7 AIDS deaths per year for blacks

6,000 blacks in North Dakota x 115.7 AIDS deaths per 100k = 7 AIDS deaths

Is it possible that blacks in North Dakota have not yet gotten AIDS because they've not been in sexual contact with AIDS-carrying blacks of the major cities?  Or is their sexual behavior influenced by the large percentage of Whites around them, reducing extra-marital sex as well as AIDS?  Or is it possible that there's another factor at work here, in addition to this clear and obvious link between blacks and AIDS?  Or were there actually 7 AIDS deaths amongst blacks in North Dakota which weren't reported to health officials, or which weren't known to be AIDS?

An AIDS rate of 25.5 in 1993 in Florida with a population of 13.5 million is 3,443 AIDS deaths per year, yet if the 1.9 million blacks there died at the rate of 126, there would have been 2,394 AIDS deaths, plus another 1,020 out of the 1.7 million Hispanics with an AIDS rate of 60, for a total of 3,414 AIDS deaths.  Since this is within 1% of the actual rate, our estimate for DC is plausible.

In Colorado, with an AIDS rate of 10.8 and a population of 3.5 million, there were 378 AIDS deaths that year.  With 147k blacks at 126, 19 of these deaths would have been blacks, and with 680k Hispanics at 60, another 368 AIDS deaths ought to have Hispanics if our theorem is correct, for a total of 387 predicted AIDS deaths, 2% higher than actual AIDS deaths.  Our theorem is tracking nicely.


Just like Washington, New York always sticks out like a sore thumb on statistics like this, spending almost as much for education while still producing some of the lowest scoring students in the WORLD, not just the nation.  So just as expected New York also spends gobs of money for health care and ends up with an AIDS death rate of 37.4, FAR larger than would be predicted by their known and reported percentage of blacks and Hispanics.   At an AIDS death rate of 126 per 100k blacks, there should have been only 3,906 AIDS deaths out 3.1 million blacks in New York, a state wide rate of only 21.6.  The 1.8 million Hispanics at a rate of 60 would have had 1,080 AIDS deaths which increases this statewide rate to 27.5, so the actual AIDS death rate in New York is 36% higher than predicted, seriously challenging our theorem.

New Jersey with 28 AIDS deaths per 100k population and a population of 7.8 million had 2,184 AIDS deaths annually that year.  With 1.1 million blacks whose average AIDS death rate is 126, 1,386 of these deaths should be blacks, plus 807k Hispanics with an AIDS death rate of 60 or 48 more AIDS deaths, for a total of 1,434 predicted AIDS deaths.  So actual AIDS deaths in New Jersey are 58% higher than predicted, an even more serious challenge to our theorem.

Massashusetts: 12.9, pop of 6 million, 774 AIDS deaths, 347k blacks at 126 is 437 deaths, 314k Hispanics at 60 is 19, for a total of 456 predicted AIDS deaths.  Actual AIDS deaths In Massachusetts were 70% higher than predicted, raising serious questions about our theorem.

Minnesota: 4.5, pop of 4.5 million, 203 AIDS deaths, 100k blacks at 126 is 126 AIDS deaths, plus 62k Hispanics a 60 = 37, for a total of 163 predicted AIDS deaths, so actual deaths were 25% higher than predicted.

What other racial group might be more likely to get AIDS than Whites, as well as be present in significant enough numbers in Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, to increase their AIDS rate by that much?

It's well documented by jews themselves that jews have 112 hereditary diseases which no other race has, while blacks have only two, and Whites have none.  Could our theorem that blacks are the AIDS carriers be wrong, and might it actually be jews instead?   Could the percentage of jews in Washington, DC, be so high that it's THEY who are the original AIDS carriers who gave AIDS to blacks there?  If jews have 56 TIMES as many hereditary diseases as blacks, then should not this make us suspicious of the role played by jews who demanded in 1957 that jews not be separated as a separate race and thus may be concealing their own rate of extinction?

An AIDS rate of 20.2 in 1993 in California with a population of 30.9 million is 6,242 AIDS deaths per year, yet if the 2.4 million blacks died at a rate of 126, there would have been 3,024 AIDS deaths, plus 7.8 million Hispanics at 60 is another 4,680, for a total of 7,704 AIDS deaths, 23% higher than actual.  Is it possible that the actual AIDS death rate of Hispanics, many of whom just immigrated [or broke in illegally] from Mexico, is [(6,242 - 3,893) / 7.8 million] = 30 per 100k, half that of Hispanics in DC and Florida?  When broken down by White Hispanic vs. non-White Hispanic, does California confirm our theorem?

24,924,000 Whites

17,112,000 non-Hispanic Whites

7,812,000 Hispanic Whites

8,353,000 Hispanics

[(6,242 - 3,893) / X ] =60, X = 39.2 [x 100,000] = 3,920,000 who get AIDS

4,430,000 Hispanics who don't get AIDS

The answer is NO!  A different AIDS  rate for Hispanic Whites doesn't provide the answer.


In 1993, Iowa, with an AIDS death rate of 2.6 and a population of 2.8 million had 73 AIDS deaths.  If the 52k blacks there died at the same rate as blacks in Florida and DC, there were 66 deaths of blacks, and for the 37k Hispanics at 60 is another 22, for a total of 88, 20% higher than actual.

The AIDS rate in Iowa decreased to 1.0 by 2004 and the population increased to 3 million for a total 30 AIDS deaths per year.  If the 68,000 blacks there died at a rate of 42, one third of the high of 126 that they did in DC, there would have been 22 AIDS deaths per year, plus 104k Hispanics at a rate of 20, or 21 deaths, for a total of 43, 43% higher than actual.

An AIDS rate of 14.2 in 1993 in Texas with a population of 17.7 million is 2,513 AIDS deaths, yet if the 2.1 million blacks there died at the rate of 126, there would have been 2,646 dead blacks, plus 4.6 million Hispanics at 60 is another 2,760 deaths, for a total of 5,406.  The predicted rate is 2.2 times higher than the actual rate.  No jews?

Louisiana, 14.7, pop of 4.3 million, is 632 AIDS deaths, 1.34 million blacks at 126 is 1,688 AIDS deaths, 84k Hispanics at 60 is 50 AIDS deaths, for a total of 1,738, almost three times as many predicted as actual deaths.

Missouri, 8.1, pop of 5.2 million , 421 AIDS deaths, 565k blacks at 126 is 71 deaths, 66k Hispanics at 60 is 40 AIDS deaths,for a total of 111, almost four times as many predicted as actual deaths.

Is it the presence of Hispanics and not blacks in states like Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado which caused them to have an AIDS death rate an order of magnitude higher than states with no or few blacks and Hispanics like ND, SD, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Iowa, Nebraska:

Arizona, 10.5, pop of  3.8 million, 399 AIDS deaths, 125k blacks at 126 is 16 deaths, 751k Hispanics at 60 is 451 AIDS deaths, for a total of 467 AIDS deaths, or 17% higher than actual AIDS deaths.  Is it possible that the AIDS death rate for Hispanics in Arizona is [(399 - 16) / 751k] = 51 per 100k, about 15% lower than estimated for Hispanics in DC?

