We would expect the country with the highest AIDS death rate to be the country with the highest number of AIDS carrying Catholic Priests, which is Brazil. However, AIDS data for Brazil is not even on the following chart, while China, with the least number of AIDS carrying Catholic Priests, is listed as having 26,000 AIDS deaths, ranking 14th in the world. Brazil's own web site brags that they've managed to buy billions of condoms and get their AIDS epidemic under control so that they now have "only" 12,432 AIDS deaths per year. This is a rate of 6 per 100,000 population, a rate higher than MOST African nations. Independent studies also show that China has had NO AIDS deaths, so this figure is incredibly biased and misleading.

Bangladesh is listed as having less than 200 AIDS deaths, suggesting that their AIDS death rate is low, but that they DO have an AIDS epidemic. Independent studies show that Bangledesh, while most people there DO live in poverty, while they are subject to all kinds of disease and pestilence, and while literally MILLIONS of people die in natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, has had NO AIDS deaths and thus no HIV epidemic.

While Brazil brags about how well they have controlled their AIDS epidemic (at the same time they continue to invite AIDS carrying Catholic priests, and elevate gays as some kind of messiahs), the BEST route would have been the one taken by Bangledish: invite NO Catholic priests and OUTLAW gay "marriage".



During the 1990s, Brazil and South Africa vied for the dubious distinction of AIDS capital of the world. At the start of the decade, Brazil had twice as many cases as South Africa, and a World Bank study predicted that Brazil would have off-the-chart infection rates for AIDS by the turn of the millennium.

Today, South Africa's HIV infection rate is 25% (1 in 4), while Brazil's is 0.6% (1 in 160). In 6 years, Brazil turned the tables on what seemed an intractable problem, and today the country is touted as a model for developing countries fighting AIDS.

Comparing Related HIV-AIDS Statistics by Country

Country Adults and Children Estimated Deaths 2001 Adults and Children Estimated Deaths Recent Percent Change Deaths 2001-Most Recent
Botswana 15,000 5,800 38.67
Uganda 89,000 64,000 71.91
United States of America 17,000 17,000 100.00
Brazil 9,400 15,000 159.57


AIDS Deaths (Adults and Children)

AIDS Deaths (Adults and Children)

