Alan Keyes, mamzer


The following un-Christian, un-Godly, anti-Christ action by Alan Keyes is proof that mamzers will never comprehend the simplicity of the Holy Bible.

Under Christian principles, only one person has the authority to make such life and death decisions, and that is the husband of Terri Schiavo.

By permitting everyone except her husband to make such a decision, we have created a nightmare of a government which gets the most incompetent, least interested parties involved in the most Brobdingnagian legal machinations on the planet.

This putative Christian nation cannot survive such an onslaught of jew tricks.




I am sending this update on the fight for Terri Schindler Schiavo's life. The battle in Florida to prevent her killing continues to rage, and your prayers and support are still urgently needed!

I want to tell you what has been happening behind the scenes. While I was in Israel, a federal court decreed that Terri would die. My chief of staff, Mary Parker Lewis, contacted Randall Terry (Founder of Operation Rescue) and asked him to give his full attention and efforts to saving Terri's life. After he spoke with Terri's family, and knowing that we would help cover the costs, Randall and his wife and children left that evening for Terri's side.

Mr. Schindler (Terri's father) told Randall, "We are giving you 'carte blanche.' Do whatever you can to save our daughter's life." Randall Terry and his staff put together a strategy for vigils and protests, a meeting with Governor Bush, getting national press, and creating an avalanche of public outcry for Terri.

According to Terri's father, "Randall did exactly what we asked… which gave us the momentum to pass the law that has spared Terri from death – for now. My daughter is alive today because of Randall Terry's efforts."

Thanks to the incredible success that Randall Terry and his team achieved in carrying the truth of Terri's plight through the national media, and politically implementing the massive public mobilization that followed, Terri's court-ordered killing has been halted.

But while Randall and pro-life activism have won a reprieve for Terri, her ultimate survival remains in doubt. The actions taken by the Legislature and the Governor of Florida to protect her will surely be challenged in court, and perhaps struck down by another out-of-control judge. When that happens, Terri will again be in jeopardy of imminent death. The pro-life movement needs to stay in high gear. It will take tremendous resources and energy to keep up this fight!

We must keep the pressure on! Please help us seize this moment, and make our nation safe for Terri, and for all who are infirm and unborn. The courts are out of control, and this is a special, providential moment in time to make the case for innocent life to our fellow Americans.

I want you to know that Terri's family is eternally grateful for everything that Randall and pro-life activists like you have done. The hundreds of thousands of emails, petitions and phone calls from pro-life people, and Randall Terry's ability to galvanize national media coverage, and apply political pressure endorsing the dignity of innocent human life, turned the tide for Terri.

But your financial support is urgently needed to keep up the fight! Randall's efforts to rescue Terri have been financially depleting, as you can imagine. He has already spent tens of thousands of dollars in this struggle on travel expenses, sending out national press releases, and deploying legal interventions. The willingness of pro-lifers to help with funds and continuing activism is absolutely key in sustaining the campaign to spare Terri's life, and the lives of others in America being done to death by tyrannical courts!

Please help! You can support this work by sending your check to Randall's organization:

Society for Truth and Justice
PO Box 131568
Houston, TX 77219-1568

If you can help with immediate funds, please call 904-819-9450 for a credit card authorization.

The Society is all activism, and contributions are NOT tax-deductible, but if it would help you, or you could give more with a tax-deductible option, then please make your check out to SAVE, instead of the Society, and we will provide an acknowledgment for income tax purposes. Your gift will be used for educating America about court-ordered death of the innocent.

God Bless you and your family. We are grateful for all you do in this cause. I am asking you to be as generous as you can in funding this urgent campaign. At this moment, we have won a respite, but already the pro-death forces are in court battling to kill Terri simply because she is impaired and vulnerable.

For life, in Faith,
Alan Keyes