New Mexico, 7.2, pop of 1.6 million, 115 AIDS deaths, 36k  blacks at 126 is 45 deaths, 614k Hispanics at 60 is 368, for a total of 413, or 3.6 TIMES higher than actual deaths.  Is it possible that [(115 - 45) / 614k] = 11.4 per 100k, about a sixth of that for Hispanics in DC?

Nevada, 11.7, pop of 1.3 million ,152 AIDS deaths, 92k blacks at 126 is 116 deaths, 149k Hispanics at 60 is 89 deaths, or 205 AIDS deaths, so predicted deaths were 35% higher than actual deaths.

Georgia, 18.1, pop of 6.8 million, 1,231 AIDS deaths, 1.9 million blacks at 126 is 2,394 deaths, 124k Hispanics at 60 is 7 deaths ,for a total of 2,401 deaths, 95% higher than actual deaths.  If 100% of the AIDS deaths in Ga. were blacks, then they had an AIDS death rate of only 65, about half the TOTAL rate of DC.

Nebraska 2.7, pop of 1.6 million, 43 AIDS deaths, 60 k blacks at 126 is 76 AIDS deaths, plus 42k Hispanics at 60 is 25.2, for a total of 101 predicted deaths, 2.3 x higher than actual.


The high AIDS rate in those states cannot be explained by blacks and Hispanics, because even the most pessimistic estimate for their rate of AIDS deaths cannot be explained just by those populations alone.

Which leaves us with only one possibility--JEWS!

Even if we estimate that the AIDS rate for Hispanics is zero, states like Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, and Arkansas STILL have AIDS rates much lower than predicted, suggesting that the presence of Hispanics doesn't influence the AIDS rate.  But states like Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada have AIDS rates much HIGHER than predicted.  And what do they have in common?  jews.

The simple fact that the AIDS rate of 37.2 in New York with relatively few blacks and Hispanics is three times higher than states like South Carolina (at 12.7) with FAR more blacks, and four times higher than states like New Mexico (at 7.2) where more than a third of the population are Hispanics, seriously challenges if not negates our theorem.  Why do states like California, New York, New Jersey, and Florida have sky high rates (up to TEN TIMES HIGHER), than states like Idaho, Utah, Alaska, and New Hampshire?  JEWS.

While there may be some correlation between the sex behavior of blacks and Whites which might cause blacks to get AIDS more often, this alone comes nowhere close to explaining the ten to forty fold difference in AIDS deaths from state to state.  In most sexual activities, blacks are only 25-50% more likely than Whites to engage in risky sexual behavior, including homosexuality.  The suggestion that blacks get AIDS more often because they use more of the illegal drugs which have been attributed to the AIDS pandemic than Whites is disputed by the fact that per capita, Whites use more of these drugs than blacks.  Even so, such a minor difference if it did exist would hardly explain a forty fold variation in AIDS rates from state to state, or country to country [read: Germany].

Since jews demanded in 1958, and got, Congress and the Census Bureau to quit categorizing jews as a separate race, ethnic group, tribe, and  religion, there's no official statistic for the percent of jews in these states.  But the very low test scores in all standardized tests for these states enable us to calculate the percentage of jews VERY accurately--much more accurately than jews themselves can calculate them.   Voila, once these percentages are plugged in for each state, we discover the following:





There are 17.6 million jews in the US, not only 6 million as jews claim.



jews die of AIDS at a rate 5 TIMES higher than blacks, or 156 per 100,000 population.



R-squared for the correlation between the percentage of jews by state and the AIDS death rate is almost 0.9.



Almost three quarters of the 36,990 AIDS deaths in the US is 1993 were jews.



The real carriers of AIDS are jews, not blacks, not pigmies, and not monkeys.



The worldwide population of jews in 1988 was 18.1 million.   At the normal growth rate of 1.5% per year, there would have been 21.8 million by 2006, and at only 1% per year there would have been 23.8 million.  Yet jew sources report that there were only 13.3 million. So where were the other 8.5 to 10.5 million jews?   Did they all die from AIDS?

The above analysis suggests that this is precisely what happened to them.  What other explanation can there be?  And why did the news media, which spends prodigious amounts of energy chasing down a supposed 6 million holocausted jews from more than half a century ago COMPLETELY ignore this most damaging holocaust [with holocaust being a reference only to the deaths of jews and nobody else, like the 264 million Christians who died in WWII], which eliminated up to 60% [SIXTY PERCENT] of the world's supply of jews?

By 2002, the AIDS rate in states with  the most jews decreased dramatically, whereas in the states with few jews there was a very small decrease, further evidence that AIDS decimated the jewish population, in the world, not just in the US.  It's not that jews were dying at a slower rate--it was that there were fewer of them left alive.   The same is true of the black populations, particularly Washington, DC, where the percent who are blacks plunged from 82% to less than 60% (along with the murder rate).   But even with that reduction, Washington retained its title as both the AIDS Capitol of the US, as well as the Murder Capitol of the WORLD.


Even with an average AIDS rate for blacks of 27, states with many blacks and few jews like Mississippi, Florida, and Indiana, had average AIDS rates even lower than that.   If blacks are the only ones with AIDS in those states, then their AIDS death rate in Mississippi is 21, in Florida is 25.5, and in Indiana is 18.  This MIGHT be explained by their not being in contact with blacks in areas with higher risk to AIDS through sodomy and illicit drugs--or it may be that blacks have an even lower AIDS rate than predicted above, or about 20.  Once adjusted for these anomalies, the AIDS rate for jews in 1993 must be increased to 220, meaning that jews are 11 TIMES more likely to die of AIDS than blacks, something you would never learn from the jew controlled "news" media.  Why are jews being so silent about their own demise, when they still scream from the rooftops about being "holocausted" more than half a century ago?

Of the 36,9990 AIDS deaths in 1993, 30,699 or 83% of them were jews and only 17% were blacks. In 2002, of the 14,210 AIDS deaths, 62% or 8,833 of them were jews and 38% were blacks.  The number of Hispanics, Whites, Asians, and Indians who died of AIDS were statistically insignificant.

The only explanation for this two thirds reduction in the AIDS rate in the US is that the primary target of AIDS, jews, were almost wiped out, having been reduced from 14 million to only 4 million.