Data from most recent year available

Rank Country Name Number Year
  Global 1,800,000 2010
1 South Africa 310,000 2009
2 Nigeria 220,000 2009
3 India 170,000 2009
4 Tanzania (United Rep. of) 86,000 2009
5 Zimbabwe 83,000 2009
6 Kenya 80,000 2009
7 Mozambique 74,000 2009
8 Uganda 64,000 2009
9 Malawi 51,000 2009
10 Zambia 45,000 2009
11 Cameroon 37,000 2009
12 Cote d'Ivoire 36,000 2009
13 Thailand 28,000 2009
14 China 26,000 2009
15 Ukraine 24,000 2009
16 Ghana 18,000 2009
16 Myanmar 18,000 2009
17 United States of America 17,000 2009
18 Burundi 15,000 2009
19 Colombia 14,000 2009
19 Lesotho 14,000 2009
19 Viet Nam 14,000 2009
20 Sudan 12,000 2009
21 Angola 11,000 2009
21 Central African Republic 11,000 2009
21 Chad 11,000 2009
22 Mexico 8,800 2009
23 Indonesia 8,300 2009
24 Togo 7,700 2009
25 Burkina Faso 7,100 2009
25 Haiti 7,100 2009
26 Swaziland 7,000 2009
27 Namibia 6,700 2009
28 Iran (Islamic Republic of) 6,400 2009
29 Botswana 5,800 2009
29 Malaysia 5,800 2009
29 Pakistan 5,800 2009
30 Congo 5,100 2009
31 Peru 5,000 2009
32 Guinea 4,700 2009
32 Nepal 4,700 2009
33 Mali 4,400 2009
34 Niger 4,300 2009
35 Rwanda 4,100 2009
36 Liberia 3,600 2009
37 Cambodia 3,100 2009
38 Argentina 2,900 2009
39 Sierra Leone 2,800 2009
40 Benin 2,700 2009
41 Guatemala 2,600 2009
41 Senegal 2,600 2009
42 Honduras 2,500 2009
43 Gabon 2,400 2009
44 Dominican Republic 2,300 2009
45 Ecuador 2,200 2009
46 Eritrea 1,700 2009
46 France 1,700 2009
46 Madagascar 1,700 2009
47 Somalia 1,600 2009
47 Spain 1,600 2009
48 Panama 1,500 2009
49 Chile 1,400 2009
49 El Salvador 1,400 2009
50 Papua New Guinea 1,300 2009
51 Guinea-Bissau 1,200 2009
51 Jamaica 1,200 2009
51 Morocco 1,200 2009
52 Djibouti 1,000 2009
53 Algeria <1,000 2009
53 Belarus <1,000 2009
53 Bolivia <1,000 2009
53 Canada <1,000 2009
53 Equatorial Guinea <1,000 2009
53 Gambia <1,000 2009
53 Germany <1,000 2009
53 Italy <1,000 2009
53 Latvia <1,000 2009
53 Mauritania <1,000 2009
53 Moldova (Republic of) <1,000 2009
53 Paraguay <1,000 2009
53 Romania <1,000 2009
53 Trinidad and Tobago <1,000 2009
53 United Kingdom <1,000 2009
54 Bahamas <500 2009
54 Belize <500 2009
54 Costa Rica <500 2009
54 Egypt <500 2009
54 Estonia <500 2009
54 Greece <500 2009
54 Guyana <500 2009
54 Kazakhstan <500 2009
54 Korea (Republic of) <500 2009
54 Kyrgyzstan <500 2009
54 Lebanon <500 2009
54 Mauritius <500 2009
54 Nicaragua <500 2009
54 Portugal <500 2009
54 Tajikistan <500 2009
54 Uruguay <500 2009
54 Uzbekistan <500 2009
55 Azerbaijan <200 2009
55 Bangladesh <200 2009
55 Bulgaria <200 2009
55 Hungary <200 2009
55 Lao People's Democratic Rep. <200 2009
55 Philippines <200 2009
55 Poland <200 2009
55 Serbia <200 2009
55 Sri Lanka <200 2009
55 Suriname <200 2009
55 Turkey <200 2009
56 Armenia <100 2009
56 Australia <100 2009
56 Austria <100 2009
56 Barbados <100 2009
56 Belgium <100 2009
56 Bhutan <100 2009
56 Comoros <100 2009
56 Croatia <100 2009
56 Cuba <100 2009
56 Czech Republic <100 2009
56 Denmark <100 2009
56 Fiji <100 2009
56 Finland <100 2009
56 Georgia <100 2009
