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Goneso Gonzales

Alberto Gonzalez is Smarter than Obama

According to LSAT scores, Hispanics like Alberto who doesn�t understand the US Constitution after getting a law DEGREE from Harvard have a much better understanding of the US Constitution than Blacks like Obama who ALSO got a law DEGREE from Harvard:


Whites = 153

Asians = 152

Mexican = 148

Hispanic =146

Blacks = 142

If you count Gonzo as a Mexican, then he�s only 5 points lower than Whites but 6 points HIGHER than Blacks.

Former Classmates Criticize Gonzales

56 class of '82 Law School alums publish open letter in Washington Post
Published On Wednesday, May 16, 2007  3:10 AM
Fifty-six members of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales� graduating class at Harvard Law School signed a quarter-page open letter in yesterday�s Washington Post excoriating their former classmate for his �cavalier handling of our freedoms.�

The letter stops short of calling for Gonzales�s resignation, even as the attorney general comes under rising heat on Capitol Hill. But it is a stinging rebuke to Gonzales, just two weeks after the Law School Class of 1982�s 25th reunion.

�Your country and your President are in dire need of an attorney who will do the tough job of providing independent counsel,� the letter says. It calls on Gonzales to �relent from this reckless path, and begin to restore respect for the rule of law we all learned to love many years ago.�

The decision to write the letter was made a few days after the reunion. One of the signatories, Barbara C. Moses of New York, said that the attorney general�s appearance�which drew a small group of protesters, including one who donned an orange jumpsuit and black hood�motivated some of her classmates to go public with their criticism of Gonzales.

�It grew directly out of our re-meeting him, and thinking about what our responsibilities were to speak out,� Moses said.

Marshall Winn of Greenville, S.C., added that the attorney general�s appearance caused many of his classmates to consider whether it was time to issue a public rebuke against the Bush Administration�s policies.

�I think the fact that he came to the reunion made us think that its really time for us to make a statement on what�s been going on in this administration,� he said.

The classmates debated whether their criticism of Gonzalez should be made publicly. About 15 to 20 individuals declined to sign out of courtesy or because �their job prevented them from joining,� according to David M. Abromowitz of Boston, who helped write the letter.

However, Abromowitz said that the decision was made to run the open letter because the organizers wanted to encourage other individuals to express their opinions publicly.

�We thought it was important to speak up on these issues even if, on a personal level, it might cause discomfort,� Abromowitz said. �We hope that it encourages others in the private sector who are concerned about their civil liberties.�

Abromowitz added that none of those who declined to sign the letter did so because they disagreed with its content.

�There were differing views on the method of presenting them, but there was no disagreement over the importance of the civil liberties issues that it raised,� he said.

Nancy R. London, who also signed the letter, said that a copy was delivered in advance to Gonzales� office in Washington, D.C., as a courtesy.

�The public-private dichotomy is an interesting thing to reflect upon,� she said. �But I think that we made that distinction pretty clear.�

Though the letter criticized the attorney general�s views towards domestic wire-tapping and torture, the signatories insisted that it was not intended to be a personal attack against Gonzales.

�I�m sure he is a very fine fellow, but it�s really troubling what he is standing for and what the administration of George W. Bush is standing for,� Winn said. �We couldn�t stand by this any longer.�


"The situation is so bad that 56 members of Alberto's Harvard Law school class took out an ad in the Washington Postexcoriating him for his outlaw abuse of power. The Harvard Crimson further reports that there was NO dissent whatsoever in this from members of that class, even among those who for professional reasons could not sign on publicly."

Affirmative Action Graduates of Harvard respond



A the time the following was written, Gonzales had not resigned, and just as predicted, our brave white congressmen did NOTHING to speed the process along.  Had he not resigned, this Mexican gardener would still be in his affirmative action position of attorney general of the united states of america:

Goneso Gonzo

The finest attorney general affirmative action can buy 


This man's [I use the term "man" loosely in reference to latrinos] breathtaking candor in his admission that the pristine spirit behind the U.S. Constitution is way beyond his grasp proved once and for all that this government was founded by our Founding Fathers ONLY for THEIR posterity, which Gonzo is not.  It's enough to make a White first grader blush, or cry.  We may never know if he LIED when he claimed, or was just plain too STUPID  to know how STUPID it is to claim, he lived by the rule of law in the very same breath he claimed the law applies neither to him nor the White House.   His Alice in Wonderland approach to law was exceeded only by his Alice in Wonderland reasoning, wherein the Cheshire Cat is the final authority and abstract justice can just take a hike.

His TREASON against the U.S. Constitution he SWORE to uphold would have been a DEATH PENALTY to our Founding Fathers, in this country for the vast majority of its existence, and to most civilized nations of the world today.  To over-reach the invasion of our privacy by IGNORING a law which already over-reached the invasion of our privacy is a quintuple whammy:

  1. The Patriot Act ALREADY invades our privacy, UNNECESSARILY, and makes a mockery of the blood spilt by our Founding Fathers.
  2. To EXCEED that is not simply unnecessary, it's a SLAP across the Face of God.
  3. To have this done by an alien enemy foreign agent which all Hispanics are must ENRAGE the White Race.
  4. To do this and then FLAGRANTLY LIE about it in front of the very White men who are supposed to be representing us is a warning that we must OUTLAW affirmative action, NOW.
  5. Our rule of law will be reduced to rubble when Congress fails to hold this traitor accountable, as they inevitably will.




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