Even if jews are 20% or 40% more likely to engage in risky sexual behavior, this doesn't even begin to explain the GREATER THAN FORTY FOLD difference in the AIDS death rate from state to state.  Or perhaps risky behavior starts the process, then it mushrooms from there, but what most would rather believe is that God decided to show our primarily jewish "doctors" a thing or two, and created a disease that:

  1. Kills MOSTLY jews.
  2. Kills mostly jew "DOCTORS", who needless to say are killing US by the hundreds of thousands, ANNUALLY.
  4. CANNOT BE PREVENTED, and increases as the use of condoms increases.
  5. HAS NO DEFENSE for the races it's attacking [and jews are ELEVEN times more likely to be killed by AIDS than blacks].
  6. Is an utterly MISERABLE death [though maybe not miserable enough for the jews we've been hearing from lately].
  7. Teaches us the perfect lesson about the evils of race mixing.
  8. Will vastly accelerate the expulsion of all AIDS-ridden muds.

Before completing this analysis, it was expected that blacks and Hispanics would be the main victims of AIDS.  It was a surprise to discover that Hispanics have almost no AIDS [other than what they, and what WHITES, get from jews and blacks].



Population of District of Columbia is 25% jews


The only way to explain the extraordinary AIDS fatality rate in our nation's capitol is not Blacks, but jews.  The official figure of 4.4% jews is obviously too low anyway, considering how many jews there now are in top government positions.  If jews are actually 25% of the population, a much more believable figure, then their AIDS death rate fits the curve perfectly.  And it proves that jews, not Blacks, are the primary carrier of AIDS, which is evidently one more of the 112 genetic hereditary diseases that only jews get.




percent per 100k
jews AIDS
Mass 6.30% 26.5
NY 9% 37.40
NJ 5.50% 28
N D 0.10% 0
SD 0.10% 0
AK 0.50% 4.3
FL 4.70% 25.5
Co 1.40% 10.8
Ca 3% 20.2
DC 4.40% 101.2
Ga 1.10% 18.1



horizontal rule

Showing latest available data.
Rank   States  Amount 
# 1     District of Columbia: 179.2  
# 2     New York: 39.7  
# 3     Florida: 33.5  
# 4     Maryland: 26.1  
# 5     Louisiana: 22.4  
# 6     New Jersey: 21.2  
# 7     Delaware: 18.9  
# 8     Georgia: 18.6  
# 9     Connecticut: 18.4  
# 10     South Carolina: 18.1  
# 11     Mississippi: 16.5  
# 12     Texas: 14.7  
# 13     North Carolina: 13.3  
# 14     Illinois: 13.2  
= 15     Tennessee: 13.1  
= 15     Nevada: 13.1  
= 15     Pennsylvania: 13.1  
# 18     California: 13  
# 19     Rhode Island: 12.2  
# 20     Hawaii: 10.8  
# 21     Virginia: 10.7  
# 22     Alabama: 10.3  
# 23     Arizona: 9.8  
# 24     New Mexico: 9.6  
# 25     Massachusetts: 8.8  
# 26     Alaska: 8.4  
# 27     Oregon: 7.8  
# 28     Colorado: 7.3  
# 29     Washington: 7.2  
# 30     Missouri: 6.8  
# 31     Arkansas: 6.7  
# 32     Michigan: 6.5  
# 33     Indiana: 6.3  
# 34     Kentucky: 6.1  
# 35     Ohio: 5.8  
# 36     Oklahoma: 5.5  
# 37     West Virginia: 5.1  
# 38     Maine: 4.6  
# 39     Minnesota: 4.3  
# 40     Kansas: 4.2  
# 41     Nebraska: 3.9  
# 42     Wyoming: 3.6  
# 43     Utah: 3.3  
= 44     New Hampshire: 3.2  
= 44     Wisconsin: 3.2  
= 46     North Dakota: 2.7  
= 46     Vermont: 2.7  
# 48     Iowa: 2.2  
= 49     Idaho: 1.6  
= 49     South Dakota: 1.6  
# 51     Montana: 0.8  
Weighted average: 13.7  





Boston University to Evaluate Springfield AIDS Treatment Program

November 11, 2002

Boston University will monitor an HIV/AIDS treatment program for the Springfield, Mass., Hispanic community to determine if culturally sensitive services targeted to Hispanic heroin users increase their entry into drug treatment, testing and prevention programs. It is hoped that the five-year study, funded by a $2.5 million Department of Health and Human Services grant to Tapestry Health Systems, will reduce the rate of HIV/AIDS in Springfield. Springfield, the 71st most populous city in the nation, is ranked 24th for its HIV/AIDS rate. Hispanics, who make up a quarter of Springfield’s population, make up more than half of the city’s residents with HIV/AIDS.The Body Boston University to Evaluate Springfield AIDS Treatment Program


AIDS Death Rates by State and Race

jews are 5 times more likely than blacks to die of AIDS

State Popu lation
Mil lions
1993 HIV Death

Rate per 100k
Per cent
Mil lion
Per cent
His panic
Mil lion
His panic
Per cent
Predict ed
His panics