56 Iceland <100 2009
56 Ireland <100 2009
56 Israel <100 2009
56 Japan <100 2009
56 Lithuania <100 2009
56 Luxembourg <100 2009
56 Maldives <100 2009
56 Malta <100 2009
56 Mongolia <100 2009
56 Netherlands <100 2009
56 New Zealand <100 2009
56 Norway <100 2009
56 Oman <100 2009
56 Qatar <100 2009
56 Singapore <100 2009
56 Slovakia <100 2009
56 Slovenia <100 2009
56 Sweden <100 2009
56 Switzerland <100 2009
56 Tunisia <100 2009
57 Afghanistan (NA) 2009
57 Albania (NA) 2009
57 American Samoa (NA) 2009
57 Andorra (NA) 2009
57 Anguilla (NA) 2009
57 Antigua and Barbuda (NA) 2009
57 Aruba (NA) 2009
57 Bahrain (NA) 2009
57 Bermuda (NA) 2009
57 Bosnia and Herzegovina (NA) 2009
57 Bouvet Island (NA) 2009
57 Brazil (NA) 2009
57 British Indian Ocean Territory (NA) 2009
57 British Virgin Islands (NA) 2009
57 Brunei Darussalam (NA) 2009
57 Cape Verde (NA) 2009
57 Cayman Islands (NA) 2009
57 Christmas Island (NA) 2009
57 Cocos (Keeling Islands) (NA) 2009
57 Congo (Dem. Republic of) (NA) 2009
57 Cook Islands (NA) 2009
57 Cyprus (NA) 2009
57 Dominica (NA) 2009
57 Ethiopia (NA) 2009
57 Faeroe Islands (NA) 2009
57 Falkland Islands (Malvinas) (NA) 2009
57 French Guiana (NA) 2009
57 French Polynesia (NA) 2009
57 French Southern Territories and Antarctic Lands (NA) 2009
57 Gibraltar (NA) 2009
57 Greenland (NA) 2009
57 Grenada (NA) 2009
57 Guadeloupe (NA) 2009
57 Guam (NA) 2009
57 Heard Island and McDonald Islands (NA) 2009
57 Iraq (NA) 2009
57 Johnston Atoll (NA) 2009
57 Jordan (NA) 2009
57 Kiribati (NA) 2009
57 Korea (Dem. Peo. Rep. of) (NA) 2009
57 Kuwait (NA) 2009
57 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (NA) 2009
57 Liechtenstein (NA) 2009
57 Macedonia (The former Yugoslav Republic of) (NA) 2009
57 Marshall Islands (NA) 2009
57 Martinique (NA) 2009
57 Mayotte (NA) 2009
57 Micronesia (Federated States of) (NA) 2009
57 Midway (NA) 2009
57 Monaco (NA) 2009
57 Montenegro (NA) 2009
57 Montserrat (NA) 2009
57 Nauru (NA) 2009
57 Netherlands Antilles (NA) 2009
57 New Caledonia (NA) 2009
57 Niue (NA) 2009
57 Norfolk Island (NA) 2009
57 Northern Mariana Islands (NA) 2009
57 Palau (NA) 2009
57 Pitcairn Island (NA) 2009
57 Puerto Rico (NA) 2009
57 Reunion (NA) 2009
57 Russian Federation (NA) 2009
57 Saint Helena (NA) 2009
57 Saint Kitts and Nevis (NA) 2009
57 Saint Lucia (NA) 2009
57 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (NA) 2009
57 Samoa (NA) 2009
57 San Marino (NA) 2009
57 Sao Tome and Principe (NA) 2009
57 Saudi Arabia (NA) 2009
57 Seychelles (NA) 2009
57 Solomon Islands (NA) 2009
57 Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands (NA) 2009
57 Syrian Arab Republic (NA) 2009
57 Timor Leste (NA) 2009
57 Tokelau (NA) 2009
57 Tonga (NA) 2009
57 Turkmenistan (NA) 2009
57 Turks and Caicos Island (NA) 2009
57 Tuvalu (NA) 2009
57 United Arab Emirates (NA) 2009
57 Vanuatu (NA) 2009
57 Venezuela (NA) 2009
57 Virgin Islands (U.S.) (NA) 2009
57 Wake Island (NA) 2009
57 Wallis and Futuna Islands (NA) 2009
57 West Bank and Gaza (NA) 2009
57 Western Sahara (NA) 2009
57 Yemen (NA) 2009

