From [email protected] Wed May 12 11:06:23 1999
Again, Ted, you offer a reasoned perspective.  

Permit me to please offer some thoughts in return.  Prior to passage of the
19th, families voted as one unit.  Issues were vetted and discussed,
usually, over the supper table, ergo, children - then, knew more about our
country's activities than the children in today's culture.

Women who, then, were explicitly denied the right to vote had every
opportunity and right under the 9th Amendment as laid out in the BofR to
rectify and remedy that situation WITHOUT adding (read:  revising) our

Instead, they enacted a Constutitional Revision.  They created a gender
gap.  And as we have witnessed since, our country has gone to hell in a
handbasket due this SEPARATION -- women in universities demanding a
separate "language" for females.  Gender "inclusive" language.  We don't
have "men" anymore, we have a battle over whether to use "he" or "she" --
when in fact, the generic term "man" has been watered down to mean "it" --
as though men and women are digits, or mere, interchangeable blobs of
tissues.  And wonder how this country ever rolled over for aborting the
most innocent of all.

Another issue.  Abolishment of slavery.  Some have widely interpreted this
to mean (read: e.g., Lani Guinier) to read that Blacks should have a
separate vote, even a separate language.  Since our "leaders" noted and
made much of separating the sexes (with respect, so-called) every single
birth difference has been turned into a political leviathan, to the point
that we can no longer speak to one another without offending some
ridiculous absurd "sensibility" brought about by some group seeking special
rights and preferences -- to be above the law.

Now there is absolutely infantile and disgusting talk about creating a
newer classification for the "species" in terms of a box -- multi-ethnic.
This is a placebo to patch up the problems created through the granting of
special rights, and the destruction of a common language as a standard
between all citizens in the US.  In fact, we are going the way of other
much older countries through such piling on of bs.  This country is in need
of a hair-cut and serious branch pruning.

People who yet demand special rights have yet to join the greater calling
of humanity:  That each of us is unique and not above the laws of the land.

The lies that have been spun since passage of the 19th are an abomination
to any common-sensical Patriot, IMHO.  And these lies have sprouted more,
akin to the worms on Medusa's head.

We need less government, not more.  If there exist women who are going to
be upset that they aren't specifically mentioned in our Constitution and
BofR, perhaps they should just join in the Monica Gang and seek celebrity
status in order to obtain their own measure of self-worth.  Better yet?
They should move to a country that enjoys such hidious and unclear
communications.  I know many Europeans are proud that they speak
multi-languages.  Big deal.  Anyone who studies languages knows that there
is a culture/history behind each word.  Study Chinese, for example.  There
are zillions of dialects; and a word used in one precinct is considered a
crime in another.  We all know that Europe represents the bastion of
peaceful existence, right? <wink>

Were I queen for a day, yep.  I would knock off all Amendments after the
10th.  Take the 13th amendment, abolishing slavery, for example.  We are
slaves to the IRS and courts NOW and the toadies of those legislators who
are busy removing all realities granted by the first 10; while ensuring
that the latter 16 remain the tour de-force.

It's Newer Nazis at play in our lives.  And some women are going to have a
hissy-fit over the repeal of the 19th?  When in fact, should what may come
to us here in the US, come -- they won't even have the ability to
personally defend themselves, their loved ones?

Who cares what these idiots rail about.  I don't.  They are hysterics,
rooted more in unreality.  They are mentally and emotionally unsound.

I've never made it a point to allow insane people as my mentors or as my
prison guards, which they are.  And all they've got now is their stupid
rantings, their personal assaults, and their crew in the Whitehouse.  

But I do make it a point to protect even the insane from themselves.  

Repeal the 19th.  It's not needed.  It has never been needed.  No academic
in any journal, magazine, documentary has ever been able to prove this.  

And why?  Because there's big bucks at stake.

Let me suggest another idea.  There are many men who do not want the 19th
repealed.  And what I've learned is that they do not want it repealed
because they don't want to be responsible.

As long as feminism enforces women into the workforce, men can play and
children can be raised by the state.  As long as feminism promotes "free
love" the more that men are not bound to responsibilities.

The strain of men has been as weakened as women's due passage of the 19th.
Some men are really liking it this way.  They can play perpetual victim.

I've met far too many men like this in CA to not know what I'm talking
about in this regard.

One vote per household.  And I don't care how that household is composed or
comprised, owned or rented.  Private residence.

I will fight for the respect of private property.  And the above will
ensure that.  At least until we go, as a nation, stupid again.

Another way?  <g>  I'm looking for the return of MEN to match my mountains.

Don't see too many.  There's a few.  Here on this list are some.  Some on
talk radio.  Some in other sectors.  They have begun to arise.  And they
should never be frightened by some screaming, nasty femme.  Ugly is ugly.
And some of these women are downright ugly in spirit.  But then, so were
the Nazis.  So were the Bolsheviks.  So was Carrie Nation.  So ugly and
scarey, that men devised the term coyote ugly.  And double coyote ugly.
But back then there was a lot more room for men to hide from Carrie's
famous axe.

Where now do men go?

The men and women of Wyoming had it straight -- they were protecting
private property from being taken from them.  The suffragettes of NY
absconded this issue.  They were thieves themselves.  Usually married to
the most wealthy of men; and their personal agenda was to get even
wealthier through some lies.