AIDS deaths jews Amount by
Predict ed
U.S. 255.1 14.5   31.65   24.3 6.90% 17.6   36,990 9,495 0 27,459 36
DC . 0.585 101.2 65.6% 0.384 6.0% 0.035 20.00% 0.12 50.9 592 115 0 183 294
NY . 18.1 37.4 17.1% 3.1 13.0% 2.36 20.68% 3.74 37.4 6,769 930 0 5,839 0
NJ . 7.8 28 14.1% 1.1 10.4% 0.81 15.24% 1.19 28.0 2,184 330 0 1,854 0
FL . 13.5 25.5 14.1% 1.9 12.8% 1.73 13.64% 1.84 25.5 3,443 570 0 2,872 0
CA . 30.9 20.2 7.7% 2.38 27.0% 8.35 11.47% 3.54 20.2 6,242 714 0 5,528 0
CT . 3.279 16.3 8.8% 0.288 7.0% 0.228 8.76% 0.29 16.3 534 86 0 448 0
MD. 4.9 20.2 25.7% 1.26 2.9% 0.143 8.00% 0.39 20.2 990 378 0 612 0
MA . 5.993 12.9 5.8% 0.347 5.2% 0.314 7.16% 0.43 12.9 773 104 0 669 0
DE . 0.691 15.3 17.5% 0.121 2.6% 0.018 6.47% 0.04 15.3 106 36 0 70 0
GA . 6.8 18.1 27.9% 1.9 1.8% 0.124 6.23% 0.42 18.1 1,231 570 0 661 0
TX . 17.8 14.2 11.8% 2.1 26.4% 4.7 6.83% 1.22 14.2 2,528 630 0 1,897 1
HI. . 1.2 10 2.4% 0.029 7.5% 0.09 6.00% 0.07 10.1 120 9 0 112 -1
WA. 5.1 10.1 3.2% 0.165 4.7% 0.242 5.85% 0.30 10.1 515 50 0 465 0
CO . 3.5 10.8 4.2% 0.147 13.1% 0.457 6.10% 0.21 10.8 378 44 0 333 1
AZ . 3.8 10.5 3.3% 0.125 19.8% 0.751 6.10% 0.23 10.5 399 38 0 362 0
RI. . 1 10.4 4.5% 0.045 5.0% 0.05 5.80% 0.06 10.4 104 14 0 90 0
OR . 3 8.9 1.7% 0.051 4.2% 0.127 5.40% 0.16 8.9 267 15 0 253 -1
NV . 1.34 11.7 6.9% 0.092 11.1% 0.149 6.20% 0.08 11.7 157 28 0 130 0
IL . . 11.6 11.2 15.5% 1.8 8.4% 0.975 4.20% 0.49 11.2 1,299 540 0 760 -1
PA . 12 9.1 9.2% 1.1 2.1% 0.25 4.05% 0.49 9.1 1,092 330 0 758 4
VT . 0.571 4.5 0.4% 0.002 0.7% 0.004 2.80% 0.02 4.5 26 1 0 25 0
LA . 4.3 14.7 31.2% 1.34 2.3% 0.098 3.40% 0.15 14.7 632 402 0 228 2
NC . 6.8 11.6 22.1% 1.5 1.2% 0.084 3.20% 0.22 11.6 789 450 0 339 -1
VA . 6.4 10.5 19.2% 1.23 2.8% 0.178 3.00% 0.19 10.4 672 369 0 300 3
MO. 5.2 8.1 10.9% 0.565 1.3% 0.066 3.06% 0.16 8.0 421 170 0 248 3
NM. 1.6 7.2 2.3% 0.036 38.4% 0.614 4.20% 0.07 7.2 115 11 0 105 0
SC . 3.6 12.7 27.8% 1 0.7% 0.025 2.80% 0.10 12.7 457 300 0 157 0
OK . 3.2 6.5 7.7% 0.246 2.9% 0.094 2.70% 0.09 6.5 208 74 0 135 -1
MN. 4.5 4.5 2.2% 0.1 1.4% 0.062 2.45% 0.11 4.5 203 30 0 172 1
WI . 5 5.1 5.3% 0.263 2.0% 0.102 2.19% 0.11 5.0 255 79 0 171 5
UT . 1.8 4 0.7% 0.013 5.2% 0.094 2.42% 0.04 4.0 72 4 0 68 0
MI. . 9.4 7.4 13.8% 1.3 2.3% 0.215 2.09% 0.20 7.4 696 390 0 306 0
NH . 1.115 3.3 0.6% 0.007 1.1% 0.012 2.00% 0.02 3.3 37 2 0 35 0
OH . 11 6.3 10.9% 1.2 1.4% 0.149 1.94% 0.21 6.3 693 360 0 333 0
TN . 5 7.8 16.2% 0.81 0.8% 0.038 1.88% 0.09 7.8 390 243 0 147 0
IN. . 5.7 5.2 7.9% 0.45 1.8% 0.1 1.82% 0.10 5.2 296 135 0 162 0
AK . 0.588 4.3 4.1% 0.024 3.4% 0.02 1.80% 0.01 4.0 25 7 0 17 2
ID. . 1 3.3 0.4% 0.004 5.9% 0.059 2.05% 0.02 3.3 33 1 0 32 0
KS . 2.5 4.6 6.0% 0.15 4.0% 0.1 1.80% 0.05 4.6 115 45 0 70 0
WV. 1.8 3.4 3.2% 0.057 0.5% 0.009 1.58% 0.03 3.4 61 17 0 44 0
IA. . 2.8 2.6 1.9% 0.052 1.3% 0.037 1.30% 0.04 2.6 73 16 0 57 0
KY . 3.8 3.7 7.1% 0.269 0.6% 0.023 1.01% 0.04 3.7 141 81 0 60 0
NE . 1.6 2.7 3.8% 0.06 2.6% 0.042 1.00% 0.02 2.7 43 18 0 25 0
AR . 2.4 5.1 15.9% 0.381 0.9% 0.022 0.32% 0.01 5.3 122 114 0 12 -4
AL . 4.1 7.5 26.8% 1.1 0.7% 0.027 0.00% 0.00 8.0 308 330 0 0 -23
MS . 2.6 7.3 34.6% 0.9 0.7% 0.017 0.00% 0.00 10.4 190 270 0 0 -80
WY. 0.465 0 0.9% 0.004 5.8% 0.027 0.00% 0.00 0.3 0 1 0 0 -1
ND . 0.634 0 0.6% 0.004 0.8% 0.005 0.00% 0.00 0.2 0 1 0 0 -1
SD . 0.708 0 0.6% 0.004 0.8% 0.006 0.00% 0.00 0.2 0 1 0 0 -1
MT . 0.8 0 0.4% 0.003 1.6% 0.013 0.00% 0.00 0.1 0 1 0 0 -1


ChartObject Proportion of jews, vs. AIDS Death Rate, By State


ChartObject Proportion of blacks, vs. AIDS Death Rate, By State


ChartObject Predicted vs. Actual AIDS Deaths, by State



Did the Salk Vaccine Cause AIDS, KILLING 21.8 Million People Around the World


Or did JEWS cause AIDS?

Global AIDS surveillance

Part I

Global situation of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, end 2000

WHO and UNAIDS have estimated that by the end of 2000,

the number of adults and children living with HIV/AIDS

worldwide will reach 36.1 million people (Map 1). It is

also estimated that during 2000, 5.3 million people (in-

cluding 600 000 children aged <15) became infected. HIV

infections are now almost equally distributed between

men and women, with an estimated 18.2 million men aged

15-49 living with HIV/AIDS.

By the end of 2000, it is estimated that a total of 21.8 million

adults and children will have died because of HIV/AIDS since

the beginning of the epidemic. Mortality due to HIV contin-

ued to increase, with an estimated 3 million deaths during

2000. Deaths in women also continues to increase, accounting

for an estimated 52% of adult deaths due to HIV in 2000.

As of 25 November 2000, a total of 2 312 860 AIDS cases have

been officially reported to WHO (Tabl e 1 ).