Notes: Data are estimates. UNAIDS recently updated global data to reflect 2010 estimates.  Therefore, the global entry above is a 2010 estimate; country entries are 2009 estimates. For most countries, UNAIDS provides estimates as well as ranges around the estimates that define the boundaries within which the actual numbers lie. For some countries, UNAIDS provides only a range or an upper boundary to a range. These data were included above as appropriate.

HIV/AIDS estimates reflect improved and expanded HIV surveillance, country data collection, and methodologies as well as an increased understanding of the natural course of the epidemic. As a result, since 2007, there have been substantial revisions from previous published estimates. For more information on these revisions as well as other factors impacting HIV/AIDS estimates, see Sexually Transmitted Infections, ''Methods and Tools for the 2009 HIV and AIDS Estimates and Projections'', October 2010, available at: http://sti.bmj.com/content/86/Suppl_2/ii1.extract, and ''Understanding the Latest Estimates'', available at: http://www.unaids.org/documents/20101115_GR2010_methodology.pdf.

Definitions: HIV: Human immunodeficiency virus, the virus that causes AIDS. HIV can be transmitted through infected blood, semen, vaginal secretions, breast milk, and during pregnancy or delivery. HIV destroys certain white blood cells called CD4+ T cells. These cells are critical to the normal function of the human immune system, which defends the body against illness. When HIV weakens the immune system, a person is more susceptible to developing a variety of cancers and becoming infected with viruses, bacteria and parasites. The disease has four stages: primary or acute HIV infection, asymptomatic, symptomatic, and advanced HIV disease (AIDS).

AIDS: Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. A disease of the body's immune system caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). A person who tests positive for HIV is considered to have progressed to AIDS when a laboratory test shows that his or her immune system is severely weakened by the virus or when he or she develops at least one of about 25 different opportunistic infections -- diseases that might not affect a person with a normal immune system but that take advantage of damaged immune systems. People who have not had one of these opportunistic infections, but whose immune system is severely damaged, are also considered to have progressed to an AIDS diagnosis.

Sources: Global estimate available at: UNAIDS, 2011 UNAIDS World AIDS Day report: http://www.unaids.org/en/resources/presscentre/pressreleaseandstatementarchive/2011/november/20111121wad2011report/. Country estimates available at: UNAIDS, Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic, 2010: http://www.unaids.org/GlobalReport/Global_report.htm.

IS DC the AIDS Capital of the World

Number of men and women belonging to religious orders falls drastically; during the pontificate of the late Pope John Paul II, the number of Catholic nuns worldwide declined by a quarter (25%)

DEVASTATING DECLINE: Catholic nuns and monks decline worldwide...

"My child, We watch and see the houses of My Son crumbling, being destroyed throughout your world. Doors are closing, convents are emptying, and the dedicated are leaving and falling into all manner of sin and abominations. Who shall be in the remnant? Only a few will be saved." - Our Lady of the Roses, May 26, 1976

In 1965, 104,000 sisters were teaching, while in 2002 there were only 8,200 teachers (79% decline).

BBC reported on February 5, 2008:

The Vatican has reported a further dramatic fall in the number of Roman Catholic monks and nuns worldwide.

Newly published statistics showed that the number of men and women belonging to religious orders fell by 10%* to just under a million between 2005 and 2006.

During the pontificate of the late Pope John Paul II, the number of Catholic nuns worldwide declined by a quarter.

The downward trend accelerated despite a steady increase in the membership of the Catholic Church to more than 1.1bn.

However, correspondents say even this failed to keep pace with the overall increase in world population.

Dramatic fall

On the back page of its official newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican published on Monday new statistics revealing that between 2005 and 2006 the number "members of the consecrated life" fell by just under 10%. [*Note: The Vatican disputes this 10% figure, even though it came from the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano: "accurate figures showed a decline of just 7,230 over that one-year period." Read more...].

The number of members, predominantly women, some engaged only in constant prayer, others working as teachers, health workers and missionaries, fell 94,790 to 945,210.

Of the total, 753,400 members were women, while 191,810 were men, including 136,171 priests and 532 permanent deacons.

The figures were published next to a report of Pope Benedict XVI's meeting with nuns, monks and priests from many countries gathered in St Peter's Basilica in Rome last weekend.

The BBC's David Willey in the Italian capital says the accelerating downward trend must have caused concern to the Pope.

The Roman Catholic Church has an aging and diminishing number of parish and diocesan clergy and this latest fall is quite dramatic, our correspondent says.

The number of Catholic nuns worldwide declined by about a quarter during the reign of Pope John Paul, and this further drop shows that new recruits are failing to replace those nuns who die, or decide to abandon their vows, he adds.

"Therefore, I warn you now as your God: You will stop your intricacies within My Church. You will stop experimenting. I gave you the rules to follow many years ago, two thousand years approximately. And why now, two thousand years later, do you deem it necessary to change My Church upon earth? I, your God, say to you, you will be judged accordingly. You will return My Church to its former glory, and in that manner you will have more vocations and more entering the seminaries, and not fleeing from them as they hear the heresies and all other innovations that are going on within My Church. This is My last and final word to My clergy: Change now or suffer a just punishment and banishment.” - Jesus, June 18, 1986


Statistical decline of the Catholic Church since Vatican II...