Greatest Fraud ever committed by Government on its people                
Jack Perrine <> 
Another marvelous example of what happens when people condone lying


University Wire: from The Battalion, Texas A & M University
February 18, 1998

HEADLINE: AIDS research raises questions about origins, myths of illness 
BYLINE: Stewart Patton, The Battalion, Texas A&M U.
DATELINE: College Station, Texas

   News-papers around the globe last week reported that the first known
HIV-virus has been discovered in a blood sample taken from a man in 1959. 
    This discovery is another episode in the chain of events which former
Harvard professor of biochemistry Charles Thomas calls "the most morally
destructive fraud that has ever been perpetrated on young men and women of
the Western world."
    To date, there is still no concrete evidence that HIV causes AIDS, and
researchers continue to ignore the possibility that AIDS may in fact be a
noninfectious disease.
    What exactly is AIDS? University of California-Berkeley professor of
molecular biology Peter Duesberg said HIV is now named as the new cause of
thirty previously known diseases, including Kaposi's sarcoma, tuberculosis,
dementia, pneumonia, weight loss, diarrhea and leukemia.
    If any of these previously known diseases now occurs in a patient who
has antibodies against HIV (but rarely any HIV), then his or her disease is
diagnosed as AIDS and is blamed on HIV.
    With all of the AIDS rhetoric of the past decade, this simple truth may
shock you: there are no citations in any medical journals or books for the
hypothesis that HIV causes AIDS.
    Duesberg's statistical evidence and verifiable data have never been
refuted; rather a media ready to pounce on "sex equals death" stories has
ignored him. 
    Duesberg shows HIV cannot cause AIDS because HIV does not destroy
T-cells in laboratory petri dishes even at thousands of times the
concentration found in humans.
    Additionally, none of the 150 chimpanzees injected with HIV have AIDS
-- some approaching two decades of exposure -- while chimps injected with
other known human viral diseases contract the disease in 24 to 36 hours. 
    While the medical science establishment cannot conclusively prove that
AIDS has an infectious cause, Duesberg shows the many possible
noninfectious causes of the grab-bag of diseases now known as AIDS.
    Using standard statistics, he shows that nearly all people who die of
AIDS have been users of heroin, cocaine, AZT (developed for cancer
chemotherapy but abandoned as too toxic), or amyl and butyl nitrates
(popular among homosexuals in the disco era).

    Duesberg shows that AIDS does not meet even one of the classical
accepted criteria of an infectious disease.
    Unlike conventional infectious diseases, AIDS is nonrandomly restricted
to males, which constitute 95 percent of those infected; there is no active
microbe common to all AIDS patients; no common group of target cells are
rendered nonfunctional; and there is no common, predictable pattern of AIDS
symptoms in patients of different risk groups.
    How, then, have scientists come to accept the notion that HIV causes
AIDS? Bryan Ellison, co-author of Inventing the AIDS Virus with Duesberg
claims the Center for Disease Control, a $ 2 billion a year government
agency, has a bias towards epidemics of contagious diseases because of its
"great admiration and respect for the germ theory."
    The germ theory of the late 19th century ended the era of infectious
diseases, which now account for less than one percent of all mortality in
the Western world. Because of the great success of virus hunters in curing
infectious diseases, Big Science has a bias towards microbial causes of
    Big death tolls and big funding lead to what Steven Epstein in Impure
Science calls a science-in-haste. AIDS research is research driven by
exigency and in-your-face tactics from AIDS activists, all of which causes
the Center for Disease Control to fall back on what it knows best.
    Is AIDS an isolated incident of mistakenly attributing infectious
causes to a noninfectious disease? Certainly not. Scurvy, which scientists
now know is a result of a vitamin-C deficiency, was once thought to be
spread by rats and unsanitary conditions aboard ships. The disease was
completely eradicated, however, once sailors were given daily doses of
limes (hence the sailors' nickname "limey").
    Hidden in the annals of forgotten bad science is an epidemic that
anticipated the AIDS epidemic. SMON, a frightening disease that caused
nerve damage and paralysis, raged through Japan in the 1950s.
    After nearly 20 years of ineffective virus-hunting, scientists finally
found that SMON is caused by the drug clioquinol, a medication that was
prescribed for stomach cramps. The epidemic's toll officially ended in 1973
with 11,007 victims, including thousands of fatalities.
    The Center for Disease Control, which is now a main player in AIDS
research, predicted in 1976 that "swine flu" would devastate the country. 
    This announcement led to the immunization of 50 million Americans with
a vaccine known to have toxic side effects.
    No flu epidemic materialized in the rest of the population, but
thousands of people had nerve damage and paralysis, and dozens died from
the toxic effects of the vaccine.
    Over six billion dollars a year is being spent to fight AIDS. People
who test positive for HIV are given death sentences, and junior-high girls
are taught how to put condoms on bananas.
    Will AIDS be a repeat of the SMON fiasco? For the sake of the 10,000
AIDS patients that are expected to die in the next year, scientists should
learn from the past and abandon the unproven HIV-AIDS hypothesis.
    It is time to find the lime or the clioquinol instead of fruitlessly
chasing HIV.

Health Statistics > HIV AIDS > Deaths (most recent) by country

Of 147 countries for whom we have AIDS Deaths data, 43 of them reported NO AIDS DEATHS

These are countries like Norway, Morocco, and Azerbaijan, who have NO Catholics, and thus no sodomite Catholic priests buggering children.

Rank  Countries  Amount  Date  
# 1   South Africa:370,000 2003 Time series
= 2   India:310,000 2001 Time series
= 2   Nigeria:310,000 2003 Time series
# 4   Zimbabwe:170,000 2003 Time series
# 5   Tanzania:160,000 2003 Time series
# 6   Kenya:150,000 2003 Time series
# 7   Ethiopia:120,000 2003 Time series
# 8   Mozambique:110,000 2003 Time series
# 9   Congo, Democratic Republic of the:100,000 2003 Time series
# 10   Zambia:89,000 2003 Time series
# 11   Malawi:84,000 2003 Time series
# 12   Uganda:78,000 2003 Time series
# 13   Thailand:58,000 2003 Time series
# 14   Cameroon:49,000 2003 Time series
# 15   C?e d'Ivoire:47,000 2003 Time series
# 16   China:44,000 2003 Time series
# 17   Botswana:33,000 2003 Time series
# 18   Ghana:30,000 2003 Time series
= 19   Burkina Faso:29,000 2003 Time series
= 19   Lesotho:29,000 2003 Time series
# 21   Burundi:25,000 2003 Time series
# 22   Haiti:24,000 2003 Time series
= 23   Sudan:23,000 2003 Time series
= 23   Central African Republic:23,000 2003 Time series
# 25   Rwanda:22,000 2003 Time series
# 26   Angola:21,000 2003 Time series
= 27   Burma:20,000 2003 Time series
= 27   Ukraine:20,000 2003 Time series
# 29   Chad:18,000 2003 Time series
# 30   Swaziland:17,000 2003 Time series
# 31   Namibia:16,000 2003 Time series
= 32   Brazil:15,000 2003 Time series
= 32   Cambodia:15,000 2003 Time series
# 34   United States:14,000 2003 Time series
# 35   Mali:12,000 2003 Time series
# 36   Sierra Leone:11,000 2001 Time series
# 37   Togo:10,000 2003 Time series
# 38   Congo, Republic of the:9,700 2003 Time series
= 39   Vietnam:9,000 2003 Time series
= 39   Russia:9,000 2001 Time series
= 39   Guinea:9,000 2003 Time series
# 42   Dominican Republic:7,900 2003 Time series
# 43   Madagascar:7,500 2003 Time series
# 44   Liberia:7,200 2003 Time series
# 45   Eritrea:6,300 2003 Time series
= 46   Benin:5,800 2003 Time series
= 46   Guatemala:5,800 2003 Time series
# 48   Mexico:5,000 2003 Time series
# 49   Pakistan:4,900 2003 Time series
# 50   Niger:4,800 2003 Time series
# 51   Peru:4,200 2003 Time series
= 52   Venezuela:4,100 2003 Time series
= 52   Honduras:4,100 2003 Time series
# 54   Colombia:3,600 2003 Time series
# 55   Senegal:3,500 2003 Time series
# 56   Nepal:3,100 2003 Time series
# 57   Gabon:3,000 2003 Time series
# 58   Indonesia:2,400 2003 Time series
# 59   Spain:2,300 2001 Time series
# 60   El Salvador:2,200 2003 Time series
# 61   Malaysia:2,000 2003 Time series
= 62   Trinidad and Tobago:1,900 2003 Time series
= 62   Panama:1,900 2001 Time series
# 64   Ecuador:1,700 2003 Time series
= 65   Argentina:1,500 2003 Time series
= 65   Canada:1,500 2003 Time series
# 67   Chile:1,400 2003 Time series
# 68   Guinea-Bissau:1,200 2001 Time series
= 69   Italy:1,100 2001 Time series
= 69   Guyana:1,100 2003 Time series
= 71   Belarus:1,000 2001 Time series
= 71   Portugal:1,000 2001 Time series
= 73   Jamaica:900 2003 Time series
= 73   Costa Rica:900 2003 Time series
= 75   Iran:800 2003 Time series
= 75   France:800 2001 Time series
# 77   Philippines:720 2001 Time series
# 78   Egypt:700 2003 Time series
# 79   Djibouti:690 2003 Time series
# 80   Germany:660 2001 Time series
# 81   Bangladesh:650 2001 Time series
= 82   Mauritania:610 2001 Time series
= 82   Bahamas, The:610 2001 Time series
= 84   Gambia, The:600 2003 Time series
= 84   Papua New Guinea:600 2003 Time series
= 84   Paraguay:600 2003 Time series
# 87   Japan:500 2003 Time series
# 88   United Kingdom:460 2001 Time series
# 89   Nicaragua:400 2001 Time series
# 90   Equatorial Guinea:370 2001 Time series
# 91   Romania:350 2001 Time series
# 92   Suriname:330 2001 Time series
# 93   Belize:300 2001 Time series
# 94   Bolivia:290 2001 Time series
= 95   Sri Lanka:250 2001 Time series
= 95   Barbados:250 2001 Time series
# 97   Korea, South:220 2001 Time series
# 98   Singapore:140 2001 Time series
# 99   Cuba:120 2001 Time series
# 100   Netherlands:110 2001 Time series
= 101   Israel:100 2001 Time series
= 101   Bulgaria:100 2001 Time series
= 101   Bosnia and Herzegovina:100 2001 Time series
= 101   Poland:100 2001 Time series

Health Statistics > HIV AIDS > People living with HIV AIDS (per capita) (most recent) by country