The following statistics are originally from Kenneth Jones' Index of Leading Catholic Indicators:

  • Priests. After skyrocketing from about 27,000 in 1930 to 58,000 in 1965, the number of priests in the United States dropped to 45,000 in 2002. By 2020, there will be about 31,000 priests--and only 15,000 will be under the age of 70. Right now there are more priests aged 80 to 84 than there are aged 30 to 34.

  • Ordinations. In 1965 there were 1,575 ordinations to the priesthood, in 2002 there were 450, a decline of 350 percent. Taking into account ordinations, deaths and departures, in 1965 there was a net gain of 725 priests. In 1998, there was a net loss of 810.

  • Priestless parishes. About 1 percent of parishes, 549, were without a resident priest in 1965. In 2002 there were 2,928 priestless parishes, about 15 percent of U.S. parishes. By 2020, a quarter of all parishes, 4,656, will have no priest.

  • Seminarians. Between 1965 and 2002, the number of seminarians dropped from 49,000 to 4,700--a 90 percent decrease. Without any students, seminaries across the country have been sold or shuttered. There were 596 seminaries in 1965, and only 200 in 2002.

  • Sisters. 180,000 sisters were the backbone of the Catholic education and health systems in 1965. In 2002, there were 75,000 sisters, with an average age of 68. By 2020, the number of sisters will drop to 40,000--and of these, only 21,000 will be aged 70 or under. In 1965, 104,000 sisters were teaching, while in 2002 there were only 8,200 teachers.

  • Brothers. The number of professed brothers decreased from about 12,000 in 1965 to 5,700 in 2002, with a further drop to 3,100 projected for 2020.

  • Religious Orders. The religious orders will soon be virtually non-existent in the United States. For example, in 1965 there were 5,277 Jesuit priests and 3,559 seminarians; in 2000 there were 3,172 priests and 38 seminarians. There were 2,534 OFM Franciscan priests and 2,251 seminarians in 1965; in 2000 there were 1,492 priests and 60 seminarians. There were 2,434 Christian Brothers in 1965 and 912 seminarians; in 2000 there were 959 Brothers and 7 seminarians. There were 1,148 Redemptorist priests in 1965 and 1,128 seminarians; in 2000 there were 349 priests and 24 seminarians. Every major religious order in the United States mirrors these statistics.

  • High Schools. Between 1965 and 2002 the number of diocesan high schools fell from 1,566 to 786. At the same time the number of students dropped from almost 700,000 to 386,000.

  • Parochial Grade Schools. There were 10,503 parochial grade schools in 1965 and 6,623 in 2002. The number of students went from 4.5 million to 1.9 million.

  • Sacramental Life. In 1965 there were 1.3 million infant baptisms; in 2002 there were 1 million. (In the same period the number of Catholics in the United States rose from 45 million to 65 million.) In 1965 there were 126,000 adult baptisms-----converts-----in 2002 there were 80,000. In 1965 there were 352,000 Catholic marriages, in 2002 there were 256,000. In 1965 there were 338 annulments, in 2002 there were 50,000.

  • Mass attendance. A 1958 Gallup poll reported that 74 percent of Catholics went to Sunday Mass in 1958. A 1994 University of Notre Dame study found that the attendance rate was 26.6 percent. A more recent study by Fordham University professor James Lothian concluded that 65 percent of Catholics went to Sunday Mass in 1965, while the rate dropped to 25 percent in 2000.

  • "The great Council, the Council that has brought forth discord, disunity, and the loss of souls, the major fact behind this destruction was because of the lack of prayer. Satan sat in within this Council, and he watched his advantage." - St. Michael, March 18, 1976

    The amazing Bayside Prophecies... http://www.tldm.org/Bayside/default.htm
    These prophecies came from Jesus, Mary, and the saints to Veronica Lueken at Bayside, NY, from 1968 to 1995:

    "The numbers of those in the service of thy Father is growing smaller. Pray for the vocations that are sorely needed. A great void is being created by the loss of vocations, for the little ones are left to wander.
    "My poor children, you desire so much in material things and so little in the spiritual! We look down upon so many homes that are becoming the reason for the destruction of children's souls. The memory of the truth of My Son's existence must be kept in the homes." - Our Lady, December 24, 1970