# 1   Swaziland:199 per 1,000 people 
# 2   Botswana:197.566 per 1,000 people 
# 3   Lesotho:177.781 per 1,000 people 
# 4   Zimbabwe:141.757 per 1,000 people 
# 5   South Africa:115.623 per 1,000 people 
# 6   Namibia:108.812 per 1,000 people 
# 7   Zambia:81.48 per 1,000 people 
# 8   Malawi:72.942 per 1,000 people 
# 9   Mozambique:68.234 per 1,000 people 
# 10   Central African Republic:66.046 per 1,000 people 
# 11   Tanzania:43.775 per 1,000 people 
# 12   Kenya:36.659 per 1,000 people 
# 13   Sierra Leone:36.304 per 1,000 people 
# 14   Gabon:35.786 per 1,000 people 
# 15   Cameroon:35.559 per 1,000 people 
# 16   Burundi:35.528 per 1,000 people 
# 17   Haiti:33.786 per 1,000 people 
# 18   C?e d'Ivoire:32.379 per 1,000 people 
# 19   Liberia:31.032 per 1,000 people 
# 20   Rwanda:28.546 per 1,000 people 
# 21   Nigeria:26.734 per 1,000 people 
# 22   Burkina Faso:24.159 per 1,000 people 
# 23   Congo, Republic of the:23.877 per 1,000 people 
# 24   Trinidad and Tobago:22.355 per 1,000 people 
# 25   Chad:21.898 per 1,000 people 
# 26   Ethiopia:21.862 per 1,000 people 
# 27   Uganda:21.106 per 1,000 people 
# 28   Congo, Democratic Republic of the:20.284 per 1,000 people 
# 29   Togo:18.849 per 1,000 people 
# 30   Bahamas, The:17.809 per 1,000 people 
# 31   Ghana:16.5 per 1,000 people 
# 32   Guinea:16.146 per 1,000 people 
# 33   Angola:15.95 per 1,000 people 
# 34   Eritrea:14.802 per 1,000 people 
# 35   Guyana:14.686 per 1,000 people 
# 36   Belize:13.153 per 1,000 people 
# 37   Equatorial Guinea:12.841 per 1,000 people 
# 38   Cambodia:12.563 per 1,000 people 
# 39   Guinea-Bissau:12.089 per 1,000 people 
# 40   Sudan:11.916 per 1,000 people 
# 41   Djibouti:11.898 per 1,000 people 
# 42   Suriname:11.886 per 1,000 people 
# 43   Mali:10.992 per 1,000 people 
# 44   Dominican Republic:9.586 per 1,000 people 
# 45   Barbados:9.321 per 1,000 people 
# 46   Honduras:9.14 per 1,000 people 
# 47   Thailand:9.027 per 1,000 people 
# 48   Benin:8.587 per 1,000 people 
# 49   Jamaica:8.364 per 1,000 people 
# 50   Madagascar:7.943 per 1,000 people 
# 51   Ukraine:7.395 per 1,000 people 
# 52   Burma:6.672 per 1,000 people 
# 53   Guatemala:6.501 per 1,000 people 
# 54   Somalia:5.949 per 1,000 people 
# 55   Russia:5.892 per 1,000 people 
# 56   Estonia:5.763 per 1,000 people 
# 57   Niger:5.363 per 1,000 people 
# 58   Panama:5.13 per 1,000 people 
# 59   India:4.94 per 1,000 people 
# 60   Gambia, The:4.73 per 1,000 people 
# 61   Venezuela:4.609 per 1,000 people 
# 62   El Salvador:4.365 per 1,000 people 
# 63   Colombia:4.35 per 1,000 people 
# 64   Senegal:3.957 per 1,000 people 
# 65   Brazil:3.638 per 1,000 people 
# 66   Argentina:3.488 per 1,000 people 
# 67   Spain:3.438 per 1,000 people 
# 68   Mauritania:3.284 per 1,000 people 
# 69   United States:3.267 per 1,000 people 
# 70   Latvia:3.222 per 1,000 people 
# 71   Peru:3.019 per 1,000 people 
# 72   Costa Rica:2.873 per 1,000 people 
# 73   Paraguay:2.864 per 1,000 people 
# 74   Papua New Guinea:2.829 per 1,000 people 
# 75   Vietnam:2.719 per 1,000 people 
# 76   Italy:2.457 per 1,000 people 
# 77   Nepal:2.442 per 1,000 people 
# 78   Portugal:2.137 per 1,000 people 
# 79   Malaysia:2.128 per 1,000 people 
# 80   France:1.995 per 1,000 people 
# 81   Libya:1.848 per 1,000 people 
# 82   Uruguay:1.814 per 1,000 people 
# 83   Switzerland:1.798 per 1,000 people 
# 84   Greenland:1.783 per 1,000 people 
# 85   Canada:1.77 per 1,000 people 
# 86   Cape Verde:1.68 per 1,000 people 
# 87   Ecuador:1.634 per 1,000 people 
# 88   Chile:1.63 per 1,000 people 
# 89   Mexico:1.584 per 1,000 people 
# 90   Belarus:1.504 per 1,000 people 
# 91   Moldova:1.345 per 1,000 people 
# 92   Nicaragua:1.256 per 1,000 people 
# 93   Austria:1.232 per 1,000 people 
# 94   Serbia and Montenegro:1.231 per 1,000 people 
# 95   Netherlands:1.184 per 1,000 people 
# 96   Kazakhstan:1.11 per 1,000 people 
# 97   Singapore:0.98 per 1,000 people 
# 98   Belgium:0.964 per 1,000 people 
# 99   Denmark:0.928 per 1,000 people 
# 100   United Kingdom:0.857 per 1,000 people 
# 101   Armenia:0.856 per 1,000 people 
# 102   Greece:0.831 per 1,000 people 
# 103   Kyrgyzstan:0.774 per 1,000 people 
# 104   Iceland:0.772 per 1,000 people 
# 105   Ireland:0.724 per 1,000 people 
# 106   Fiji:0.72 per 1,000 people 
# 107   Lebanon:0.715 per 1,000 people 
# 108   Australia:0.704 per 1,000 people 
# 109   Georgia:0.657 per 1,000 people 
# 110   China:0.652 per 1,000 people 
# 111   Yemen:0.648 per 1,000 people 
# 112   Mauritius:0.583 per 1,000 people 
# 113   Bolivia:0.555 per 1,000 people 
# 114   Oman:0.526 per 1,000 people 
# 115   Pakistan:0.523 per 1,000 people 
# 116   Germany:0.522 per 1,000 people 
# 117   Morocco:0.52 per 1,000 people 
# 118   Indonesia:0.512 per 1,000 people 
# 119   Israel:0.49 per 1,000 people 
# 120   Iran:0.48 per 1,000 people 
# 121   Norway:0.465 per 1,000 people 
# 122   Uzbekistan:0.43 per 1,000 people 
# 123   Sweden:0.405 per 1,000 people 
# 124   Hong Kong:0.382 per 1,000 people 
# 125   Lithuania:0.376 per 1,000 people 
# 126   Poland:0.367 per 1,000 people 
# 127   New Zealand:0.349 per 1,000 people 
# 128   Laos:0.31 per 1,000 people 
= 129   Romania:0.294 per 1,000 people 
= 129   Cuba:0.294 per 1,000 people 
# 131   Finland:0.288 per 1,000 people 
# 132   Algeria:0.286 per 1,000 people 
# 133   Hungary:0.275 per 1,000 people 
# 134   Czech Republic:0.245 per 1,000 people 
# 135   Bosnia and Herzegovina:0.23 per 1,000 people 
# 136   Sri Lanka:0.187 per 1,000 people 
# 137   Egypt:0.175 per 1,000 people 
# 138   Korea, South:0.173 per 1,000 people 
# 139   Azerbaijan:0.17 per 1,000 people 
# 140   Slovenia:0.141 per 1,000 people 
# 141   Jordan:0.116 per 1,000 people 
# 142   Philippines:0.112 per 1,000 people 
# 143   Tunisia:0.102 per 1,000 people 
# 144   Bangladesh:0.099 per 1,000 people 
# 145   Japan:0.094 per 1,000 people 
# 146   Croatia:0.045 per 1,000 people 
# 147   Bulgaria:0.044 per 1,000 people 

AIDS Deaths per Capita:

AIDS Deaths from Nationmaster


Why would anyone quote the CIA aids death list when the US wasn't even listed, and then claim victory for their cause? And why would they claim that I "would have straight people to thank, since they comprise the majority of [AIDS deaths]" when the following UN report states that heterosexuals are "less than a fraction of one percent"?

The US ranks 18th in the world in AIDS deaths, right up there with third world countries like Ghana, Cameroon, and Vietnam, with 10 times as many AIDS deaths as Spain, France, Panama, El Salvador, and Morocco.

This doesn't even include 112 of the 178 countries in the world aren't even on this list who never even had an AIDS death.

1 South Africa 310,000 2009
2 Nigeria 220,000 2009
3 India 170,000 2009
4 Tanzania 86,000 2009
5 Zimbabwe 83,000 2009
6 Kenya 80,000 2009
7 Mozambique 74,000 2009
8 Uganda 64,000 2009
9 Malawi 51,000 2009
10 Zambia 45,000 2009
11 Cameroon 37,000 2009
12 Cote d'Ivoire 36,000 2009
13 Thailand 28,000 2009
14 China 26,000 2009
15 Ukraine 24,000 2009
=16 Ghana 18,000 2009
=16 Burma 18,000 2009
18 United States 17,000 2009
19 Burundi 15,000 2009
=20 Vietnam 14,000 2009
=20 Colombia 14,000 2009
=20 Lesotho 14,000 2009
23 Sudan 12,000 2009
=24 Central African Republic 11,000 2009
=24 Angola 11,000 2009
=24 Chad 11,000 2009
27 Indonesia 8,300 2009
28 Togo 7,700 2009
=29 Haiti 7,100 2009
=29 Burkina Faso 7,100 2009
31 Swaziland 7,000 2009
32 Namibia 6,700 2009
33 Iran 6,400 2009
=34 Malaysia 5,800 2009
=34 Botswana 5,800 2009
=34 Pakistan 5,800 2009
37 Congo, Republic of the 5,100 2009
38 Peru 5,000 2009
=39 Guinea 4,700 2009
=39 Nepal 4,700 2009
41 Mali 4,400 2009
42 Niger 4,300 2009
43 Rwanda 4,100 2009
44 Liberia 3,600 2009
45 Cambodia 3,100 2009
46 Argentina 2,900 2009
47 Sierra Leone 2,800 2009
48 Benin 2,700 2009
=49 Senegal 2,600 2009
=49 Guatemala 2,600 2009
51 Honduras 2,500 2009
52 Gabon 2,400 2009
53 Dominican Republic 2,300 2009
54 Ecuador 2,200 2009
=55 Eritrea 1,700 2009
=55 Madagascar 1,700 2009
=55 France 1,700 2009
=58 Somalia 1,600 2009
=58 Spain 1,600 2009
60 Panama 1,500 2009
61 El Salvador 1,400 2009
62 Papua New Guinea 1,300 2009
=63 Morocco 1,200 2009
=63 Guinea-Bissau 1,200 2009
=63 Jamaica 1,200 2009
66 Djibouti 1,000 2009

CIA World Factbook


With the US having had as many as 52,000 AIDS deaths annually, we would rank 4th in the world in the total number of AIDS deaths, right behind Nigeria, South Africa, and India. But even though India had 2.4 times as many AIDS deaths, they also have 4.3 times the population, which means that OUR rate of AIDS deaths is 80% higher than India.

1 NIGERIA 174,300 2014 EST.
2 SOUTH AFRICA 138,400 2014 EST.
3 INDIA 127,200 2013 EST.
4 TANZANIA 46,100 2014 EST.
5 MOZAMBIQUE 44,900 2014 EST.
6 ZIMBABWE 38,600 2014 EST.
7 CAMEROON 34,200 2014 EST.
8 INDONESIA 33,700 2014 EST.
9 KENYA 33,000 2014 EST.
10 UGANDA 32,900 2014 EST.
11 MALAWI 32,600 2014 EST.
13 ETHIOPIA 23,400 2014 EST.
14 COTE D'IVOIRE 21,800 2014 EST.
15 THAILAND 19,400 2014 EST.
16 ZAMBIA 18,900 2014 EST.
17 BRAZIL 15,800 2013 EST.
18 UKRAINE 13,400 2013 EST.
19 SOUTH SUDAN 12,700 2014 EST.
20 ANGOLA 11,770 2014 EST.
21 CHAD 11,700 2014 EST.
22 VIETNAM 10,600 2014 EST.
23 BURMA 10,100 2014 EST.
25 LESOTHO 9,300 2014 EST.
26 GHANA 9,200 2014 EST.
27 MALAYSIA 9,000 2014 EST.
28 MEXICO 6,000 2014 EST.
29 MALI 5,300 2014 EST.
30 BOTSWANA 5,100 2014 EST.
31 NAMIBIA 5,100 2014 EST.
32 COLOMBIA 4,700 2014 EST.
33 VENEZUELA 4,400 2013 EST.
35 TOGO 4,300 2014 EST.
36 IRAN 4,100 2014 EST.
37 BURUNDI 3,900 2014 EST.
38 BURKINA FASO 3,800 2014 EST.
39 GUINEA 3,800 2014 EST.
40 HAITI 3,800 2014 EST.
41 SWAZILAND 3,500 2014 EST.
42 NIGER 3,400 2014 EST.
43 MADAGASCAR 3,200 2014 EST.
45 RWANDA 3,000 2014 EST.
46 SUDAN 2,900 2014 EST.
47 PAKISTAN 2,800 2014 EST.
48 SIERRA LEONE 2,700 2014 EST.
49 CAMBODIA 2,600 2014 EST.
50 NEPAL 2,600 2014 EST.
51 PERU 2,500 2014 EST.
52 SENEGAL 2,400 2014 EST.
53 BENIN 2,400 2014 EST.
54 SOMALIA 2,400 2014 EST.
55 UZBEKISTAN 2,200 2014 EST.
56 LIBERIA 2,000 2014 EST.
57 GUINEA-BISSAU 1,900 2014 EST.
58 GUATEMALA 1,700 2014 EST.
59 FRANCE 1,500 2013 EST.
60 ARGENTINA 1,500 2014 EST.
61 GABON 1,500 2014 EST.
62 JAMAICA 1,300 2014 EST.
63 ECUADOR 1,200 2014 EST.
64 HONDURAS 1,200 2014 EST.
65 MOROCCO 1,100 2014 EST.
66 MAURITANIA 1,100 2014 EST.
67 BELARUS 1,000 2014 EST.
68 GAMBIA, THE 900 2014 EST.
70 SPAIN 800 2013 EST.
72 MOLDOVA 800 2014 EST.
73 TAJIKISTAN 700 2014 EST.
75 BANGLADESH 700 2014 EST.
76 CHILE 700 2014 EST.
77 BOLIVIA 700 2014 EST.
78 ERITREA 700 2014 EST.
79 URUGUAY 600 2014 EST.
80 DJIBOUTI 600 2014 EST.
81 PANAMA 600 2014 EST.
83 PHILIPPINES 500 2014 EST.
84 ROMANIA 500 2013 EST.
85 BAHAMAS, THE 500 2013 EST.
86 LAOS 500 2014 EST.
87 KAZAKHSTAN 500 2014 EST.
88 MAURITIUS 500 2014 EST.
89 CANADA 400 2013 EST.
90 PARAGUAY 400 2014 EST.
91 NICARAGUA 400 2014 EST.
92 AZERBAIJAN 400 2014 EST.
93 GERMANY 400 2013 EST.
94 EL SALVADOR 400 2014 EST.
95 KYRGYZSTAN 400 2014 EST.
96 YEMEN 300 2014 EST.
97 AFGHANISTAN 300 2014 EST.
98 EGYPT 300 2014 EST.
99 SWITZERLAND 300 2013 EST.
100 SURINAME 200 2014 EST.
101 ALGERIA 200 2014 EST.
102 ARMENIA 200 2014 EST.
103 COSTA RICA 200 2014 EST.
104 TUNISIA 100 2014 EST.
105 AUSTRALIA 100 2013 EST.
106 MACEDONIA 100 2013 EST.
107 HUNGARY 100 2013 EST.
108 SWEDEN 100 2014 EST.
109 SLOVENIA 100 2014 EST.
110 SYRIA 100 2014 EST.
111 SERBIA 100 2013 EST.
112 NORWAY 100 2014 EST.
113 MALDIVES 100 2013 EST.
114 OMAN 100 2014 EST.
115 MONGOLIA 100 2013 EST.
116 SLOVAKIA 100 2014 EST.
117 LEBANON 100 2014 EST.
118 GUYANA 100 2014 EST.
119 GEORGIA 100 2014 EST.
120 FIJI 100 2014 EST.
121 CZECH REPUBLIC 100 2013 EST.
122 IRELAND 100 2014 EST.
123 DENMARK 100 2014 EST.
124 CYPRUS 100 2013 EST.
125 CABO VERDE 100 2014 EST.
126 CUBA 100 2014 EST.
127 SRI LANKA 100 2014 EST.
128 BELIZE 100 2014 EST.