    "Women with vocations, you have become worldly! You have chosen of your free will to degrade your bodies and your habit. Whatever shall become of you, foolish maidens of the world? Return while there is time! Purify your bodies through suffering. Place upon your bodies garments of holiness--down to the floor! You shall not set yourselves to tempt your pastors! Satan has set a delusion among you. You have become maidens of sin.” -
    Our Lady, September 6, 1975

    "My children, see My habit given by the Eternal Father. Children of God, in vocations to the sisterhood, whatever shall become of you? You have become foolish maidens without modesty and piety. You run with your heads high in the air in clouds of darkness. You remove your habit and take on the raiment of the world. O My children, you are defaming your vocation!
    "Sisters, do you not understand why you were given a long habit to wear? It was a sign to the world of your dedication. You were to become brides of Christ, My children. And what have you given to the world, but a poor example of worldliness without dedication. You have become of the world; you have proceeded onto the wide road.
    "Sisters in vocations, turn back! Do not become maidens of the world, foolish maidens, but return and be brides of Christ, brides who have been given the key to the Eternal Kingdom of your God.
    "My sisters, without this firm dedication and example of piety and holiness, you cannot induce or lead others into your vocation. The convents are slowly closing. And why, My children? Because there are too few who try to find the real reason. They have succumbed to the lures of the world.” -
    Our Lady, July 15, 1977

    "My child and My children, I come once more with an urgent and pleading message to the hierarchy in the Church, My Church upon earth. I want you to know now that We look upon you and find many that do not fall into grace. They are falling out of grace and misleading many of Our sheep.
    "Therefore, I warn you now as your God: You will stop your intricacies within My Church. You will stop experimenting. I gave you the rules to follow many years ago, two thousand years approximately. And why now, two thousand years later, do you deem it necessary to change My Church upon earth? I, your God, say to you, you will be judged accordingly. You will return My Church to its former glory, and in that manner you will have more vocations and more entering the seminaries, and not fleeing from them as they hear the heresies and all other innovations that are going on within My Church. This is My last and final word to My clergy: Change now or suffer a just punishment and banishment.” - Jesus, June 18, 1986

    "My children, you must hasten to tell the good sisters that they must not join the world. They are losing vocations because of their changes. They must restore their habit worn to the ground. It was an example of great strength and piety for others and brought many vocations to the convents. Have you not realized the fruits of your endeavors to become modern? Good sisters, return and restore the convents." -
    Our Lady, April 1, 1978

    "There will be many manifestations given to those who have taken over the role as disciples of the latter days for My Son. The people must now save My Son's Church. This battle upon earth has been given now to the people, and through the people shall you bring back My Son's Church to its former position of holiness, piety, and numerous entrances into the vocations. Many holy priests are needed.” -
    Our Lady, August 19, 1978

    "My sister, Veronica, you must continue. And please counsel my sisters in vocations that they have fallen asleep. They must remove the blindness from their hearts. They have been misled! Modesty and discipline must be a rule of habit." -
    St. Theresa, October 1, 1977

    "My child, I have tied the knot, the belt, to represent the carrying of My beads of prayer on the dress of the dedicated. The vocations have fallen, My child. Our young children, their souls are darkening daily because there is a shortage, a severe shortage, My child, of teaching nuns. Whatever shall become of the young souls for Heaven? The Eternal Father has a plan to remove many young souls before the corruptive forces will come upon them.” -
    Our Lady, April 10, 1976

    "The sin of pride and the arrogance of many in My House, Church, have set a pattern of soul-destruction among the young. I have asked that all who have been given the glory from the Eternal Father to follow My road as pastors, shepherds of Our sheep--there is much lacking in their direction. I do not have to give a listing by name; the plan of the Eternal Father shall reach those who permit and commit evil in their vocations.
    "We ask that all remain steadfast in their missions. We ask that all do not leave now, but remain and await the Warning that will soon be given to mankind. We do not wish a separation or a division among Our sheep. You shall not compromise your Faith. You shall not be misled into error in the name of humanism and modernization.
    "Heresy abounds in My House. All manners of aberration and impurities are being tolerated by My pastors. I say unto you that you must now clean your House! No man who has been chosen from among the multitudes to be a representative from Heaven shall use his rank, his vocation to gain worldly treasures and fall into the pattern of worldly living to the sorrow of those souls entrusted to him. You must awaken now from your slumber. I repeat: cleanse My House now, or I shall set a Chastisement upon you!” -
    Jesus, March 18, 1976

    Directives from Heaven... http://www.tldm.org/directives/directives.htm

    D63 - The Third Secret PDF Logo PDF
    D85 - Tradition PDF Logo PDF
    D127 - Vatican II
    PDF Logo PDF
    D159 - Religious Orders and the Dedicated: Part 1 PDF Logo PDF
    D160 - Religious Orders and the Dedicated: Part 2 PDF Logo PDF
    D161 - The Great Apostasy
    PDF Logo PDF
    D193 - Turn back: You are on the wrong road PDF Logo PDF
    D233 - Vocations, Part 1 PDF LogoPDF
    D234 - Vocations, Part 2 PDF LogoPDF


    Vatican II, part 1: Infiltration of the Church

    Vatican II, part 2: Dark clouds forming before Vatican II

    Vatican II, part 3: the satanic revolution gains momentum at the Council

    Latin, universal language of the Catholic Church

    Dietrich von Hildebrand on the Latin Mass

    Outside Links…

    Vatican II in the dock, Christian Order magazine

    Differing from Other Councils, Seattle Catholic

    An Index of Catholicism’s Decline, Patrick J. Buchanan, December 11, 2002

    There are 4 things you must have to survive the days ahead:

    1.) The Douay-Rheims Holy Bible...

    "You must all obtain a copy of the Book of life and love, the Bible. Do not accept the new mods. Try to find in your bookstores the old Bibles, My children, for many are being changed to suit the carnal nature of man. I repeat, sin has become a way of life." - Our Lady, October 6, 1992
    "I must ask you all to read but a few short chapters a day now, the Book of life and love, your Bible. Knowledge must be gained for all the disciples of My Son, for you will be attacked by scientific minds. But do not be concerned what you will say to them when accosted, for the words will be given to you by the Spirit." - Our Lady, April 10, 1976
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    2.) The total Virgin Mary’s Bayside Prophecies in 6 paperback books...

    The Virgin Mary brings directions from God, the Father in Heaven on how to survive the end times. God, the Father, through the Virgin Mary, tells what is coming, how to prepare for it, how to survive it, and how to even stop it. These six volumes along with the Bible are most important to save yourself and your loved ones. Order it now. Tomorrow may be to late. These 6 pocket size paperback books costs $33.00. (Order Form)

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    Heaven’s Home Protection Packet...
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    On February 1, 1974, Our Lady said, "My children, know the value of these sacramentals. Guard your children well. You must awaken to the knowledge that you will not be protected without the sacramentals. Guard your children's souls. They must be surrounded with an aura of purity. Remove them if necessary from the sources of contamination, be it your schools or even false pastors."
    This Heaven’s Personal Protection Packet is available for a donation of $6.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Send $9.00 to TLD Ministries, P.O. Box 40, Lowell, MI 49331. You may use your MasterCard, VISA, or American Express and call 1-616-698-6448 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-616-698-6448 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Item # P5
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    Your names have been written in Heaven… "It is not by accident that you are called by My Mother, for your names have been written in Heaven.... But with this great grace you have great responsibility to send this Message from Heaven throughout the world, for if you are able to recover just one more for Heaven, an additional star shall be placed in your crown." - Jesus, August 5, 1975

    A great obligation to go forward... "It is not by accident that you are called by My Mother, for it is by merit and the prayers that have risen to Heaven for your salvation. For those who have received the grace to hear the Message from Heaven, you have a great obligation to go forward and bring this Message to your brothers and sisters. Do not expect a rest upon your earth, for you will have eternal rest very soon." - Jesus, June 12, 1976

    The sin of omission... "The sin of omission shall condemn many to hell, be they layman or Hierarchy. I repeat: not the sin of commission, but the sin of omission will commit many to hell." Our Lady of the Roses, October 6, 1980

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